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 Dummy h2 Update NotesSep 15, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsUpdate Notes: Additions: Added Compass and option to always display compass. Added multiple stages to arena compactor. Added airdrops to arena maps containing every item. Added arena options, max group size and ability to disable static groups. Added max vehicles and animals options. Added September 2017 Workshop Crate #4. Added grenade and tracer examples. Improvements: Improved map screen to refresh without reopening. Fixes: Fixed cosmetics toggle resetting at arena start. Fixed missing workshop folder. Fixed shadows on transparent text. Life Progress: The transition to Toronto went well! It's been exciting moving out for the first time and a lot more work than I expected. Mostly everything's settled now aside from some cleaning to do and furniture to get. Thank you for your patience this past month while I was away from the job! I'm hyped to resume work. :)The best battle royale games, modes and modsSep 15, 2017 - PC GamerPlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds may have popularised the genre inspired by the Japanese movie, but it’s not the only battle royale game pitting players against each other in desperate fights to the death. Below are 11 games, modes and mods that you should check out if you can’t get enough of hunting your fellow man. GAMES PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Let’s get the current top dog out of the way first, shall we? PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, is still in Early Access, but it’s already swallowed up the lives of millions of players. In each match, 100 survivors are air dropped into a bucolic Russian island, seemingly abandoned during or just after the Soviet era. It’s a huge place, but the play area is always shrinking, forcing players to race towards safety on foot or using cars, bikes and boats, all while trying to murder each other with a wide range of guns and melee weapons. It’s a game filled with long moments of quiet tension, punctuated by chaotic, nerve-racking battles. H1Z1: King of the Kill Another Early Access game, H1Z1: King of the Kill was spun out of Daybreak’s zombie survival game. The survival aspect became its own separate game, Just Survive, while the more competitive, PvP side of things became King of the Kill. Frenetic and fast-paced, it’s more of an arena shooter than a game like PUBG, so you won’t have to wait long to get into a gunfight. Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene was also a consultant on H1Z1 before making Battlegrounds. Ark: Survival of the Fittest Like H1Z1, Ark: Survival of the Fittest is another arena-style battle royale game, and is similarly a spin-off. Its hook, not surprisingly given its progenitor, is that there are dinosaurs and monsters to watch out for, as well as 71 human adversaries potentially hunting you down. Other elements from Survival Evolved have made it in, too, including riding and taming creatures, tribes and traps. Unfortunately, it’s struggled to retain its playerbase in the face of PUBG. The Culling If you prefer battle royales of the more intimate variety, there’s The Culling and its 8-player and 16-player blood-soaked arenas. Though it’s fast-paced, there’s still time to craft equipment and set traps. The central conceit is a big draw, too, set as the game is in a crazed game show for sadists. It’s been in Early Access since March 2016, and while it was popular initially, it looks like player numbers might be on the wane. Last Man Standing Budget PUBG is probably the clearest way to describe Last Man Standing. It’s set on an island with 100 players trying to kill each other, the play area is a big circle that shrinks over time, mods can be scavenged and attached to guns, it’s got loot crates—there’s a long list of similarities, but Last Man Standing is free. It’s not quite as polished as its premium counterpart, however. ... Update NotesAug 30, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsUpdate Notes: Additions: Added the aurora borealis to Yukon. Added links to forum and blog. Hawaii - Added new NPCs and quests by Spyjack. Hawaii - Added waterfall audio. Improvements: Hawaii - Improved performance near mauna kea. Tweaks: Hawaii - Tweaked density of unnecessary effect nodes. Fixes: Fixed disabling collision on ice sheets in singleplayer. Fixed a floating sandcastle on PEI. Hawaii - Fixed underwater darkness depth. Hawaii - Fixed rubber banding on haiku stairs. Hawaii - Fixed several NPC and quest issues. Hawaii - Fixed several vehicle issues. Busy Busy: Thank you for your patience this month while I've been super busy! During the first week I was out in Toronto looking for an apartment, and then on holiday in Italy. The break was a nice change of pace and I'm now refreshed and excited to get back to work! Fortunately we found a great apartment fairly quickly, so this week