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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Put Monster Hunter's monsters into Ark with this modJan 18, 2017 - PC GamerFirst Pokémon , now Monster Hunter. Modders continue their noble work to combine every game with every other game, as showcased by the efforts of garuga123, whose Monster Ark: Hunting Evolved allows you to play Ark alongside some of Monster Hunter's most iconic beasts including the Rathalos, Deviljho, Barioth, and more. It's surprisingly fleshed out. Originally I figured garuga123 had simply reskinned some of Ark's dinos to look like dragons, but they've actually imported the animations as well. Any Monster Hunter fan will tell you that these creatures' personalities are defined more by how they move than how they look, so being able to run around with a Rathalos and have it act like it does in a proper Monster Hunter game is fantastic. An interesting twist is that you can't actually ride any of these creatures but control them directly. The original intent of the mod was to roleplay as them—which I never realized was a thing that people wanted to do. Along with the animations, each monster also has access to a few of their signature abilities. As a Rathalos, you can shoot fireballs from the sky. Uragaans can form up into a ball and roll around the island, and the Lagiacrus can charge up a blast of lightning and devastate anything nearby. If you bump into a wild Qurupeco, it'll even mimic the call of other animals so that they come to its aid—just like the bastard does in Monster Hunter.  Aside from some problems with clipping into the environment the only drawback is that the mod will take some effort to get working fully. Right now the only way to encounter these beasts is to spawn them in using the console commands listed in the Steam Workshop description . That's a bit disappointing if your goal is to, well, hunt for one in the wild. Fortunately, players have conjured up some code you can easily paste into a game file which should cause the creatures to begin spawning naturally in any of Ark's maps. Instructions on how to do that can be found here. If you want to play multiplayer but don't have the patience to set up a server, this one uses it. There's even more listed in the discussion forums if that one doesn't work. Consider joining the Discord chat server so that you can give any feedback or find others to roleplay that love story between a lonely Rathalos and Rathian you've had in your head for so long.  Why I love Ark's pickiest creature: a giant snail that only eats cakeJan 16, 2017 - PC GamerWhen you tame a creature in Ark: Survival Evolved, your work isn't done. You need to keep your pets fed, though that's usually not a problem. Most carnivores are happy with red meat or fish, and herbivores are typically content with a selection of berries. Fill a trough, park the animal nearby, and it'll eat when it gets hungry.  A few animals are more selective, like the dung beetle, which only eats poop. The beetle won't eat out of a trough like other animals, either: you have to stick the poop right in its inventory, but poop isn't exactly hard to come by since dinos and players are constantly taking dumps all over the place. There's even a key you can press to make yourself or your dinos poop on command. Dinner time! There's another creature that only eats one kind of food, and that's the Achatina, a land mollusk that I will just call 'snail' to keep it simple. The snail, too, needs to be fed manually, but it has a more refined palate than the dung beetle. The snail only eats cake. And isn't that the perfect life? Only eating cake? Cake doesn't just fall fully formed out of dinosaur butts. As you might imagine, cake doesn't just fall fully formed out of dinosaur butts, and it can't just be roasted in a campfire like a slab of meat. It takes a tiny bit of work, by which I mean you might wind spend hours gathering and mining and crafting and building several entirely new structures. All to feed a single snail. I'll just briefly explain how to bake a cake. In a cooking pot, you'll place your ingredients: fiber—no biggie, you can grab that from bushes. Water—collected in a skin or a jar, no problem there. Stimulant—okay, you'll need to collect stimberries from bushes, and mix them with sparkpowder, which itself requires grinding flint and stone together at a mortar and pestle. A little work to do there, but still pretty easy. You'll also need carrots, corn, and potatoes, because this is a vegetable cake. You won't find those lying around, either, you'll need to grow them from seeds (gathered from bushes) in three different planters (built from wood, thatch, fiber, and stone) and you'll want to keep them irrigated with a water source like a reservoir (which is built from stone and cementing paste—which itself can be made from stone and chitin (which can be harvested from creatures with exoskeletons) and then connected with a stone pipe and tap (made from more stone and wood). Of course, growing your plants will also require fertilizer, which can be created in a compost bin (combine poop and thatch) or generated by feeding poop to that beetle I mentioned earlier. And, unless you want to spend ages waiting for your crops to grow, you might as well go all-in and construct a damn greenhouse using a whole bunch of metal ingots (made in a forge), crystal (mined from mountaintops and caves), and more cementing paste. So, yo...Modder replaces Ark's dinosaurs with Pok mon, is quickly slapped with DMCA notice [Updated]Jan 16, 2017 - PC GamerUpdate 2: The DMCA notice has apparently been lifted, and no longer appears on the mod's page in the Steam Workshop. Update: We've spoken with the developer of the Pokémon Evolved mod who has confirmed that, as of right now, this DMCA notice appears to have been submitted by another modder (or a supporter of that modder) who is also developing a Pokémon mod for Ark. (Copyright infringement claims can be submitted by parties who are not copyright owners.) Drama! We'll let you know if we receive any further information. Original story: A mod for Ark: Survival Evolved that replaces all of the survival game's dinosaurs with Pokémon has appeared in the Steam Workshop, though if you want to catch 'em all you might need to be quick about it. The Workshop page states that "A DMCA Notice of Copyright Infringement has been filed on this item." As of Sunday, five days after the the mod appeared, it is still available to be downloaded, though that may change in the near future. We're not sure yet who issued the DMCA notice—we've inquired and will let you know when we hear back (and we have: please see the updates)—but it could definitely spell trouble for the mod, especially since modder 'Mystic Academy' admits the models and animations used in the mod were imported directly from Pokémon X/Y rather than recreated from scratch. The modder only made changes to ensure the models worked in-game. We'll keep you updated as to the status of the Pokémon Evolved mod, which, legality aside, looks pretty cool. There's no resource gathering—you just hunt, fight, and ride Pokémon. You can watch enthusiastic YouTuber Riot enjoying it here. Experiencing multiple mass extinction events in Ark: Survival Evolved Jan 12, 2017 - PC GamerAs I write this, almost 32,000 people are playing ARK: Survival Evolved. By current player count, it’s the sixth most popular game on Steam. I’ve always dismissed it, figuring that if DayZ was still unfinished, any newer Early Access multiplayer survival games would likely be even further from completion. That’s a dumb thing to think, and not at all how game development works. I’ve decided to give ARK a chance. I start the game, and chose a server at random. It’s nighttime. I pick myself off the ground and find myself face to face with a dinosaur. Score! It’s a dilophosaurus, and it looks familiar. Wasn’t that the one that, in Jurassic Park, spat venomous goop into Dennis Nedry’s eyes before eating him? Yes! It was! My suspicions are confirmed when it spits venomous goop into my eyes. Then, as if any doubt remained, it eats me. I respawn in a different location, and start exploring the beach. I learn that tapping E over bushes and rocks rewards me with stones, berries and fibres. I also find a tree and punch it. Wood is added to my inventory. This is for sure an Early Access survival game. Soon... hold on, what’s that sound? It’s a raptor. I know about them from Jurassic Park, too. I’m dead. Again. I exit to the menu, figuring that a daytime server would at least enable me to see the creatures that are eating me. I spawn and, for a change, see gentle dinosaurs. I spend a moment admiring a brontosaurus up close, before a raptor runs up and eats me. I should try a different spawn point. I pick one to the west, and wake up on a tiny, floating patch of ice. I’m naked, and freezing to death. I jump into the water, planning to swim to the mainland. A megalodon is looking right at me. It does what I assume comes naturally to a massive prehistoric shark.  I try spawning to the east, and wake in a tropical biome. I’m told it’s too hot. Before I can do anything about that, I run into a giant snake with a goddamn dinosaur face. Why is everything in the past so big? What is prehistory trying to overcompensate for? Instead of eating me, the titanoboa merely paralyses me. Then it eats me. I run into a giant snake with a goddamn dinosaur face. Why is everything in the past so big? In a last-ditch attempt to make any progress, I go back to the eastern spawn point. I wake to a temperate beach, and, best of all, no dinosaurs. Instead, there are dodos. I punch one for a few seconds, and its meat is added to my inventory. After a little bit of scavenging, I start a fire and craft a weapon and pickaxe. Sure, I’m still 25 fibres away from owning my first pair of trousers, but it’s a start.  