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Ark dev's pirate MMO Atlas goes offline after cheaters spawn in WW2 tanks, aeroplanesJan 18, 2019 - EurogamerGrapeshot Games, an offshoot of Ark developer Studio Wildcard, has been forced to takes its pirate MMO Atlas offline and rollback servers after cheaters began spawning giant whales, tanks, and even aeroplanes into the game. The incident began yesterday evening when a group of players were streaming their armada's attempt to bring down an enemy galleon on Twitch. In the stream, hosted by a dashingly outfitted BurkeBlack, the armada's carefully laid plans are thrown into disarray as giant whales suddenly began spawning in unnaturally large numbers around the enemy's vessel. As the stream went on, events took an even more bizarre turn, with BurkeBlack's ship suddenly dive-bombed by an aircraft - not, usually, the sort of vehicle players would expect to encounter (particularly in a high-speed free-fall) during Grapeshot's pirate game. Read more… Atlas admin account compromised, used to spawn planes, tanks, and giant whalesJan 18, 2019 - PC GamerAtlas, the pirate-themed MMO from Ark: Survival Evolved, can't seem to catch a break. Yesterday, someone managed to gain access to an admin's Steam account and wreak havoc across the Official NA PvP network. Using the admin accounts' special debug commands, the interloper bombarded players with warplanes falling from the skies, a number of World War 2 tanks, and an ocean full of whales. Atlas streamer BurkeBlack just so happened to be recording the whole thing, and you can see the chaos in action below. Here's that same streamer being almost struck by a falling plane: And here's another streamer being assaulted with tanks: The damage was so bad that Atlas developers Grapeshot Games had to roll back the servers by five hours, undoing any lasting effects from the impromptu summonings. They were also quick to point out, in an official statement, that the incident was not caused by a hack, third-party program, or exploit and have taken "the appropriate steps to ensure this does not happen again." Over on the Atlas subreddit, players are understandably upset by the events. The prevailing theory is that those involved with this incident were a part of a company called Black Butterfly which, according to multiple Reddit threads, haven't been banned. Many players are demanding more clarification on what went wrong and why the alleged perpetrators are still playing. While this latest incident was clearly not a bug, it's unfortunate considering all the issues that have plagued Atlas since launch. After several delays last month, the game finally launched onto Steam Early Access but still suffers from performance and stability issues and a variety of bugs that included accidentally giving NPC ships machine-gun-cannons that destroyed players within seconds—you do have to wonder what other surprises the MMO will offer up. Thanks, RPS! Atlas admin account hijacked to conjure whales, planes, and tanksJan 18, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Some scurrilous hornswaggler yesterday gained access to an Atlas admin account with dominion over the piratical survival sandbox’s North American PvP servers and used it to, in the words of developers Grapeshot Games, “cause some devastation.” This appears to have included summoning a great many sea beasties as well as, ah, driving around in World War 2 tanks and raining warplanes from the skies. To undo the devastation, Atlas rolled those servers back to a backup from some five-and-a-half-hours earlier. Skulduggery may be supported in Atlas, even encouraged, but only approved skulduggery: no ducking, no bombing, no heavy petting, no tanks. (more…) ATLAS DevKit Launch!Jan 18, 2019 - Community Announcements We’re excited to announce at long last, the ATLAS Devkit is ready to download! The ATLAS Devkit is a highly edited and simplified version of the Unreal Engine 4 Editor specifically compiled to streamline the process of creating mods, maps, and more for ATLAS, and to upload them directly to Steam Workshop for other users to download and play. In addition to the Steam Workshop, we have our own section of the forums dedicated to all things modding, feel free to use Navigator’s Tools category for general discussion, tutorials, and even showcase your mods! The Devkit will be launching with a lot of additional functionality including the ability to host servers without using the seamless grid system, but rather traditional "single server" specifically using Steam Workshop maps. Here are some more details: DOWNLOADING THE ATLAS DEV KIT So if you want to make Mods & Maps for ATLAS, get the ATLAS Dev Kit here (sorry for the huge download, soon we’ll be using the Epic Launcher which is much more efficient but it will take some days further