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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The best RPGs on PC in 2019Oct 11, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Look! A ranking of the 50 best RPGs on PC. I know, you never asked for this, but here it is. It is 100 percent correct, we double-checked. The RPG is a broad and deep sea and fishing out the best games from its characterful waters is no easy task. But we are capable fishers on the good ship RPS, and know when to humanely throw back a tiddler or fight to heave up a monster. Enough of this salty metaphor. Here are the 50 best RPGs you can play on PC today. (more…) A Skyrim pillow seems like a nice presentOct 9, 2019 - PC GamerRedditor u/o0PETER0o decided to give a friend the gift that keeps on giving, by which I mean a videogame-themed pillow. Unfortunately most videogame-themed pillows are kind of gross, but that's no reason to give up. Armed with a screenshot from the game's overlong introductory sequence and a link to a website that makes personalized pillows—and socks, towels, and so on—by printing customer-submitted images on them, u/o0PETER0o created the memetastic present you see above. The website in question was, by the way, which is not a name that suggests wholesome gifts like this one but whatever. After u/o0PETER0o posted a photo of the pillow to the Elder Scrolls subreddit yesterday it was then ripped off by someone else and reposted to r/gaming without attribution, because of course it was. Go upvote the original and restore some justice to the world. Five of the Best: MountainsOct 4, 2019 - EurogamerFive of the Best is a weekly series celebrating the poor old parts of games we tend to overlook. Not the glitzy bits but the supporting cast. Things like crowds - whoever stops to think about a crowd? And how do you think that makes the crowd feel? But the games they're in wouldn't be the same without them, so let's big them up a bit, shall we? Also, I want your ideas! I want to know what you remember when you read the title of this week's piece, the things that spring to mind. Don't worry about what I think, no one ever does, but do jump in the comments below. We've had some lovely discussions and you've remembered loads of great details about games.You can find all the previous Five of the Bests in a handy archive. So, on to today's five. But how to summit up...? Read more Skyrim composer Jeremy Soule and Night In The Woods co-creator Alec Holowka accused of sexual assaultAug 27, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Allegations of abuse have been made against multiple games industry figures in the past 24 hours. On Monday afternoon Nathalie Lawhead, developer of the IGF-winning Tetrageddon Games, wrote a post on her website alleging that Jeremy Soule, the composer of Skyrim, raped her while she was working for an unnamed Vancouver-based games studio. Seven hours later, comics writer and indie developer Zo Quinn posted tweets alleging that Alec Holowka, co-creator of Aquaria and Night In The Woods, sexually assaulted them. Later that same night, Adelaide Gardner posted a series of tweets alleging that Splash Damage tools programmer Luc Shelton sexually assaulted and gaslit her. (CW: rape, sexual assault, gaslighting, emotional abuse) (more…) New Skywind gameplay shows just how impressive the Morrowind rebuilt in Skyrim mod is shaping up to beAug 24, 2019 - EurogamerThe people behind Skywind have released a gameplay demo of the mod - and it's pretty impressive. The gameplay video, below, shows off how the modders have recreated Morrowind in the Skyrim engine. We see the player pick up a bounty in town, head off out into the wild and into a dungeon to kill the target before returning for a reward. This is classic The Elder Scrolls stuff and on the face of it not particularly groundbreaking, but there's a level of polish here we don't often see from mods. The music, voice acting and town AI is all present and correct, and we even get to see some spear combat. Read more Oblivion-in-Skyrim mod Skyblivion shows off new trailer as it creeps closer to releaseAug 18, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunFan project Skyblivion has been rumbling along under the radar for a while, and now it’s resurfaced with a new trailer to show off its voice acting and a slew of other changes. The ambitious mod that aims to recreate Oblivion entirely within its successor Skyrim is finally shaping up to what we can call a proper video game, say its creators. You can see it for yourself below. (more…) Ambitious Skyrim mod Skyblivion in final stages of developmentAug 16, 2019 - EurogamerThe volunteer-based group TESRenewel has released a new teaser trailer showing the incredible progress it's made on the mod to remake Oblivion in the Skyrim engine. Skyblivion started life back in 2012 with the aim to bring The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion to a new generation of gamers, and seven years on it's clearly made some great progress, though no news of when we'll see a playable version just yet. "We