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9nineEpisode 1

9-nine-:Episode 4 Released on Steam!Mar 22, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34412484/95c4c1d1cfcb1916b3b733dfa5e5d6cc6850ae05.jpg We're so exited to let you know that 9-nine-:Episode 4 is now available on Steam! We hope you enjoy your time with the 9nine series. We've also added a bundle on Steam where you can get Episode 1-3 with an extra discount. Episode 4 will be joining this bundle at a later date, so do keep an eye out for that. Thank you for playing and enjoying the series, we appreciate all of your support. Sekai Project Links! Publisher page Steam group Twitter Facebook Website Project Status9-nine-:Episode 3 Release on Steam!Aug 31, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34412484/27b9cdef33b9ec578dd7e28d2bb4d5663f8ea6db.png The wait is over! Episode 3 in the 9-nine- series is officially out on Steam! The release is playable in English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese languages. We highly recommend playing Episode 1&2 before starting on Episode 3. With that said, we hope you enjoy the release and look forward to Episode 4 coming soon as well! Follow us for more updates! Sekai Project Links! Publisher page Steam group Twitter Facebook WebsiteEpisode 2 store page is live!Aug 6, 2019 - Community Announcements Hey everyone, we just made the store page live for 9-nine- Episode 2 on Steam! You can go on over to the store page and hit that wishlist button so that once it's out you'll get an email about it! Like with Episode 1 this release is available in English, Japanese, and Chinese languages. Episode 2 focuses on the protagonists little sister, Sora. We're pretty excited for the release and hope you are too! And in case you missed it we announced Episode 3 at Anime Expo last month. Keep an eye out for that one next coming soon! Thanks for reading, see you next time!The next episode coming soon!Jul 9, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsOver the weekend we announced 9-nine-:Episode 3! We're going to start work on that very soon and currently 9-nine-:Episode 2 is in the finishing up QA and implementing fixes stages. Once we're all good and bug free we'll hope to have Episode 2 out to you soon! Like Episode 1, both of these releases will be available in English, Japanese, and Chinese. Episode 2 Description The many-worlds interpretation posits that every random motion produces a novel branching universe. A butterfly flapping its wings rarely means a hurricane across the world, and human choices are no exception—our little everyday choices rarely bring about earth-shattering changes. But for Kakeru Niimi, one of those little decisions is about to make a big difference. One night, Kakeru's cheeky little sister Sora asks him to let her stay the night. And from the seemingly inconsequential moment when he caves in and says yes, a new story is born, a hurricane which will upturn both their lives. The cadre of evil users, Rig Vega. The noble crew that opposes them, the Valhalla Society. In 9-nine-: Episode 2, these two forces will collide, striking new sparks and shattering preconceived notions. Can Kakeru and Sora put an end to this unveiled threat before it destroys them both? Episode 3 Description Shiromitsugawa City: an academic city with no other particular features. A large earthquake hits the city, damaging the sacred treasure in the Hakuda Tsukumo Shrine, and causing strange items appear from a parallel world. These "artifacts" grant strange powers to their owners, with incidents of an owner abusing their powers and turning people into stone. Having learned of the item that causes this petrification, the "Evil Eye Artifact", Niimi Kakeru teams up with his classmate, Kujou Miyako, and his sister, Niimi Sora, to investigate and put a stop to the culprit. During the investigation, they find themselves at odds with "Rig Veda", an organization of artifact users. Among their members, they spot their upperclassman in school, Kosaka Haruka. Stay up to date with us by following our pages! Links Publisher page Twitter Facebooks