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The flutter of wings on a moonlit night...Apr 27, 2017 - Community Announcements Tune into the OB49 Patch Preview on Friday, April 27th at 4pm EST. Discover a whole new part of the Realm. Ying 40% Off!Apr 24, 2017 - Community Announcements Today is the last day to get Ying's Snapdragon collection for 40% off!Radiant Chest per FWOTD | Apr 21-23Apr 20, 2017 - Community Announcements This weekend, enjoy a FREE Radiant Chest roll per FWOTD (up to 3 each day)! Details: Chests on Sale!Apr 19, 2017 - Community Announcements Enjoy 33% off Colossal Chests through Friday!Open Beta 48 Patch Notes | Souls and ShadowsApr 24, 2017 - Community Announcements Souls and Shadows Open Beta 48 Patch Notes | April 14th Beta Expectations NEW CHAMPION: Seris, Oracle of the Abyss Abilities Soul Orb Fire a stream of magic projectiles from your hand that deal 210 damage every 0.3s. Your projectiles pass through enemies and apply a Soul Orb stack with every hit. Stacks up to 4 times. Restore Soul Restore the soul of an ally. Healing them for 1000 health every second for 2 seconds. Rend Soul Detonate all of your active Soul Charges. Deal 100 damage to the afflicted enemy for every charge detonated. Every charge detonated also heals you for 15% of your maximum life. Shadow Travel Step into another plane of reality for 5 seconds. While this ability is active you are in stealth and immune to all harmful effects. Convergence Cast your soul core into the battlefield. After a delay, a tear in reality will manifest and drag in nearby enemies. Cards Legendary - Soul Collector Soul Charges you detonate increase your Maximum Health by 2% per charge. Stacks up to 8 times. Stacks clear on death. Legendary - Agony Rend Soul Now applies a 1s Stun to the victim when they are afflicted with 4 soul charges. Legendary - Mortal Reach Increase the range of Restore Soul by 300% and the Duration by 1s. Blood Pact While channeling Restore Soul you heal yourself for 70/140/210/280 Health per second. Essence Rip Rend Soul heals you for 8/16/24/32% more. Spirit Leech Every Second channeling Restore Soul generates 2/4/6/8 ammo. Bane Every Soul Charge you detonate reduces the Cooldown of Restore Soul by 0.2/.4/.6/.8s. Dark Sight Rend Soul Reveals enemies affected with Soul Charges for 1/2/3/4s. Dark Whisper Increase your movement speed in Shadow Travel by 20/40/60/80%. Fade to Black Restore Soul reduces the Cooldown of Shadow Travel by .3/.6/.9/1.2s every second while channeling. Nether Siphon Heal for 50/100/150/200 Health every second while in Shadow Travel. Dusk Walker Reduce the Cooldown of Shadow Travel by 0.5/1/1.5/2s. Ebon Dynamo Increase your Ammo count by 2/4/6/8 Revenant Increase your Maximum Health by 50/100/150/200. Sorceress Gain 5/10/15/20% Reload Speed. Soul Forge Reduce the Cooldown of Restore Soul by 0.5/1/1.5/2s. Umbral Gait If an enemy is affected with a Soul Charge you move 8/16/24/32% faster Veil Reduce the cast time of Shadow Travel by 15/30/45/60%. Wickedness Reduce ...Black Ice Evie On Sale!Apr 18, 2017 - Community Announcements White hair, don't care. Black Ice Evie is 40% off today only!Operative Skye On Sale!Apr 14, 2017 - Community Announcements Take a good look...she won't be here for long! Skye's Operative Collection is 40% off through Saturday!Patch Preview Today!Apr 14, 2017 - Community Announcements The abyss cries out, and your soul is soon to answer. ๐Ÿ”ฎ The OB48 Patch Preview is in your at 4pm EDT! Patch Preview Tomorrow!Apr 13, 2017 - Community Announcements We're going to make it rain during the OB48 Patch Preview! Tune in tomorrow at 4pm EDT on ๐Ÿ’ตDouble XP Weekend | Apr 7-9Apr 6, 2017 - Community Announcements Get ready to hit level 30 and unlock the new Volcanic Makoa collection for FREE! From Friday, April 7th to Sunday, April 9th, earn 2x Account XP and Champion Mastery on PC and Console!Open Beta 47 Patch Notes | Volcanic EruptionApr 5, 2017 - Community Announcements Volcanic Eruption Open Beta 47 Patch Notes | March 31 GENERAL Titles A new type of item that is equipped on the account profile. Titles are earned by getting a champion to Mastery level 20 and is the tittle