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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

Oblivion-in-Skyrim mod Skyblivion shows off new trailer as it creeps closer to releaseAug 18, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunFan project Skyblivion has been rumbling along under the radar for a while, and now it’s resurfaced with a new trailer to show off its voice acting and a slew of other changes. The ambitious mod that aims to recreate Oblivion entirely within its successor Skyrim is finally shaping up to what we can call a proper video game, say its creators. You can see it for yourself below. (more…) Skyblivion's new voice-acted trailer looks like an actual gameAug 16, 2019 - PC GamerIf you have fond memories of the intro cinematic for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, the new trailer for fan-made Skyblivion will probably give you goose bumps. The project to recreate Oblivion (yes, the whole game) as a Skyrim: Special Edition mod has been ongoing for years and every new look at it is more impressive than the last.  This new trailer, featuring voice acting by Daniel Hodge, is a whole proper game trailer of its own, teasing Oblivion's plot while showing off its enemies and scenery. I can't help but recall the fly-by shot of the Imperial City in Oblivion's opening moments set to horns and strings. It was an impressive shot of a massive city and Skyblivion's new trailer captures that feeling without attempting to go shot-for-shot or word-for-word with the original.  Previously, the Skyblivion modding team released a video showing off some of its environments, giving a look at a number of cities and locales faithfully recreated from Oblivion. Skyblivion doesn't have a confirmed release date yet, a statement that reminds me yet again how professional a project it looks to be despite being created by modders and not a fully-funded studio. We do know that Skyblivion will be free, provided you own Skyrim and Oblivion including the DLCs, which Skyblivion's installer will check for.  While we wait for this impressive recreation, you can still install some pretty great Oblivion mods to update the game's visuals and gameplay. Skyrim SE mod finally lets you do something useful with books, like burn themAug 16, 2019 - PC GamerIt's about time book burning came to Skyrim Special Edition. A Tragedy in Black? Boethiah's Proving? Pah! Those are not fine works of literature. They're heretical garbage, and should be treated as such: First ripped to pieces and then burned to a crisp. And really, how many copies of Argonian Account does any one person need? Enter Project Illiteracy, which promises to let you put your books to good use as fuel against the harsh winter nights. The Skyrim Special Edition mod gives you a new ability, which is named "Destroy Books." No messing around here. "Picture your manly Nord barbarian just taking that book and ripping it apart," the description reads. "Yeah. Just really shredding that thing. So manly." The mod was originally released for vanilla Skyrim back in 2017, but a new version released this week supports the updated Special Edition. A surprising amount of thought went into Project Illiteracy despite the jokey name: the longer the book, the more paper it will generate for you. The most practical application of that paper is in making scrolls, but burning is also an option. Other than the general glee of pyromania, that could be pretty useful if you're playing with a survival mod that requires you to keep warm. Modder Epic Crab thought ahead and made Project Illiteracy compatible with the bajillion other mods that add books to Skyrim, to ensure you can, if you so choose, destroy them all. The cherry on top is compatibility with the Campfire mod: "If you're running Campfire, the xEdit script will automatically detect that and generate recipes for burning books for fuel and replenishing your fires. Campfire is a soft dependency in the script, so if you aren't using Campfire, the script will still work." There's a caveat to this mod crossover, which is that if you douse the campfire, it may return some of your books to you destroyed. "I think that's fair though, setting them on fire pretty much ruins books," the mod description says. Can't argue that one. Five of the Best: PotionsAug 9, 2019 - EurogamerFive of the Best is going to be a series! Every Friday lunchtime, UK time, we're going to celebrate a different incidental detail from the world of games. The kind of thing we usually just WASD past, oblivious. But also the kind of thing which adds unforgettable flavour if done right. Potions! We've been drinking them for years. In games I mean! I hope you haven't been knocking them back in real-life, they're bad for you. Imagine drinking something which alters your behaviour - how ridiculous! But potions we've been drinking for years. Red ones, blue ones... They're so common they've become a universal language. We don't even really see them any more. We just slosh them back when needed. Gulp! But every so often, we do see them. Once in a while, a memorable potion pops up. Maybe it was a potion which typified a game for you - the port-key to remembering an adventure. A tonic from BioShock, perhaps. Or maybe it was one which made a character drastically more capable, or one which changed who - or what - we were. Can you think of any now? Good - hold onto that! Because I want your input below. Read more These videogame cats are good catsAug 8, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun It s International Cat Day! You know, one of those days reportedly invented by a charity, spread by the internet without question, and propagated by the scoundrel media because quite simply we are desperate to post