I've been getting prepared for the move. Over the next few days I'll be driving out to Toronto from Calgary and then setting everything back up there. It's my first time living away from home so it'll also take some time to get furniture and everything.What it's like creating one of Steam's most popular games at just 20 years oldAug 2, 2017 - PC GamerNelson Sexton, 20, created Unturned when he was just 16. Unturned, a free-to-play zombie survival game, is more popular than Rust and DayZ combined. Currently sitting as the 16th most-played game on Steam with 28,000 players, it's more popular than a lot of things. When I bring this up to Nelson Sexton, Unturned's sole creator who began working on the game at just 16-years-old, he pauses a moment and then awkwardly says "thanks" like I just paid him a compliment. I think even he is having a hard time comprehending Unturned's success. "It was just a hobby that I originally posted on my website, but when I did a revamp for version 2 I thought, maybe I can get this on Steam through Greenlight?" Nelson says. "I used to come home from school and take a look at Steam to see if it did. The first patch didn’t get through, but the next patch did and there was a big celebration. I think we had pizza that night as a celebration dinner. It’s crazy. I feel so lucky." Born in Cowtown  Nelson and I are sitting in a coffee shop on the outskirts of Calgary, Alberta, the city we both share. Calgary is a city with a lot of things—hot-to-trot oil and gas executives, people who own a pair of cowboy boots they only wear once a year, and the highest amount of 4x4 trucks in Canada per capita. It's like Texas, if Texans apologized more and wouldn't lose their shit over a few measly feet of snow. But Calgary isn't a place for game developers, so the idea that one of the most popular games of the last few years originated from a city best known for an outdoor show so ubiquitous with alcohol poisoning that Jugo Juice sells hangover smoothies is very amusing to me. Last month, on its third anniversary since entering Early Access, Unturned finally released. It seemed like a good time to meet Nelson and ask him how he felt about telling a stranger his life story. "Everything is still pretty normal for me," Nelson tells me over coffee. He says the success of Unturned hasn't really bled into his life in any dramatic way. He drives a Honda, has a girlfriend, and lives at home with his dad. Most times, his success is felt indirectly. "My girlfriend’s mom is a teacher and she tells her students that she knows the creator of Unturned and her students get excited," he laughs. "I love hearing those kinds of stories." Unturned is undoubtedly popular with a younger generation of players. Conceived off the back of Nelson's experience building games using Roblox, its simple, blocky aesthetic feels more like Minecraft than DayZ. But it's still a zombie survival game at its core. Nelson began making games when he was only nine. After attending a summer camp at our local university where he got to mess around with GameMaker, he convinced his dad to shell out the cash for it. "He had to sign up for a Paypal account and was really unsure about it beca... Update NotesJul 28, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsUpdate Notes: Additions: Added dynamic snowstorms, options in map and config for blizzard frequency/duration and ambiance volume controls to limit rain and snow to specific areas. Added weather command which takes none, storm or blizzard as inputs. Added decal importer for custom decal objects. Example in Bundles/Objects/Small/Decals/Test_Auto_Decal. Added ability to translate EconInfo.json by appending language name e.g. EconInfo_Russian.json or adding an EconInfo.json file to your localization's folder for example inside the Russian folder. Added ability to translate keyboard names in /Shared/KeyCodes.dat. Added PSA banner to menu which might be used for time-critical events. Added deadzone volume to level editors. Improvements: Improved blending between rainstorms and blizzards. Tweaks: Tweaked makeshift vehicle recipe to require a battery and tires. Tweaked upgraded cake to be salvageable. Fixes: Fixed using rangefinder while scoped in with off scope quality. Fixed gaps in wall navmesh at German military base. Fixed server restarting after regaining connection to Steam. Fixed clients potentially connecting to server during loading. Upcoming Events: Through some weird scheduling that shifted things around it's looking like I won't be home for most of August, so the next update will probably be later in the month. Next week on the 3rd I'm off to Toronto to look at apartments for rent, and then several days later leaving to Italy for a holiday. I'll be getting back home on the 22nd. I'm excited - this is my first vacation since I started work on Unturned 2.0! Around the end of August/beginning of September I'll be making the move to Toronto assuming an apartment