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Silent Sector

Update 1.1.0 - Homebase!Mar 27, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37095835/17cfc1b1b02a78a478718e7e4da7fad1cc0307cf.png Captains! A new update where you can obtain own homebase is out! Check the list bellow for the changes. Stay in touch with us! We need your feedback to improve the game! MAJOR CHANGES: - Added quest to obtain player homebase. - Players can store items there. - Players can build Gunsmith and Ship Builder in their homebase. - Added Pin-Up number 6 event. OTHER CHANGES: - Mining improved - mining Laser now autotargets asteroids. - Changed design of life and shield bars on ships and lifebar on objects. - Weapons show energy consumption in the item description. - Decreased enemy life points if player has level 4 and lower. - Fixed Pin-Up number 5 event. - Fixed bug with Pirate Traitor with duplication of 4000 credit rewards. - Fixed bug with availability of Dacia ship. - Fixed tens of small issues.UPDATE  1.0.3 -> 1.0.4Feb 23, 2021 - Community Announcements- Upgrade Plating increases life now instead of shields. - New upgrade Advanced Shield grants now bonus to shields. - New upgrade Auxiliary jets - increases ship acceleration. - Increased speed of the Space Engine from 200 to 250. - Adjusted levels, owners and prices of all upgrades. - Weapons sale price is 25%, maximum 5000 crd. - Sale prices of all upgrades are set to 50%. - Adjustments to 'Alternative 3' controls. - 'Destroy boss' quest ships are of higher level and higher life/shield. - If you buy a weapon or an upgrade and don't leave sector or load game, you can sell it for the same price. - Delivering quest gives only credits for reward and about 1/4 credits of similar level quests. - Fixed double events creation when starting with a 'Quick Start'. - In 'Meet Jane' quest BattleAI is turned off Update 1.0.3Feb 20, 2021 - Community Announcements---------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE  1.0.0 -> 1.0.3 ----------------------------------------------------------- - Increased speed and acceleration of all player ships. - Enemy bullets are ~20% slower. - You can use WSAD keys to move on the galaxy map. - During liberation of a starbase, success tests will ignore ships far away. - Fixed issue with mixed weapons in slots on a ship when entering docks - Fixed Alternative 3 ship control type (more SPAZ like ;) - Added 1 player portrait to represent those who were not represented. - Now you can take life and fuel in case you have full cargo too. - Fuel, life and create objects has explicit art now - Updated Russian localization. Older: - Added 4 upgrade slots and 1 weapon slot for Gaia ship. - Vega station is always neutral for all factions. - Selling banned goods doesn't reduce reputation under 0. - 'Quick Start' button available in the first tutorial level (in the menu).Update 1.0.2Feb 18, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsCaptains! Small update for better gameplay! - Vega station is always neutral for all factions now - Added 4 upgrade slots and 1 weapon slot for Gaia ship - Selling banned goods doesn't reduce reputation under 0 - You can jump over the start Mining colony level now - use "Quick Start" button in the Ingame menu Enjoy the game! Silent Sector v1.0Feb 17, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37095835/2a04f1caef08da33bbbfc89819a1daed62e9a294.jpg Captains! We did it! P-) Major changes: - Added 3 events where players can obtain new ship plans. - Added 10 events with 10 new weapon plans. - Destroyed ships can now drop weapons. - Ships can have special abilities. - Very significant adjustment of the strength and price of the weapons. - If a part of your ship is destroyed, all items attached to it will be thrown into space. - Raised prices of a big ships. - There are more conflict relationships between factions from the start, mostly with the Union :) - The selling price of weapons is 50% of the buy price in the weaponry and 25% in the commodity store. Minor changes: - Top layer of 'clouds' is moving slower. - Added 1 gun slot to Neutral Traders Dwarf ship. - Increased chance of getting minerals from asteroids. - Medals are shown from the newest received. - Ships icons are shown above the other interface in the sector. - The ingame menu is opened if the game window loses focus. - Improved quest rewards. - Gothmog top turret is no longer destroyable. - You cannot change the owner of the sector during its liberation to the Rebels, if they are not discovered. - Changed icons on the minimap (they are similar to Map icons now). - Some gamepad support improvement. Bugfixes: - Players will no longer be able to take quests in random sectors. - Fixed crash if you jump from the Options menu after a very long time. - Fixed bugs with Ship builder. - Sound for 'lack of mines' message. - Fixed 'Testing a new weapon' quest, now you don't need to switch the Friendlyfire mode. - Fixed 'Plant