pictures of cats, big cats, fluffy cats, kitten cats, any cat, any excuse for any cat, please, just let me have this day, please, I don’t care if it’s a fake day, please, I need this. Here are some good videogame cats for International Cat Day. (more…) Making penises in games: it's hardAug 6, 2019 - PC GamerIf you needed it, this is your warning that images and links in this feature are entirely not safe for work. There are mods to make the characters in just about any game you play naked. The virtual humans of Stardew Valley, Fallout, Fallout Shelter, even, and Hearthstone are all subjected to the whims of diligent modders. Every time I set out to grab mods for a new playthrough of Skyrim or Fallout 4 (the two most-modded games on Nexus Mods), I'm overwhelmed by the number of gravity-defying breast enhancements available. And yet the number of dicks on display? Dismal. I first noticed this sexy mod dick-screpancy four years ago Where are all the penis mods? One simple answer is that PC gaming, ground zero for modding, still suffers under the misconception that men (specifically cisgender, heterosexual ones) are the majority, when studies have shown that women actually make up half the audience . Game development still fights to retain people of marginalized genders , an effect mirrored in the modding community which requires many of the same skills. The mods they create reflect the interests of the creators and assumptions about the people playing them—but as I learned, that's not the only reason they're so pitifully rare. After talking with modders and developers, it turns out that tacking-on the ol' wedding tackle is just plain difficult. An unfortunate dearth of dongs  When I went digging for more dick mods and the reasons why they're so rare, I discovered that for a few modders, scarcity is exactly why they want to create these mods. "All over the place there are nude female body replacers and nothing like that for men, and that's exactly the gap that I intended to fill with this mod" writes modder Ratrace, in the description for Better Males for Skyrim Special Edition .  As Ratrace says on the mod's page, the dongs of Better Males are quite rigid, and not in the sexy way. They don't animate. It's as if you'd taped a banana to your character's crotch and called it a day (though for variety you can choose upward banana or downward banana, whichever suits your fancy). "Animating genitals is something that is way over my head," Ratrace says. "A topic for the pros among the modders." Better Males isn't the premier expression of modded penis glory, but for many modders even that level of detail is unattainable, both because of the skills required and how games are built in the first place. I first noticed this sexy mod dick-screpancy four years ago (yes, I have been stewing on it that long), when there were even fewer options. Today, there are a few more choices, with examples from Skyrim , Fallout 4 , Resident Evil 2 , and even Soul Calibur 6 . Still, I expected more progress since 2015. I didn't intend to spend my work days looking for penis mods specifically, but here I am again absolutely livid that there aren't more of the...Skyrim satirical mod adds the login frustration of Doom's new console releasesJul 30, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun When Bethesda released the first three Doom games on modern consoles last week, they added (by accident?) a requirement for players to register and sign into into their doodad before playing these decades-old games. What does that have to do with PC? Well! Continuing the fine PC gaming tradition of pulling the pisser of modern big-budget games with their modern ways, a new Skyrim mod has added the thrilling experience of failing to connect to login servers and being kicked to the main menu. PC gaming: making daffy jokes playable since 1873. (more…) Steam Charts: Summery Summary EditionJul 29, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun It’s never a good sign when Skyrim’s back in the Charts. It means mischief is afoot. And not the good kind. In this case, it’s Bethesda’s Quakecon sale, meaning a whole bunch of the dreariest of usual suspects return to droop our eyelids and weary our souls. And Nier and Flibble Glibble Pants are both on sale yet again. In fact, this week’s top 10 features precisely one game released in the last TWO YEARS. So this week I think I shall describe to you the feelings I feel when I see these games appearing once more. (more…) Skywind mod shows off Morrowind's levitation and spears remade in SkyrimJul 2, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Continuing to impress with a commitment to fanciness and authenticity in remaking The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind as a Skyrim mod, a new Skywind trailer has drafted an actual Skyrim voice actor to natter while we see how it’s shaping up. Spears are in, levitation is go, and oh god go away cliff racers. Azura there is played by Lani Minella, whose voice spilled forth from the digifaces of Skyrim characters including The Night Mother and several Dunmer folks. Fancy! Authentic! The devs also send word that they’re now making it for the fancier Skyrim Special Edition, so it won’t hit ye olde originale Skryime. (more…) This mod turns Skyrim into Castlevania 2Jun 23, 2019 - PC GamerHere's how it works. You travel to Riverwood's Sleeping Giant Inn, preferably with a brand new character who has skipped past the tutorial thanks to Alternate Start—Live Another Life or your preferred alternative. You track down the ghost lady in the corner of the bar and talk to her, and then you get whisked away to Transylvania, as interpreted by Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest and now recreated as a Skyrim mod. Yes, you get a chain whip. The vampire killer weapon will be your best friend as you whip through the various skeletons, werewolves, and mermen that you meet on this questline (and who all drop hearts when they die, which you collect with a glorious beeping noise).  