have been hard at work these past few years and recently a lot of that work has fallen into place, finally shaping up to what we can call a proper video game," writes project lead Rebelize. "It's been a long ride but we are finally at a point where the end is almost in sight. Read more Skyrim player completes game using only a torchAug 10, 2019 - PC GamerEvery week, YouTuber Mitten Squad finds a way to complete a game in an unusual, improbable way, and this week it was Skyrim's turn. He set out to beat the main quest using only a torch, and it turns out that it's not only possible but, with the right setup, it's actually fairly straightforward—it just takes a very long time. It took a while for Mitten Squad to find a torch (he had to get himself arrested and thrown in the dungeon to do it), but from then on he could grind up his Block skill, which determines how much damage you deal with a torch power bash. At level 50, he grabbed the Deadly Bash perk, which made his attacks deal five times more damage, and then set to hunting dragons. It was a slow process, because bashing drains your stamina, so he was constantly waiting for the bar to regenerate before he attacked, and only whittled a slither of health from his enemies with each bash. The turning point was soup: vegetable soup, specifically, which regenerates one point of both health and stamina every second for 12 whole minutes. With a large batch of soup cooked and portioned in his pack, Mitten Squad was able to beat the toughest enemies in the game. Power bashing with the torch staggers enemies and only requires a single point of stamina, so after glugging the soup he was able to put his foes into an endless staggering loop, including dragons. In a couple of instances, Skyrim forces you to damage an enemy in a specific way, such as with a shout, but I wouldn't consider them rule breaks because they're hard-wired into the game. He also used magic to heal himself and other shouts that didn't damage enemies, such as Dragonrend to keep dragons on the ground, letting him stagger them. I'm still mighty impressed with his patience—I can only imagine how long it must've taken to beat down enemies with the largest pools of health. You can watch his full recap of the run in the video at the top of this post. Thanks, Polygon. If you're looking for more reasons to return to the home of the Nords, check out our list of best Skyrim mods and best Skyrim Special Edition mods. Five of the Best: PotionsAug 9, 2019 - EurogamerFive of the Best is going to be a series! Every Friday lunchtime, UK time, we're going to celebrate a different incidental detail from the world of games. The kind of thing we usually just WASD past, oblivious. But also the kind of thing which adds unforgettable flavour if done right. Potions! We've been drinking them for years. In games I mean! I hope you haven't been knocking them back in real-life, they're bad for you. Imagine drinking something which alters your behaviour - how ridiculous! But potions we've been drinking for years. Red ones, blue ones... They're so common they've become a universal language. We don't even really see them any more. We just slosh them back when needed. Gulp! But every so often, we do see them. Once in a while, a memorable potion pops up. Maybe it was a potion which typified a game for you - the port-key to remembering an adventure. A tonic from BioShock, perhaps. Or maybe it was one which made a character drastically more capable, or one which changed who - or what - we were. Can you think of any now? Good - hold onto that! Because I want your input below. Read more Randomly becoming a werewolf in Skyrim is a great way to make everyone hate youAug 7, 2019 - PC GamerWerewolves in Skyrim are pretty overpowered. First of all, they can maul the scales off a dragon’s back in a mere five swipes. They can also feed on corpses to regain health at an alarming rate. To top things off, their stamina is essentially undepletable. They’re lean, mean, wolfy machines.  I like being a werewolf in Skyrim, but even when I crank up the difficulty it feels a little too easy. The only real downside is that, well, people kind of hate werewolves. That's never really a problem, though: I can browse for trinkets and treasures along the high streets of Solitude without having to worry about anybody finding out that I’m a lycanthrope, and if the going gets tough I can just press the Beast Form key and turn into a ripped wolfman capable of claw-punching every single enemy in the game. Where’s the fun in that? Instead of playing Skyrim with the same conveniences again, I decided to make things a little more interesting by cursing myself as an Accidental Werewolf. By equipping the Cursed Ring of Hircine, you lose control over your transformations. They become involuntary, and once you feel that rumbling in your tummy you’re left with no choice but to accept what’s about to go down. Obviously I don’t want to become a vicious murderer—I’m a human first and foremost. But again, humans hate werewolves. I'll kill them if I have to, but I'll feel bad about it. Now