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Witch It

Revert to Patch 25, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsWe had some issues with server crashes in the new version, that why we reverted to the last Patch. We will fix these issues but in the meantime, you can play with the stable version.Patch 24, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsThe Spring Fever Event is over We updated Unreal to version 4.22.2 -This should improve CPU rendering performance and fix some Bugs -If you find new Bugs please report them on our Discord Sorry for the long time since the last Patch but we had some other issues to solve. Witch It is not dead and we are still working on it. Stay tuned for content updates! -Fixed: Sometimes you got a double catch message for catching one player -Fixed: It is no longer possible to block the Hunterspawn in Kula Kula Islands -Fixed: Several broken map spots are fixed nowFree Weekend - Witch ItApr 19, 2019 - AnnouncementPlay Witch It for FREE starting now through Sunday at 1PM Pacific Time. You can also pickup Witch It at 50% off the regular price!* If you already have Steam installed, click here to install or play Witch It. If you don't have Steam, you can download it here. *Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time Patch 18, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsSpring Fever will be active until May 20. -Added a Spring Fever Player Icon, a skin item (Spring Fox Ears) and a Crystallized Moonlight bundle which are obtained by playing one round during Spring Fever. -Added: Buttons for our social media channels in the main menu. -Changed: Reduced health of the smaller wood slices. -Changed: The Spring Fever Event Props are currently collectible. -Fixed: Lowered the Hunter crouch camera height so it's no longer possible to see through the roof. -Fixed: Removed clipping through the ceiling in the Hunter spawn zone on Twinmask Theater. -Fixed: Moved the Nutcrackers to the event prop category. -Fixed: Several small fixes to the Server browser. Patch 22, 2019 - Community Announcements-Added new help messages (Announcements) Last Witch Standing 60 and 30 seconds left Added help text for inactive Witches in ‘Fill a Pot’ Double to quadra catch Player hooked a Witch -Added: filters to the Smash bench -Added: 12 damage to the Hook skill -Added: Tooltips for the Player icon selection screen -Added: Hitmaker to the HUD which shows you if you hit an enemy -Added: New Prop Collection achievement -Reworked the Decoy Skill: You can now press the button once to spawn the Decoy The Decoy persists 4 sec. after you stopped pressing the button Decoys can receive damage now and will disappear after they lost their 12 HP Decoys will block Projectiles Decoy now has 20 Mana activation cost The mana over time cost has been reduced so you will even gain Mana slowly while the skill is active -Changed: Loading Screen Art -Changed: Crosshair graphics -Changed: the Luaq projectile starts faster and accelerates faster to make it easier to hit hunters -Fixed: The Jump Pad will now always apply the same upforce. -Fixed: You can now land on a Witch with Bodyslam -Fixed: It is no longer possible to get out of the Hunter start zone on Sleeping Rose Cemetery in ‘Fill a Pot’ -Fixed: It was possible to see the witch mesh in first person when you got out of invisibility in ‘Fill a Pot’ -Fixed: Audio sliders in the settings are playing the correct sounds now -Fixed: Potential fix for crashes in the server browser -Fixed: It is no longer possible to get out of map due to the hunter transformation in Hunt a Hag. It should now also be very unlikely to get stuck during this. -Fixed: 3 recipes now require their correct ingredient costs Patch 13, 2019 - Community Announcements Added: 3 new Valentine's Day themed items & the return of the Valentines item from last year, obtainable until the end of the Chinese New Year event. Added: Push to Talk for voice chat, the default key is F. Added: There is now a slider to change the volume of voice chat. Changed: Reduced the volume of the Fireworks at the end of a round by 50%. Fixed: Players who joined the game via out of game invite would be displayed as ‘noname’ and sometimes even crash the server. Fixed: There was an issue where a Mushroom projectile would cause a player pushback when the projectile hits a garlic zone. Fixed: There was the possibility, that the server browser caused performance issues in game. Fixed: There was a bug in the voice chat which crashed the game in some