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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

This Skyrim mod gives you a fox companion that can dragon-shoutOct 16, 2020 - PCGamesNFoxes always sound surprising to me - they sound like little cartoon characters giggling uncontrollably. At least, that's how they sound when they're operating normally. This Skyrim mod adds a fox companion that sounds surprising in a completely different way: this one uses the Thu'um. Imagine, a little fox friend who can Dragon-shout a troll off one of the peaks of High Hrothgar! That's what the Dovahfox mod does, and once it's installed, you can head up to High Hrothgar to find him waiting for you in the courtyard. Once he's your companion, you'll find that he can perform all the normal companion abilities like carrying gear, follow commands, and fight at your side in battle. He's also imbued with the power to use the Fire Breath, Frost Breath, Drain Vitality, Cyclone, and Unrelenting Force shouts - Fox-ro-dah, friends. Being a fox, he gains other advantages: he's a fox that glows like a magelight, modder SuperboyPr1me explains, and he won't affect your stealth in any way, or set off pressure plates. Very handy indeed. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: This Witcher 3-inspired Skyrim mod lets you become a monster hunter in Tamriel I installed 230 Skyrim mods and now 10% of its population is naked Meet the people modding Skyrim to improve Tamriel's wildlife Skyblivion's new video showcases big changes to Oblivion's worldSep 28, 2020 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunYes, Skyblivion is still going folks. A team of volunteers are still plugging away at remaking The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion in Skyrim as a mod. Will it ever come to a close? Well, in a new developer diary, we got an insight into how it’s looking and where it’s headed. In among all the details surrounding UI and clothes and objects, I found one thing really stood out to me. They’ve nearly completed the ‘first pass’ of the overworld, and they’re injecting some extra flavour into many of the original’s dull, empty spaces. (more…) This Witcher 3-inspired Skyrim mod lets you become a monster hunter in TamrielSep 28, 2020 - PCGamesNThere are plenty of ways to imagine Skyrim and The Witcher 3 colliding. Some of the best Skyrim mods and best Witcher 3 mods are those that bring elements of the two RPG games to each other's worlds - especially the really fun stuff. Speaking of which, you can now take on Witcher 3-inspired monster hunting contracts in Skyrim: Special Edition thanks to a freshly ported mod. LordMacdog's 'Monster Contracts' SSE mod is "inspired by the Witcher 3", the creator says, asking: "Have you ever wanted to be a monster hunter in Skyrim? Now you can! Join the Protectors, a guild of professional monster hunters, and take on contracts!" Sweet! It's worth noting though, as the modder cautions, "these contracts are not as straight forward as they seem". Gulp. Each contract not only includes a big ol' carrot in the form of a shiny reward, which - as Geralt of Rivia himself will know - awaits an eager witcher only after a monster's been successfully dispatched. Each contract has its own accompanying "unique story", too. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: I installed 230 Skyrim mods and now 10% of its population is naked Meet the people modding Skyrim to improve Tamriel's wildlife New Skyrim mod lets you add Khajiit cat followers - and they're adorable This mod lets you conquer Skyrim with a horde of tiny Fall GuysAug 25, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun What’s your favourite Fall Guys minigame? See Saw? Door Dash? That weird thing with the eggs? I, for one, prefer the one where your merry band of tic-tacs slay the elder dragon Alduin. Now I understand that’s not a very “official” route to claiming a crown or two – but thanks to modder m150, you can now traipse around The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition with a rabble of ravenous Fall Guys at your side. (more…) Skyrim looks like a new game with 300 mods installedAug 24, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Nowadays, I’m a Skyrim watcher and not a Skyrim doer. I used to be a doer, but that involved more than just installing the game. I’d start modding, and I wouldn’t stop. Couldn’t stop. I’d spend more time looking for lore appropriate coin distribution than shouting at dragons. Eventually, something would break, and I’d uninstall it, promising that I wouldn’t fall into that hole again. It’s been a long struggle, but when I stumbled upon YouTube compilations of heavily-modded Elder Scrolls, I finally broke the curse. Some brave souls do the hard work for me, turning the nine-year-old RPG (or four-year-old remaster, or two-year-old VR remake) into PC melting 4K thirst traps. I don’t have time for that. Nor the PC. (more…) Skywind's first gameplay demo in a year shows original Morrowind quest expanded and improvedAug 15, 2020 - EurogamerThe modders behind Skywind have released its first gameplay demo in a year, showing off how an original Morrowind quest has been expanded and improved for this hotly-anticipated fan release. Skywind is Morrowind recreated in the Skyrim engine. It's been in the works for quite some time now, but the volunteer developers continue to make progress, as the video below shows. The video sees the player picking up a quest in the city of Sadrith Mora, NPC dialogue, voice acting, exploration, dungeon crawling in a multi-level dwemer ruin alongside a companion (Imperial Larienna Macrina), and a boss fight against a