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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim's fishing minigame is a reel missed opportunityNov 25, 2021 - EurogamerI have, once again, taken the bait. Along with the launch of Skyrim Anniversary Edition, Skyrim Special Edition received an update recently to celebrate the game's 10th birthday, and it introduced something rather important: Skyrim's first official fishing minigame. It's a Creation Club add-on complete with fishing mechanics, quests and special rewards. And so, with the promise of fantastical fish in mind, last weekend I found myself trundling down a mountain in the back of a familiar cart. The reason I was so excited for this addition - beyond the mere appeal of something new being added to Skyrim - is that I'm an amateur angler myself. Ever since I was a tiddler I've been float fishing for pollock and bass: I've tried my hand at coarse fishing, spinning for trout in Scottish lochs, and even fly fishing (with varying degrees of success). Over the past year I had great success as a mackerel angler in Brighton, bringing in table fare for my extremely appreciative flatmates. All of which meant I was eager to see what Skyrim's mystical waters had to offer. A vast number of games boast fishing minigames, of course, and there are equally myriad ways to implement the act of fishing. Some games opt for a more "arcadey", intense version of fishing - Animal Crossing: New Horizons makes little attempt to emulate real fishing techniques, but provides challenge through float placement and tricky timing windows for bites. Other games take a more peaceful approach, encouraging anglers to admire their surroundings. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a great example of this, as while its fishing minigame provides a fair bit of depth (including bait selection and reeling techniques), it's also not afraid to make the player wait and soak up the game's atmosphere. Read more Skyrim update adds more issues for moddersNov 23, 2021 - EurogamerA new update for Skyrim Anniversary Edition fixes an issue with black screens. Unfortunately it also breaks mods. What's more, because the recently released Anniversary Edition is actually an upgrade to the previously released Special Edition, the update will affect owners of either version. Players had reported an issue with the game where the screen would show black with the music still playing. Read more These mods turn Skyrim into BorderlandsNov 21, 2021 - PCGamesNThere have been many great mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that update the graphics, change various parts of the visuals and even bring in features from other games - but there aren't many that completely overhaul Skyrim's visuals to make it look like another game entirely, like one modder has done to make it look like Borderlands. The Skyrim Borderlands mod - or rather, series of mods - completely changes the game's visuals to give the world of Tamriel a distinctive cel-shaded look inspired by Gearbox's Borderlands series. The mod series by Kanjs isn't complete yet as it's only in beta, but they have already overhauled many characters, creatures, textures, locations, the sky, and even just general clutter so it looks more like Borderlands. You can find the full list of mods you'll need to download here to get the look working. Although Kanjs admits that it all needs "some polish" the change is pretty striking, as you can see in the video below. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Here's how to avoid the Skyrim modpocalypse Happy Skyrim day! Fans are celebrating with Sea of Thieves tunes and Doom-style Dragonborn Skyrim: Anniversary Edition's price has been revealed This Skyrim VR mod harnesses your brain signals to boost your spell powerNov 16, 2021 - PC GamerFor decades, scientists and researchers have been working on creating brain-computer and brain-machine interfaces. In a nutshell (which I cracked by reading a few paragraphs of an extremely long article on Wikipedia), our brain uses electrical impulses that can be detected, measured and, in some cases, translated to control things like prosthetic limbs or even to operate computers... Read more.Skyrim Anniversary Edition is an insubstantial update that I will play for a substantial number of hoursNov 16, 2021 - PC GamerI can't believe Skyrim has got its hooks in me again. How much of my life can I dedicate to playing this one singleplayer game? A lot more, it turns out. The Anniversary Edition, which appeared last week, has been an excuse rather than a reason. Unlike the Special Edition, this is just some DLC that includes a bunch of premium Creation