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The Elder Scrolls Online

Daily Login Rewards—June 2024May 28, 2024 - Community Announcements Take a peek at some of the in-game rewards you can earn simply by logging in to The Elder Scrolls Online this June. Whether you and your fellow heroes are exploring West Weald or just beginning your ESO saga, you won’t want to miss out on this month’s tantalizing login rewards. Curious to learn more about Daily Login Rewards? Check out this help article to discover all you need to know! Now, let's take a peek at some of the highlights you can receive throughout June 2024: Seals of Endeavor—Day 7 Your Endeavors Pay Off! Log in this June and lay claim to a whopping 500 Seals of Endeavor, helping you obtain that one Crown Crate item you’ve had your eye on. Learn more about Seals of Endeavor and how to gain them in this help blog. Instant All Research Scroll x10—Day 14 Learn New Crafting Traits Swiftly Expedite the process needed to unlock new Blacksmithing, Clothing, Woodworking, and Jewelry crafting traits by one day through this set of ten Instant All Research Scrolls, available on day 14! 100,000 Gold—Day 21 Gleaming, Glittering Gold! If your coin purse is a little light, don’t worry. We’ve prepared a care package of 100,000 Gold for you to snag after your 21st login this month. You can use these newly obtained riches to help fund your adventures in Gold Road but try not to spend it all at once! This is just a brief preview of the 30 login rewards you can claim each day this month. If you’d like to view the full list, head over to the Daily Rewards section of the in-game Crown Store on June 1 to learn more! Are you excited to enjoy these complimentary login rewards while adventuring in the new Gold Road Chapter? Let us know via X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, and Facebook. Enjoy Bonus Gold, XP, & More as the Explorer’s Celebration ReturnsMay 23, 2024 - Community Announcements Explore the far reaches of Tamriel and receive bonus rewards during the Explorer’s Celebration! Starting today, May 23 at 10AM EDT, and running until May 28 at 10AM EDT, the Explorer’s Celebration returns, granting you bonus rewards as you explore Tamriel. During the bonus period, ESO’s intrepid explorers can enjoy the following: Increased drops from harvest nodes (this does not include fishing or creature drops such as leather)+100% XP gains from every source These bonuses stack with other XP boosts such as scrolls or group multipliers+100% gold earned from monster kills, quest rewards, and similar sources These bonuses are available in all of ESO’s zones! From the maddening stacks of Apocrypha to the serene isle of Artaeum, you can earn additional rewards no matter where you go! Remember, the Explorer’s Celebration isn’t a quest- or ticket-based event, and no unique achievements or collectibles are available. Additionally, the Impresario’s shop will remain closed during this period as the merchant takes a bit of time for herself. The Explorer’s Celebration runs for a limited time, so get exploring and have fun! The Explorer’s Celebration starts on May 23 at 10AM EDT, and it runs until Tuesday, May 28 at 10AM EDT. Experimenting with ESO's story after ten years of adding new chaptersMay 22, 2024 - PCGamesNKeeping things fresh in a game like ESO must be an incredible challenge. Ten years after launch it's still going strong, with new chapters regularly being released. The danger, however, is that things could get formulaic. We could simply go to a new area, fight a new danger, and come back to tell the tale. Thankfully, Zenimax Online Studios is aware of this trap and is taking steps to avoid it. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: ESO and how ZeniMax Online Studios chooses where new chapters are set How after ten years ESO is still a "deliciously weird stew" Elder Scrolls Online to give away free player house next month Gold Road Preview—Lucent Citadel & Mirrormoor IncursionsMay 22, 2024 - Community Announcements The Forgotten Prince Ithelia returns in the Gold Road Chapter, and with the Prince of Paths comes strange new group challenges that you and your allies will need to overcome together. This includes both the Lucent Citadel, an all-new 12-player Trial, and Mirrormoor Incursions, new West Weald world events. Brave the Lucent Citadel “The Lucent Citadel is an ancient Daedric vault located in the wastelands of Fargrave, and until recently the monstrous residents of the citadel have been dormant,” says Senior Content Designer Shane Slama. “Ithelia’s return has triggered their awakening and attracted a number of interested parties in search of something called the Arcane Knot.” Alarmingly, these parties seem to have conflicting agendas for the Knot, and they