It's pretty straightforward. In towns you talk to people and visit the church, hoping to find someone who will let you trade hearts for an upgrade. Then you march out into the spooky wilderness again, preferably in daylight, to whip your way through monsters on your way to the next town and the next objective in your quest to return Dracula to the grave. Though of course it's not a 2D platformer, the CV2 mod does remain faithful to its inspiration in a lot of ways. Skyrim's regular levelling system is gone, and instead you trade hearts to priests for level-ups. They'll also heal you as well, which is nice because the regeneration over time that's normally part of Skyrim is also gone here.  Another part of the original game preserved in this mod is your inability to swim. Touch the water in Transylvania and you'll die instantly. That makes the section where you have to cross a broken bridge while being shot at by mermen particularly annoying. First-person platforming is the worst, and in Skyrim's third-person mode it's only slightly better. I've drowned a lot more than I've been killed by werewolves. The CV2 mod's an impressive thing overall, featuring a whole bunch of new music too including remixes of Castlevania tunes. You can download it for Skyrim Special Edition here. Controversial Skyrim Together mod reemerges with nightly builds as developers reveal death threatsMay 18, 2019 - EurogamerThe controversial Skyrim Together mod has reemerged with the release of nightly builds. Lead programmer Max Griot took to the Skyrim Together subreddit to issue the long-awaited update promising nightly builds, the first of which is available to download now. Skyrim Together, which pulls in $14,746 per month from nearly 15,000 patrons on Patreon, aims to add online multiplayer to Bethesda's hugely popular open-world fantasy RPG, but it's been some time since the Patreon-only playtest held earlier this year. Read more Where video games and ASMR convergeMay 18, 2019 - EurogamerIt's 2019 and relaxing is near impossible. There's debt, soul-crushing jobs that we hate, and that one jerk who wakes up at 4am to mow his lawn. How the hell is anyone supposed to relax in this day and age? For me, the answer used to be video games. After a gruelling day of being a child and feeling the pressure of society on my little shoulders, the thought of getting home and playing a few hours of Final Fantasy X always used to make me feel cheerful. But as an adult, video games don't always make the cut when it comes to relaxation. Recently, though, I was introduced to ASMR, or to be more accurate, video game ASMR. For those who, like me, got into this stuff five years too late, ASMR stands for 'autonomous sensory meridian response'. It helps you relax and gives your scalp and your spine a tingling sensation through the use of sensory stimuli, such as the whispering of voices, tearing of paper, gentle tapping on objects and a lot more. Read more Skyrim mods let you add Game of Thrones' Starbucks cupMay 17, 2019 - EurogamerApparently a very popular TV series has been airing its final season over the past few weeks - and you may have heard that one of its episodes had an extra special treat for keen-eyed viewers: a Starbucks coffee cup accidentally left on-set. Naturally, the photo was instantly spread around the internet and became an overnight sensation. In fact, it's now spilling into the world of Skyrim, as several modders have answered a call to create Starbucks cups for the world of The Elder Scrolls. Reddit user DarkMaster06 began the craze by putting out a mod request in r/skyrimmods, which swiftly prompted many to offer up their work. I tested out this one by Sphered (via Nexusmods), which places a single coffee cup on the banquet table in Dragonsreach (and also the Solitude throne room). Here I am doing my best to recreate the iconic scene. Please ignore the raccoon eye makeup - my Skyrim character never left the teen phase. Read more Multiplayer Skyrim mod still coming despite major code rework, say devsMay 13, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunThere must be something in that icy water that makes the Elder Scrolls mod scene so volatile. Skyrim Together, a project to convert The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim into an online co-op adventure, was raking in a staggering $25,000 a month on Patreon up until allegations of code-theft from the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) torpedoed it. The good news is that it’s still in development, but you might be waiting a while. Yesterday on Reddit, the developers confirmed that the project is still alive despite the “entire codebase” being “scrapped”, later clarified as just being in the middle of a major restructuring. (more…) The best mods for Skyrim Special EditionMay 11, 2019 - PC Gamer Since the last time we updated our list of the best Skyrim Special Edition mods the Skyrim Script Extender has been made compatible with it. You can download it here (it'll be labelled "Current SE build"). Turn off automatic updates for Skyrim Special Edition once it's installed, as the creation club still receives patches which routinely break the Script Extender until modders update it. With the Script Extender modders can now alter this version of Bethesda's RPG as drastically as Oldrim. Near-essentials like SkyUI are now available in this slightly prettier (it does have nicer shadows), and more stable (you can alt-tab as much as you like) version of Skyrim. To be fair, there were other changes as well, like these.  