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Devblog 157 Apr 27, 2017 - Community Announcements Muzzle Break nerf, Eoka buff, AI improvements, and more. Sound mix tweaks Fixed cascade shadow blending Fixed workshop full-screen blur when using low settings Added entity pooling to various client side entities for less stuttering Made server side hack prevention a lot stricter by default Reduced false positive rate of server side hack prevention Added the last killer to the top of the cheat reporting player selection Uncluttered cheat reporting player selection Fixed camera clipping on vm crossbow anims Eoka Aimcone reduced Muzzle brake reduces projectile velocity Muzzle brake reduces projectile max effective range Muzzle brake Aimcone increased Vending Machines can be named and show a tooltip when hovered over on map Navmesh generates 4x faster Wolves/Bears are more aggressive Animal health increased Animals flee when out of stamina from attacking Animals have sight cone - can sneak up behind most Community Update 133Apr 25, 2017 - Community Announcements UFC in Rust, Rust in Nerf, and more.Devblog 156Apr 20, 2017 - Community Announcements The Heavy Armour's Helmet now impairs your vision, a peek at the launch site monument, and more. Fixed players culling over low wall Fixed foliage shadows not animating Improved shadow stability Improved ambient lighting Improved movement verification performance Reduced movement verification false positives Made movement verification a lot stricter Chain link gate can now be picked up Fixed stuttery player movement in the distance Reduced garbage collection frequency by optimizing memory allocations Optimized viewmodel transform updates by a factor of two Fixed large furnace exploits Fixed water catcher exploits Footstep polish Animal sound polish Sound mix improvements All Ores properly carve navmesh (prevents some AI getting stuck) Potential fix for Helicopter randomly shooting explosive rockets when it shouldn’t Bear animation speed matches walk speed Heavy Plate Helmet obstructs view significantly Any piece of heavy plate armor restricts movement by 40% Heavy Plate Jacket prevents ADS Community Update 132Apr 18, 2017 - Community Announcements 3D printed Rust weapons, the third annual Rust Olympics, how to steal a base without firing a shot, and more.Devblog 155Apr 13, 2017 - Community Announcements New animal AI, easier large furnace placement and lots more. Updated to Unity 5.6 Updated EAC Added footwear specific footstep sounds Polished water lapping sound Polished distant gunshots Improved localized voice limiting New sounds for the spinner wheel AI doesn't walk through walls AI sleeps Added entity.spawn Added entity.spawnitem Updated flesh bullet impact effects AI populations are controlled by console variables AI eats corpses AI eats dropped items AI reacts to gun shots AI corpses drop gibs when destroyed (temporary effect) Fixed spinner wheel skinnability Updated damage effects hud Options screen dropdowns are now side selectors Added server tag when server restarting Normalized tree sizes Added server tag indicating last wipe time Websocket Rcon is default mode Fixed Websocket Rcon ignoring rcon.ip Optimized steam avatar cache lookup Fixed "Your Friends" allocating memory and causing hitches Fixed bear meat cooked using burnt description Fixed revolver describing itself as a 6 shooter Deers give deer meat (instead of chicken) Added Wooden Helmet Optimized transform updates when recycling sounds and effects Optimized light intensity and color flickering effects Optimized invoke handler (list overhead, cache hits, hashing) Optimized position lerp and player model lists Added efficient update handler Added ladder movement verification to server Eliminated input lag (especially for firearms) Large Furnace has bigger foundation, stays upright & can be placed on slopes Community Update 131Apr 10, 2017 - Community Announcements Art, cosplay, a brief look at the new AI, and more. Update DelayApr 6, 2017 - Community Announcements The patch isn’t ready, so we’re not releasing one today. We are wiping official servers, though. Here's what's going on.Community Update 130Apr 4, 2017 - Community Announcements Star Wars, crashing towers, lots of art, and much more.Devblog 154Mar 30, 2017 - Community Announcements The new Wooden Armour is here, along with the new Simple Handmade Sight, Searchlights, and more. holosight world model lod updates lasersight world model lod updates Muzzleboost world model lod updates Muzzlebrake world model lod updates Silencer world model lod updates Viewmodel FOV