are willing to do anything to get their hands on it. “Your old ally Keshargo from Scrivener’s Hall was dispatched by Hermorah and the Scribes of Mora to secure the Knot, but after setting up a base camp, they were attacked by a Dremora called Xoryn. Keshargo needs all the help he can get in stopping Xoryn and finding a way to extract the volatile Arcane Knot from the Citadel.” The Lucent Citadel awaits Be warned, the path through the Lucent Citadel will not be easy for you and your allies, with all sorts of unusual monsters and magic at play. Every encounter, whether with any of the four total bosses or their assorted minions, will test your party’s power and ingenuity. “As you adventure through the Citadel and chase after Xoryn, you’ll encounter a mix of awoken Mirrormoor creatures and Xoryn’s powerful allies,” explains Slama. “These include Lightbringers that can reanimate the dead and Darkcasters that attempt to suffocate their targets with a mounting darkness.” “Not all the challenges inside the citadel are combat-focused.” adds Slama. “There are moments where your path to Xoryn requires more than running, jumping, or falling. Being light on your feet won’t be enough. You’ll have to ditch your feet entirely and try your best to avoid looking down!” Be knot afraid As with any Trial, the Lucent Citadel features new ways to challenge you and your group. This is especially so for the final encounter, which is completely different from anything the team has done before. “The constant that runs throughout the trial is the presence of light magic and dark magic, and learning how the two clash is important,” says Slama. “Be warned, the Arcane Knot is unstable and chaotic, and once it has been disturbed, it must always have a carrier bonded to it. However, a single adventurer is not going to be able to shoulder the burden of this powerful object alone. When the time comes, remember that sharing is caring!” Turn Back Mirrormoor Incurs...ESO and how ZeniMax Online Studios chooses where new chapters are setMay 17, 2024 - PCGamesNTen years is a long time to actively develop a game, especially one as ambitious and broad as ESO. Over those years we've seen many areas in Tamriel, and other places like planes of Oblivion, become opened up for exploration. From the Systres Archipelago to Vvardenfell, we've been to a ton of places on and off Nirn, and there's plenty yet to come. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: How after ten years ESO is still a "deliciously weird stew" Elder Scrolls Online to give away free player house next month New Elder Scrolls Online DLC hits PTS, and you can try before you buy Follow-up Q&A from ESO 10-Year Celebration Event Community RoundtableMay 17, 2024 - Community Announcements Hi everyone! Below are some questions we received during the in-person Community Roundtable session at the ESO 10-Year Celebration Event in April that we promised to follow up with answers. We hope you find these answers helpful! Q: Has there been any consideration for guild mounts that show off the guild tabard in some way? (Maybe a raised banner?) What would that take? A: We love this idea and hear it often from our many players in guilds. We’ve talked about this internally over the years as well. It’s one of those things that is quite a bit trickier on the technical side than it sounds due to how guild tabards and overhead guild nameplates are coded, players being able to be in five guilds, etc. Know that we are aware of the desire for this as a guild feature. Q: Have there been any discussions about integrated voice chat for PC/Mac, even if just to coordinate for instanced group content? Sometimes people don’t want to install new apps to talk with each other and instead opt to communicate via in-game chat. This is especially painful for pick-up groups. A: While many players do opt to use Discord or other external voice chat solutions, we understand the pick-up group communication pain point. We’ve discussed integrated voice chat for PC/Mac servers and while it’s not a hard “No, never”, this is another one that requires a significant technical investment and isn’t something we currently have on the roadmap. Q: What happens to guilds if the guild leader passes away? What is the official process for passing on the role of guild leader? A: If a guild leader becomes inactive for at least 60 days, for any reason, someone from the guild can contact Customer Support to request transfer of the guild leader role. From there, we look to transfer the role of guild leader to the person who meets the following criteria: Active within the last 60 days A member of the next highest rank in the guild (one of the guild’s existing “officers”) The person who has been in the guild the longest, if everyone else is the same