I explore a bit more. Suddenly, my health starts to drain. I spin around, but see nothing. My health is still falling. I look down, and finally see the problem: a pack of compys—tiny carnivores that would be cute if they weren’t eating my bits. I r...Introducing the Equus!Jan 10, 2017 - Community Announcements Dino Dossier A new Dino Dossier has been revealed, this one is everyone’s favourite specialized speedy steed, the Equus! The biggest PC gaming controversies of 2016Dec 31, 2016 - PC GamerThe openness of PC gaming allows anyone to contribute, from modders, Twitch streamers, and two-man dev teams to the biggest game studios in the world. But with no real regulator at the helm to set and enforce standards, it also means that everyone has shared ownership of the platform, opening the door to abuse, troublemakers, and scandal. Pour a glass of dramamine and revisit the finest flubs that graced PC gaming this year. From least-most controversial to most-most controversial, these are the stories that drew the greatest negative reaction from the PC gaming community in 2016. Scorched Earth added a ton of new stuff: new creatures like the deathworm and the mantis, new features, over 50 new items, and the centerpiece, six desert biomes. ARK: Scorched Earth The pressure on Steam's Early Access program has only increased since its introduction in March 2013. Although Early Access has yielded excellent games like Darkest Dungeon, Don't Starve, Offworld Trading Company, Subnautica, Divinity: Original Sin, Infinifactory, RimWorld, and Kerbal Space Program, some PC gamers remain reluctant to buy into unfinished games and the uncertainty that the Early Access label sometimes carries. In September, Studio Wildcard dealt a blow to Early Access' reputation when it released Scorched Earth, the first paid expansion for Ark: Survival Evolved. At $20, it was two-thirds the cost of the base game. Many fans were unhappy to see a game that was by definition unfinished getting post-release content. On the third most-popular post on the Ark subreddit ever, one fan criticized : "We paid for the developers to finish Ark: Survival Evolved, instead they took our money and made another game with it." Studio Wildcard defended its decision saying that implementing an expansion early would make the technical process easier for future expansions. More reading: Ark: Survival Evolved dev responds to paid expansion controversy Valve must take greater ownership over Steam's Early Access program Nostalrius could accommodate as many as 11,000 concurrent players. Nostalrius Vanilla WoW (that is, a pre-expansion version of World of Warcraft) has remained a popular way to play the most popular MMO of all time. As Angus wrote in April, "Nostalrius is a time capsule: a beautifully nostalgic record of what a living world used to look like. It's a museum piece created by passionate fans with no official alternative."  But it's against WoW's terms of service to operate an independent game server, even if that server takes no money from its community. In April Blizzard issued a cease-and-desist against Nostalrius, WoW's biggest vanilla server, which boasted 150,000 active players. The forecast was grim: Blizzard had shut down other vanilla servers before, and it felt unlikely that the internet petition that sprung up in response was going to reverse the action against Nostalrius. The server owners complied...Ark: Survival Evolved is getting sheep, with or without a Steam Award winDec 29, 2016 - PC GamerArk: Survival Evolved developer Studio Wildcard has clarified that the Ovis Aries—better known to the world as "sheep"—will be coming to the game in its next major update, regardless of whether or not it takes the prize for "Best Use of a Farm Animal" in the ongoing Steam Awards. The announcement was made following a wave of criticism over the original Ovis Aries reveal, which implied that the wool-bearing beasts would be added to the game only if Ark wins the award.  "We were encouraged by Valve to rally the Community to come together and vote in the upcoming Steam Awards. We thought what better way to do this than add a modern-day farmyard animal! In our excitement, Ovis Aries was designed as a celebration of the nomination," the studio said in the "re-announcement" of the sheep. "We want to make it clear that regardless of whether Ark wins a Steam Award or not, Ovis will be making its debut in the next major Ark version update!"  The original announcement, which has since been deleted but can be seen through the Wayback Machine, is somewhat more open to interpretation. "Head over to on Thursday the 29th of December, as you’ll have the opportunity to come show your support for Ark by voting for us!" it said. "If Ark wins the award, we will ensure that our fluffy friend quickly makes its debut on the Ark in the next major version update!"  That could be taken to mean that winning the award would spur the studio to ensure that the sheep arrive with all possible quickness, but many players read it as an all-or-nothing proposition: No prize, no sheep. A flurry of negative feedback blew in, both on and off Steam, as gamers shared their outrage over the attempted "bribery," leading Wildcard to pull the initial announcement and issue the update.    A date for the update hasn't been announced, but voting for the Steam Awards' "Best Use of a Farm Animal" will begin later today. Ark: Survival Evolved is up against some major rural competition: Goat Simulator, Stardew Valley, Blood and Bacon, and Farming Simulator 17.  