If you're playing the Skyrim Special Edition and looking for the best mods available, look no further. Some of these mods can be found on Bethesda's site and downloaded while in-game, but the links we'll post all point to the repository at Nexus Mods . Mods added in the latest update of this list have been marked with a ⭐. SkyUI ⭐  Download link The heavens parted, golden saints sang, and SkyUI was finally supported by Skyrim Special Edition. This interface replacer makes Skyrim feel like it was designed for mouse controls, and lets you filter and sort inventory based on weight, value, damage and the like. Also adds an in-game mod configuration menu several other mods rely on. A Quality World Map ⭐  Download link Skyrim's map is functional but boring. A Quality World Map offers multiple ways to fix it. It can replace the map with a much more detailed world texture, with colors that help delineate the separate areas much more obviously, but there's also an option to have a paper map, with a more Oblivion look, if that's your thing.  Legacy of the Dragonborn ⭐  Download link Adds a gallery you can fill with unique items, a museum to your achievements that is also a library, a storage facility, a questline of its own, and a place to learn archeology complete with its own perks. While the original version of this Skyrim mod has been adapted across from Oldrim, there's also an update in the works specifically for Special Edition which will remap the building to make it larger and more like a real museum. It won't be compatible with the current version, so it might be worth holding off until Legacy V5 comes out.  The Asteria Dwemer Airship ⭐  Download link There are player home mods to suit all tastes, but the Asteria is a particularly nice one—a flying ship with all mod cons, by which I mean storage space and crafting tables. It's permanently docked, however, and can't be moved around, though it does have a teleporter for a more immersive alternative to fast-travel. Flyable skyship mods still haven't made the jump over from vanilla Skyrim, unfortunately. Inigo ⭐ Download l...Skyrim mod SkyTrek gives your Dragonborn autopilotApr 29, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun While fast travel is convenient in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, teleporting around loses the wonder of roaming an open world. If only we could have the convenience of automatic travel without atmosphere ruining-loading screens. Friends, with the wonders of modern modding, we can now set a destination for our Dragonborn and watch them automatically walk or ride to your destination in real time. Call it slow travel. Call them self-driving characters. Call it a game to idly watch. Call it… new mod SkyTrek. (more…) Skyrim Together mod makers insist they won't give up after chief creator declares: "we don't owe the community anything"Apr 27, 2019 - EurogamerThe controversial Skyrim Together mod is once again under scrutiny after its chief creator declared: "we don't owe the community anything." Lead programmer Max Griot took to the Skyrim Together subreddit to respond to a thread titled "is something going to happen?" that was posted after months of radio silence on the project. Skyrim Together aims to add online multiplayer to Bethesda's hugely popular open-world fantasy RPG, and pulls in an impressive $18,284 a month on Patreon. Read more Skyrim grandma will be an Elder Scrolls 6 NPC thanks to fan petitionApr 1, 2019 - EurogamerHere's a feel-good story that (thankfully) isn't an April Fool's: remember back in November last year when we reported on the petition to get Skyrim-playing grandmother Shirley Curry into The Elder Scrolls 6? If you signed it - congratulations, your signature (along with nearly 50,000 others) made a difference. During Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls 25th anniversary livestream, Todd Howard confirmed Bethesda "did hear" the petition for the Skyrim grandma, and that "she will be immortalised in the game". The video also shows Curry visiting Bethesda's studios, along with her being 3D scanned ready for the NPC modelling process (jump to 08:40). "This means a lot to me, as I would be extremely happy to know someone else was playing with my character in a future Elder Scrolls game," Curry says in the clip. Read more Morrowind goes free today to celebrate The Elder Scrolls turning 25Mar 25, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunTo celebrate a quarter-century of Elves, Daedra and cat-people with bafflingly complex lore, Bethesda are giving away The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind today (March 25th) only, so snap it up quickly here. You’ll need a account and their launcher to grab the game, too. A bit of a hassle, but you’re getting a sprawling adventure through a deeply alien corner of Tamriel, filled with giant insects, inscrutable demigods and enough Cliff Racers to drive any adventurer to distraction. If you’ve never played what many consider the best Elder Scrolls game, now’s the time. (more…) Massive Skyrim multiplayer mod under fire after code-theft accusationsMar 5, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun There are so many elements of this story which elicit slow, confused blinking from me, but honestly, the revelation that an Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim mod has been pulling in $25,000 per month from Patreon was the one which really twisted my melon. Unfortunately, the rainbow which leads to online multiplayer mod Skyrim Together‘s pot of gold has lost a little of its lustre this week, following an acknowledgement that its developers had pilfered code from another mod. (more…)