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Watch Dogs 2 Viewer Count Launch Numbers

Taking a Look at Who’s Watching the Watch Dogs on Twitch

November 21, 2016 by

There’s been a lot of animosity from gamers towards Ubisoft lately, and rightfully so as the developer/publisher continues to put out “gameplay” trailers for their upcoming triple-A titles that fail to match the same exact look and feel at launch.

The best example of this was back in 2012 when Ubisoft debuted the first Watch_Dogs with gameplay that many considered stole E3. Only to then release a game that looked and played nowhere near as impressive two years later. Two more years later and now Watch_Dogs only averages around 250 players per hour on Steam and rarely ever has anyone watching the game being played on Twitch.

With the amount of negative backlash Ubisoft has received for using this tactic — more recently with The Division, which also had huge drop in players and viewership — the marketing for Watch Dogs 2 seems to have been slightly toned down to show what looks like more legitimate gameplay footage.

Yet, here we are the week of Watch Dogs 2’s launch and the multiplayer is broken and there’s a two week delay on the PC launch that will keep gamers from knowing its early player count stats.

GitHyp's Watch Dogs 2 Viewer Launch Numbers

GitHyp’s Watch Dogs 2 Viewers per Hour

Although we don’t have the initial player counts for Watch Dogs 2, we do have the viewer counts from Twitch which aren’t looking good. Watch Dogs 2 had a pretty hot start on its Tuesday launch, hitting a peak of 59,226 viewers and ranking as high as #3 on Twitch. But after its first day, it has been all downhill for the Dogs with viewers quickly losing interest after finally seeing what the latest from Ubisoft has to offer.

Even over its launch weekend that should have seen interest at an all-time high, Watch Dogs 2 only managed to peak at 10,801 viewers and averaged around 5k viewers. Dropping 82% since earlier in the week and placing the game right around the #30 spot on Twitch where it’s now continuing to fall.

Such an early drop in viewer counts is already showing that gamers are losing interest in the sequel, so it’ll be interesting to compare Watch Dogs 2 to Ubisoft’s last bomb, The Division, when it hits Steam and the PC player counts are made public. Considering the current state of multiplayer and how low viewer counts already are in its first week, things aren’t looking good for Watch Dogs 2.

GitHyp will have the player count numbers when Watch Dogs 2 launches on November 29, 2016 on PC.