that I'm wearing the ring, I’ll have to be careful when I enter towns. No telling when I might, whoopsie, accidentally metamorphose into a bloodthirsty beast. No more hour-long antagonizations of Nazeem. I’ll have to settle for a Fus—there’s no time for a Ro Dah. I decide I’m going to try it out in a safe place first, so I fast-travel to Whiterun and make toward Markarth. I quickly realize that it’s actually been a minute since I last played Skyrim, so I start to press every key on the keyboard to rediscover how the werewolf control mapping actually works. Accidentally, I unleash an almighty bellow, which is immediately met by the roaring cry of a too-close-for-comfort dragon. It’s fine though. Rock beats scissors, werewolf beats dragon. Funnily enough, two rogue mudcrabs somehow find their way into the midst of this epic brawl, but they weren’t exactly the fiercest contenders in Skyrim.  I know I’ll probably turn into a human again pretty soon, so I decide to head back to Whiterun. It’s high time I paid my pal Balgruuf the Greater a visit, and I’m keen to net some catharsis after my bloody encounter with the world’s bravest mudcrabs. My plan fails immediately. I transform into a werewolf right in front of Carlotta Valentia’s food stall and within seconds the whole town is out to get me. For the first time in a long time, Gray-Manes and Battle-Borns fight as Shield siblings, working together to expunge ...This Skyrim mimic mod has completely ruined chestsAug 2, 2019 - PC GamerDear God, just look at it. Mimics are the worst, tricking oblivious adventurers into becoming a snack. This Skyrim mod appears to be based on the most grotesque of the lot of them: Dark Souls' mimics. There's not one part of them that isn't incredibly unsettling, but it's that horrible, diseased tongue that turns my stomach.  Skyrim modder Mihail created them for the original version of Skyrim, but they've recently been added to Skyrim Special Edition, letting you ruin your dungeon dives once again. You can download it here.  Other creatures from Mihail's menagerie include some lovely flying stingrays and this intimidating robot. It's big, it's angry, it breaths fire, and it's not half as scary as a mimic.  While you're here, check out the best Skyrim modsSkyrim satirical mod adds the login frustration of Doom's new console releasesJul 30, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun When Bethesda released the first three Doom games on modern consoles last week, they added (by accident?) a requirement for players to register and sign into into their doodad before playing these decades-old games. What does that have to do with PC? Well! Continuing the fine PC gaming tradition of pulling the pisser of modern big-budget games with their modern ways, a new Skyrim mod has added the thrilling experience of failing to connect to login servers and being kicked to the main menu. PC gaming: making daffy jokes playable since 1873. (more…) This Skyrim mod adds an 'immersive' login requirementJul 30, 2019 - PC GamerDuring QuakeCon, the original Doom trilogy was released on consoles and the first two appeared on iOS and Android. It was a nice surprise, except for the the additional surprise of an online requirement in strictly singleplayer ports. Players needed to make a account and log in to play, hopefully avoiding connection errors. Clearly this is a feature other Bethesda games need. One modder agrees and has added it to Skyrim.  The Immersive Experience will ruin your game by trying—and failing—to connect to The exciting moment has been captured in the video above. It will never succeed and after five attempts will kick you back to the main menu.  "In case it was unclear, this mod is a joke," says its creator, d3sim8. "Bethesda re-released DOOM/DOOM II and DOOM III in July 2019, and they required a connection to play. This was despite DOOM being 26 years old, and not including an online component (in this particular version)." If you want to show your appreciation for the joke by downloading it, only use it with a new game. There's a vanilla version and a Skyrim Special Edition version.  After facing a lot of criticism for it, Bethesda is planning to make connecting to optional. But we'll always have the Immersive Experience mod for Skyrim.  For many more substantial mods, check out our guides to the best Skyrim mods and best Skyrim Special Edition mods. Cheers, PCGamesN. Steam Charts: Summery Summary EditionJul 29, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun It’s never a good sign when Skyrim’s back in the Charts. It means mischief is afoot. And not the good kind. In this case, it’s Bethesda’s Quakecon sale, meaning a whole bunch of the dreariest of usual suspects return to droop our eyelids and weary our souls. And Nier and Flibble Glibble Pants are both on sale yet again. In fact, this week’s top 10 features precisely one game released in the last TWO YEARS. So this week I think I shall describe to you the feelings I feel when I see these games appearing once more. (more…) Skywind mod shows off Morrowind's levitation and spears