guild rank Not already the leader of another guild We use this specific ranking system because it is fair, neutral, and allows us to be consistent. It also helps us minimize situations where guild leadership is stolen, passed to a newer member of the guild, etc. Once guild leadership is transferred, that person is welcome to pass it to someone else in the guild if they wish. While it is a bit more involved, there is also a process in place if someone wants or needs to claim a deceased family member’s account. This process is in accordance with similar laws related to what happens to online accounts when someone passes away. Q: Will we ever get proper guild halls in ESO? A: We love the idea of guild halls in ESO and recognize that our community has asked for them since the game launched. We have had many internal conversations about them over the years. The...Scribing’s Developers Share Their Favorite Hand-Crafted AbilitiesMay 15, 2024 - Community Announcements Discover how the new Scribing System's own developers are utilizing the Gold Road feature to create custom abilities. Arriving as part of The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road Chapter (landing June 3 on PC/Mac and June 18 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles), the Scribing System allows you to create your own custom-made abilities from a variety of initial options, called Grimoires. Be it to better serve a specific role, increase overall strength or utility, or create new opportunities for roleplay, this system grants you the power to further tailor your builds to your heart’s content. But how will ESO’s developers make use of Scribing when the Gold Road Chapter launches in June? We reached out to a few key members of the development team behind the new system and asked them for their favorite custom-made abilities. Gilliam—Combat Designer As someone who spends a lot of their time tinkering and iterating, I have a very hard time picking favorites, especially from this system. That said, I am particularly fond of the Elemental Explosion Grimoire, as it leans heavily into the super powerful mage archetype where you cast a high-risk, high-reward spell with a longer commitment time. Due to this high amount of commitment, it changes how I view many combat encounters, where I need to plan and adapt to opportunistic moments to activate and land it. Being able to charge up a super powerful area effect attack that rewards thoughtful activation and placement nails a really satisfying feeling that you can’t get with a lot of other abilities. "Repelling Explosion” Pairing this with the Knockback Focus turns it into an ultra-satisfying disruption tool, letting chaos abound, which brings me some simple joy and lots of laughs. Tack on the Warmage’s Defense Signature for a scaling damage shield based on the number of targets I hit, and the Cowardice Affix to reduce the unlucky victims’ Weapon and Spell Damage, and I can now tank plenty of damage from all the aggro it’ll generate from the people I’ve displaced in PvP. Cullen Lee—Senior Systems Designer One of the Grimoires I’m most excited for is Soul Burst, which you earn at the end of the Scribing quest line. This unleashes a powerful burst of soul magic around you, providing an instant point-blank area of effect. Simple and flexible! When I’m playing Infinite Archive on my Necromancer tank and things get hectic, sometimes I’ll spot an Infuser about to empower their buddies and I’ll struggle to target them with a bash in time. So, I’m really excited for the Interrupt Affix–even if an Infuser tries to hide behind their friends, I can still easily interrupt their cast thanks to Soul Burst’s eight-meter radius. “Shocking Burs...How after ten years ESO is still a "deliciously weird stew"May 14, 2024 - PCGamesNIf you've only casually passed by an Elder Scrolls game you might assume they're pretty generic. Swords, elves, goblins, orcs, dragons, all stuff the fantasy world has seen a million times before. It takes a while to get to know that the Elder Scrolls series is weird. Seriously weird. I was able to ask narrative director Bill Slavicsek and loremaster Michael Zenke how ESO keeps that weird flag flying. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Elder Scrolls Online to give away free player house next month New Elder Scrolls Online DLC hits PTS, and you can try before you buy ESO players to get compensation due to lengthy locked account issues Earn a New Skin with this Special 10-Year Anniversary AchievementMay 13, 2024 - Community Announcements Learn about an all-new Achievement and reward coming with the Gold Road Chapter and Update 42. Since 2014, The Elder Scrolls Online has enjoyed 10 years of adventure, taking you and your fellow players from the myriad provinces of Tamriel to the otherworldly planes of Oblivion. As part of our ongoing 10-Year Anniversary Celebration, we are adding an all-new Achievement that celebrates and showcases the game’s ever-growing world, titled Adventurer Across a Decade. This new Achievement arrives with the launch of the Gold Road Chapter and Update 42 in June, and it touches on practically every zone and main story quest in the game. To earn Adventurer Across a Decade, you need to complete the following: Earn the Hero of the Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant, and Ebonheart Pact Achievements*Complete ESO’s main storyline and triumph against Molag BalComplete the main storylines for the following zones:ColdharbourCraglornWrothgarHew’s BaneGold CoastVvardenfellClockwork CitySummersetMurkmireNorthern ElsweyrSouthern ElsweyrWestern SkyrimThe ReachBlackwoodThe DeadlandsHigh IsleGalenTelvanni Peninsula and ApocryphaWest Weald That’s a lot of questing, but don’t worry—if you’ve previously completed the story quests (and earned the Achievements) for any of the above zones, they will be automatically counted when Update 42 is live. Upon earning this new achievement, you’ll also unlock an exclusive skin: Fractured Glory. 10 years unbroken Whether you adventure alone or with allies, this unique skin will allow you to proudly show your dedication to the game and mark you as a true veteran of Tamriel’s Second Era. Are you excited to earn this new 10-Year Celebration Achievement? Which zone storylines do you need to complete? There’s still time before Gold Road and Update 42 launch in June! Let us know via X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, and Facebook. The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road arrives for PC/Mac on June 3, 2024, and for Xbox and PlayStation consoles on June 18, 2024. Pre-purchase Gold Road now to receive unique bonus rewards at launch and immediate access to the Welkyndstone Ruins Wolf mount. Don’t miss out! *Awarded by completing a certain number of quests in each of the Alliances’ key zones—check the Achievement tab in your Journal for all the details. Listen to The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom Soundtrack Online Now!May 10, 2024 - Community Announcements Grab your copy of the ESO: Necrom Official Soundtrack, now available for digital purchase and download! Immerse yourself in the weird and wonderful worlds of Apocrypha and the Telvanni Peninsula with the melodies featured on The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom Official Soundtrack. You can get your hands on the collection right now from the following platforms: Apple MusicSpotifyAmazon Music Are you going to add the Necrom soundtrack to your music library? Let us know via X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, and Facebook! Gold Road Zone Preview—West WealdMay 6, 2024 - Community Announcements Learn about West Weald, its myriad threats, and the valuable rewards you can obtain while exploring this new zone, coming soon with the Gold Road Chapter. Beset by Mystery The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road, arriving June 3 on PC/Mac and June 18 on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, introduces West Weald, a brand-new zone filled with unique locations, quests, challenges, and rewards for Tamriel’s intrepid adventurers to uncover. While exploring West Weald, you’ll discover the geography of this prosperous Imperial region is far from uniform and is divided into three regions: the Gold Road, the Colovian Highlands, and Dawnwood. Visit Skingrad in the Second Era Both the Colovian Highlands and the Gold Road are primarily home to the local Imperials, including the wealthy city of Skingrad. From the rocky reaches and vineyards of the highlands to the temperate and well-traveled Gold Road, the area is ruled by Count Calantius, who shepherded the region away from the strife in Cyrodiil. However, recent events have introduced brand-new dangers and mysteries to the region. “The big threat to West Weald is not knowing what’s going on,” explains Ed Stark, Gold Road’s Zone Lead. “Everything that’s happening seemingly happened overnight. And the ‘Mirrormoor Incursions’ popping up across the region? No one knows where these new Daedra are coming from or how to stop them.” In addition to this new Daedric threat, a mysterious jungle recently emerged from the region’s southwest border. Known as Dawnwood, this region has rapidly become home to newly arrived Wood Elves. Explore the emergent Dawnwood “The inhabitants of Dawnwood are Valenwood Elves who ‘followed nature’ to West Weald,” shares Stark. “Following their chieftain—now king—Nantharion to the new land, they were surprised to see the ruins of Colovian buildings (and more than a few confused Colovians) in