to get it up there): Extract it to some location where you have 180 GB of free space (SSD recommended), and then run it with \ATLASDevKit.bat Following that, you'll want to read our full announcement over on our Community Hub as we go into quite a bit of technical detail in regards to the DevKit! Happy Sailing, Grapeshot Games 🏴‍☠️For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information🏴‍☠️ Hoist ye sails to our Homepage: Natter n' chatter on Discord: Navigate ye olde Subreddit: Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: Watch us scallywags on Twitch: Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook:'s Log 17: Co-Captain Content Edition!Jan 15, 2019 - Community Announcements Ahoy Pathfinders! I'm Dollie, your new Community Manager with training wheels. I'm excited to be a part of the team, especially working on an MMO title focused on Pirates! I've enjoyed meeting new people via ATLAS on the Discord & Forums, along with seeing familiar people from the ARK community. You’ll definitely hear more from me on those platforms, as well as on Twitter. As for my background, I've had extended experience with running communities or operating in a leadership role across various gaming platforms. Some of you may recognize me from the Official ARK PVP community. For those of you who aren't familiar with me -- I come from a competitive PvP background and have a love of FPS, Survival, MOBAs, and MMOs along with quirky lil indie games. Other Dollie funfacts include my penchant for anything post-apocalyptic, suffering from an unhealthy addiction to pistachios and an equally unhealthy repertoire of bad jokes and puns. Don't hesitate to message me with all of the things and I’ll do my best to get back to you...or I’ll just pile it all onto Jat's desk. Real talk though, I'm looking forward to getting more involved with the Community, I do read all of your messages but I may not always have time to respond to each one. Rest assured, Jat and I, as well as the rest of the team, do take note of everyone’s feedback and with your help, we’ll work together to shape and realise the vision for ATLAS as the ultimate fantasy pirate adventure. Now on to more exciting topics! Thar she streams! On Friday the 18th of January, at 1 PM Pacific Time, the ATLAS team will be hosting our first ever Developer Livestream! Join our crew at Seattle HQ as they unearth a veritable treasure trove of information and news regarding upcoming content, gameplay changes, and future development plans. You'll want to keep your eyes trained on the waves, or perhaps beneath them, as you might just catch a glint of what's to come!  It's a few days away, so here's a little early look at some upcoming content: With so much more planned to be revealed live on stream! Seriously, you'll not want to miss out. We'll also be opening the floor to questions from the Community! You can ask almost anything here on our forums or on Reddit. We’ll be selecting an assortment of your questions to answer live on stream. Whether you’re a twitcher or a mixer(er?), you’ll be able to catch us on both platforms at Twitch and Mixer! See ya scallywags then ;) Performance, Performance, Performance! Complete Patch Notes This week is all about performance! Well, that’s not entirely true, there have been a multitude of various fixes. But we’ve made vast improvements to our networking and server performance o...Steam Charts: Octopodiformes EditionJan 14, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun A lot of people first discover this Pulitzer Prize-winning* column via the Steam pages for their favourite games, and it’s always a pleasure to welcome in new readers to RPS’s most respected feature. So if you’re new, welcome! Please settle in and find out why Steam Charts is the industry’s most respected and revered games journalism. (more…) Naval Battle with The Late Shift!Jan 11, 2019 - Community Announcements Ahoy Pathfinders! Catching this epic Naval battle with the Late Shift on Twitch put the wind in our sails and inspired us to put together this video of the collated highlights to share with you. Keep a weather eye open for more grand scale PvP as we continue to work on ATLAS and improve the game, with major server performance gains and new features coming soon! If you'd like to check out the full battle from the various perspectives, you can check them out here: Pirate Captain, BurkeBlack ( Modern Day Knight, Fairlight Excalibur ( Bikiest Biker, BikeMan ( In other news, we also released major v11 today, a bit earlier than expected due to the need to resolve some critical game exploits which you may have seen being abused over some livestreams earlier today. We know how detrimental these can be, and we'll be keeping a lookout from the crow's nest to patch this out as soon as they arise!An Atlas bug gave NPC