Introducing the Ovis Aries, coming in ARK v254!Dec 28, 2016 - Community Announcements A new Dino Dossier has been revealed, this one is everyone’s favourite fluffy farmyard friend, the Sheep! Hello Survivors! We were encouraged by Valve to rally the Community to come together and vote in the upcoming Steam Awards. We thought what better way to do this than add a modern-day farmyard animal! In our excitement, Ovis Aries was designed as a fun celebration of the nomination. We want to make it clear that regardless of whether ARK wins a Steam Award or not, Ovis will be making its debut in the next major ARK version update! If you hadn’t caught up, ARK has been nominated by the Steam Selection Committee for a Steam Award! We are a finalist in this category: The “Best Use Of A Farm Animal” Award - Animals are rad and almost any game is better for including them. This game used a farm animal in the best way possible. Voting has begun, and we'd appreciate if everyone can vote today at! We are really honored by the nomination, and are thankful for all the support plus ARK’s recognition in this category. Whilst ARK’s animals may be non-traditional in modern farming, some have held such roles in the past, and ARK contains a variety of animal farming mechanics: such as wild animal taming, breeding, slaughtering/harvesting of animals, workhorse animals (for resource/crop farming), and of course who can forget working with animal byproducts (manure, milk, and other substances). Thank you and happy shearing (& mutton chopping) in ARK v254:)Ark: Survival Evolved's latest patch brings new caves, giant squids, and Raptor ClausDec 23, 2016 - PC GamerThere's no place like home for the holidays, and if you've made a home on Ark: Survival Evolved's incredibly dangerous dinosaur-filled island, here's a present for you. Patch 253 has arrived, and with it some new dinosaurs, some new locations, and a new item: the camera. Plus, you might catch a glimpse of Raptor Claus as he flies above the island dropping presents for the next week as part of Ark's second annual Winter Wonderland event. The patch, which is now live, adds two new underwater caves containing artifacts and challenges. You may find an additional peril in visiting them, however, due to some dangerous new sea creatures like the Cnidaria Omnimorph (a large glowing jellyfish) and the fearsome Tusoteuthis Vampyrus, a giant squid capable of grabbing you with its crushing tentacles and sucking the blood out of you. There are a few new land-based dinos as well, such as a T-Rex-sized herbivore called Therizinosaurus Multiensis that promises to be useful for harvesting greens, and the Troodon Magnanimus, which may be a bit smaller than a raptor but is reportedly much smarter. If you spot one of the new dinos (or Santa), you can now snap a photo. A camera has been added to Ark, allowing you to take pictures and apply the image to an in-game canvas, for a lovely keepsake of your adventures. In less joyful news, Studio Wildcard has confirmed that the sci-fi themed TEK Tier update has been delayed until patch 254, which is currently planned for January. So those lasers you were planning to mount on your T-Rex's head? You're gonna have to wait a little longer for 'em. For those who aren't playing but want to, though, there is good news in that Ark is currently part of the Steam Winter sale and can be had for $12. Patch 253: Cnidaria, Pegomastax, Therizinosaurus, Troodon, Tusoteuthis, Underwater Caves, Winter Wonderland 2!Dec 23, 2016 - Community Announcements Season's Greeting Survivors! It's that most wonderful time of year again, a time of celebration, joy, and sharing. And we have a lot to share with you in this update! Join Raptor Claus as he darts across the night sky in his sleigh, air-dropping presents filled with high-end Loot Blueprints, Mistletoe, or Coal for naughty Survivors. Survivors can trade in Santa's gifts for Reindeer Costumes, Candy Cane Club Weapons, Santa Hats, and if they collect enough Coal, they might even be able to summon the elusive holiday-themed DodoRex to do their bidding for a limited time! Along with this holiday-themed update, we are also excited to unveil content Patch 253! Which includes two new full-scale underwater caves and setting free five new creatures: Cnidaria, Troodon, Tusoteuthis, Pegomastax, and the Therizinosaurus. Not to mention an extra special surprise, allowing survivors to truly enjoy every passing moment, and make them even more beautiful and memorable than ever before: a camera item used to take in-game photographs, which can then be applied to the in-game Painting Canvas! Tek Tier Phase 1 will now make its debut in January's ARK v254, which will be previewed in-depth with additional items at the start of the new year, more details can be found here! Dossier Cnidaria Omnimorph, a combination of everything good and bad about various species of Jellyfish, the Cnidaria is too simple to tame or train, but tribes keep schools of them around for their bioluminescence and their ability to