the region, but they have mostly acted as peaceful immigrants.” In addition to the Daedric incursions and settling Wood Elves, the region’s final mystery lies not in the influx of new arrivals, but in the twisted lands of the Wildburn. “The Wildburn is the forward edge of whatever magic created the jungle growth of Dawnwood,” Stark hints. “Whatever energy or magic caused the explosive jungle growth clashed with the natural flora and fauna. This left a region of devastation and created wildburn creatures, animals corrupted by the clash of magic and nature.” Investigate the Wildburn As you explore this new zone, you’ll have to unravel these mysteries and uncover the source of the chaos that has enveloped West Weald. West Weald Threatened When adventuri...Anniversary Spotlight—Make A Home Away from Home with These Free Housing RewardsMay 2, 2024 - Community Announcements Homeowners across Tamriel can claim the Sword-Singer’s Redoubt House and friendly houseguests for FREE during May’s 10-Year Anniversary promotion. There’s No Place Like Home Part of the ongoing 10-Year Anniversary Celebration, the “Anniversary Spotlight—Hearth & Home” kicks off today and continues until Friday, May 31, 2024. If you’re a weary adventurer in need of a place to call home, you can pick up the all-new FREE Sword-Singer’s Redoubt house and various other goodies during the promotional period. Log in to claim this home Collecting your complementary household is as simple as claiming the Sword-Singer’s Redoubt as part of this month’s Daily Login Rewards. You’ll need to log in during May three times to get it—don't miss out! Of course, to transform this desert oasis into your new home, you’ll need to decorate! Luckily, starting today, you can pick up various furnishings and houseguests on discount in the in-game Crown Store. Host Friendly Houseguests During the promotion period, you can claim the Necrom Guard Miraso houseguest from the in-game Crown Store free after earning the Party Planner achievement. To unlock this achievement, have three players visit your home simultaneously. Better start sending out those invitations! Additionally, you can also claim the Alchemy Houseguest free from the in-game Crown Store after completing the Expert Resin Harvester and Novice Alchemy Furnisher achievements. To earn the Expert Resin Harvester achievement, harvest 25 Alchemical Resin, and to unlock the Novice Alchemy Furnisher, learn any Alchemy formula. Unlock these two houseguests free! Build Upon Your Endeavors Throughout the Anniversary Spotlight, Daily and Weekly Endeavors will more frequently feature challenges related to housing, with increased rewards received upon completion. These include placing furnishings. Welcome Home! Experience the vast sea of opportunities for customization and decoration that came with owning your own household in Tamriel during the Anniversary Spotlight—Hearth & Home! Don’t miss your chance to claim valuable free rewards during this promotion period, taking place between now and May 31. How will you transform the Sword-Singer’s Redoubt into your dream home? Share screenshots of the finished product with us via X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, and Facebook. Crown Store Showcase—May 2024May 1, 2024 - Community Announcements Check out these ancient artifacts, furry friends, and loads of furnishings that will transform your modest house into a palace, all arriving in the in-game Crown Store this May! Take a peek at all the items arriving in the in-game Crown Store during May 2024. You can also check out what is currently available on the Crown Store page. Do any of these goodies catch your eye? Visit the Buy Crowns page to acquire as many crowns as you need! Certain items and offers will be available for a limited time only, so be sure to read their details below and don't miss out. Click Here to view the Crown Store Showcase—May 2024Elder Scrolls Online to give away free player house next monthApr 29, 2024 - PCGamesNSince 2018 Elder Scrolls Online players have been rewarded for the simple act of logging in. Each month comes with its own rewards track giving players a little incentive to not just pop into the game but head in every single day. Now, some of May's rewards have been released for ESO and players are looking down the barrel at one of the most rewarding months since the system was first introduced. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: New Elder Scrolls Online DLC hits PTS, and you can try before you buy ESO players to get compensation due to lengthy locked account issues The Elder Scrolls Online is getting one of Morrowind's best features Daily Login Rewards—May 2024Apr 29, 2024 - Community Announcements Keep cozy with a comfortable pile of rewards available just by logging in this May 2024. There are some huge login rewards coming to The Elder Scrolls Online you can claim in the month of May, including an entire house! Check out what exactly you can get below. Curious about Daily Login Rewards? Learn more by reading this help article. Sword-Singer’s Redoubt—Day 3 Stay cool in the desert sun Make Hammerfell your home and get comfortable in this brand-new in-game house situated on the border of the Alik’r Desert and Bangkorai. Enjoy crystal caverns, oasis waters, and wide spans of sand and stone as part of the design of this remarkable reward. You’ll receive the unfurnished house on just your third day of logins this month, starting things off with something spectacular. Speaking of spectacular, this house could be hinting at something special! You’ll have to wait and see… Scalecaller Crown Crates—Days 4-8 Plunder Scalecaller’s hoard Claim one crate a day for five days to collect five Scalecaller Crown Crates in total. You’ll unlock creepy collectibles themed around Scalecaller Peak and Fang Lair, many of which are available for preview in this blog. Seals of Endeavor—Day 10 Endeavor to get something nice More Seals of Endeavor make their way to you this month, helping you unlock the Crown Crate item of your dreams. Log in to claim a hefty purse of 500 Seals as your tenth daily reward this month. You can learn more about Seals of Endeavor in this blog. Bruma Spotted Pig pet—Day 14 Too cute—don’t even think about bacon! Don’t you dare mention pork pies around this friendly fellow. He’s far too charming to eat, but definitely a good option for head pats. Xanmeer Crown Crates—Days 16-20 Treasures reclaimed from the mire More Crown Crates? That’s right, there’s another set of five crates that will be claimable over five more days. Acquiring all of them requires logging in at least twenty days in total, which seems like no time at all according to the Argonians of Black Marsh. You can preview a selection of the items available in the Xanmeer Crown Crates in this blog. As fabulous as these rewards are, they are far from the only items on offer. To see everything, start your logins on May 1 and take a look at the full list! We think you’ll find this month quite welcoming, so come right into Tamriel and make yourself at home. Which of the upcoming rewards are you most excited for? Let us know via X (formerly Twitt...New Elder Scrolls Online DLC hits PTS, and you can try before you buyApr 28, 2024 - PCGamesNNew Elder Scrolls Online chapter Gold Road is just over a month out, but you can jump in right now and give the next ESO DLC a look ahead of time. The Elder Scrolls 6 might still be a distant speck on the horizon, but if you're eager for a new story in Bethesda's fantasy realms then ESO is here for you. The latest PTS update includes all the core Gold Road content, like the new scribing system, and in even better news you can jump in for free even if you haven't yet preordered the expansion. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: ESO players to get compensation due to lengthy locked account issues The Elder Scrolls Online is getting one of Morrowind's best features One of the best single-player MMOs is cheap, and needs no subscription Gold Road Chapter & Update 42 Now Live on the PC/Mac Public Test Server!Apr 27, 2024 - Community Announcements Wander paths untraveled by testing the new Gold Road Chapter and Update 42 base-game patch on the PC/Mac Public Test Server! It’s that time again—time to get an early look at ESO’s upcoming content and make the game better while you do so! The Public Test Server (PTS) has been updated to include the content from the Gold Road Chapter, including the new Scribing system, as well as the Update 42 base-game patch. To access the PTS environment, go to the Settings menu within the PC/Mac ESO launcher by toggling the “Show Public Test Environment” option. You can then download and access the test environment. Don’t forget to leave feedback and report any bugs you come across by typing “/feedback” or “/bug” in chat. The PTS is open to any PC/Mac players, regardless of whether they own ESO or have pre-purchased Gold Road, so if you’d like to get your first look at the upcoming Chapter and more, be sure to jump in! For everything you need to know about Gold Road, Update 42, and this particular test, visit the PTS Patch Notes on the official ESO forums. Are you excited for your first in-game look at West Weald and the all-new Daedric Prince? Let us know via X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, or Facebook! The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road and Update 42 arrive June 3 on PC/Mac, and June 18 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Enjoy Mountain Dew to Unlock a Free Mount, Experience