bombs on X mega ships' quest - less enemy ships and better visible borders. - Fixed 'Contraband delivery' quest. - Fixed 'Destroy all pirates' quest. - 'Unlocking' big ships are shown well now (before it they were shown damaged). - Fixed Mine and Super-rocket issue in shops. - And many, many more other small fixes! :) Silent Sector January UPDATE 0.9.2Jan 9, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37095835/11e0b6dd7314878e9675cf124049ecd87d975e67.jpg Captains! The January update is out! Check the list bellow for the changes. Be in touch with us! We need your feedback, because the final version is coming! And don't forget to run the game asap to receive a special Cobra ship - this ships will be for Early Access players only! MAJOR CHANGES: - Implemented Steam achievements. - Added multi-languages support. - Added German, French and Czech localization (still in testing). - Ship Cobra - fast ship with a very strong shield only for Early Access players! OTHER CHANGES: - Added ability to change game speed during the battles (default 85%). - In Options you can change the speed of battle 80-100%. - Fixed positions of text in the starting mining sector. - Fixed problem with struck ship after visiting a shop (due to Turbo Speed Engine). - Added support for bonus items (for future events). - Lesser amount of objects (2-3) to destroy in quests. - You can buy SuperRocket in weaponry now. - Fixed bug "cannot move for a while when entering enemy territory when I'm using a gamepad". - Map ship speed is raised by 20%. - Fixed bug with Hornblower laser crash. - Better support for super-wide monitors. - Fixed bug with mining laser. - Fixed area owner info on map screen. - Fixed bug with Hornblower laser crash. - Fixed visible values when opening the ship shop. - Centered all text like big titles "QUEST FINISHED" on wide monitors. - Fixed tens of small issues. November UPDATE 0.9Nov 21, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37095835/73e4f27422a8ccc4bcf31a61c7ea7deaa7385022.jpg Hey commanders! Here are a list of new features! So MANY new features! Thanks for the support and please don't forget to send any feedback to us! Major Changes - 14 new events including 1 minor boss, new items and achievements to collect. - New glow shaders and distortion effects. - New Ship Constructor location where you can build special ships from the design plans. - Live space: Enemy factions can occupy each other's bases. - Live space: Info in the map screen reflects changes between faction relationships. - Added Conciliator Platform (next to Tom's bar) where players can raise reputation. - 3 new events with unique ships plans. Minor Changes - Added sexual preference option when creating a new profile ;) - Ending animation is changed depending on sexual preference. - Economy has changed. Now it is harder to get a very good price in the commodity shop. - Circles on the map show the influence and importance of the starbases - Lowered power of starbase turrets (20-30%) and life points from 650 to 450. - At least one starbase for each faction has all platforms. - Explosions of rockets now don't hit friendly ships and objects. - 2 new achievements - Damaged ships are repaired for free in docks. - Added error message and sound in case you try to run hyperjump during the fight. - New basic guns for Herritors: Destroyer, Destroyer II and Destroyer III. - The settings are saved immediately after pressing the close button in Options. - Ship Purity (Herritors): added 1 upgrade slot, 1 cargo space and the weapon slot could be used for both gun and rocket. - Ability to receive event offers now depend on the player level. - Pirate message event is now received after picking up the old treasure map. - Probability to get a special offer from the ship (like rare event) is now 16% Bug Fixes - Fixed a bug that has occured when destroying the starbase. - Fixed crash after giving sector to another faction (due to turrets) - Cannons on Independent Traders starbases are fixed. - Fixed bug in the "Find Zed" quest. - Destroyed starbase doesn't show "E to explore" message. - Superbomb Ultimator is now working correctly. - Fixed a bug where the shop was showing items that are not available in the game (Zed ship etc.) - Removed ability to open Jobs Board via G (it was a debug feature! :)Silent Sector October UPDATE 0.8Oct 19, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37095835/fad7a86ea2502735639e3acca6515862772d9eb7.png Commanders! The October update is out! Check the list bellow for the changes. Don't forget to send us the feedback and thanks for your support! MAJOR CHANGES: - The base storyline is now finished. - Improved defense of starbases. OTHER IMPORTANT CHANGES: - Fixed map movement with gamepad - Changed special effect of GUI. - Prohibited commodities are allowed in some factions: Free Riders - Contraband and Drugs Rebels - Explosives Herritors - Slaves Travellers - Bio Organisms, Cyborgs Pirates - Everything - Added 'Show damage per second' button in the Options. - Added a button to switch the category of weapons offered in Armory. - Cannons shooting (ability) is always first in the ability bar. - Fixed 'Press to enter' message in the Map. - Fixed problem with objects collision after spawning in a sector. - Sledgehammer ship has fixed slot positions. - Descructor ship now has slots with cannons. - Laser beams fire in the direction of the weapon slot with a scatter of 50 degrees. - Added hints for using Turbo speed and Deploying mines. - Fixed (hopefully) bug where dialog window cannot be closed if it was opened during map screen. - Fixed SpecialMateuszMouseMoveBug ;) MINOR - Changed black border around the sector. - Icons (platforms, stations) around edges are shown above GUI. - Fixed all domination quests - Fixed price of Magic carpet and Treasure map in antique trader. - Cpt. Beerman event. News from Silent SectorOct 9, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37095835/a00d9ffd64840a352adc2063fe04af09a72d16cd.jpg Ahoy commanders! We have important news for you! 1. The game is almost finished. We are going to release an October big update in about one week. It will contain the rest of the storyline and a lot of other smaller and bigger improvements including changes based on your great feedback! 2. November update should balance the game. We will fix bugs, improve gameplay - economy, items, ships stats, etc. Make a lot of small, but important changes, correct English language and (I hope) localize the game. 3. You will receive the game with all content we have planned (and a bit more :D) before the end of this year! Due to large competition in the market (a lot of releases during December) we will officially release the game in January/February. But it's still good news, because I'm sure we will use additional time to implement new content to the game! 4.  Important! Because the content is almost finished, we plan to raise the price of the game. Not much, only a few bucks, but if you like the game and if you have not bought it, it's the best time to do it! :) Cheers, Rake in GrassSilent Sector August UPDATE 0.7Aug 29, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37095835/260bdd58b396bf766e5d1b964dcc6f02b6526f20.jpg Dear friends, The August update is out! A part of the storyline has been added and we add a lot of improvements. Enjoy it, don't forget to send us the feedback and thanks for your support! MAJOR CHANGES: - Added 6 main story quests (quests for the Rebels). - Added final boss at the end of first part of story quests. - Added support for dropping mines (mines are available in the armory). - Turbo Speed - spend energy shield to raise ship speed 5x . OTHER IMPORTANT CHANGES: - Weapon boost doesn't work with rockets and mines. - Added life bars for bigger enemies. - Difference between Story quests and important quests is now displayed (Important are special, but not story quests) - Fixed (I hope :) problem with dialog versus gui (dialog shown on main menu, etc.). - New quest locations are generated in distance from the player position (not from the map center). - When you enter the friendly sector without quest, you will appear closer to the center. - When player dies during a quest, the quest is stopped. - Fixed medals for destroying piratesSilent Sector JULY UPDATE 0.6.8Jul 15, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37095835/01e1d51dbd38a1461fd42a50f13260e35a04766c.jpg Hi! The July 0.6.8 update is out! MAJOR CHANGES: - Added domination quests for all factions (one of the major roadmap goals). - Added domination ending animations. - Fixed rockets and weapons slots for all ships (some ships now have special rocket slots or slots for both weapons and rockets). OTHER IMPORTANT CHANGES: - Added trajectory lines to spaceship engines. - Added trajectory lines to rocket weapons engines . - Map recenters after moving ship or after pressing SPACE key. - Repair skill: Increased cooldown from 10 to 15 seconds and decreased hull value from 25% to 15%. - Shield Booster skill: Increased cooldown from 10 to 15 seconds. - Fuel price changes depending on the ship level and size. Small ship maximum fuel cost around 1000 crd, while the largest 4000 crd. - Lowered power of lasers and beams.Silent Sector JUNE II. UPDATE 0.6.7Jun 21, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37095835/1c3586245b6dd411c3ea5d145452fbd4b847de9a.jpg Hi! The June II. quick update is out! MAJOR CHANGES: - 4 new quests for Herritors faction. - Difficulty and AI improvement. - 24 new space backgroud images. - New upgrades and items. OTHER IMPORTANT CHANGES: - Improved upgrade Shockwave System (increased range and extended delay). - Improved upgrade Electric Impulse Generator (increased range and extended delay). - Added new upgrade Repair System - quickly repair 25% of the ship plating. - Added new upgrade Shield Booster - quickly recharge 50% of ship shield. - Fixed crash during attacking