ships rapid-fire cannons that obliterated players in secondsJan 10, 2019 - PC GamerYesterday evening, Atlas developers Grapeshot Games released their 10.71 patch which contained a few minor tweaks and one very fatal—and hilarious—bug (which is now fixed). Upon logging back into the game, players who engaged the hostile Ships of the Damned quickly realized something was very wrong. Normally, these NPC ships prowl the open sea and are a great target for higher-level players looking for a ship battle. But after patch 10.71, these ghost ships were incidentally equipped with rapid-fire cannons with an infinite ammo supply. Players who got too close were quickly slaughtered in a hail of rapid cannon fire. Within minutes, the Atlas subreddit became flooded with players sharing their fatal encounters with these now super-powered Ships of the Damned. In the video above, for example, Youtuber BattleNex and his crew fight helplessly against a measly level one Ship of the Damned. I love the bewilderment in their voices as cannons shred their ship to pieces, and I'm amazed they were able to kill the ship before being completely destroyed themselves. Other players didn't have the same sense of humor. "It's fucking stupid," says YouTuber 50ten out of frustration as his galleon is obliterated in seconds by another level one Ship of the Damned. The rates at which players gather resources was more than doubled in a recent patch, so rebuilding isn't as painful as it once was. But 50ten likely lost hours of work due to this bug. If you want a closer look, I also love Culparex's video of his crew engaging one of the ghost ships and being quickly overwhelmed. Fortunately, Grapeshot Games was able to fix the bug relatively quickly. At some point last night, patch 10.75 was released that fixed the glitch so that Ships of the Damned no longer had rapid-fire cannons. While it was a short-lived (and very funny to watch) glitch, I'm sure that's little consolation for the unlucky sailors who lost their ships last night. Captain's Log 16: Patch v10, Anti-Cheat Support ho!Jan 9, 2019 - Community Announcements Ahoy Pathfinders! We hope you had a great weekend filled with adventure, action, and bountiful booty! The seas were much calmer for us as we put our heads down to work on the major update v10, which is now live on Steam! Thar she deploys! v10 is now live on Steam! We won’t go into too much detail about this patch, as we covered it quite extensively in our last Captain’s Log: This is our biggest update thus far, taking into account various feedback we’ve received over the last 2.5 weeks since the game’s launch, as well as making design changes based on what we’ve experienced and witnessed ourselves. The patch notes have grown tremendously since we first put them up on Friday, and the full list of changes can be seen here (as well as on our dedicated patch note threads): Current Version: v10.42 Claim Flags Changes - Claim Flags now have settings which allow other companies or players to build within them, with the specified tax rate applied to them. - You are also able to define an inclusion or exclusion list to these, to only allow or exclude specific company IDs (also used by players without companies). To grab someone's ID for the inclusion/exclusion list, you'll need to look at a structure they've placed which will list their Company ID; this number can be input into the flag's list system to prevent/enable building. Please note that exclusion/inclusion lists are not saved when altering building permissions, so switching from 'Everyone' can build to 'Company & Alliances' only will clear your list should you wish to return to 'Everyone' can build. - All claim flags will use the 'Everyone can build' as a default setting when placed, and this will also be a retroactive change. However, it will not function until Thursday the 10th of January, where we will release another server update to make this setting active. This means you will have two days, from Tuesday to Thursday, to decide and adjust the settings on your claim flag before the change is live. - Only admins and above will be able to make changes to company claims. - Claim Flags will have icons above them to represent their owner and setting. Your claim flags have a green icon. Claim Flags belonging to your allies that do not permit you to build, have a blue icon, or purple if they do belong to your allies and allow you to build. Claim Flags which belong to your enemies and do not allow you to build have red icons, or yellow if they belong to your enemies and enable you to build within them.