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A Story About My Uncle

Mac Linux Support Available Now!May 12, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsHello everyone! A Story About My Uncle now support both Mac and Linux! :D If you encounter any issues, please share them with us in the stickied discussion thread, or mail us at [email protected] PATCH NOTES FOR BUILD 5188 Localization Added Hungarian Polish translation updated Misc Fixed an issue with Time Trials PATCH NOTES FOR BUILD 5163 Mac and LinuxAdded "A Story About My Uncle" for Linux Added "A Story About My Uncle" for OS X Localization Added Brazilian Portuguese (Community translation) Added Turkish (Community translation) Added Finnish (Community translation) Added Czech (Community translation) Added Slovak (Community translation) Added Dutch (Community translation) Grammatical and spelling fixes. Fixed line-breaks All the languages have also received changes in spelling and line breaks. You can mail all translation feedback to [email protected] and I will answer any queries you have! Misc Subtitle On/Off setting should now save on restart. Updated credits Until next time! - PhilipHave You Played A Story About My Uncle?Sep 23, 2016 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunHave You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time. A Story About My Uncle is a non-combat, narrative-leaning platformer from the same folks responsible for Goat Simulator. It tells a whimsical tale about a boy, his nomad and currently missing uncle, a fantasy realm, and jumping. Lots and lots of jumping. … Patch Notes for Build 3717Oct 20, 2014 - Community AnnouncementsIce Cave Changes! In this patch we have addressed something that a lot of you have been asking for – changes to the stalactite corridor in the Ice caves. The stalactite corridor now has two lit platforms to stopover on, giving you easier ways to refill your grapple amount and a total of 3 rocket boots charges while navigating through the section. This should make it a little bit easier to get through, without taking away the challenge from those who wants it. Localizations Since we want to bring out languages with a faster pace, we have opted to bring out a few languages in a Beta stage every patch. The quality of the implementation may vary a lot (such as characters missing or subtitles acting strange), but we hope that this can help us plan and prioritize better for the upcoming patches. This patch it is time for Spanish and Portuguese to get added in their Beta stage. If you want to help out, head over to our Crowdin page! The translations over at Crowdin have also been updated, and now have strings for Credits and the Workshop monitor. Translations for these will be added in an upcoming patch. Some small touch ups We’ve also added a feature some of you have been requesting regarding screenshots and the hand getting in the way of them. You can now create a keybind for hiding/showing everything that might be in the way of your fantastic screenshots. To bind this to a key, open ASAMUInput.ini (located in C:\Users\ \Documents\My Games\A Story About My Uncle\ASAMU\Config), and follow the example below. Also, to maximize the quality of your screenshots, you can use the “TiledShot” command, which can capture screenshots at ridiculous resolutions. Bindings=(Name="Escape",Command="CloseEditorViewport | onrelease ShowMenu") Bindings=(Name="F3",Command="ToggleScreenShotMode") Bindings=(Name="F4",Command="TiledShot 4") Bindings=(Name="F7",Command="GBA_QuickLoad") Name is the key you want to bind, F3 and F4 in the example above, now you can just press those keys and take really awesome screenshots. Final notes And as always, If you have any suggestions for fixes or issues that you are experiencing, don't hesitate to contact us on [email protected] Happy Grappling! - Philip PATCH NOTES FOR BUILD 3717 Ice Cave The stalactite corridor now has two lit platforms to stopover on, giving you a grapple refill and also a total of 3 rocket boots charges while navigating through the section. Localization Added Portuguese as BETA Added Spanish as BETA Fixed some spelling, grammatical errors in the translations. Added more reminders that the game needs a restart after you change the language Updated translations in Time Trial Fixed Confirm/Cancel buttons not being translated Temporary fixes for some bugs in language drop-down menu. Misc Added the ToggleScreenShotMode command. Super secret We’ve also updated something super secret, can you spot it? Patch Notes for Build 3705Oct 10, 2014 - Community AnnouncementsLook at that, we're back with another patch! This time we have some good news for our non-english speaking adventurers, as we are now rolling out the game in other languages! == ASAMU is now available in other languages! == It’s been in the works for some time but the road has been rocky to say the least. However, we now have the first four translations up and ready to go. These are: French, German, Italian and Polish. Note that this is only for menus and