is found. (Wish me luck!) While I'm away I think I'll have a hard time stopping myself from still reading your feedback in the evenings, so in the meantime during the break it'd be nice to give you something to discuss: I've been toying with ideas for 4.0. It's been on my mind recently and already I've got tons of features/improvements/changes I'd love to implement but just aren't possible in 3.0 at this point, and I've been catching up with Unreal Engine 4 considering whether it might be a good match. My hope is that the quality jump from 3.0 to 4.0 would be even bigger than the leap from 2.0 to 3.0 considering how much I've learned over the past 3 years. Note that I have no plans to begin 4.0 yet, and even if we were to go ahead with it there are many more updates to 3.0 planned. What are your thoughts on all this? I'm curious to see your response and especially if you have wishlists for 4.0 - nothing's off the table and if everyone's interested I might put together a new Trello board for 4.0 to group all your suggestions. Update NotesJul 21, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsUpdate Notes: Additions: Added Socketwrench for removing tires. Added ability for ambiance volumes to override fog settings. Improvements: Improved workshop download support on the server. Tweaks: Tweaked top and bottom of vehicle to count as valid exit points. Tweaked to prevent building inside teleporter chamber. Fixes: Fixed buildables attached to vehicles preventing exit. Fixed to prevent entering vehicles whose exits are blocked. Fixed logging out of server while in blocked vehicle. Fixed raining inside Neuschwanstein and sewers. Serverside Workshop Content: Server operators can now automatically update the workshop content on their servers rather than downloading it manually. To make use of this you can put together a list of workshop file IDs (e.g. ) and save it in Servers/YourServerID/WorkshopDownloadIDs.json. Update NotesJul 18, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsUpdate Notes: Additions: Added Secrets of Neuschwanstein easter egg. Added Prison Warden's Key and ability to lock and unlock cell doors. Added German versions of emergency vehicles. Added support for guns with multiple calibers. Added option for certain areas to have a higher max number of zombies. Tweaks: Tweaked Berlin to have a higher max number of zombies to be more lifelike. Tweaked Augewehr, Nightraider and Fusilaut to take both ranger and military ammunition. Tweaked Syndicate to look more serious. Tweaked to prevent exiting vehicles when a good exit point isn't found. Fixes: Fixed line color of road over dam. Fixed building underneath rocket chamber. Fixed German tree radius inconsistencies. Fixed misplaced water in waterfall cave entrance. Fixed damaging vehicle on busted coalition doors. Fixed scrapping empire blueprint. Fixed (finally) horde beacon difficulty to get set when initially placed. Fixed zombies falling into blast chamber of rocket launch pad. Fixed baking navmesh on extra tall maps. Fixed beta shirt on left-handed characters. Fixed canned food animation cut off. Fixed devkit objects loading after items. Legacy objects didn't have this problem. Fixed Germany analytics. Feedback: Thank you to everyone who's been posting feedback and bug reports around Germany! I've been trying my best to read through all of it and as always it's been a big factor in the changes this update. My intention is to focus on more general changes next update.Grrg! Arrrg! Unturned leaves early accessJul 10, 2017 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunFree-to-play DayZ-o-Minecraft ’em up Unturned has launched in full, after three years in early access. The biggest part of the update taking it to full release is a new sandbox map set in Germany. Chris Livingstone had a crack at Unturned after it rocketed into Steam’s top 10 most-played games within a week, a position it has impressively clung close to ever since (it’s twelfth right now, with around 32,000 players in-game). Perhaps we should feel guilty about how many early access survival games he played for us. But this, this one is meant to be pretty good as they go. … Now Available on Steam - UnturnedJul 7, 2017 - Product ReleaseUnturned is Now Available on Steam! You're a survivor in the zombie infested ruins of society, and must work with your friends and forge alliances to remain among the living. Update NotesJul 7, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsGermany Map: The new Germany map is finally here and available to play under the Official maps tab! Germany is a new large sandbox survival map trying out several gameplay twists. It's more vertically oriented than any previous map with medium cliffs in the East blending into towering mountains in the West. It's more spaced out than Russia and has increased military presence similar to Washington including Coalition encampments. For the first time the military is using a mix of Military and Ranger grade weaponry. It also makes use of the features I've been adding the past couple months through areas like a submerged town with the most useful loot deepest underwater, cascading waterfalls, a burning crash site with primarily burning zombies, pathfinding for zombies over the city rooftops and quite a few underground locations. 