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Valentine's Chest | Last Chance!Feb 14, 2018 - Community Announcements Last chance for the Valentine's Chest! We won't judge you for being that guy running to the store last minute because you forgot about Valentine's Day ːsteamhappyːThe Valentine's Chest is BACK for a limited time!Feb 8, 2018 - Community Announcements Break some hearts this Valentine's with an assortment of Valentine's themed cosmetics! The Valentine's Chest also includes the chest-exclusive Epic Candy Unicorn Mount!Show your ancient and eternal love with Plushy Makoa!Feb 7, 2018 - Community Announcements Plushy Makoa is sure to help you come out of your shell and reel in that special someone this Valentines! Give your Valentine a Plushy Makoa and have a blast this year! Chance Sale Ending Soon!Jan 29, 2018 - Community Announcements Today is the last day to take advantage of the Common and Uncommon sale. This is one you won't want to miss, many of the common items won't be returning. Details: XP Weekend | January 27-28Jan 26, 2018 - Community Announcements Two weeks ago we brought you Double Gold... Last week was Double VIP... And this weekend? We're bringing you Double XP starting at 4:00am EST!Last Chance Sale: 50% Off Common and Uncommon CosmeticsJan 26, 2018 - Community Announcements Almost all Common and Uncommon cosmetics are on sale! This weekend only, save 50% off the Crystal price. We've also re-added the Gold pricing for this event, for those looking to spend Gold. For more info on the sale, or to read about why we're making the changes, check out these posts: Sale: Radiant Chest Changes: Have a great (DOUBLE XP) weekend, we'll see you out in the Realm!Paladins Season 2 Coming This Spring!Jan 25, 2018 - Community Announcements Last August, we introduced Ranked 2.0, a wide-sweeping update of Paladins’ Competitive mode. Complete with a more welcoming introduction for new players, a tiered challenge for veterans, and plenty of Epic rewards along the way, Season 1 completely revamped the competitive experience and invited everyone to join in the fun! We’re excited to announce that Season 2 will kick off later this Spring! The next Season of competitive play will be better than ever - you can expect extensive balance updates, Season Splits, adjustments to placement matches and banning, and much more. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the upcoming features in Season 2: Soft Competitive reset. Player’s rankings, borders, and MMR will be lowered just slightly, creating a more even-level playing field for the start of the new Season Two additional bans at the beginning of the drafting phase, creating further strategic diversity and allowing for additional viable team compositions 10 placement matches, reduced from 15, allowing players to jump into the competitive action faster A massive set of balance changes and tweaks Season Splits that include special chest and cosmetics rewards True competitors deserve great rewards, and we’ve got you covered. We’re revved up for special Season 2 spoils, including: A new Limited skin awarded for reaching Gold V A new Limited title awarded for winning 100 games in Ranked A second Limited skin reward at the end of the Season We’ll have more info to share about the new rewards as we get closer to Season 2, but trust us - it’ll be a wild ride! Season 1 will be extended through early March so we can make Season 2 the best-ever Competitive experience! That means players will have extra time to score Limited Season 1 rewards, like the Terrormorph Drogoz collection and “Forged in Battle” title. This is your last chance ever to get those rewards, so don’t miss out! We’ll be releasing more detailed information regarding all of the Season 2 changes and rewards in the coming months. Get ready to experience Competitive Paladins like never before!Sale: 25% off Biz KingJan 22, 2018 - Community Announcements Biz King has finalized the negotiations and secured a 25% discount for his loyal subjects. Take advantage of this deal before it's gone!DOUBLE VIP WEEKEND 1/19 - 1/21Jan 19, 2018 - Community Announcements Have your eyes set on that Divine Seris skin? Want to stock up on VIP Points? You're in luck! Starting now, players can get DOUBLE VIP Points for their matches! Simply play matches and rack up the points! The 2x VIP Weekend runs through 1/21, for more details: Troublemaker Evie 25% OffJan 19, 2018 - Community Announcements You know what's pretty punk rock? Killing your enemies by shredding on your custom Stratoblaster. Even better? Scoring it on sale for 25% off. Grab Troublemaker Evie on sale for a limited time and live out your rock n' roll dreams.Prepare for Paladins: Battlegrounds!Jan 15, 2018 - Community Announcements Paladins: Battlegrounds is the first-ever hero-shooter battle royale! 