Scroll, & MoreApr 26, 2024 - Community Announcements Get your hands on some Mountain Dew and you’ll unlock in-game rewards, including the Karthwolf Charger mount, XP scrolls, and more. Right now, when you grab specially marked bottles of Mountain Dew, you can earn unique codes that allow you to unlock free in-game ESO items including: Karthwolf Charger mountGold Coast Experience Scroll* Unlock these rewards with Mountain Dew! To get started, visit the Mountain Dew Gaming Rewards official website, select Enter Code, register an account, and follow the prompts. You can then enter codes from any specially marked bottle of Mountain Dew and claim gaming rewards, including the above mount and experience scroll plus other Xbox goodies. Note that this promotion is available only for those who reside in North America. Enjoy a refreshing Mountain Dew and you’ll unlock points for in-game rewards—easy! Are you planning to get your hands on the Karthwolf Charger mount and experience scroll? Let us know via X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, and Facebook. *Note: Gold Coast Experience Scrolls must be claimed within 14 days from in-game mail Meet the Character—Tribune AleaApr 25, 2024 - Community Announcements Meet Tribune Alea Idolus, an elite agent of Count Calantius of Skingrad, in a new Meet the Character! Count Calantius, I write you today to recommend Tribune Alea Idolus for special duty in your personal service. I understand you are searching for a marshal with the flexibility to handle complex challenges in these troubled times. Rest assured, Tribune Alea possesses the intelligence and discretion to act as your agent in any situation. She possesses a rare combination of courage, resourcefulness, and personal honor, making her perhaps the finest young officer it is my privilege to know. While I could go on at length about Tribune Alea’s sterling service, I imagine you want to know more about the person who wears the uniform. First, Alea Idolus is a native of West Weald, born and bred in the Colovian Highlands. She is the daughter of Quatrius Idolus, whom you may remember as a wealthy, upstanding merchant. Quatrius died of the Knahaten Flu when Alea was still quite young, but he left her a generous inheritance and made arrangements for her to receive a first-rate education. One might expect a young lady of means to choose a comfortable life, but Alea Idolus preferred more energetic pursuits. She grew up riding, hunting, swimming, and climbing all over the sedate country home her father had left her, and especially loved fencing. I have heard the family servants had a hard time keeping up with her! In any event, Alea enlisted as a common legionary in 2E 573, even though her wealth and family ties could have easily bought her an officer’s commission. Some people join the Imperial Legion to see the world, others to test their mettle. Legionary Alea Idolus served in Bangkorai and Reaper’s March without seeing much action. Instead, her true test came right here in Colovia when Duke Varen launched his rebellion against Emperor Leovic. She joined Varen’s forces and fought valiantly in the defense of Kvatch. Later, now-Sergeant Alea Idolus marched to the Imperial City under Duke Varen’s banner and helped storm the White-Gold Tower in 2E 577. After the Soulburst, Alea Idolus returned home to the West Weald Legion. She fought to defend Colovia in the confusing times following Emperor Varen’s disappearance. When the Daggerfall Covenant invaded the Heartlands in 2E 580, she won great renown at the Battle of North Hook. Sergeant Alea Idolus rallied her comrades and led her outnumbered forces to victory after the officers of her cohort fell. For her valor and initiative, I had the honor of promoting her to centurion and awarding her the spurs of an Imperial knight. Centurion Alea Idolus quickly proved herself to be an outstanding officer, demonstrating a rare talent for thinking independently—the result of her unusual education, or so I would assume. Once again, her record of success demanded recognition, and she earned the red diamond of a tribune. In my opinion, Alea ...ESO players to get compensation due to lengthy locked account issuesApr 24, 2024 - PCGamesNGames are messy things and games that are the size of MMOs like The Elder Scrolls Online tend to be extremely complicated to keep running smoothly. Tinkering with one part of the game can have unexpected effects in a completely separate area, causing problems that no-one can predict. One unexpected issue that's recently cropped up around access to ESO's test server has seen a raft of players locked out of their accounts for over a week, with compensation incoming for those affected. Read the rest of the story... 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