3 Year Anniversary Event: Today marks 3 years together on Steam and Unturned's transition out of Early Access! To celebrate anyone that plays over the next 3 days will have a chance to be dropped the Anniversary Gift Bag and everyone who's helped out over the course of Early Access will receive some special cosmetics! These past ~4.5 years have been a crazy journey and I'm very proud to see how far we've come from the first version of Deadzone to Unturned 3.20 now. It's been a pleasure and lots of fun evolving the game this whole time alongside you. It boggles my mind how long some of you have been with me and I can't thank you enough for your support, but a huge thank you nevertheless. This community has changed my life and opened up so many cool opportunities, and I'm incredibly excited looking to the future with all the awesome updates and directions I want to take the game. I hope you enjoy the update and as always I'm eagerly awaiting your feedback to improve Germany! Update Notes: Additions: Added Germany map. Added Swissgewehr. Added Swissgewehr Magazine. Added Fighter Jet. Added Dumptruck. Added Prison Transport Truck. Added Eagle. Added Rabbit. Added Beetle. Added many new level editor assets. Workshop: Accepted several workshop items into the July 2017 Workshop Crate #3. Accepted many new workshop items to the Stockpile. Update NotesJun 30, 2017 - Community Announcements3 Year Anniversary Event Upcoming: Next Friday 07/07/17 marks Unturned's 3rd year on Steam! I can't believe it's been so long already. The time has just flown by, I've loved every second of it, and I'm excited to continue working on Unturned in the years to come. As part of the event Unturned will finally be transitioning out of early access, and to celebrate it will be accompanied by the update containing the new map I've been working on these past months! (Spoiler warning!) Click below to watch the trailer for New Map Trailer The main release trailer for Unturned has been updated as well: Unturned Trailer Thanks to the Hawaii team for acting in these new trailers! Update Notes: Additions: Added no weapons/no buildables safezone node options. Added Flag_Short_Random NPC reward type. Improvements: Improved landscape and foliage system to automatically spawn when clicked in the type browser. Tweaks: Tweaked ambient audio to randomly increase and decrease in volume. Fixes: Fixed landscape holes interfering with interacting. Fixed multiple quest related bugs on Hawaii. Fixed underground player spawns on Hawaii. Fixed water volume near Kailua Kona on Hawaii. Fixed lava killboxes at Muana Kea on Hawaii. Fixed some minor visual bugs on Hawaii. Fixed abuse in magma boss chamber on Hawaii. Update NotesJun 23, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsMap Progress: Everything in the new map is coming together. Next up the polishing steps such as lighting, balance adjustments, story notes, etc! Update Notes: Additions: Added achievement for defeating the magma zombie boss. Added per-navmesh zombie difficulty option. Added nav clip volume for helping zombies navigate complex areas. Improvements: Improved navmesh baking to work with landscape holes. Tweaks: Tweaked Hawaii gyrocopter to only be craftable on Hawaii. Tweaked HMG rounds to deal explosive splash damage. Fixes: The Hawaii crew fixed many issues with the map and its content. Fixed rewards on NPC goodbye messages. Fixed some issues with swimming near the surface of water volumes. Update NotesJun 18, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsHawaii Expansion Release: The community team which created Hawaii has been hard at work on an expansion to the map with tons of new content and locations to discover! It's now available to play and includes 30+ new quests. Update Notes: Additions: Added Hawaii Expansion. Added 7 new cosmetics/skins to the Hawaii Mystery Box. Added gameplay config for min/max drops from normal, mega and boss zombies. Added emission multiplier to effect volumes. Added ability to delete groups. Leaving requires a new owner or only one member whereas deleting kicks all group members. Tweaks: Tweaked all sight aiming distance to be more consistently further back. Tweaked tutorial messages to be slightly more clear. Fixes: Fixed building interior LOD on maps using newer objects system. Fixed unable to scale water volumes. Fixed loading water volumes with surfaces disabled. Map Progress: This week I finished detailing all but one of the locations on the new map and am aiming to finish that and the spawns next week. Update NotesJun 9, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsUpdate Notes: Additions: Added Empire. Added Empire Magazine. Added Devil's Bane. Added Devil's Bane Magazine. Added Luger Magazine. Added landmarks quality graphics option. Added teleport NPC reward type to move player to specific spawnpoint in level. Added crouch as a NPC pose option as well as Pose_Lean, Pose_Pitch and Pose_Head_Offset options. Added invulnerable and explosion proof tags for destructible objects. Added new guns and melees to skin source files. Improvements: Improved several furniture objects to be randomly colored. Tweaks: Tweaked foundation height shorter. Tweaked forageable resources to support spawn tables. Fixes: Fixed misaligned glass in Seattle fire station window. Fixed satellite image for maps taller than 256m. Fixed sound effect pitch deviation to scale with pitch. Fixed incorrectly colored upstairs walls in house_3. Map Progress: Flooded portion of town beginning to develop overgrowth This week I finished detailing the environment and made tons of progress on filling in the some of the most time consuming locations: towns and cities. In the coming week I'll finish up the remaining work in the big city and move onto detailing the smaller locations. Update NotesJun 2, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsNew Weaponry: Two new guns planned for the new map were finished this week and can now be found in airdrops. The MP40 is an antique SMG bridging the gap between carbines and assault rifles which will be improved upon in another upcoming gun, and the Determinator is a shotgun revolver with longer range but requiring better aim. Update Notes: Additions: Added MP40. Added MP40 magazine. Added Determinator. Improvements: Improved scale tool to adjust sensitivity by bounds of mesh. Tweaks: Tweaked chainsaw and jackhammer to alert zombies in a larger area. Fixes: Fixed to only allowing climbing while standing, sprinting or swimming. Fixed off by one error when killed while spawning into server. Fixed to scale up backpacks/vests slightly on mega zombie model. Map Progress: This week I mostly finished decorating the landscape - I underestimated just how long it takes to place down all those boulders on the cliffsides so there's a few patches that still need doing. My goal for next week is to make good headway on finalizing the layouts of each location and filling buildings with furniture. Update NotesMay 26, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsUpdate Notes: Additions: Added Jackhammer to mining locations. Added Luger to care packages. Improvements: Improved area selecting to work with shift expand selection. Improved multiselect enum dropdowns to highlight selected flags. Tweaks: Tweaked devkit search to sort alphabetically. Fixes: Fixed tire/battery spawn chance working opposite of intended. Fixed to allow sprinting in shallow water. Fixed launch preferences getting overwritten by some updates. Fixed server incorrectly sending large buildable packets. Fixed not granting quest note rewards clientside. Fixed some curated objects still showing with Object_Browser.Show_Curated_Objects set to false. Fixed area selecting flick of the mouse wrong size and items behind camera. Fixed area select to respect selection mask. Fixed resetting devkit search scroll between searches. Map Progress: This week the map started properly taking shape with the rough landscape in place and the planned locations in their final spots, though a few new ideas have come to mind I'd like to work on soon. A couple places are somewhat detailed, this being one of the less spoilery ones: Over the next week I'll be polishing/finalizing the landscape with materials, foliage, trees, boulders, erosion, etc and continuing to detail the locations themselves.Inside Roblox, the game platform that s rivaling MinecraftMay 26, 2017 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunI m camped at the end of a large hall, hoping my view over a tunnel leading to the capture point covers the enemy team s entry through the large windows and skylights. Distant gunfire rattles from the other end of the map and I see grenades popping on the point. And yep, I m right. Someone jumps down from above and I shoot, taking them by surprise – 100 XP – but not before a buddy spawns on them. I m down, killed by an AUG HBAR with Coyote Sight, Muzzle Brake, Angled Grip and Green Laser. Roblox has come on some lately. Phantom Forces is a full-featured modern FPS that runs on Roblox, offering multiple map types with 32 players, a daily login bonus and ranks. It tracks kill-death ratios, its guns feature bullet drop dynamics, sprints into slide moves, Battlefield-style spotting, and hundreds of weapons and attachments. And you can be playing it, for free, in seconds from launching via a link on its Roblox web page, and it ll run smoothly on a basic PC. On the Thursday morning I try it out, nearly 4000 other players are online with me, and since it was launched in September 2015, it s been played