100 players are dropped into an island over 350 times larger than a Siege map. Fight to survive, find loot, and become the last team standing! ⚔️ Prepare for Battlegrounds: Cat Maeve Sale | 30% OFFJan 15, 2018 - Community Announcements Time to cut loose! Save 30% on Alley Cat Maeve for a limited time!Twitch Prime King and Primal Prowler | Claim Free Now with Twitch Prime!Jan 12, 2018 - Community Announcements Have you unlocked your FREE Twitch Prime King and Primal Prowler yet? Head over to Twitch for all the details: Cutthroat Kinessa 40% OffJan 12, 2018 - Community Announcements What good is hunting bounties if you can't spend the proceeds? Look every bit as deadly as you are with the Cutthroat Kinessa Skin, now 40% off for a limited time!Open Beta 65 Patch Notes | Paladins and FriendsJan 11, 2018 - Community Announcements  Paladins and Friends Open Beta 65 Patch Notes | January 10th New Champion: Moji, and Friends “While the rest of the rabbit-like leipori fled to the forests to avoid getting involved in the war raging across the Realm, Moji took it upon herself to summon the great nature spirits to defend the world. She charges into battle atop her trusty familiar, Po-Li, who carries her through the fray as she unleashes a maelstrom of sorcerous destruction on her enemies. Once the war is over and the Realm has returned to its natural state, she hopes to return to the forest and help her people begin the healing process, restoring all that was lost.” Health: 2200 Abilities Familiar Spit Every 0.6s your familiar fires out a magic projectile that deals 250 Damage. Deal more damage for every stack of Magic Mark on the target. Familiar Spray Every 0.1s deal 50 damage in a column of magical energy. Every hit applies 1 Magic Mark to the victim, stacking up to 10. Magic Barrier Project an impenetrable field around your character for 2s. Enemies that damage you while your barrier is active receive 10 stacks of Magic Mark. Scamper Quickly Scamper forward. Bon Appetit Cast an arcane spell that Transforms a single victim into a delicious treat. Coming into contact with your transformed victim executes them and prevents ability-based revival. Legendaries Boom Boom Detonating a Magic Mark damages all enemies within {12.75|.75} units of the victim. Snack Attack Players you kill drop a pick up that heals you for {680|40} when picked up. Toot Leave a cloud that grants allies 30% movement speed and {510|30} health over 3s. Lasts 6s. Yummy Consuming a victim of your ultimate recharges your Ult by 50% and heals you for {850|50}. Cards Boop Your first Weapon Shot within 3s after scampering reveals enemies for {.5|.5}s. Cozy Heal for {20|20} health per second while Magic Barrier is active. Dense Woods Your Magic Marks last {.4|.4}s longer. Fluffy Gain {25|25} Health. Glimmer Being hit while Magic Barrier is active grants you {4|4}% movement speed for 2s. Greater Good Gain {4|4}% lifesteal against enemies with the maximum number of Magic Marks. Harmonious Being hit while your Magic Barrier is active Heals your for {50|50}. Morning Breath Consuming M...Crystal Sale | Last Chance!Jan 8, 2018 - Community Announcements Looking to stock up on Crystals? Take advantage of our 33% off Crystal Sale before it's too late! Details: Sale | Ending Soon!Jan 8, 2018 - Community Announcements Time is running out! Pick up the Founder's Pack, Realm Pack, and VIP Pack for a discounted price while you can! Details: Live on Steam - Paladins World ChampionshipsJan 5, 2018 - Product ReleaseWatch the Paladins World Championships live on Steam. The first-ever Paladins World Championship takes place at Hi-Rez Expo, and will bring top teams from the Paladins Premier League to face off against teams from China, LATAM, Brazil, SEA, Oceania, and CIS. The battle royale games of 2018Jan 5, 2018 - PC Gamer2017 was the year of battle royale. After lurking around the fringes of gaming in the form of mods created by Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene, battle royale burst into the mainstream in 2016 with Daybreak's H1Z1 (formerly King of the Kill, which Greene consulted on) and then was taken to staggering new heights with PUBG, which left Early Access in December having already sold 20 million copies and drawn 3 million concurrent players. Fortnite's free battle royale mode attracted millions as well, and BR modes for GTA Online and other games quickly began to appear. As a mainstream genre, battle royale is both massively popular and still in its infancy, and 2018 promises to be another major year for last-man-standing multiplayer shooters, as established games continue to tweak their formulas and newcomers attempt to claim a piece of the action with both modes and standalone games. Here's what battle royale looks like for 2018. SOS Developer: Outpost Games| Release date: Early 2018| Link: Official site In addition to drawing millions of players, battle royale games have attracted millions of viewers, and SOS represents the logical step of harnessing those watching eyes and giving them a role to play. As Evan reported in December , surviving SOS's version of battle royale depends not just on being the last player standing but on winning over the audience.  