cases. Fixed: Craft 10x ingredients now display their correct icons. Fixed: Attempt to fix a crash which occurred on Chinese language.Patch 0.9.2Feb 4, 2019 - Community Announcements The Chinese New Year Event has begun! It will be active from February 4 to February 25. -Added: There is a new Reward. After 15 minutes of playtime you will get one Mandrake each day -Added: Steam Voice Chat support. The settings for the voice chat are in the Steam Voice settings. There is a new setting in-game to completely disable Voice Chat. Also, you can use the in-game mute function to mute certain players. -Added: 3 new recipes which convert 40 of the smaller ingredient to 10 more rare ingredient to make the process a bit less tedious. -Added 25+ new Chinese New Year themed items -Added new pig rocket prop -Added a new secret prop -Added: New Help screen, where you’ll find a bunch of new tutorial videos. Highly recommended for beginner players. -Changed: The Witch can now possess through Hunters -Changed: Enabled rocket props on nighttime maps -Changed: Chinese, Korean and Cyrillic letters use a different font now, which should be easier to read. -Changed: The loading of Skin item data was improved a lot. This will also reduce the hiccups at the winning screen. -Changed: Skin selection, muted players and notification states are now stored in the Steam Cloud, which makes it easier to play on different computers or play with multiple accounts on one computer. -Fixed: Some crafting issues with Executioner’s Axe and Executioner’s Mask -Fixed: ‘Possess’ was not working sometimes -Fixed ‘Mushroom’ collision of the ground in Twin Mask Theater -Fixed physics replication of the sunshade and candle stand Patch 8, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsThe Winterdream Festival is over. Thanks to everyone who participated! -Added: Korean localization. -Added: There is now a launch option without the startup movies. You can try this option if the game crashes at startup. -Changed: Official dedicated servers will now show up directly in server browser instead of at the end of the search. -Fixed: Removed several ways of getting out of map. -Fixed: Removed some op spots on Snowbreeze. Client side only HotfixDec 20, 2018 - Community AnnouncementsWe are aware that some users used Bots to farm resources. To fight this, we added the report reason: Usage of Bots. Please report users which use bots. We will check the reports and replays. When we identify Bot users, all their Winterdream items get removed and they will be removed from official servers for the time of the Winterdream event. Even if we find out after the event, the items will still be removed. -Fixed: Potentially fixed a startup crash for some players. If your game still crashes at startup, please let us know via mail to [email protected]Hotfix 14, 2018 - Community Announcements-Changed: The drop rate of Candy Cane in the cauldron got increased from 20% to 30% during the event -Fixed: Several minor issues got fixedPatch 0.9.1Dec 12, 2018 - Community Announcements The Winterdream Festival has begun! It will be active from December 12 to January 7. Happy Holidays! Updated to Unreal 4.21.1 which fixes some minor issues. -Added: 35+ new Winterdream skin items. -Added: Snowbreeze is now available for ‘Fill a Pot’ in custom games and on official servers. -Added: Fiskersted is now available for ‘Fill a Pot’ in custom games. -Added: A few new props. -Added an option to disable jump scares, which replaces the Luaq with another effect. -Added a game option to show timestamps for chat messages. -Changed: ‘Fiskersted’ and ‘Snowbreeze’ are now decorated to celebrate the Winterdream Festival. -Changed: Decreased the visibility of the ‘Possess’ skill trail to make it harder for the Hunters to see it. -Changed: We did some improvements concerning the prop layouts used in ‘Fill a Pot’. -Changed: The chat is now scrollable. -Changed: ‘Decoy’ will now only create decoys of common Props. -Changed: We removed the achievements from the Winterdream Festival 2017. The related items are now craftable. Detailed explanation: The old achievements got implemented before the crafting system existed. In theory the ‘present hunt’ were funny , but it didn’t work out in practice. It interfered too much with the actual gameplay and caused frustration. That’s why we decided to remove the achievements instead of doing the same ‘present hunt’ this year. Everyone who got the achievements will of course keep their related items. -Fixed: Some Market Stand