subtitles, not the voiceovers. If your native tongue is not among these, don’t despair. We have more translations in store for you and we will be updating the game with these in the coming months. Maybe one day ASAMU will feature every language known to man. I’ll probably regret saying that, but we can try! :) If you want to help with translations you can do so over at: == I found an error in the translation! == Oh, that's unfortunate but it’s very nice of you to tell us! You can contact Philip (localization guy, writing these patch notes) by any or all of these options: 1. Send a mail to: [email protected] 2. Send Philip (Laemon) a message on 3. Send Philip a message on steam to really bring the point home == What happened to the ice cave fix?! == Don't worry it is still being implemented, but right before this patch we realized some other things we needed to change, so we have pushed it back to the next patch in a couple of weeks. == Future plans == We will try to bring you patches more often, without the long periods of radio silence. If you have any suggestions for fixes or issues that you are experiencing, don't hesitate to contact us on [email protected] Have fun! == PATCH NOTES FOR BUILD 3705 == Localization - The game is now available in the following languages: - Italian - French - German - PolishPatch Notes for Hotfix Build 3693Sep 30, 2014 - Community AnnouncementsLong time no see, Adventurers! Apologies for the radio silence. We cannot put into words how much we here at the office appreciate all the love and support you have given us, and the game these last months. == Regarding Crashes / Save Games == It hasn’t been all happy feedback however, some of you had some really nasty crashes that corrupted the save file. Well that should hopefully finally be resolved and you will be able to play (and speedrun!) this game with more confidence. Please continue to send us any issues you encounter to [email protected] == Regarding Localization == We are still implementing localization (multiple languages for menus and subtitles), but we have hit a few roadblocks. We promise to keep you more updated on everything in the stickied thread in the steam discussions. == PATCH NOTES FOR BUILD 3693 == Save Games - Fixed a crash that corrupted saved games.Patch Notes for Build 3446Jun 11, 2014 - Community AnnouncementsHello Adventurers! Here is a patch for you all with some minor tweaks and fixes to the game. If you have some fixes that you would like to suggest, post on the forum or send us an email at [email protected] We are aware of the issues that some of you have been experiencing, and we are working on fixing those. The translations are looking very good at the moment and a handful should be ready to implement the next patch. Thank you so much for all the help you fans have been providing and for all the hard work with the translations. It means the world to us! :) Happy Adventuring! == PATCH NOTES FOR BUILD 3446 == Menu / HUD - Level select is now moved to the start of the Main menu, instead of under Extras - You will now get a popup when you unlock a new unlockable Gameplay - Star Haven reveal fixed, should now work better with saved games - Fixed a minor bug where the rocket boots breaks in Ice Cave Level Changes - Some Star Haven subtitles tweaked - Sanctuary Grapple Achievement fixed Time Trial - Fixed best time sometimes not displaying correctly in Main Menu - Moved the starting position in Ice Cave Input Options - You can now change controller look sensitivity from Options -> Input Options -> Controller Sensitivity Graphical Options - Removed Bloom from the Pause Menu because of an unresolved bug, you can still enable/disable it from the Main MenuA Story About My Uncle now available on Steam!May 28, 2014 - Community AnnouncementsAfter working hard for almost a year we have finally released A Story About My Uncle to the world! From a small prototype in 2012 to a full release now in 2014, it has been quite the journey, but we are now ready to set it free for you all to play. We like to thank all of you for your fantastic support during the development process, your kind words were the biggest motivation that kept us going during the late-night sessions and struggles with bugs. We hope you will love the game just as much as we do, and have a fantastic time experiencing the world we worked so hard on creating. Have fun! Sincerely, - The Gone North Games TeamNow Available on Steam - A Story About My Uncle, 10% off!May 28, 2014 - Product ReleaseA Story About My Uncle is Now Available on Steam and is 10% off!* A Story About My Uncle is a first person platforming adventure game about a boy who searches for his lost uncle, and ends up in a world he couldn’t imagine existed. The movement is a crucial part of the games core gameplay – focusing on swinging through the world with a grappling hook that gives the player a wonderful sense of speed and freedom. Soar through a game world with a unique art style and a mysterious story that unravels before you. *Offer ends June 4 at 10AM Pacific Time