In SOS, 16 players are contestants on a fictional TV show, released on an island filled with monsters. Twitch viewers take part by deciding which items are dropped from helicopters: something helpful like a weapon or healing item, or something deadly like a bomb, depending on how they feel about the contestants' performances. Guns are relatively scarce and three players, rather than just one, may escape on a helicopter at the end of the 30-minute round, allowing for team-ups (and betrayals). The Darwin Project Developer: Scavengers Studio| Release date: 2018| Link: Official site  The Darwin Project, which we first learned of at E3 2017, pits players against one another to survive in a frozen wilderness while participating in a dystopian research project. Instead of just randomly running into other players as a circle shrinks around them, they'll be actively able to track one another down by following footprints in the snow, finding clues that point them to nearby players, and even by viewing a map found in certain areas that shows every other player's location. By giving the players tools to actively track and hunt one another, The Darwin Projects hopes to avoid the long stretches of camping, hiding, and waiting that occur in other battle royale games. There's a survival element as well, as players will have to fend off the deadly cold by building fires. One player, meanwhile, acts as an overseer, traveling through the arena as a drone while making changes to the game like turning on low gravity or locking off sections of the map.  CS:G...Hi-Rez president explains why 'Battlegrounds' name was chosen for Paladins' new modeJan 5, 2018 - PC GamerYesterday at Hi-Rez Expo 2018, free-to-play hero shooter Paladins: Champions of the Realm announced a new battle royale mode named Paladins: Battlegrounds. In the face of the rising trend, more games are adding similar modes to their makeup, however this one's name raised a few eyebrows—given how closely it reflects PUBG Corp's megahit PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.  Now, Hi-Rez Studios president Stew Chisam has explained why he and his team opted for 'Battlegrounds' over, say, battle royale, or a similar appendage.   In conversation with Pip on the expo show floor, Chisam suggested that the term better reflected MMO battlegrounds—such as WoW's Alterac Valley—than anything perhaps more obvious.       "We actually had a lot of conversations," says Chisam. "Do we call it Battle Royale, do we call it Battlegrounds, do we call it something else? We thought if we call it something completely out of the blue people might not know what it was, or if we call it Survival which we previously had people might think it was the previous version. But Battlegrounds—we actually settled on Battlegrounds because—I don't know if you got the same feeling when you played but when we got to actually playing the mode, you're in your four-person team with your classes, it felt like an MMO raid party.  "Then you're getting on these horses and you're galloping through this big fantasy landscape, right? For us it was more evocative of the old MMO battlegrounds. And so to us, choosing that name versus battle royale was more of an homage to those big MMO battleground-type settings." Chisam also admits that opting for Battlegrounds is sure to "get a little bit of buzz" in the current climate, and that "no one will have too many doubts" about what kind of game mode Paladins: Battlegrounds offers.  He adds: "You have to remember that for us too it's just a game mode, like Siege or Conquest or whatever, so it's not really going to play a major role in the marketing of the overall game over the long haul… I think whether we call it battle royale, whether we call it Battlegrounds, whether we call it anything else, there was always going to be a little bit of—there's always going to be that one element. When you actually play the mode you see that it is quite different from the other modes." Additional reporting by Philippa Warr. 
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