changes reverted Updated wooden armor Improved bloom effect quality Improved vegetation rendering Added custom invoke handler (server performance) Optimized mesh building and fixed rare invisible grass issue on DX9 Added pooling support to collectable entities Added pooling support to loot barrels Fixed random ceiling lights being stuck around the world Reenabled MaterialColorLerp script Added Searchlight Added Simple Sight Community Update 129Mar 28, 2017 - Community Announcements Pizza and strippers, storming the beaches, and more.Devblog 153Mar 23, 2017 - Community Announcements Binoculars are in, work begins on a new monument, and more. Bolt rifle world model re-created Double barrel shotgun world model re-created Revolver world model re-created Fixed global anisotropic not forced with default config Added batching support to foliage wind animation Added player and animal ragdoll culling Improved sleeper player culling Fixed campfires sometimes hurting people even though they were not burning Added client side entity pooling to a large number of common entities (performance) Fixed climbing exploits that were using jump right after waking up Fixed viewmodel bobbing looking weird since last week’s optimizations Added instance position encoding to batched meshes (future optimizations) Fixed plant skins sometimes being incorrect until the first network update was received Optimized runtime mesh building (player colliders, building meshes, dynamic occluders) Optimized server side player loot refresh Spinner wheel sound no longer occludes Fix for drawn maps not loading properly for other players Lowered cost of Netting Stuck objects/decals on spinner actually spin Furnaces and Campfires will turn off if they overflow once (server perf) Added Binoculars - right click to look, left click to cycle zoom levels Removed gear cost from crossbow - but costs more wood/frags Removed green t-shirt spawn from purple box Lanterns/Candle Hats/ Miner hats now have a fuel inventory Can extract fuel from Miner/Candle hats Can pick up tuna lights Can pick up lanterns Can pick up ceiling lights Can pick up flame turrets Can pick up autoturrets Holosight tech trash reduced to 1 C4 tech trash reduced to 2 Muzzlebrake has higher durability Muzzlebrake further reduces recoil Silencer cost reduced to 5 HQM Cooked pork icon is darker Community Update 128Mar 21, 2017 - Community Announcements Animated Rust, playing without a base, Rust on VHS, and more. Devblog 152Mar 16, 2017 - Community Announcements You can make your decisions 100% more dramatic with the paintable Spinner Wheel, climb around your base with the new new Netting, or cosy up on the remade bed. We’ve optimised the fire fight lag, the Airfield will be getting tunnels, and more. Updated console UI with autocomplete Demo playback has grass Voice data is recorded to demos Fixed some exceptions when playing demos Demos record initial camera position Improved M249 gunshot Caves death pit accessible to recover loot Wall frame netting block Spinner wheel item Replaced deployable bed model Entity skin changes trigger batching refresh Fixed map cache getting cleared when joining custom maps Added culling to foliage displacement Added grass displacement to foundations Removed obsolete scripts (memory usage) Removed unused animators (memory usage) Optimized frame rate under sustained gunfire Optimized effect recycling Optimized viewmodel transform updates Fixed footsteps SFX not audible till near player Fixed vending machines in doorways sometimes breaking Added Spinner Wheel Added Refineries to Harbors Fixed NRE when sign you are editing is destroyed Added Supply Signals to Green Military Crates (2%) Pumpkins only have 1 season (instead of 7) Fixed Heavy Plate Armor Rad protection (now 7, was 50) Community Update 127Mar 14, 2017 - Community Announcements A small celebration of Rust stats, a raid in freeze-frame, a retro Rust portable game system, and more.Devblog 151Mar 9, 2017 - Community Announcements Loadout lockers, optimisations, fixes, and more. Fixed invisible LR-300 worldmodel bug Flashlight lod updates Crossbow world model uv fixes Reduced mesh compression on weapon world models Rocket launcher world model uv fixes Sound creation optimization Physics sounds are quieter unless the impact is pretty hard Lower vertex counts on Stone & Sheet Metal tiers Added multithreaded mesh batching Added better profiling Fixed workshop skin memory leak Fixed plant material memory leak Optimized workshop skin loading Added “itemskins” convar to disable workshop skins Made network cells more granular Optimized client