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Wizards Clash

DLC Weapons Genius. Modern Guns now!Mar 12, 2020 - Community Announcements DLC for Weapons Genius is out! The game improves to the next level with it. All game owners can purchase it by buying a bundle with a 51% discount! not miss the great game!Feb 20, 2020 - Community Announcements Today, our friends from Valkyrie Initiative have released a kick-ass Hippocampus game. For those who love Dark Souls, Devil May Cry and similar games. Do not miss the game! squad: Swarmites is already available!Jan 30, 2020 - Community Announcements Welcome to Terminal squad! Today, we have released the second game from the Terminal Squad series! You can try the game right now! Hope you enjoy See you soon! And stay with us. We have a lot of news for you about future releases. Squad: Swarmites coming soonJan 20, 2020 - Community Announcements Hello, everyone! Trinity Project publisher is gonna release new Terminal Squad game on January 30. The second part of the series is a real-time strategy with indirect control of the fight. To win, you must build a base, undertake research and also use some various tricks. The right strategy for developing your base is the key to victory. Please, add Terminal Squad games to your wishlist and subscribe to them. Don't miss the news, release and discounts! squad: Sentinel is leaving Early Access right now!Dec 19, 2019 - Community Announcements Well, hello everyone! let's get straight to the point: It is time. Terminal squad: Sentinel is leaving Early Access today. Our team has been working so hard and it happened. Hope you will enjoy of the release version! Stay with us. We're working on the next game of the series. Keep following us for more details. See you soon! update to Weapons GeniusNov 30, 2019 - Community Announcements Today we released a grand update of the Weapons Genius game. Completely redesigned graphics, locations and much more. update to Weapons GeniusNov 30, 2019 - Community Announcements Today we released a grand update of the Weapons Genius game. Completely redesigned graphics, locations and much more. Good newsNov 27, 2019 - Community Announcements Hello! Rumors of our death were greatly exaggerated! As you all probably noticed, our games disappeared from Steam for two days. This was due to the wave of bans, which swept recently. Fortunately, we were hit by mistake. And after our appeal in support of Valve brought us back to life, for which I thank them. Therefore, everything is in order, we continue to work with even more enthusiasm and delight you with new games, as well as updates in the old ones! And many thanks to all for your support, it was truly valuable to us!New Stoire is already in Steam!Nov 14, 2019 - Community Announcements Today, the publisher of the Trinity Project publishes our completely redesigned Stoire game. The game leaves Early Access not just updated and completed. She comes out completely unrecognizable! And we are very happy about this. In fact, we once again completed the project that we inherited from the old developers. Hope you enjoy! Thank you for your patience! Release!!!Sep 19, 2019 - Community Announcements Our friends have released a great game Demoniaca: Everlasting Night. We could not help but support them, especially since we played it before the release and we really liked it. Great story, beautifully drawn sex characters, lots of secrets, loot and the ability to level the character. In general, do not miss this masterpiece. Immediately after the release, the stream will begin broadcasting on the game page, join in! is a great day!Aug 9, 2019 - Community Announcements We released the first game from the Terminal Squad series. This is a unique game combining match3 mechanics and tower defense. The game came out in early access, but we think that within two months we will release the full version. Your feedback and advice will be very helpful to us. You can see the list of what we plan to add to the game in the full version in the topic of obsequiousness in the game community. Thanks to all! release!Aug 1, 2019 - Community Announcements Today we have the release of Rescue Lucy 2! Now it is already available in Steam! addedJun 27, 2019 - Community Announcements We added achievements to the game. Hope you enjoy.Would you like trading cards into the game?Jun 11, 2019 - Community Announcements We have added Trading Cards to the game. Maybe we can also add achievements to the game in the near future.Release a new game!May 30, 2019 - Community Announcements This old school and hardcore. Everything is very serious, test your strength in an unequal struggle with the criminal Syndicate! MAGIC SALE!May 6, 2016 - Community AnnouncementsMAY MAGIC SALE! 50% OFF our spells card game!