sting. Containing them in pools around a camp is a great way to make a barrier of swimming, stinging security that also illuminates the night. They also drop a special biotoxin which can be used to create shockingly powerful torpor darts. Dossier Pegomastax Fructarator, a relatively harmless herbivore who prefers to live alone and gorges on just about any plants it can find. Far from the definition of "pretty", Pegomastax features a nasty looking beak (with tusks for extra effect!) and feathers, making him a unique sight on the island. Some tribes keep a few Pegomastax around, as they are excellent scavengers, and are notoriously known for their thieving ability. Dossier Therizinosaurus Multiensis, is one of the strangest dinosaurs on the islands. Built like a T-Rex, this herbivore possesses great harvesting abilities. Its claws allow it to perform both brute-force or delicate actions; from taking down enemies (though it would prefer to just leave them alone) to plucking leaves from a particularly tasty bus...Why Ark: Survival Evolved's best mount is a damn frogDec 14, 2016 - PC GamerAs an Ark player, I'm still new and more than a bit of a disaster. The island of Ark is a dangerous place, and even simple tasks often result in a horrible death. I've been bitten by everything with teeth. I've been poisoned repeatedly. I've fallen off cliffs, drowned, starved, and drowned while starving after falling. This isn't some heavily populated PvP server I'm on, either. A friend invited me to play on a private server, where the few players around are all extremely friendly. I joined my friend's camp on Herbivore Island, where nothing hurts you unless you hurt it first. And still: death. Death, for me, all the time. That's why it's important to have a trusty mount, and I have a few, mostly gifts from the server admin who has tamed just about every creature in the game. I have a T-Rex, and Argentavis (like a giant eagle), and I even tamed my own (low-level) Megalodon. The Rex can kill anything in its way and the eagle can cruise safely above danger. But I recently found something even better, and it's a damn frog. The nice thing about riding a giant eagle is you can pick up smaller creatures in the eagle's talons. You can them drop them from great heights (though they don't seem to take fall damage), shred them to ribbons, or carry them somewhere, such as a taming pen like the one we built on our peaceful little island. I'd already had several misadventures in the Gulch of Lamentation (a swamp whose name should have tipped me off), which is teeming with nasty creatures like Titanoboas (huge snakes) and Sarcos (crocodiles). However, during one of the many, many times I was dying horribly in the swamp, I noticed a multitude of Beezelbufos (big frogs) hopping around, and decided I wanted one as a pet. I returned on the eagle, picked up a pretty white toad, dropped it at our base, punched it unconscious, and stuffed it with raw meat, thus ensuring it would love me forever. I hadn't really planned on riding my frog, but saddling dinos makes them easy to move around in case they get in the way of anything, so I crafted a saddle for her and named her Electra. Hopping around on Electra was briefly fun and silly, but just seemed like something to do in moments of boredom. She could really leap though, and since every time I venture into the water I seem to get feasted on by angry dino-fish, being able to jump across rivers seemed like it could be useful. So, anytime Electra could be leveled, I put all her points into movement speed. Before long, she was over 400% speed. Now, her leaps give her some major hangtime. And she's fast. So fast. So fast that when I accidentally let her wander rather than stay where I parked her, I could only catch her when she ran into a boulder and got stuck. So, when we run into trouble (which is every time we leave our base), we're a half an island away by the time most dinos have even managed to turn around. Nothing can catch us. Nothing c...Ark marks Thanksgiving with murderturkeys, megasnailsNov 24, 2016 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunPatch 252: Achatina, Megalosaurus, Moschops, Pachyrhinosaurus, New Caves and more!Nov 24, 2016 - Community Announcements Thanksgiving is upon us and today, Patch 252 brings a feast of new content to ARK: Survival Evolved! New friends will be making an appearance as four new creatures will become available to discover and tame, including the slimy Achatina, nocturnal hunter Megalosaurus, harvesting-specialist Moschops and the pheromone-spewing Pachyrhinosaurus! Dossier Achatina Limusegnis, slow and steady, that's the best way to describe the Achatina. A land mollusk standing about 2-3 ft tall, prized by local tribes, the Achatina is often captured and tamed for its glue-like secretions, which can be used as an adhesive when building various structures. It is also reverence for its uncanny ability to create an organic, incredibly strong, lightweight plates that can be shaped and then heat treated into casings for anything. Dossier Megalosaurus Noctedominus, the scary nighttime predator Megalosaurus