side plant entities Fixed craft canceling sometimes losing resources when inventory is full Dense bushes have an extra LOD Heli always strafes with napalm if target has no TC access Lowered cost of AutoTurret Autoturret parts found in purple crates + towns Lowered cost of flame turret C4 won’t stick to Decor Deployables Decor Deployables can only be picked up with TC access + hammer equipped Out of Stock Vending machines show up as red on the map Fish provides animal fat Fixed being unable to place walls next to a metal shopfront on a triangle foundation Fixed SAR buff/SAP nerf reversion Fixed Harbor 2 not showing up on map Community Update 126Mar 7, 2017 - Community Announcements Character art, a mathematically unraidable base, a super cinematic Raid cam, and more.Devblog 150Mar 2, 2017 - Community Announcements Guns are on backs, overgrowth is in, servers are wiped, and more. New vending machine sounds Bunker rooms art Finished art for several greybox assets Added new bushes and flowers Added overgrowth to monuments Fixed placement issues of warehouse monument Increased nobuild zone around trainyard monument Fixed rare terrain collision issues around military tunnels Fixed terrain adjustment of power substations Increased the size of the snow biome Decreased the size of the tundra biome Fixed overgrown terrain hole around large cave Increased min distance between caves Removed prefab mountains from maps smaller than 3000x3000 Fixed rock formation placement sometimes colliding with roads or buildings Improved terrain adjustment on small caves Fixed light emission from gunfire Fixed “local player set up multiple times” exploit Added Visible items on player bodies Peacekeeper Mode has green laser instead of red Pump shotgun cost reduction Bucket Helmet cost reduction Pickaxe cost reduction Spears are smaller when held AutoTurret scans slowly instead of snapping to new areas Fixed culling ignoring terrain carving Fixed culling ignoring high external wall cracks Fixed culling lag when players turn visible Fixed culling related error in spectate mode Community Update 125Feb 28, 2017 - Community Announcements Caretaker fan art, Rust-inspired music, raving, and more.Devblog 149Feb 23, 2017 - Community Announcements Pull on the Heavy Plate Armour and decorate your base with bears, chairs, tables, and rugs. Also, maps now show landmarks and Vending Machines, naked players who have weapons will be highlighted, you can add guest codes to your base, and more. Improved playback of item physics sounds Added new physics sounds to a bunch of items New Bear skin rug deployable New common rug deployable New chair deployable New table deployable Fridge is easier to place, lock position correct, destroy on ground missing Twig and stone floors are flat (no more intersecting with deployables) Fixed damage on Jack O Lanterns Optimized impact particle effect and decal render distances Increased size of some world models New gunpowder world model Codelock world model Wooden spear optimisation & prefab cleanup Fix for offset ak world model Fixed performance regression related to anisotropic filtering Fixed flamethrower going through shopfront Shopfront has small delay before trade is confirmed (less jarring) Fixed shopfront being able to be double stacked Shopfront has same health as sheet metal wall Can right-click to move items into shopfront inventory (both parties) Player Hostile status no longer persists between deaths (peacekeeper) No longer show crosshair when aiming at the non-usable part of an entity Water bottle no longer hostile to peacekeepers Bota bag no longer hostile to peackeepers Bucket no longer hostile to peacekeepers Rock no longer hostile to peacekeepers Any damage dealt to anything marks players hostile to peacekeepers Vending machine screen icon no longer clips text Vending machine screen displays stacksize of item for sale Vending machine has same health as armored wall Monuments are labeled on the map Vending machines have broadcast option to display on everyones map Fixed ceiling light moving the wrong way when shot Vending machine has small light animation on keypad Heavy Plate Armor added - slows movement Codelocks can have Guest codes - no unlocking only opening Added laser sight to sentry turret Added Caveman sash to any player who touches any hostile item (until death) Beds can be made public - anyone can then take it over Community Update 124Feb 21, 2017 - Community Announcements The scariest house in Rust, freestyle rap on the servers, a Vending Machine market, and more.
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