Neutral Traders base. - Fixed bug 'empty commodity market'. - Enemies are a bit weaker in early game and more difficult later on. - Added talent icons. - Added new original music track. Silent Sector JUNE UPDATE 0.6.6Jun 6, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37095835/06c668c2955b941059153898d1e99ace29317422.jpg Hi! The June update is out! MAJOR CHANGES: - AI improvements: Small enemy ships create groups and use different tactics. - 4 new quests for Travellers faction. - 4 new quests for Pirates faction. - 20+ achievement medals. OTHER IMPORTANT CHANGES: - Added Black Market where you can sell banned goods. - Added Ancient Collector where you can sell rare items received from events and quests. - Difficulty system has been changed - easier early levels, harder later on (including quests). - The size of enemy ships icons in the sector depends on the ship distance. - Slow motion during the station explosion will start only when the core is exploding. - New message about receiving talent point. - Calling support now spawns ships fighting on the player side. - Occasionally you can receive Ancient Collector and Black Market location from starbase commander (if you have relationship 5 or higher). - Fixed slots in all ships - now upgrades with skills are shown in skill slots as they could be (top left slot is the first one, right bottom the last one). - Fixed tip for Super Rocket. - Fixed tip for Calling Support. We need your help! Did you find any bug? Do you miss anything in the game? Want to improve some mechanics? Please use the forum or our web page to send any feedback to us, thanks!Silent Sector UPDATE 0.6.5May 13, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37095835/e7b0b3a4ab7c21305b31602f999a063c8ea08c58.png Hi! Here is our new update. Enjoy it! Do you know any bug? Do you miss anything in the game? Want to improve some mechanics? Please use the forum or our web page to send any feedback to us, thanks! MAJOR CHANGES: - 4 New quests for the Neutral Traders. - 4 New quests for the Free Riders. - Added talents window where player can spent talent points. - Added talents functionality (more talents planned later). MINOR CHANGES: - Random ships can give rarely (once) quests (in 0.6.4 (4)). - Fixed distance between places on the map. - Random ships have been added to the sectors. - Big ships show life bars for all parts. Weapon slots are disabled when the part is destroyed. - Autorepair works with big ships (parts are repaired using tree structure). - Secondary fire works on guns in ship parts and turrets too. - More place for objective description on the map. - Fixed names of Blackmail weapons. - Fixed slots positions in Flamestrike ship. - Removed unusable skill (120s) from some ships (like Flamestrike). - Friendly fire on friendly ships and stations now make them hostile after a few shots. - Slaves are now saved when players drops them from inventory (+100 exp). - Removed random ships in quest and event sectors. - Neutral Traders are treated as other factions (they used global player level). - Story and faction quests are now have green color for better identification. - You can get some special items and ships when finishing quest or event (now used once, more is coming!).Silent Sector UPDATE 0.6.4Apr 24, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37095835/fd1ee6a07ebfb6bc61cadda2b73915d4c2753007.jpg Hi! This is our first bigger update and we hope You will like it. A lot of new content has been added and we improved graphics. MAJOR CHANGES: - Added new nebula effect (including storms) to the background - 2 new ships for Independent Traders (Hobgoblin and Gothmog) - 1 new ship for Rebels (Piercer) - 3 new random events MINOR CHANGES: - Player can cancel Hyperjump by press Hyperjump button again - Map shows action tooltip - "Press E to inspect" - The fuel consumption is lowered by 30% - Fixed pirate jobs - Fixed "the same factions" problem in enemy jobs, now submitter and enemy cannot be the same - Sector relationship (=friendly/enemy state) is taken from the popularity (so pirates could be friendly - but not in some quests) - Improved quest "deliver something to enemy starbase", enemy bases are friendly (and show you some info) and give you access to jobs - Fixed artillery information in dock (like with Athena ship) - Sectors are not so close on the map to avoid large overlapping - Fixed sizes and position of ships in dockyard - Added 4 new hero portraits - Quest sectors cannot be occupied/liberated - Fixed minefield event - Fixed space storm bubbles positions - Improved dust effects - Fixed sun event (player can get experience from exploring the sun) - Added Heat Shield (has some protection and it's useful in the Sun event) - More readable graphics for pickable items (fuel, cargo, health) - Added cow pet commodity :) KNOW ISSUES: - New events are available after starting a new game only. We will fix it asap (this weekend) to be available in old games too.