over 120 million times. … Update NotesMay 20, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsMap Progress: All of the objects, nature assets and vehicles on my to-do list for the new map are now done! Though a few more are bound to come up as I go I think there's a lot of exciting stuff including suggestions going back several maps. The next step is creating the level itself: from the landscape to the decorations, spawns, lighting, etc. I'd hoped to have some new content this update for you but ran out of time, so my goal is to work on some of the new items to release ahead of the map in the coming weeks while primarily focusing on the level itself. Update Notes: Additions: Added Allow_Shoulder_Camera gameplay config option. When disabled your third person view is centered except when leaning. Added vehicle config options for chance to spawn without a battery or tire. Added angle and obstruction based automatic landscape painting options. Added exact foliage tool mode. Added auto splatmap brush. Added smooth splatmap brush. Tweaks: Tweaked consumeables that provides more food than water to constrain the amount of water to food gain. Fixes: Fixed foliage dithering option not working correctly. Fixed to stop shooting automatic weapons when entering safezone. Fixed deselecting newly copied object in devkit. Fixed drag selecting in fullscreen devkit. Fixed cleaning up server info refresh requests. Fixed old tree models specular lighting. Fixed old tree skyboxes getting cut off. Fixed sending commands faster than chatrate. Update NotesMay 13, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsUpdate Notes: Additions: Added Top Gun quest for Andy on the Liberator. Added Fighter Jet. Added Fighter Pilot Outfit. Added assets for waterfalls, simple example in Devtest4. Added effect volumes to devkit for placing particle effects. Added lock handles option to selection tool. Added ability to spawn objects/types by E hotkey in devkit. Added search fields to landscape and foliage filtered browsers. Improvements: Improved to run execute.config from cloud folder as well. Tweaks: Tweaked graphics draw distance to affect decal draw distance. Fixes: Fixed a performance problem with debug visualization in devkit. Fixed devkit save window checkboxes. Fixed some bugs with pilot weaponry in multiplayer. Fixed decal visibility group visible option. Fixed copying decal selection in devkit. Fixed discolored corner of Diner #3 window. Map Progress: I made quite a bit more progress on the assets this week, and will continue with that next week hopefully wrapping up the objects/nature stuff before Friday, then leading into working on the map itself properly. Thanks for all the great suggestions/feedback - keep it coming! One of the areas I mentioned last week that I worked on are the burning city assets which I teased here if you missed it: Link3.18.10.0 Update NotesMay 5, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsMap Progress: This week I've been continuing work on the objects for the new map, Silo 22's big brother being the most exciting, and looking through the suggestions/feedback many of you have been posting. If you have any city/town related ideas I'm especially curious to see those at the moment, for example Washington had the new largest city with overpasses and skyscrapers and Russia had the underground metro system, thinking of a few unique ones for this map like burned to the ground in rubble, flooded district, Coalition fortified encampment - no guarantees but along those lines. My thinking with the zombie difficulty assets is to allow a new sort of progression where the higher tiered areas of the map have higher concentrations of the more challenging zombie types. Very tangential but Silo 22 was the first object I made the same day we started planning Russia which got me really excited to release the map, I think it's kind of the centerpiece/setpiece, and these new bases have given me the same feeling again! The goal for next week is to continue new objects, start on the landscape details and potentially begin making new items some of which might come out before the map. Update-wise the next version of Hawaii will ideally be ready sometime before this new map I'm working on. Update Notes: Additions: Added zombie difficulty assets. Added shift-# hotkeys for devkit tools. Added quaternion inspector to devkit. Added transform copy/paste ctrl-b/n hotkeys to dekvit. Added selection mask option to selection tool. Added object browser to devkit. Improvements: Improved houses to have randomized colors. Improved devkit to save tool configurations. Improved visibility groups panel layout. Tweaks: Tweaked carepackage fall speed slightly slower. Fixes: Fixed misaligned save/load button labels in devkit. Fixed quest objects not showing up after loading in. Fixed imported workshop skins emissive maps. Fixed using flares to destroy rotors in PvE.
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