is a beast that causes both survivors and other land creatures to fear the dark. Megalosaurus is a voracious carnivore and is often trained for use in night-time raids against other survivor camps. Due to its ferocious strength exhibited during the night, it sometimes finds itself recovering or sleeping during the day. However be warned, as it is a light sleeper and will wake with tremendous anger is disturbed during rest. Dossier Moschops Cibumutante, defines fear, as in fear-ful, since the slightest provocation sends it running. This dino's "special ability" is that it can eat just about anything and do just fine. This makes it particularly useful when domesticated and trained to eat specific materials - for example, teach it to focus on chewing a specific material, and that resource will become easier to harvest. Just remember that everything scares this breed of dino and it will flee without hesitation, so be cautious when taming it! Dossier Pachyrhinosaurus Mitisaura, an easy-to-train mount for new riders, its ability to produce a calming "scent" when in danger, helps keep survivors safe. The Pachyrhinosaurus can also reverse the effect of its scent cloud, making nearby creatures incredibly aggressive, which is sometimes useful in attacking other camps. ..but that's not all! Patch 252 also ...Evolution Event: Cross ARK Transfers More!Nov 18, 2016 - Community AnnouncementsSaddle up Survivors, as we’ve got a couple of important updates we’d like to inform you all of. First of all, before we get into the nitty gritty of all the details of the upcoming changes, allow us to say this. Over the past few days, there have been a lot of hot-topics of discussion around the community. Some of these topics have not had an immediate response from the development team, this is not because we are choosing to ignore, but because we want to have time to deliberate and consider our options before responding, or taking action. We try to read all the feedback you provide, whether it’s positive, negative, or indifferent and take action where we deem it viable. ARK was launched into Early Access with the idea of creating a game together, and we are still sticking to that plan, every single day. Sometimes decisions are needed to be made that require a bit of thinking time, but we’ll make those choices. Other times, we’re going to do things you don’t quite agree with, or you’re going to suggest things that we don’t quite see as a viable option for the game - but we will take into consideration what you’re saying, and make compromises or reevaluate our plans where necessary. Today’s announcement will help shed some light on our thoughts, as well as the route we plan to take going forward. Evolution Event: Cross ARK Transfers! As of Friday the 18th of November at 12PM ET we are going to be activating the following evolution event: 2x Harvesting Rates 2x Taming Rates 2x EXP Rates This will run until Monday the 21st of November 12PM ET. We’ll also be introducing a new permanent change will be coming to your CrossARK Clusters: Complete transfer of Items, Tames and Survivors through all MAPS on the Official ARK Network (separated by game mode). Please note that this will not affect Player Dedicated Servers. This is just an Official Server change. Previously, you were only able to transfer Survivors TO Scorched Earth servers, and everything FROM a Scorched Earth server. Now, you’ll be able to have absolute rights when transferring and can go from Island to Island, Center to Center, Scorched Earth to Scorched Earth, Island to Scorched Earth, Center to Scorched Earth, and Island to Center without any limitations, and the reverse of course. Please remember that these transfers are still based on the cluster (mode) you play on; PvE can only go to PvE, Hardcore can only go to Hardcore, Primitive can only go to Primitive etc. When we first announced the ARK Transfer system with the Launch of Scorched Earth, we stated that it was something critical we wanted to experiment with in Early Access and to see how the game would progress once we introduced that new gameplay mechanic. Following what we’ve seen, and based on the feedback we have received, we would rather allow more freedom, where acceptable of course, than impose further limits. Alongside this change, we are now going to introduce a new mechanic: Once a Tame has been uploaded and downloaded on...PC Gamer US January issue: Ark Survival EvolvedNov 17, 2016 - PC GamerThis month, we sent Ross Geller apologist James Davenport into the prehistoric techno world of Ark: Survival Evolved. He returned not with dino fossils, but with loads of exclusive information on the game's new Tek Tier, and where the Early Access-dwelling survival sandbox is heading in future. Speaking of the future, Samuel spent a few hours with The Creative Assembly's Halo Wars 2 the follow-up to 2009's RTS slant on the enduring sci-fi universe. Elsewhere inside, Phil delivers his verdict on Battlefield 1 which might be the best multiplayer shooter of the year; while Tom Senior explores the origins of Company of Heroes on the tenth anniversary of its release. Previews