remade in SkyrimJul 2, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Continuing to impress with a commitment to fanciness and authenticity in remaking The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind as a Skyrim mod, a new Skywind trailer has drafted an actual Skyrim voice actor to natter while we see how it’s shaping up. Spears are in, levitation is go, and oh god go away cliff racers. Azura there is played by Lani Minella, whose voice spilled forth from the digifaces of Skyrim characters including The Night Mother and several Dunmer folks. Fancy! Authentic! The devs also send word that they’re now making it for the fancier Skyrim Special Edition, so it won’t hit ye olde originale Skryime. (more…) Depths of Skyrim gives the sea a much-needed makeover Jul 1, 2019 - PC GamerI've spent hundreds of hours exploring Skyrim across countless saves and multiple editions, and not surprisingly I've been on dry land for most of it. Skyrim's ocean is murky and full of unfriendly fish. Of my many downloaded mods, only a couple affect water, and then only the surface, but Depths of Skyrim, uploaded last week, changes a great deal more.  Depths of Skyrim is an underwater overhaul that gives the game's damp areas the same sort of attention that's been lavished upon its mountains and forests. No more diving off the coast just to discover some weeds and a slaughterfish waiting to snap at you until you flee back to shore.  Modder TheBlackpixel has introduced new types of grass and kelp, more than 1,000 new fish, none of which have a penchant for slaughter, hidden treasure, whole forests of coral and, most importantly, a bunch of new horkers merrily swimming across the sea. Horkers, of course, are Skyrim's greatest and most majestic creatures. Don't go killing them for their tusks.  If you've got any other mods that spruce up the ocean and rivers, like the popular Realistic Water 2, Depths of Skyrim is compatible and should even enhance bodies of water added by other mods, too, though don't expect new fish or giant kelp. TheBlackpixel recorded a frame rate drop of just 1 fps, but your performance could vary.  If you're playing with Skyrim Special Edition, you'll need this version of the mod instead. It's otherwise exactly the same. In both, you'll have to pop into your Skyrim.ini file and change iMaxGrassTypesPerTexure to 7 or above if it isn't already, or the mod won't work.  I recently confessed to a friend that I never finished the DLC, despite the ridiculous amount of time I've spent in Skyrim, so my shame is tempting me back once again. This time, though, I'll be spending a lot more time swimming. If you've also got a hankering to return to the eight-year-old RPG, here are the best Skyrim mods. Cheers, PCGamesN. Summer Games Done Quick raises over $3 million for charityJun 30, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunThe organisers of speedrunning marathon Games Done Quick have breezed past their previous charity fundraising record, gathering $3,003,889 ( 2.4m) across the week-long event. They d already set their own speed record by hitting $1 million on Thursday the biggest rush of donations always comes at the end so it s a multi-record setting event and all in order to give people medical care. Everyone bask in the feel-good glow for a minute. (more…) Make your day a little brighter by watching Skyrim Grandma Shirley Curry read a bookJun 21, 2019 - PC GamerSince January, once a week 83-year-old Shirley Curry has been cracking open a book and reading it to her audience of some 600,000 Youtube subscribers. Not just any books—the books inside Skyrim, which she's been playing as the Skyrim Grandma since 2015. There's a warm Mister Rogers quality to her voice as she begins each video with a "Good morning, grandkids." Except unlike Mister Rogers' gentle life lessons, these books have titles like "Of Crossed Daggers" or "Pension of the Ancestor Moth." Still, they're soothing with Shirley Curry reads them, and that's the whole point. "I started this series because everyone likes to hear me read so I thought, well, I can just sit and read the Skyrim books to them and see how they like it," Curry tells me over email. "So all my 'grandkids' were my inspiration. But I didn't want it to be too boring for them or for me,  so I made a Grandma and pretend the neighborhood kids come to listen to a story time. I sit or stand in different places to change up the view." In the latest video, embedded above, Curry stands on a deck overlooking a lake and takes some time at the beginning to compliment the day's lovely weather (in Skyrim). She points out how pretty a small island with a lone tree is, in the distance. Later, she'll chastise herself for not having met all her neighbors yet, and ask her NPC companion Inigo why he's not wearing any shoes. It is probably the sweetest and most pure six minutes and 23 seconds of internet you can experience today. It's almost overwhelming to watch something this utterly, guilelessly nice in 2019. It does things to my heart. Is this… inner peace? After reading last week's book, Watcher