props had the wrong color after a Witch transformed into them. -Fixed: The new facial animations looked broken on ‘The Shifty Observer’ and ‘The Scheming Observer’ skin items. -Fixed: Props flipping to old sleep position for some frames. -Fixed: Attempt to fix disconnects at the end of ‘Fill a Pot’ rounds. -Fixed: The game only chooses from the languages visible under game options on startup. -Fixed: Glitching under the map while transforming into a prop with a falling witch. -Fixed: Result stats haven’t considered scalings of props.Patch 23, 2018 - Community AnnouncementsWe updated the Unreal Engine to version 4.21 This should fix some bugs. Let us know if you find any new ones. We added the option to craft a Gloomkin from 30 Candies. Because of this change, the Halloween Event will be extended until December 3. -Added: Face animations for taunts (Hunters and Witches) -Added: Spanish localization -Added: 50+ custom recipes. This includes recipes for the Abyssal Witch set, Captain Hunter set, Reaper Witch set, Magical Painter Witch set, which makes these sets fully craftable through custom recipes. -Changed: Win condition of ‘Fill a Pot’. When the first Witch team fills only 0 or 1 cauldrons, the 2nd team only needs to fill 1 or 2 cauldrons to win. -Changed: Reduced duration of the match result screen (‘Fill a Pot’) -Changed loading screen -Fixed: Field of View should now apply correctly to the spectator in round 2 and onwards as a custom match host. -Fixed: Server list entries now scale in size when the text is too long. This should be especially useful for the Russian localization. -Fixed: Several skill selection fixes. -Fixed: Materials of a tower in Snowbreeze have been fixed. -Fixed: Skill descriptions of Decoy and Possess. -Fixed: Result stat of Magic blocker is working correctly again. -Fixed: Physics of the Candle Stand prop. -Fixed: Votekick (custom games only) should be working as intended now. -Fixed: There was a rare case which crashed the official servers.Witch It needs YOU! Translator volunteers for Japanese, Korean, simplified and traditional Chinese, Spanish and Polish!Nov 8, 2018 - Community AnnouncementsWe're looking for translator volunteers! You're enjoying Witch It? You would love to see it in your language? Perfect! We're looking for you! We're constantly trying to add more languages to Witch It and we want to improve the languages that got already added. Teamwork is always the best thing, that's why we're also looking for volunteers who want to help to improve the existing languages. :) Requested languages: -Japanese -Korean -Traditional Chinese -Simplified Chinese -Spanish -Polish You're enjoying Witch It, you're a native speaker of one of the languages listed above and you'd like to help? If you're interested in this kind of volunteering work, drop us a message either on Discord (DM one of the Barrel Roll Games members) or via [email protected] And btw, don't be sad, if your language is not yet requested, we need to do it step by step. Patch 7, 2018 - Community Announcements-Added: ‘Chummy Potato’ and ‘Morgenstund’ are now selectable for ‘Fill a Pot’ in custom games -Added: It’s possible to change the amount of players and Witch lives when creating a custom game of ‘Fill a Pot’. With these options it is possible to play ‘Fill a Pot’ 1vs1 and 3vs3 in custom games. -Added: The current round is shown in the upper right corner of the player list in ‘Fill a Pot’ -Changed: Players below account level 4 won’t have the ‘Fill a Pot’ game mode selected in quick match by default. -Changed: Improvements of the Divine Orb visualization. It's now easier to see when you are close to a requested prop. -Changed: Improved Visuals for the requested prop border effect -Changed: Replaced ‘Perry Propper Book’ prop from ‘Fill a Pot’ Layout in ‘Sleeping Rose Cemetery’. -Fixed: More than 4 people were able to join official ‘Fill a Pot’ servers. -Fixed: Black Street Broom is now displayed as uncommon in game. Once and for all. -Fixed: In ‘Fill a Pot’ it was possible to fill a cauldron after the round was over. In this case the round end timer was 2 minutes longer. -Fixed: Game was not responding to input after hitting ready in the second round of ‘Fill a Pot’. This fix could also potentially fix other issues with the game not responding to input. -Fixed: Team chat messages were not visible in the next round. -Fixed: Using melee attack and throwing potato at the same time when they have been bound to the same input key. -Fixed: Not all notifications on the main menu buttons were shown. -Fixed: Ingredient count caching in the event screen. -Fixed: Some languages ran wild. They are now contained. Daily Deal - Witch It, 50% OffOct 30, 2018 - AnnouncementToday's Deal: Save 50% on Witch It!* Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are! *Offer ends Thursday at 10AM Pacific Time Hotfix 29, 2018 - Community Announcements-Changed: simplified the collision of the stairs on Sleeping Rose Cemetery and Grunewald Library. -Changed: Merge Surrender button and Exit to main menu button, it will now switch to Exit (Surrender), when you are the last one in your team. -Changed: When hitting exit in fill a pot show a warning saying "You need to play two rounds to get xp and you get no xp when you leave now". -Changed: Running games in Server Browser should be greyed out instead of invisible, because some players think nobody plays it. Changed: show wait for other players to fill a pot team selection screen. -Fixed: A bug if only one Haunted Candy would drop, the player wouldn’t receive it. -Fixed: Skill selection will now open when the first round starts. -Fixed: All chat key binding is not saved. -Fixed: Chat freezes, if on selection screen (hunter) and trying to type. -Fixed quick match joining 75% full dedicated servers in fill a pot mode. -Fixed: Chat is not working in skill selection screen and fill a pot result screen. Patch 0.9.0Oct 26, 2018 - Community AnnouncementsThe Halloween Event has begun! -Added: New game mode “Fill a Pot” The new game mode is an objective mode where the Witches have to fill 3 of the 5 cauldrons to win the round, while the Hunters must prevent them from doing so. Join a game of “Fill a Pot” and choose your team. You will get sorted randomly into the Witch team or the Hunter team. Currently, you can play 2vs2. (We’re already testing 1vs1 and 3vs3). For this game mode the Possess skill is deactivated and the Garlic and Mushroom skills have shorter effects (Garlic 6 instead of 10 seconds, Mushroom 2 instead of 4 seconds). If your team member leaves the game, you are able to surrender and still get the XP. Your selected skills for this game mode are saved separately. -Added: Video tutorial for the new game mode -Added: 35+ new Skin Items for the Halloween Event -Changed: Level cap got raised to 70 -Changed: Improved cloud visuals on every map -Changed: A peculiar moon appeared on ‘Grunewald Library’ and will stay there until the end of the Halloween Event -Changed: Hunter AFK timeout changed from 45 sec. to 60 sec. -Fixed: There was a bug which prevented Witches from using transform after trying to transform when standing in the Garlic zone. -Fixed: Mushrooms don’t cause infinite confusion on the Hunter anymore. Hotfix 11, 2018 - Community Announcements-Changed: Key bindings for team and all chat are now configurable -Changed: Default key binding for all chat is now Backspace instead of Shift+Enter to not conflict with the default Stabilize key binding -Changed: You can switch to team chat by typing /team, /t or /p and to all chat with /all, /a and /g -Fixed: Chat does not lose focus at round end -Fixed: Recipes are selectable when you don’t have the required materials -Fixed: Possessable Props have a blue outline again -Fixed: Skills are not selected randomly -Fixed: 3 candles on certain locations are now correctly possessable Hotfix 10, 2018 - Community AnnouncementsChanged the way Hunters get XP. Hunters get 5 XP per Witch catch and 5 XP per Witch catch assist. Time XP for Hunters is reduced from 30 per min to 20 per min -Added: Doors are now destructible to prevent door blocking. -Added Team chat: Team chat is on by default. to write in ‘All Chat’ press Shift+Enter to open the chat line. -Changed: New clouds in ‘Sleeping Rose Cemetery’ and ‘Loakiki Paradise’ -Fixed: It is no longer possible to get under the terrain with the Paddle prop.Hotfix 2, 2018 - Community AnnouncementsChanged: Witch HP in Hunt a Hag increased from 5 to 6.5 HP. This way a Witch will survive one hit after a ‘Heal’ Power Up has been collected. Changed: Increased cooldown of the ‘Mushroom’ skill from 1.5 to 3 sec. This way you can’t spam as many with an active ‘Mana Boost’. Fixed: Video Settings are now saved correctly. Fixed: It is no longer possible to get under the terrain with the Sunshade prop. Fixed: In Hunt a Hag only the Heal Power Up is dropping. Fixed: Opening of remaining chests is now working again. Fixed: Status message for suicided Witches is now working correctly. Fixed: Several broken spots on Pirate maps.