Club mods, the vast majority which were available already. It's not this lacklustre DLC that's driven me back into Skyrim's arms—it's Skyrim itself. A decade on, nothing else has come around that can topple its place in my heart... Read more.Skyrim 10th Anniversary concert previews Starfield musicNov 12, 2021 - VG247The London Symphony Orchestra and London Voices recently put on a performance of the soundtrack to The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim to celebrate its tenth anniversary. As part of this concert, the orchestra also played a suite of music from upcoming Bethesda space game Starfield, making the concert one of the most complete glimpses into what the final game will sound like. Starfield Suite, which comprises of nearly ten minutes of new music, takes many cues from big space operas like Star Wars while having a sound all its own, swirling gentle moments in with its big, bombastic crescendos. Of course, since Starfield is an open world game, quiet moments are going to be important. You don’t want the soundtrack going hard the entire time. We’ve heard where the game is going conceptually before. Bethesda recently released a video discussing the game’s setting, the Settled Systems, as well as three of its factions. The video also showed some concept art of what the game will look like, but nothing as complete as the music previewed in the orchestral performance. Read more Remembering Skyrim: Our fondest and funniest memories of the legendary RPGNov 11, 2021 - PC Gamert long last, we can stop calling Skyrim 'nearly a decade old.' As of November 11, 2021, The Elder Scrolls 5 is officially in the double digits... Read more.Here's how to avoid the Skyrim modpocalypseNov 11, 2021 - PCGamesNSkyrim: Anniversary Edition is here, and with it, the event that the community has taken to calling the 'modpocalypse'. An update to Skyrim Special Edition changes the game in such a way that some mods - those which directly interact with the game's code - would break. The worst of the issues have been averted thanks to early work from the community, but for now there's still work to be done. Here's what you need to know to keep your favourite Skyrim mods running. On PC, Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is a DLC upgrade for Skyrim Special Edition which includes all previously-released Creation Club content. A free update for Special Edition includes some of that content, and makes changes to the base game which render native code mods incompatible. Skyrim Script Extender, otherwise known as SKSE and required for many mods, has already been updated to work with the Anniversary Edition update. This was the biggest concern players had regarding the incoming 'modpocalypse'. Creator Extrwi received early access to the Anniversary update from Bethesda, and published a new version of SKSE on Reddit earlier today. "Due to the large amount of manual code rewrite required for this release, the possibility for bugs is higher than usual," Extrwi says. "That said, things seem to be working better than expected." Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Happy Skyrim day! Fans are celebrating with Sea of Thieves tunes and Doom-style Dragonborn Skyrim: Anniversary Edition's price has been revealed Skyrim's expansive lore library is now 45% off on Amazon 15 years after Oblivion, Skyrim Anniversary Edition throws in free horse armorNov 11, 2021 - PC GamerSkyrim Anniversary Edition has arrived, with a few freebies for people who own Skyrim Special Edition and more than 500 extras for those willing to buy the new edition. But there's an added bonus, which is also a long-running meme—the famous (and at the time, controversial) horse armor from Oblivion is free for Skyrim via the Creation Club... Read more.Happy Skyrim day! Fans are celebrating with Sea of Thieves tunes and Doom-style DragonbornNov 11, 2021 - PCGamesNSkyrim fans, rejoice! It's the iconic fantasy game's tenth anniversary today and there's a very big, official celebration of this with the launch of its Anniversary Edition, as well as a fan celebration and concert streaming later today. Fans are showing their love for the behemoth RPG in their own ways, too - and we decided to round up some of the ones that caught our eye in honour of Skyrim's birthday. First up, Redditor HarryOsbornArt has shared the full range of 12 artworks they've created to celebrate the game's decade out in the wild, each of which centres on one of the many distinctive helmets found in the game. You can check these out via the embed below - and, as the Bethesda ANZ Twitter account recently posted, they do indeed look incredible. Starting with the classic Dragonborn helmet seen across the game's trailers and marketing materials embedded in the snow - apt given the game's set in Tamriel's frostiest climes - there are plenty of other gorgeous artworks drawing on various armour themes. There's the Eastmarch guards' kit, gleaming golden Dwarven armour, and (my absolute favourite) Nordic Carved armour. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Here's how to avoid the Skyrim modpocalypse Skyrim: Anniversary Edition's price has been revealed Skyrim's expansive lore library is now 45% off on Amazon Skyrim console commands: become a giant, a ghost, or a living godNov 10, 2021 - PC GamerWant to use Skyrim console commands to skip past the peskier parts of your adventures? You already know Bleak Falls Barrow like the back of your hand. You know all the words to Ragnar the Red, and The Dragonborn Comes. But have you made yourself a giant and fought against actual giants? Have you flown through the air from Riften to Solitude just to take in the sights? Have you spawned a hundred wheels of cheese?.. Read more.Todd Howard wants more depth and better AI in future Bethesda gamesNov 9, 2021 - PC GamerSkyrim turns 10 this week, and despite being a bit long in the tooth it's still arguably the best Bethesda Game Studios RPG of the century. The wait for its follow-up—known only as The Elder Scrolls 6 at this stage—is still a way off: as of June it was still in its "design" phase and besides, Starfield is set to release in November next year... Read more.Skyrim Anniversary Edition pricing announced ahead of Nov 11th releaseNov 5, 2021 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunSkyrim: Anniversary Edition was announced just a couple of months ago and is due to launch next week on November 11th, Skyrim's 10th birthday. Ahead of the release, Bethesda have parped out an FAQ including its launch price: £48/$50/€55. Read more Skyrim: Anniversary Edition's price has been revealedNov 5, 2021 - PCGamesNNext week, Skyrim gets a special new Anniversary Edition to celebrate ten years since the iconic fantasy RPG launched. So far, we know that the edition will bring brand-new content inspired by Oblivion and Morrowind, every single bit of content ever released via the Creation Club, and a free update that adds fishing to Tamriel (complete with aquariums), among other things. Now, a new FAQ gives us some more info - including the Anniversary Edition's prices. As revealed in the FAQ post shared today, the MSRP for the Skyrim Anniversary Edition will be USD$49.99 / EUR€54.99 / GBP£47.99 / AUD$79.95 on digital storefronts at launch. If you already own the game's Special Edition, you always have the option of just going for the Anniversary upgrade, though, with this adding all the Creation Club content available at the time of the new edition's launch in one bundle. If you've already got Skyrim Special Edition, the Anniversary upgrade will have an MSRP of USD$19.99 / EUR€19.99 / GBP£15.99 / AUD$29.95 on digital storefronts when it launches. As Bethesda notes, this can vary depending on which store you head to and the region you're based in, so exact prices might differ from this. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Skyrim's expansive lore library is now 45% off on Amazon The Skyrim board game lets you meet that guy before he took the arrow to the knee This Skyrim mod overhauls a bunch of Khajiit to reflect Elder Scrolls lore Skyrim's expansive lore library is now 45% off on AmazonNov 4, 2021 - PCGamesNIf you've never been deep inside a Draugr barrow, stuffing your pockets with books and then shuffling carefully through halls of the undead because you're over-encumbered, then frankly, you've never really played Skyrim. But there's another way to enjoy the vast lore of Tamriel (besides storing all the books in one of your multitudinous Skyrim houses): physical copies of the books from the Skyrim world come bundled together in three gorgeous volumes as the 'Skyrim Library', and they're now 45% off on Amazon, bringing the price down to $57.99. It looks like Black Friday has come early. The Skyrim Library contains three different hardback volumes. The first book, The Histories, delves deep into the history of Skyrim and its peoples. The second volume is Man, Mer and Beast, offering insights into the variety of fantastic creatures that inhabit Tamriel's northern reaches. Finally, the third volume, The Arcane, shares lots of fascinating details about magic and the religions you'll encounter while playing the game. Each book is filled with the contents of the tomes that you can find scattered throughout the world on your adventures among the Nords, and accompanied by beautiful artwork from the game's creators. The whole set is presented in a deluxe collector's slipcase decorated with an iconic scene from the game. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Best Black Friday gaming monitor deals Best Black Friday gaming laptop deals Best Black Friday gaming headset deals You'll 'cross paths' with the Dragonborn in the Skyrim board gameNov 2, 2021 - PC GamerEarlier this year we learned Skyrim was coming to yet another platform: tabletops. The Skyrim board game was announced back in February , and today crowdfunding for the 1-4 player board game has finally opened on Kickstarter-alternative Gamefound . Gosh, I hope it gets fully funded... Read more.The Skyrim board game lets you meet that guy before he took the arrow to the kneeNov 2, 2021 - PCGamesNYes, friends - ten years later and it's time to pick up a new version of Skyrim. Well, besides the Anniversary Edition, I mean. Bethesda's most ubiquitous RPG is coming to tabletop with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Adventure Game, which has just launched for crowdfunding and has already met its initial funding goals. Skyrim - The Adventure Game is £82 (around $112 USD) during the crowdfunding period, but that price will go up to £100 (around $136 USD) after the proper launch. Two additional expansion sets - Dawnguard and From the Ashes - bulk up the content with more stories to play through and more pieces to play with. The first round of copies launch in August 2022. But what is the game, anyway? It's a cooperative board game for one to four players, where you create a character, draw event cards to see how the story unfolds, and play through a narrative as you gather new gear and level up. Previews of the rulebook and scenario book are available from publisher Modiphius if you want a closer look at what to expect. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Skyrim's expansive lore library is now 45% off on Amazon This Skyrim mod overhauls a bunch of Khajiit to reflect Elder Scrolls lore Skyrim: Anniversary Edition adds a brand-new quest line inspired by Oblivion This Skyrim mod overhauls a bunch of Khajiit to reflect Elder Scrolls loreNov 2, 2021 - PCGamesNThe Khajiit are one of the coolest races in Skyrim. Lynx-like in how they appear in the 2011 RPG and originating from the land of Elsweyr, they're known for their sneaking and melee skills, thanks to their talon-like claws. Now, a modder has made the Khajiit even greater by adding a whole lot more variety to the types that you'll encounter in Skyrim, which reflects the many different versions found in their lore. Modder allonsywisegirl says their Project Ja-Kha'Jay - Khajiit Diversity Overhaul mod changes the appearances of some of the game's Khajiit to "add some (lore-friendly!) diversity". While there are 17 different known types of Khajiit in Elder Scrolls lore, the mod adds an extra six variants on top of the base game's one option, which - as the modder says - appears to reflect the Cathay-type Khajiit. These include a range of types that are pretty different to the ones you might have seen in Skyrim and wider Elder Scrolls series so far. For example, there are the Ohmes, which did feature in the very first game, Arena, back in 1994. They're far more humanoid in their appearance than many of the Khajiit and they're pretty similar to the Bosmer wood elves, according to the series' lore. There are also the Ohmes-Raht, which are taller and a little more feline than their Ohmes cousins, with light fur and a long tail. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: The Skyrim board game lets you meet that guy before he took the arrow to the knee Skyrim: Anniversary Edition adds a brand-new quest line inspired by Oblivion Skyrim modder adds fully voiced "good guy" expansion to House of Horrors quest Yep, Skyrim has spider grenadesOct 31, 2021 - PC GamerThe other week on the Skyrim subreddit, a player explained that, despite years of playing Bethesda's vehicle for cool mods, they'd come across something they'd never seen before: craftable spiders you can throw at people. Spiders that explode into flame, jumping shock spiders, poison spiders, mind control spiders, and more. Over the next several days, players either admitted they hadn't noticed them either, or crankily declared that everybody knows about the Skyrim mind control spider grenades, come on... Read more.Skyrim Anniversary Edition includes new quests based on Morrowind and OblivionOct 29, 2021 - PC GamerNovember marks 10 years since Skyrim was released, and to celebrate the occasion Bethesda is offering you yet another chance to spend money on yet another version of Skyrim. Sort of... Read more.