- Fixed some bugs related to Sea Claims. - Enemy Claim Flags can now be directly pinged to identify any contesting enemies nearby - The time required to steal an enemy claim now decreases the more Claims that enemy team has. - Looking at your Claim Flag will show you how many land claims you have, and looking at an enemy o...Racism in Atlas becomes a problem as Western and Chinese players clashJan 7, 2019 - PC GamerWe saw this very toxic culture emerge in the subreddit. ...There were lots of derogatory slurs. MisterWoodhouse, Atlas subreddit moderat Atlas is a sandbox pirate MMO where players can do anything from farm crops to explore ancient ruins. But take a look at Atlas' most popular subreddit and it's quickly apparent that many are occupying their time with a different objective: Warring with Chinese players who inhabit Atlas' North American and European PvP servers. Over the past month, the rising tensions between Eastern and Western players has been a hot topic among the community. And while a little bit of smack talk can be okay, it's also boiled over into outright racism and xenophobia. "A lot of it stems from ARK: Survival Evolved," MisterWoodhouse, a moderator on the Atlas subreddit tells me. "There was a pretty decent amount of East versus West tension there in the official PvP servers, but it really got out of hand with Atlas because it's a large-scale MMO-style game." Though the two games share a lot in common, players in ARK are divided into discrete servers so interaction is limited to those who are also play on that same server. Atlas, however, stitches dozens of servers together into one massive world map that can house around 40,000 players at one time. Players start in one of several safe beginner servers and, by sailing to the edge of the map, transfer to adjacent servers that each hold a maximum of 150 players. It's similar, in a way, to EVE Online, which also has one world that everyone shares together albeit with a much bigger limit on how many people can occupy one area at one time.  East versus West  Atlas' two PvP servers (one for America and one for Europe) are meant to encourage war between player-run guilds called companies. Beyond the safety of the beginner servers, anyone can kill you without consequence. But shortly after Atlas' release many began complaining about the presence of Chinese players who appeared to be highly coordinated and highly aggressive. "Literally everyone is getting shit on by them," wrote redditor 'manicscanic' in late December. "They don't care . They will find you and kill your raft. It's not even about skill or anything all they have is numbers completely obliterating everything they see." Manicscanic detailed a personal encounter with Chinese players that ended in their death and the destruction of their ship—a widespread occurrence given the number of Reddit posts that echo similar stories. In both PvP servers, Chinese companies have become some of the largest and most influential. On The Kraken's Maw, the North American PvP server, a Chinese group called CTSG has claimed a significant portion of the map . On the subreddit, players frequently recount their battles with these Chinese groups. Other threads claim Chinese players are also using exploits and hacks to gain ...Atlas tries to grind away some of the grindJan 7, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Today brings good news for Atlas players who respond to grind with an “Oh no!” rather than the customary “Yo ho!” Reducing tedious grind is a big target of the piratical sandbox survival game’s early access update v10, launched this afternoon, and that sounds welcome. Atlas proudly declares it’s from some of the makers of Ark: Survival Evolved, and its heritage is evident in the UI, the bugginess, the grind… and how popular it’s become despite all that. Like Ark, it dreams a big dream that few games rival, even if it is a mess. So I hope enjoy a slightly less tedious dream, you wild-eyed seadreamers. (more…) Steam Charts: The tail of the Winter SaleJan 7, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Ho ho ho! John still hasn’t returned after Christmas, missing presumed drowned in egg nog, so I’m filling in today. Valve have already blarbed about 2018’s best-selling games so we’re back on the weekly charts. Last week’s top ten was largely familiar, though catching the tail end of the Steam Winter Sale has introduced a few surprises. (more…) Captain's Log 15: Treat me like a Pathfinder and Gimme dat Patch!Jan 4, 2019 - Community Announcements Ahoy Pathfinders! Hang on... Captain’s Log on a Friday? Yes, it’s a little earlier than we had planned (first for everything, amirite?) but earlier this week we released a significant update based on the Community feedback we had received as the game has now been available for two weeks. We’re going to do a quick rundown of the updates leading to v9.3, as well as discuss our huge incoming patch, v10 which will drop anchor on Monday Noon EST (or around then at least, we’ll keep you posted on social media!) All th' stuff 'n thin's If you wanna