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Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Has Become the Most Popular Battle Royale Game on Steam Since PUBG Took Over

The Free-to-Play Parody of the Genre is Putting Up Some Serious Numbers

June 7, 2018 by

We’ve seen nothing but the downfall of other popular battle royale games since PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds took over Steam last year. Older games like The Culling have completely died out, while the former champ, H1Z1, has been left struggling with only a small fraction of its former player base.

Fornite has been the only game capable of surpassing PUBG’s success in 2018, while other new games on Steam such as The Darwin Project and Radical Heights have all unsuccessfully debuted on Steam in a highly competitive post-PUBG market.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, or TABG, has overnight become the hottest new BR game on Steam by mocking the genre and being free-to-own for the first 100 hours. In its first day on Steam, TABG ranked in as the #11 most played with a peak of 20k concurrent players – a number that almost doubled Darwin and Radical’s peaks of only 12k concurrent players.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds’ Concurrent Players on Steam via GitHyp

Similar to Fornite’s epic pivot from co-op base-building to competitive multiplayer, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds actually started as an April Fool’s joke in which Landfall teased as a new mode for their upcoming game, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.

Now the real deal, TABG’s developer honestly and hilariously describes the game on Steam’s very positive store page as, “A bunch of physics-based weirdos fight it out on an island, everything is silly and possibly a bit buggy.”

Time will tell if TABG can maintain players’ interest and if new players will be willing to plunk down $5 to play next week. One key factor is that popular Twitch streamers also haven’t started playing TABG yet… so there’s a good chance that the game’s population will increase even more once news gets out and some of Twitch’s top broadcasters begin promoting TABG to all their viewers.

The original game, TABS, still doesn’t even have an official release date on Steam. Now, after the developers jokingly released a sample of the game in battle royale form — that only took them 3 weeks to make and has already crushed their previous games’ releases — they might be reallocating their team’s time to focus more on TABG ASAP.