of that specific champion. New titles are planned to be added based on Achievements and various awards. Mastery The Mastery page has been updated to better show the list of rewards available for each champion Mastery level. Improve flow for disenchanting cards used in a Loadout. Added warning when about to disenchant a card used in a Loadout Disenchanted card now removed from Loadout Show that loadout is in an invalid state Added additional sound fx for UI elements Joining a queue Selecting a Champion and Customizations in Match Lobby All champions have had their remaining temp card art replaced. Over 100 finished card art added. BUG FIXES Fixed not being able to use VGS before transitioning to end of match. Fixed next reward on the champion mastery screen showing the reward for the level after next. Fixed scoreboard showing card rarity instead of card level for loadout points. Directed Taunts should now trigger more accurately, will now reference the right character. CUSTOMIZATIONS Kinessa *NEW* Item Quest Unlock Upon unlocking the Nova Strike collection, you will receive 4 items and a new type of Item Quest will appear. Playing games with Kinessa will complete the Item Quest and unlock the remaining 4 items in the Nova Strike collection for free. Nova Strike Heads Nova Strike Helm Nova Strike Optics Nova Strike Visor Nova Strike Gaze Body Nova Strike Weapons Nova Strike Vaporizer Nova Strike Atomizer Voice Pack Nova Strike Makoa Volcanic Unlocked for free upon reaching account level 30 or above during Paladins Open Beta. Head: Volcanic Embers Body: Volcanic Weapon: Volcanic Crag Cannon Voice Pack: Volcanic Sha Lin Burrito Esports A portion of the proceeds goes to Burrito Esports. Head: Burrito Shades Body: Burrito Jersey Spray: Champions 2017 MVP: Burrito GG 2017 MAPS Co-Op: Lair of the Dreadhunter In cold lonely caves, monsters lurk, waiting for unsuspecting prey to devour. Test Queue rotation Water way Sand Bridge Fixed an exploit on Frozen Guard CHAMPIONS - BALANCE/UPDATES/FIXES Androxus Reversal Updated description to correctly show Direct damage. Barik Dome Shield Updated description to correctly show Area damage. Turret Updated description to correctly show Direct damage. off Night Bane Cassie!Apr 4, 2017 - Community Announcements "Evil lurks around every corner, but fear not. I will cleanse its blood with silver." ๐Ÿ’€ Cassie's Night Bane collection is 25% off through Thursday!New Game Mode: Fowl PlayApr 1, 2017 - Community Announcements Introducing our new game mode, Fowl Play! Chicken Champion have stepped up to defend the Realm. Details here: Gold Weekend | Mar 31-Apr 2Mar 30, 2017 - Community Announcements Weโ€™re seeing double! This weekend, from Friday, March 31 to Sunday, April 2, earn double gold on all in-game matches!OB47 Patch Preview Tomorrow!Mar 30, 2017 - Community Announcements Makoa's new skin will erupt in the Realm during the OB47 Patch Preview! ๐ŸŒ‹ Don't miss it tomorrow at 4pm EDT on Annual Spring Fling is Today!Mar 30, 2017 - Community Announcements Watch Paladins and Smite personalities come together to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation during today's 3rd Annual Spring Fling! Every donation will be met with a SMITE Cutesy Avatar Chest Roll and Paladins Radiant Chest! Additionally, every donation of $10 or more will be rewarded with Pip's Rooster Brewster weapon! Link your twitch account for a chance to win Radiant Chests just for watching! The broadcast stars today at 1pm EDT on, so don't miss out! More info: Preview on Friday!Mar 29, 2017 - Community Announcements Time to get paid or die tryin'. Your target is the OB47 Patch Preview. Head to on Friday at 4pm EDT for the bounty.Last Chance to Get the Founder's Pack On Sale!Mar 28, 2017 - Community Announcements Don't miss out! Today is your LAST CHANCE to get the Founder's Pack 25% off! ๐Ÿ’Ž40% Off Tribesman GrohkMar 27, 2017 - Community Announcements Electrifying! Tribesman Grohk is 40% off through Tuesday!25% off Founder's Pack!Mar 24, 2017 - Community Announcements Become a Founder! The Founder's Pack is 25% off until Tuesday, so grab it while you can!
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