skip the meal and just check out the changelog, you can do so here: As highlighted in previous Captain’s Log, our number one priority was making sure that the game was stable from a client and server perspective, that there would be minimum connection issues, and we’d be handling data issues with a broadside of fixes! Since the launch itself, the game has tremendously improved in all 3 of these areas. Our crashes have statistically reduced by 97%+, players can get in and fully experience the ATLAS, and as of v9.3, we had solved many critical cases where Company and Alliance data would have been lost. There are still many more things we want to do in this area in the coming days and weeks ahead -- you can expect us not to rest until server baseline performance and hitches are much further improved. Released notes up to v9.3 - Resolved massive server-side stalls related to perf large companies - Company Member, Company Groups, and Alliance data loss issue should hopefully be resolved. - Official Network Companies are now hard limited to 500 members, and this is a current measure until the Company system receives a backend overhaul in the long-term. - Fixed some server crashes - Slightly improved server performance and generally reduced server stalls Upcoming changes in v10 - General note regarding server performance improvements, stalls, connection issues, etc (We’re going to work on improving this constantly! However, that’s not all that we wanted to address! Since the launch, we have received so much support and feedback from our Community Hub, Steam Forums, Reddit, Discord, and social media. The team have been working hard on development, whilst watching with our prying eyes to see which to determine what needs addressing. Patches up to v9.3 and the incoming v10 have been planned to improve ATLAS’ as a game from its core based on most impactful, important, and how immediately we could see results. We won’t go into the thought-process details for each specific note, but we’ll try to give you guys a general idea around our decision making. Please note: these changes are not the only thing we’re going to do. There will be a boatload of updates following v10 too, every few days another major drop. ATLAS launched as an Early Access title, ...The next Atlas update lets players eat shit and dieJan 4, 2019 - PC GamerOn January 7, Atlas developer Grapeshot Games is hoping to push out a patch that will, among many positive changes, make eating poop a death sentence. It doesn't specify whose poop you have to eat, but I'm assuming any old turd will, come Monday, turn would-be fecal feasters into corpses. It's probably one of the smallest changes in Atlas' upcoming 10.0 update, but it caught me so off guard, despite patch notes frequently being full of weird stuff. Fans of ARK: Survival Evolved, Atlas' spiritual successor, will be well acquainted with poop-eating shenanigans. The difference here being that any doodoo devouring is instantly fatal in Atlas. Take a look at the Atlas subreddit, though, and you'll see that's not what has everyone cheering (for the most part). It's update 10.0's other changes that are cause for celebration, as they, combined with the previous patch, will hopefully make Atlas significantly less punishing and more fun. Since its release back in late December, Atlas was panned for how awful it was to play during those first few days. Servers buckled under the massive influx of eager sailors, making the game borderline unplayable, resources were extremely scarce, and players were in a constant war against Atlas' aggressive survival systems that necessitate managing such granular things like your vitamin levels. Those who were able to escape dying on the starter islands found the open seas even less forgiving. True to Atlas' nature, other players were already living out their lives as murderous pirates, but even worse were the hyper-aggressive NPC ghost ships that would spawn en masse to smash your schooner to bits. Players were frequently losing dozens of hours of work in the blink of an eye. But things have been getting better, as noted by the remarkable change in tone in the Atlas subreddit. Patch 9.2, for example, doubled the rate at which you could tame animals or harvest resources, turned off ship collision damage on PvE servers, and made sailing in general much easier. Now, ships can hold 40 percent more stuff and won't be made a sitting duck if the winds aren't blowing in the right direction (but you'll still have to manage the direction of your sails properly). The spawn rates of those pesky NPC ghost ships has also been nerfed hard. Patch 10.0, which Grapeshot Games is hoping will arrive on January 7, expands on that with even more changes that could make Atlas a lot more fun. The resource requirements for ships has been lowered by as much as 50 