Daedroth called Hrelvesuu. Read more Dwagonbown Goes UwU is the worst thing that has ever happened to SkyrimAug 14, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun It’s the banner that did it. Drag… god. Jesus christ. Dwagonbown Goes UwU (or, more correctly, dwagonbown goes uwu) is an overhaul mod that turns you into the worst person in Skyrim. It does nothing, really, except it changes most of your dialogue options to be, well, uwu. If you’re not familiar with the concept, please for the love of god stop now. Save yourself. There is no value in this knowledge. (more…) A Skyrim fan is making lovely handmade illustrations of its alchemy ingredientsJul 29, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun I once worked in an archive that included a heap of medieval herbals. In some form or another, they were a huge part of our culture and inherited knowledge for thousands of years, and while Skyrim does have a few compendium and guide books, there’s nothing in them that really fits that bill. But one talented player has recently taken to drawing and painting their own compendium of grumpy Nordland’s flora. Even in its earliest days, it’s got me excited and tempted to dive back into the alchemy game all over again. (more…) I installed 230 Skyrim mods and now 10% of its population is nakedJul 28, 2020 - PCGamesNNo, I don't know which mod caused it. If I did, I could just uninstall that mod, take one walk around Windhelm to confirm that all the male soldiers had bothered to get dressed that morning and get on with my life, couldn't I? But it's not even as simple as determining the mod at fault (if 'fault' is the right word - no judgement here). Modding Skyrim is like building a house of cards, except the cards are called things like 'Immersive This' or 'Yeelathar's 4K That'. Get the order of the mods even slightly wrong, and they overwrite each other in quite profound ways. It might be that whichever mod has compelled roughly 10% of Skyrim's men to go about in the buff, their anatomically correct wangs keeping silent vigil over the land, would be working absolutely fine if it was loaded before a certain other mod, but after another one still. So I just have to live with it. Of course, I knew there'd be at least a danger of this when I uninstalled a male skin replacer mod. This would make the men of Skyrim have willies, and I signed up for that. I just didn't expect them to be so... commonplace. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Meet the people modding Skyrim to improve Tamriel's wildlife New Skyrim mod lets you add Khajiit cat followers - and they're adorable Someone is making a Skyrim mod that adds in Sekiro's combat The Forgotten City looks gorgeous in its new gameplay trailerJul 9, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun There’s a new gameplay trailer out for The Forgotten City, the game that started life as an award-winning Skyrim mod. It’s set in a cursed ancient Roman city where if one person sins, everyone dies. It’s a Groundhog Day kind of scenario where you have to figure out the city’s mysteries in order to break a time loop. In this new preview of one of the game’s quests, we get a great look at how far The Forgotten City has come since its Skyrim days, and dare I say it looks better than Skyrim ever could. (more…) Weekend Deal - The Elder Scrolls Franchise, 60-70% OffJun 18, 2020 - Product ReleaseSave 60-70% on The Elder Scrolls Franchise as part of this week's Weekend Deal*. Also, check out the Elder Scrolls Complete the Set Bundle to save even more! *Offer ends June 25th at 10AM Pacific Time This Skyrim mod adds a 200-cheese treasure huntMay 27, 2020 - EurogamerThere's no such thing as too much cheese, in my book, so if you share this sentiment then boy do I have the Skyrim mod for you. Published today on Nexus Mods for both the Legendary and Special Edition versions of Skyrim, Cheesemod For Everyone introduces over 150 new varieties of cheese to the land of Jarls(berg). The fun doesn't end there, however, as the mod also sends the player on a quest to collect all the cheeses, with a daedric artifact reward once all 202 objects have been found. It's a fondue fork that can turn enemies into wheels of cheese, if you were wondering. To embark on this quest, the player will first need to complete Sheogorath's first quest (The Mind of Madness) to enter the Pelagius Wing and pick up the stale cheese crumb next to the book Cheeses of Tamriel. To keep it lore-friendly, cheeses from other areas of Tamriel are placed next to NPCs from those regions, while many can also be purchased from vendors - with some exclusive to certain cities or points of interest. New lore has also been added in the form of special cheese notes and journals, which appear on some of the more unique cheeses "to explain how they got there". Read more Skyrim Grandma cuts back on videosMay 26, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Skyrim Grandma” Shirley Curry has drastically cut back on her videos for the sake of her health and enjoyment of the game. The 84 year old started sharing her Skyrim games in 2015, and her warm, joyful videos made her famous enough to get her own mod, and even a role in the next Elder Scrolls game. She’s racked up over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube, but only a tiny percentage are active viewers, and the work and pressure involved are affecting her health. (more…) The best Skyrim mods in 2020Feb 21, 2020 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunThe best Skyrim mods let you tweak or overhaul nearly every part of the game. There are options available whether you want to improve graphics, make your