this month include The Signal from T lva, For Honor, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, and many more. Issue 287 is on shelves now and available on all your digital devices from Google Play, and the App Store (they may be slow to update look for the laser-shooting dinos on the front). You can also order direct from My Favourite Magazines or purchase a subscription to save money, and receive monthly deliveries. This month:  * James offers exclusive insights into Ark: Survival Evolved's new Tek Tier. * Samuel spends a few hours in The Creative Assembly's Halo Wars 2. * Tom Hatfield gathers the 20 best mods for some of the best-ever PC games. * Phil delivers his verdict on Battlefield 1. * Tom Senior explores how classic RTS Company of Heroes was made. * Battlefield 1, Shadow Warrior 2, FIFA 17, Civ 6, and more reviewed. * The Signal from Tölva, For Honor, Serial Cleaner, and more previewed. * Our monitor group test. * And much more! PC Gamer UK Christmas issue: Ark Survival EvolvedNov 17, 2016 - PC GamerThis month, we sent Ross Geller apologist James Davenport into the prehistoric techno world of Ark: Survival Evolved. He returned not with dino fossils, but with loads of exclusive information on the game's new Tek Tier, and where the Early Access-dwelling survival sandbox is heading in future. Speaking of the future, Samuel spent a few hours with The Creative Assembly's Halo Wars 2 the follow-up to 2009's RTS slant on the enduring sci-fi universe. Elsewhere inside, Tom Hatfield rounds up the best 20 mods to extend your favourite PC games; while Tom Senior explores the origins of Company of Heroes on the tenth anniversary of its release. Previews this month include The Signal from T lva, For Honor, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, and many more. You can also treat yourself (or someone else) to an early Christmas present with a CoH 2 The Western Front Armies: Oberkommando West Steam key free with the latest issue. Issue 299 is on shelves now and available on all your digital devices from Google Play , the App Store and Zinio (they may be slow to update look for the laser-shooting dinos on the front). You can also order direct from My Favourite Magazines or purchase a subscription to save money, receive monthly deliveries and wonder at our exclusive subscriber covers. Here's a wee preview of this month's: This month: * James offers exclusive insights into Ark: Survival Evolved's new Tek Tier. * Samuel spends a few hours in The Creative Assembly's Halo Wars 2. * Tom Hatfield gathers the 20 best mods for some of the best-ever PC games. * Tom Senior explores how classic RTS Company of Heroes was made. * Battlefield 1, Shadow Warrior 2, FIFA 17, Civ 6, and more reviewed. * The Signal from Tölva, For Honor, Serial Cleaner, and more previewed. * Our monitor group test. * And much more! Ark: Survival Evolved adding Iron Man suits, cyberdinosNov 15, 2016 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunPC Gamer TEK Tier Reveal!Nov 10, 2016 - Community Announcements Hey Survivors! Check out this early review of our upcoming TEK Tier system from PC Gamer! ARK: TEK Tier Reveal For a complete preview of what's coming next, be sure to check out the December issue of PC Gamer!Ark is getting cybernetic power suits and laser cannon dino helmets in its first Tek Tier updateNov 10, 2016 - PC GamerSoon, Ark: Survival Evolved will finally attempt to make good on those futuristic floating obelisks in the sky by introducing the Tek Tier, the first of many updates on its path to version 1.0 early next year. Watch the trailer above for a quick peek. For a complete preview of what's coming next, be sure to check out the next issue of PC Gamer, but here s a basic breakdown. The Tek Tier is a new endgame technology tier in Ark s crafting system that rewards the survival sandbox s most stalwart players with some off-brand Power Rangers and Starship Troopers gear to mess with. Among the items to drop in the first update, which should land in the coming weeks, Ark will get the Tek armor, the Tek rifle, and the Giga Helmet that rad laser cannon tyrannosaur headpiece. Every new piece of Tek tech has a powerful ability or two to make them desirable for more than their looks. The Tek helmet comes with a handy hud that can highlight creatures and other players, and color them based on whether they re hostile, neutral, or friendly. A night vision mode rounds it out, making viable at any hour. Tek gauntlets pack a powerful super punch that can send men flying, the chestpiece has a jetpack that does what jetpacks do, and those shiny metallic pants let you speed boost across entire maps in no time, even through destructible materials. But as a sucker for fashion, I think my favorite feature is the ability to choose the armor and LED highlight colors. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the Tek Tier rollout, especially for longtime players of Ark, will be the underwater bases. Those are coming in another update early next year as part of the Tek Tier, but in the meantime, ogle this lovely original art and fill in the blanks with your imagination. I can see it now, an angry teen calling me something unrepeatable and capturing me from the back of their Mosasaurus outfitted with cybernetic armor. I ve always wanted to live in a cage, underwater. But really, it s a feature that was on the launch list for Ark, and it s good to know it s on the way. As cool as it is, the new Tek tech can t be used with reckless abandon. Every ability and function requires Element, a rare resource you can only get by completing endgame challenges. And there are plenty more coming in the next six months or so. To learn more about the Tek Tier, how underwater bases will work and when they re coming, and the complete roadmap for Ark s final stretch before leaving Early Access, be sure to pick up the next issue of PC Gamer. All and more are revealed in Surviving Early Access, our cover story featuring some interesting reveals from Ark devs Jeremy Stieglitz and Jesse Rapczak, and their plan for the dino survival sim s present and far flung future. Take a peek at the cover below before it ships out to UK subscribers today and US subscribers on the 18th. If you re not subscribed to PC Gamer yet, give it a shot, or find the issue out in the wild on November 17 in the UK and December 6 in t...ARK: Fear Evolved 2!Oct 28, 2016 - Community Announcements The Dead have returned and for the next week the ARK is undergoing a spooky seasonal change where the air is cooler, the days shorter and the nights longer, and a Blood-Moon shines brightly as zombies, living skelesaurus, and terrifying creatures of the night appear above ground. Running from Friday October 28 through Sunday November 6 on Steam, Fear Evolved 2 will have ARK survivors witness the ARK transform into a dark, eerie landscape teeming with ghoulish graves, overgrown pumpkin patches, and Halloween festivities. Prepare for the ultimate Dino-Ween event, Fear Evolved 2! Survivors should take care when exploring the ARKs as the mythical DodoRex stomps across the land with an army of blood-thirsty zombie dodos in tow and is joined by its flying friends, the daunting DodoWyvern, its zealous ZombieWyvern horde, and a variety of re-animated Skelesaurs roam the world. For those brave enough to face their fears, there will be a number of new items to collect including the mythical DodoWyvern Mask, the haunting Vampiric eyes, the terrifying Clown mask, the beastly Werewolf mask, and of course don’t forget to be on the lookout for more spooky Skelesaurs in the form of; Giganotosaurus, Quetzalcoatlus, Jerboa, and Wyvern! Not to mention, some old festive goodies will be making a return in the form of thatch-rich scarecrows, custom Jack-o-Lantern carvings, Skelesaur Costumes, Candy-Corn loot drops, Witch Hats, Masks! You’ll also be granted the opportunity to tame endlessly-rejuvenating Zomdodos and ZombieWyverns! We’re also running a little Fear: Evolved contest! The first two survivors to post a video of them killing both the DodoRex and the DodoWyvern on Official PvP Servers will win a 100$ Steam Wallet Giftcode! (they can be working with other Players/Tribe of course, but we'll only have one code to send to the player who actually posts the video). You can send us a tweet with the link to your video on @survivetheark A Message from Studio Wildcard In regards to some of the missing Halloween content, unfortunately we weren’t able to deliver on what we had intended to do for this holiday release. Both Jeremy and Jesse (the founders and captains of our team) had to unexpect...Despite Mostly Negative Reviews, 23% More People are Playing ARK Now Than One Month Ago on SteamSep 19, 2016 - GitHypAlmost one month ago on September 1, Studio Wildcard made the controversial decision to release a $19.99 expansion pack for their $29.99 early access game, ARK: Survival Evolved. And while the Scorched Earth pack has received almost 2,000 "Very Positive" reviews on Steam, the move by Wildcard has triggered a huge backlash on ARK’s primary review hub that tells a different story with close to 12,000 "Mostly Negative" recent reviews from angry players who purchased the game before the expansion. With so many negative reviews on Steam (many from users claiming that they’ll be dropping support for the game), surprisingly, ARK’s player count values have actually increased over the past month since the expansion pack launched. Looking at ARK’s weekend peaks on Saturdays over the past month, the average players per hour has gone from 36,637 players on August 20 to an average players per hour value of 47,681 most recently on September 17. [caption id="attachment_201575" align="aligncenter" width="800"]GitHyp’s ARK: Survival Evolved Player Count per Hour Data GitHyp’s ARK: Survival Evolved Player Count per Hour Data[/caption] So despite all the controversy, ARK: Survival Evolved isn’t actually losing players as it would seem based on just reading news and reviews… and the developer’s questionable decision to release more paid content while still being in early access has actually increased the game’s active playerbase by 23% on Steam.
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