percent in some cases, which will make various ship types much easier to build. Merchants will also now sell "Ramshackle Sloops"—beginner versions of the sloop that are less durable and can't hold as much, but are cheaper and provide a shortcut to get into sailing. By and large, Atlas players seem happy with how quickly the game is changing course. Right now, the subreddit is full of posts like &quo...Captain's Log 14: Happy New Year to ye, me hearties!Dec 31, 2018 - Community Announcements Ahoy Pathfinders! We'd like to wish all ATLAS Pathfinders a very Happy New Year! It's been a crazy start to our voyage, and it's already filled with so many exciting memories for us here at Grapeshot Games! We've only just explored the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what ATLAS will be and we're excited for the future ahead. As each night passes, ATLAS gets one step closer to becoming one of the most ambitious online worlds of all time and fulfiling its destiny as the ultimate fantasy pirate adventure! Thank you so much for becoming a part of our crew and we can't wait to show all you scallywags, landlubbers, captains, and seadogs what lies ahead! Development Update We don’t have too much to add this week as the general battleplan is the same, though we’re going to do our best to keep you informed on a regular basis, via Social Media, Discord, and our weekly Captain's Log posts. As mentioned in the previous Captain’s Log, our number one priority at the moment is tackling the stability, connection, and data issues, and we promised that we would make significant progress! Over the last few days, we have released a number of critical updates which have improved our server performance tenfold. We have statistically eliminated over 95% of all crashes, and are presently working on further updates to bring that number down even more. As a team, our direction is now shifting onto connection issues, data loss bugs and general balance and gameplay fixes -- as you can see, some of these changes are already underway! Patch Notes up to v8.56 Current Version: v8.56 - Anyone can now demolish shipwreck structures to regain resources so get your diving suits ready! - NPC Trading Ships are back and no longer affected by wild creature destruction commands! Reminder for those with deep pockets, the trader ships have an epic Dragon which can be purchased for 50,000 gold coins v8.36 - Improvements made to joining/rejoining servers, should make it more reliable and eliminate many cases of connection lost/failure to grab server info. v8.35 - Fixed a bug where HUD may not have shown to players in some cases. v8 - Further improved server stability. - Further reduced Ship of the Damned spawns by 20% - Ship of the Damned now are allowed to "Wander" away from shore if they find themselves close to shore - Ship of the Damned targeting ranges now are reduced by the type of ship (down to 30% for rafts (which means they will now attack rafts - but you have to get pretty darn close to them!) and 0% for dinghies) - -LowMemoryMode now disables the background movies for lighter memory footprint - Changed damage type on repair hammer to 0 against players, human npcs, and creatures - Ships near shore do not attract cyclones anymore - Vultures should now more easily harvest corpses - Ships that players are based on...Atlas devs apologise for 'rocky start' to Early AccessDec 29, 2018 - PC GamerThe developers of pirate MMO Atlas have apologised for the game's "rocky start" to life in Early Access, and have promised to tackle its performance and stability problems with daily updates.  In a Steam post, the Grapeshot Games team said their "systems got crushed" under the weight of players wanting to climb aboard when Atlas launched. "Between the intensity of preparing for the release of a massively multiplayer title, and the needs to get all of the new infrastructure prepared to roll-out, we let the schedule and initial launch builds get away from us," they said. "It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture, which ought to start and end with communication to the players." More than 70% of the game's user reviews on Steam are negative, with criticism ranging from performance problems to the repetitive grind for resources. The team said its "number one priority" is to tackle "the stability, connection, and data issues", and it will do that through regular updates, usually daily, sometimes multiple times a day.  "We truly appreciate everyone’s patience and support during this launch period and we intend to show our gratitude through frequent updates that resolve the issues which matter to you and improve Atlas in both the near-term and over the long term." The team also revealed that the Atlas Dev Kit, which will allow players to create custom content for the game and upload it to the Steam Workshop, should be ready on January 7, "if not sooner".  