companions better company, turn the dragons into something silly, or play a whole new adventure as good as the original story. It’s been nine years, but Skyrim modding shows no signs of slowing down. Below you’ll find our picks for the best Skyrim mods. (more…) The guy mimicking Skyrim NPCs by walking into stuff is actually pretty funnyFeb 17, 2020 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunWhen Skyrim NPCs absolutely will not stop standing on chairs, walking into walls, and getting generally confused about pathfinding their way around one loose cobblestone in the road, I usually just sigh and roll my eyes. They don’t know any better and they never will, I remind myself. Turns out, it’s a lot damn funnier when an actual human being does the same things with some panache and commitment to the role. This guy on TikTok (also on YouTube if you’re an Old like me) has a whole series of “Skyrim IRL” videos where he replicates the ridiculous habits of Skyrim’s less-sentient inhabitants. (more…) Skywind's back - and Morrowind has never looked betterJan 11, 2020 - EurogamerSkywind is back with a new video - and Morrowind looks better than ever. Skywind, perhaps the most ambitious mod in development right now, recreats Bethesda's much-loved 2002 role-playing game Morrowind in the newer Skyrim engine. It's a mammoth undertaking, and the group of modders behind the project have been working on it for years now. The video, below, is a developer video series and a call to arms for help from volunteers who may be able to push Skywind over the finish line. Read more The Skyrim Grandma will be a Skyrim follower mod before she's an Elder Scrolls 6 NPCJan 4, 2020 - EurogamerShirley Curry, better known as the Skyrim Grandma, is set to appear in The Elder Scrolls 6 as an NPC. But before then she'll be available to play in Skyrim via a mod. Shirley will be available as a Skyrim follower as part of Shirley - A Skyrim follower mod, which received a teaser trailer this week and is due out on Nexus early 2020, according to a reddit post from one of its creators. So, what can you expect from Shirley in-game? Unique commentary on locations and situations and unique interactions with the player. Initial updates will expand the commentary. Shirley's combat style in the game reflects her combat style during her let's plays: a classic barbarian using two-handed weapons, wearing light armour plus archery for ranged attacks. Read more Skyrim grandma Shirley Curry will follow you around Tamriel soonJan 3, 2020 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunShirley Curry is better known online as the “Skyrim grandma” who begins her YouTube videos with a genial “good morning grandkids” before setting out on adventures in Tamriel. Curry has become dear to enough of her fans that a petition to have her added to The Elder Scrolls 6 helped prompt Bethesda to announce they would do just that. A new Elder Scrolls game is still well past the horizon though and in the meantime fans and modders have decided to add her to Skyrim instead. (more…) The hidden secrets of The Elder Scrolls 3: MorrowindDec 3, 2019 - EurogamerThe Elder Scrolls is one of the most illustrious sagas in video game history, which is perhaps why Skyrim has been ported to everything short of a calculator over the last eight years. However, although Skyrim and its predecessor Oblivion are vast oceans containing a wealth of wonderfully intricate curios, their oft-overlooked older sibling Morrowind is a bottomless lake, its boundless depths plummeting into the territories of magic, secrecy, and the unknown. Since Morrowind launched in 2002, players have been exploring its every nook and cranny, desperately seeking to unravel its most intimately hidden secrets. Perhaps the most accomplished of these Morrowind mystery hunters is Redditor OccupyTamriel, who has discovered countless hidden treasures buried in Morrowind's deepest recesses. "I started playing Elder Scrolls when a very dear friend of mine told me about the series," OccupyTamriel tells me. "I needed a lot of time to get used to Morrowind - the sheer complexity of the world and the mechanics, the invisible per-attack dice roll, and just being lost and making no progress were extremely off-putting." Read more Games of the Decade: The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is anything but overratedNov 26, 2019 - EurogamerTo mark the end of the 2010s, we're celebrating 30 games that defined the last 10 years. You can find all the articles as they're published in the Games of the Decade archive, and read about our thinking about it in an editor's blog. It's hard to think of a game that's been subject to just as much revisionism as Skyrim. Maybe that's to be expected, given its dizzying success. The game is everywhere and its cultural reach is almost insurmountable - so much so that the jokes about climbing mountains, taking arrows and porting to toasters have all been unfashionably irksome for much longer than they were ever funny in the first place. And with all that success comes the inevitable and insufferable "not that good actually" crowd. But they are wrong! Skyrim is good, actually. Exactly as good as everyone says it is. And it is good for a lot of reasons but none of them as truly special, I think, as its world - or rather, more specifically, the ineffable rules that bind it. There is an intangible realism to Skyrim's world that I haven't really felt in a game of its budget and scope since. It's in the mechanics of it - the literal mechanics; the basic billiard balls of the physics - and the best example I can think of, for some reason, is pushing people off a ledge. Read more