of Stones , Curry pauses for a moment, asks Inigo for his opinion on the book (he doesn't have one), then offers her take. In the story, a man spends his life seeking glory in hopes of being granted special powers from the Guardians' stones, but it never happens. "I think that that man really had the whole thing wrong," she says. "All along, he was already empowered by his own abilities and his own strength. Or we could think about it another way. Every time he touched these stones they really did give him this power. He just didn't realize it... But I prefer to believe that he really did all these things on his own abilities, and using his own strength, and didn't realize how much he had actually changed his own life and accomplished within his own self. Do you feel that way, grandkids?" Over email, Curry tells me that's part of the fun for her. "If I can sum up at the end with a moral to the story, or a question to make them consider and think about something in the story, then that's what I like." Curry shot back a "lol" when I asked if she plans to read all 300-some books in Skyrim's world....Skyrim's best religion mod receives overhaul, adding new gods and divine visionsJun 16, 2019 - PC GamerYou might've heard of an ambitious Skyrim mod called Religion that completely changes the way you interact with the gods of Tamriel—it's one of the best mods for Skyrim. With the mod installed all your actions, from the crimes you commit to the armor you wear, affects the way individual gods view you, and they can either bless you or curse you as a result. The whole mod has just been overhauled for its version 3.0, adding religious visions and new gods called Ancient Spirits, as well as the 13 Constellations.  It's an incredibly deep system with lots of moving parts, and you can have multiple blessings—or curses—at the same time. All of the gods are looking for different things, and you'll get clues about their desires through visions. To receive visions, you'll first have to worship them at set points in the world, which increases their disposition towards you based on the amount of in-game time you spend worshiping them (don't worry, you can press T to wait if you want to rack up many hours at once). Once you've worshiped them enough to receive a vision, you'll be able to ask them for guidance or for a boon. But you don't want to ask for a gift too early, because it might annoy some gods, causing them to curse you. It sounds like it will reward exploration and investigation. You'll have to read books related to the gods to find out exactly what they want, and respond with your actions accordingly. Blessings gradually get more powerful as disposition increases, and some are specific to each god: if Julianos likes you enough they'll let you cast spells without using magicka, or if you worship the Daedric Lord Azura then you might gain invulnerability. Displeasing the gods through your actions can also make you cursed. The Nine Divines, in general, won't like it if you commit crimes. If you wrong enough people, they might decrease your health, magicka and stamina regeneration for a period of time. Daedric curses are more imaginative. If you ask Malacath for help but they "they don't find you amusing enough", you'll receive a curse that means you're blamed for every crime committed in Skyrim. I like that it's not completely transparent: you can tell a lot about what each god wants from the lengthy descriptions on the mod's Nexus page, but you'll still have to find out more if you want their blessings. If you're interested, you can download the mod for Skyrim Special Edition here. The 3.0 version for regular Skyrim is here. It's still in beta, so expect some rough edges and some missing content—creator IronDusk33 is working hard to complete it all. Will It Harvest Moon? a beginner s field guide to rehabilitating inferior gamesMay 23, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun To this day, the jaunty static of the opening jingle to Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town brings me back to a simpler time. Summer evenings spent hunched over my Game Boy SP, a pane of glass between me and nature s suburban bounty as I tilled my little squares of land, pet my happy little chickens, and bribed a town s worth of reticent heartthrobs into falling for my little blonde avatar, Pepper, with an onslaught of ores, animal products, and various culinary delights (but never cucumbers, ya gummy-mouthed fish-man). Harvest Moon was about as wholesome as wholesome gets, my first videogame love, but as the days turned to years, we grew apart. Since then, I ve filled the hole in my heart with the usual suspects, (Stardew Valley, Rune Factory, and so on) until there was only one thing left to do: make my own Harvest Moon. And so began my ongoing personal quest to turn every game I own that is unfortunate enough to not be Harvest Moon into the farming simulation game they were always meant to be. Here, in true naturalist fashion, I present my field notes in the hope that we may go on to tame this new frontier together. (more…)