Captain's Log 13: Updates Ho!Dec 27, 2018 - Community Announcements Ahoy Pathfinders! To get started, let’s discuss the launch, the boatload of updates we’ve had so far, as well as our initial development battleplan! Launch and Patch Notes For those that want to skip to starter, and jump right into the entrée, here’s a link to the latest changelog: Patch Notes! You could say that we were off to a stormy start! The initial influx of players wanting to set sail immediately was (predictably in hindsight) larger than we anticipated and our systems got crushed until we tuned the new technical systems to handle it. We have been incredibly humbled and excited by the number of seafaring Pathfinders wanting to dive into the ATLAS. Since the launch, the team has heavily prioritised connection and capacity resolutions, server and client-side performance updates, server and client-side crash fixes as well as tackling general gameplay bugs and balance concerns. We’re going to continue to iterate at a very rapid rate, you can generally expect daily deployments and updates to both servers and clients, and sometimes even multiple if we feel like a change is significant enough to warrant it. We truly appreciate everyone’s patience and support during this launch period and we intend to show our gratitude through frequent updates that resolve the issues which matter to you and improve ATLAS in both the near-term and over the long term. ATLAS is a very ambitious project and we recognize that there is much work to be done as it begins its Early Access journey, but as we said before, we’re hardened adventurers and we’re looking forward to the fun and challenges that we’ll experience alongside you! We want to make it very clear to you that these rapid updates and the continuous upwards progression will continue with ATLAS. We have deployed a new server version to our Official Network (v7.104) which has resolved many server crashes and is already showing significant improvement in server stability; however, there is still more to come! Our number one priority at the moment is tackling the stability, connection, and data issues, and we will make significant progress over the coming days ahead. The full list of the changelog for our upcoming update which focused on balance and stability, as well as the changelog for our update last night which dealt with a lot of gameplay bugs and stability. Released 7.4 Notes - Server-side crash fixes and stability improvements - Army of the Damned Ships will no longer initially aggro to drydocked or anchored ships, unless fired upon by them or already targeting them. - Reduced Army of the Damned ships spawn rate by 60% - Reduced Army of the Damned ship HP per level scaling by 20% - Reduced Army of the Damned ship Aggro range by 10% - Boosted Army of the Damned ship loot quality by 10% - Reduced Flotsam spawn rate by 35% - Increased Treasure map item quality by 15% - Eliminated at-sea increased rate of...Atlas is off to a disappointing start in Early AccessDec 26, 2018 - PC GamerAtlas's Early Access voyage is off to a rocky start. Since it launched last week, players have been complaining about lag and server instability in the Grapeshot Games pirate MMO, and its similarity to Ark: Survival Evolved has led to accusations that it's just a reskin. As of writing, 74% of the user reviews on Steam are negative. It's hard to avoid comparisons to Ark, which was developed by Grapeshot's sister company Studio Wildcard. The UI and mechanics are, at times, unerringly similar—one of the top posts on the Atlas subreddit calls it "Ark with a little bit of pirates". One streamer even found an Ark menu hidden within Atlas. You can watch mukkayo's discovery below: Players have also criticised the game's food system, which requires you to balance your intake of vitamins A, B, C and D. It sounds fiddly and punishing: the top comment on this Reddit post, itself the top post on /r/games this week, described how you can "literally starve if you eat too much of" one vitamin. PC Gamer's Joanna has been playing it since launch, and she too is far from impressed. She told me this morning that the UI is "terrible" and that lag had, at times, made it virtually unplayable.  "The first time I spawned I was in the middle of the ocean and I died trying to swim to shore because the lag was so bad", she said, adding that performance was choppy even on low graphics settings. She was also unable to connect to a server when she tried to launch the game this morning. For what it's worth, Grapeshot is aware of Atlas's technical shortcomings, and is trying to improve it via patches, which you can read about here. Also, the plan is for it to be in Early Access for around two years, giving it plenty of time to evolve. But for now, I'd hold off, at least until performance improves. I'm looking forward to reading more fleshed-out thoughts from the team in the new year. Captain's Log 12: Patch Ahoy Happy Holidays!Dec 25, 2018 - Community Announcements Ahoy Pathfinders! We hope to find you merry this holiday season! The team have been hard at work over the festive period to bring you more patches since ATLAS launched onto Steam Early Access on the 22nd. Our latest patch further improves server optimisation, as well as tackles some key bugs such as not being able to respawn on beds and resources not respawning. We know it's been quite stormy as of late and we appreciate all the support you've shown us. We'll keep working and delivering regular updates to make ATLAS as good as can be! Here's what the latest notes contained: Current Version: v6.5 - Ships and rafts no longer prevent resources from respawning. Note that nearby online players & structures (not claimflag ) will prevent resources from respawning. - Fixed an issue where bed overlap protection was too strong, prevent players from respawning when they were too close to unfriendly ships or structures. - Can no longer claim unallied boats on PVE servers. PVE Territory can only be claimed if the owner has not been active around the territory within the last 3 days. - Further optimised server-side performance - Fixed a bug with the repair hammer which allowed players to repair structures even if they had a damage cooldown. It will temporarily use the resources, however, this will be fixed in our upcoming client patch. - Can now claim enemy ships in Lawless and Golden Age Ruin servers. For the full details of our patch notes over the last few days, you can check out the full changelog here: Happy Holidays and Safe Sailing! For the latest dispatch keep yer one good eye trained on this here information: Hoist ye sails to our Homepage: Natter n' chatter on Discord: Navigate ye olde Subreddit: Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: Watch us scallywags on Twitch: Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook:'s Log 11: Welcome Aboard!Dec 24, 2018 - Community Announcements Ahoy Pathfinders! Come aboard our Community Hub! This hub will be home to all things ATLAS. You can expect to see routine updates from us on a regular basis covering the development progress of the game as we sail through Early Access and beyond. Here is a link to our Articles of Agreement, aka the rules of the forums. These exist to make sure that everyone has a fun time here. If you plan on being a regular visitor be sure to give them a read. We also have our First Mates--a team of volunteer community moderators--who will be manning the ship and ensuring we're sailing smoothly as possible. Live Dynamic Map Viewer! We are excited to share with you our Live Dynamic Map Viewer. The map not only shows a real-time view of the in-game ATLAS map, but it shows the top companies and where they have their stake, including their company banner and how large their territory is for you to view at any time! Crew's Log - PC PATCH NOTES - CLIENT: V6.1 & SERVER: V6.1 The seas have not been kind, but our crew have been hard at work over the past few days to ensure that the planks have been repaired, the leaks are clogged and the deck is cleaning enough to eat off of -- though we've still got some work to do! Over the days ahead, we'll be focused on tackling issues related to server performance, crashes, characters being asked to be remade following a reconnect/death, as well as a number of game bugs. We really appreciate the patience and support everyone has shown us over the last few days and we're excited for the future of ATLAS! Here is our current list of changes we've made so far since the game has launched: Official Patch Notes Unofficial Dedicated Server We're still working on getting this fully set up, but for those of you who would like to host your own Unofficial Server, you can do so now. We've got some more information that we'd like to include with this, as well as some more setup but it'll come in time as right now our preparations are focused on the base game. Though we know a lot of you are quite savvy and comfortable diving into this yourselves, so we wanted to make the basics available 🙂. Here is a link to the ServerGridEditor src, as well as our wiki which covers some technical info on how to get started: Server Grid Editor The latest version of the server can now be downloaded via the Steam Depo: Steam Depo and we've included an example JSON file: ServerGrid.json Over time we'll be editing the wiki to include more information, as well as cover as many of your questions as possible. The LINUX server files are not yet online as we're working on resolving some technical issues, we hope to make the server files available as soon as possible! Official ATLAS Wiki Page!