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Sea of Thieves

Update on Sea of Thieves Custom ServersJun 26, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/d6ea5ac45a8bd68b531cf0953bfc79427749a8f4.png One of the many things we have always loved about Sea of Thieves is being able to witness the creativity of our players within the sandbox we provide. We’ve seen so many things from legendary races, fashion shows and fishing competitions through to entirely new games like SkullBall, The Pirate Games and countless others. We love the energy and variety this brings to our community, not only if you find yourself lucky enough to take part, but because these are just great to watch. As Sea of Thieves has grown we’ve been supporting some of these initiatives in the background, helping people get together on the same server to save on that initial setup time for our community events, but we’ve always harboured a desire to do more. We have been working for a while on formalising this support, and in the near future we’re going to bring an early Alpha version of Custom Servers to Sea of Thieves as a tool for selected creators and community groups to utilise for community events. We will be working with these creators and community groups to test Custom Servers in a live environment, to gather feedback and prioritise future development priorities in this area. At the same time as giving us valuable feedback and data, it’ll make it easier for these groups to run community events like the ones we’ve seen already. With this in mind, the initial feature set for our Alpha release is absolutely reflective of the goals above: giving these creators and community groups swift access to Custom Servers, an ability to run custom events and invite players from their communities to take part. · Key features: Ability to set up a Custom Adventure Server Customisation of ship numbers and types prior to starting Generation of a code to distribute to community members to allow them to join No gold or reputation progression from Custom Server sessions We will be testing in Insiders, prior to rolling out with our initial creators and groups in the wild. We see a bright future for Custom Servers in Sea of Thieves, but we want to start purposefully with the dual purpose of learning from this initially small audience and expanding the Custom Server toolset before we think about rolling out more widely and what that will entail. The first step is to roll these out in an Alpha state and start learning. We expect this to be a lengthy Alpha phase where we listen, learn and evolve what Custom Servers deliver in terms of tools available to those using them. To acknowledge some of the questions we expect to see: · The key purpose of Custom Servers is to allow creative players the opportunity to use our sandbox to create unique experiences for their communities. They are not intended to be used as a PvE server, hence the removal of ability to earn gold and rep. · We are launching early and to a limited audience for multiple reasons: It’s a very bare-bones feature set, and we want to learn with a limited audience (w...The Greatest Tales Never ToldJun 22, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/901ddd47317f48b72c1c0b40f8f5421bedecb4f3.pngAs Sea of Thieves storms into its third year on the seas with the wind fully in its sails, now feels like the perfect moment to celebrate the many tales of bravery, boldness and… bananas that have come about since its launch back in March 2018. From epic adventures and colourful encounters to surprising secrets, life on the Sea of Thieves has inspired countless stories and provided a beautifully rich backdrop for our community to forge lifelong friendships. That’s why today we’re launching our brand new competition – ‘The Greatest Tales Never Told’ – to encourage pirates everywhere to recreate their own favourite tale of time well spent on the Sea of Thieves. All you need to do to participate is this: record the telling of your most memorable adventure in a way that makes best use of your own creativity and the tools offered below, and share it with us using #SoTTalesContest on Instagram, Twitter or YouTube! Some serious treasure is up for grabs for the production boasting the most wit, suspense and surprise, with the top storytelling submission winning: • An MSI Trident X Plus 9SF-488EU Gaming PC • Your pirate featured in an upcoming Sea of Thieves publication To help you craft your chronicle, we’ve scoured our archives to offer you a wealth of Sea of Thieves supporting assets including a wide range of in-game artwork – available to download now from the official competition page. And don’t worry if you don’t necessarily have the knowhow to put together a full production, as we’ve created a very special Sea of Thieves Instagram filter that you’re also free to use. Remember, if you use the filter, be sure to use the #SoTTalesContest hashtag on your Instagram story to make it count as an entry. So there you have it: the challenge to tell your greatest Sea of Thieves tale has been set! When it’s ready, share it using the #SoTTalesContest tag on Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, and enjoy a barrelful of fantastical piratical adventures from your fellow players while you wait to see if you’re a winner. The competition runs from June 22nd to July 3rd – for more FAQs on entry and eligibility, see the official competition page. Sea of Thieves Store Now Open for Business If this competition has whetted your appetite for representing the pirate life on social media, why not carry that into the real world with some Sea of Thieves merchandise? The new and official online store launches today, so head over to to browse the very latest in piratical fashions and accessories. As it arrives with the introductory discount code WELCOME (valid until July 7th 2020), all quick-off-the-mark Sea of Thieves fans will be able to bag their swag with 15% off. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/d10ba213193c391ffe118ba7571b69a201363473.png Enjoy your shopping trip, start thinking about your competition entry and we’ll see you on the seas! New to Sea of Thieves? Join the fun with our Maiden Voyag...Sea Of Thieves adds ghost ship fleets with spooky wraith cannonsJun 17, 2020 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunAh is it that time of the month already? Rare have updated their seafaring pirate ’em up and as usual there are new things that can kill you. The Haunted Shores update for Sea Of Thieves adds fleets of spooky ghost ships directed by big bad Captain Flameheart. They’ve made updates to the non-verbal callouts system and, important for yours truly, a radial picker for playing tunes on your instruments. (more…) Haunted Shores - Content UpdateJun 17, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsPrepare for a supernatural encounter on the Sea of Thieves this month as that re-emerging tyrant, Captain Flameheart, makes a new bid for control of the waves! June’s free monthly update Haunted Shores is available now for all Sea of Thieves players on Xbox One, Windows 10 PC and Xbox Game Pass, bringing with it an armada of spectral surprises. Ghost Ships Rise to Seek Vengeance We’re pleased to unleash a whole new type of encounter this month and look forward to seeing how well our players react and adapt. Captain Flameheart’s spirit, recently released from captivity, continues to grow in power and has now found a way to rally supernatural support from the Sea of the Damned! His Ghost Ships are the latest threat to reach these seas, and though their phantom forms may be easier to destroy than more earthly ships, they’re fearsomely armed and sure to outnumber living pirates. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/4c1dc1cfe5a4545699737178a27008724eae2c32.png Crewed by lost souls, these swift fleets provide a twist on the usual challenges of ship combat as they attack with otherworldly weaponry and drop mines to catch out the unwary. As danger lies in all directions and the ships themselves prove perilous to the touch, agility and crew communication will be just as important as combat skill! Flameheart’s Flagship The centerpiece of this update is an emergent event featuring Captain Flameheart’s own ship, the Burning Blade. With the arrival of Haunted Shores, Flameheart’s looming skull will now manifest over islands like the clouds that represent Skeleton Forts or Skeleton Ship battles. However, this particular sign means that the Burning Blade and an armada of Ghost Ships has appeared around an island, as if searching the Sea of Thieves for something… {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/8a04a2ae6b543316224c5800e91472b5a3d803af.png These will prove to be tough encounters, with Flameheart’s floating skull not just acting as a beacon but giving orders to his ships and berating meddlesome pirates. The Phantom and Wraith Cannonballs fired by the Ghost Ships are as unnerving as they are powerful, but supplies can be claimed by players for their own use after defeating the Burning Blade. There are valuable Damned treasures to be looted too, plus unique sails to be unlocked by fearless pirates who send enough of these Ghost Ships back to the Sea of the Damned. Expanding the Adventure Ghost Ships won’t be fading away after this month’s big event – they’re a permanent addition to the game, providing a new way for pirates to gain gold and reputation with the Order of Souls alongside their usual Skeleton Bounties. Players can accept these Voyages right now from Order of Souls representatives or from Duke in the nearest tavern. There’s even more to do this month thanks to a refresh of Daily Bounties and other events, all trackable via the Events Hub. Expect a new playlist of Bounties offering bonus gold and Doubloons for completing in-game tasks, plus special time-limited events:...FULL STEAM AHEAD AS SEA OF THIEVES COMMUNITY CONTINUES TO GROWJun 15, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/30c3700944665ee5065e00eea2c15e11c3954eab.png Just over a week ago, Sea of Thieves set sail on Steam, welcoming a whole new community of pirates onto the waves to seek adventure and the chance to become a Pirate Legend. It’s been wonderful to see the reaction to the game from the Steam community, and we were thrilled to see Sea of Thieves become the number one bestselling game on its day of release. That positivity has continued, with all those Steam players spending more than 3.5 million hours in the game by the end of its first week, helping Sea of Thieves break into the top 20 most played games by concurrent player count. Our new Steam community joins us from all over the world, representing 149 different countries as of June 11th. These multinational pirates become part of an already diverse and vibrant community, playing both alongside and against players coming in from Xbox One, Game Pass and the Windows 10 Store. The barrier to adventuring with your friends has never been lower. On behalf of everyone at Rare, I’d like to welcome all our new players to the community and wish them many happy hours of sailing and adventuring. A Little Help Finding Your Sea Legs With so many new crews taking their maiden voyage on the Sea of Thieves, we’ve recently dedicated some time to creating a new resource that’ll help first-time or lapsed players get up to speed with the ways of pirating. Our Sea of Thieves New Player Guide is designed to give you a great grounding in the game, letting you know what to expect and offering tips on how to get the most from your Voyages. Covering everything from the bare-bones basics to great ways of finding new crewmates, it’s an essential tool for anyone taking their first steps on the path to Pirate Legend! Download the PDF for free here. Thanks again for playing, newcomers and seasoned sailors alike, and we’ll see you all on the seas! Sea Of Thieves' spectral fleets land on Haunted Shores next weekJun 13, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun It may be the middle of June, but Sea Of Thieves is preparing to get unseasonably spooky. Next week’s update for the high-seas pirate sandbox is Haunted Shores, a ghastly update that’ll set the Flying Dutchman’s spectral fleets loose upon the open ocean. Horrifying stuff, perhaps – but with eight new sea shanties, at least you can face the terrors of the depths with a song in your heart. (more…) Sea of Thieves adding battles against wraith-spewing ghost ships in next week's updateJun 12, 2020 - EurogamerAfter a relatively quiet update last month, Sea of Thieves is back with a big 'un next week, raining dread upon the ocean with the arrival of wraith-spewing ghost ships from beyond this earthly plane. And, perhaps even more excitingly, a whole new bunch of shanties are incoming so that pirates can fend of the inevitable dread with a bit of a tune. All this news comes via Rare's latest developer update, in which Sea of Thieves executive producer Joe Neate also spends some time discussing, in light of the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests around the globe, the studio's continuing commitment to creating a more meaningfully inclusive experience for players, and reiterates the teams's zero tolerance stance on racism and discrimination in-game. In terms of new content, however, next week's major addition comes in the form of ghost ships, a brand-new quest type for the Order of Souls Trading Company. Once a voyage has been accepted, players can take to the seas and prepare to encounter the new enemy vessels, which rend open the air itself to sail across the boundary between the living and the dead. Read more How to get the best performance in Sea Of Thieves on PCJun 8, 2020 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunAfter years of roaming the secluded waters of Xbox Game Pass and the Microsoft Windows Store, Sea Of Thieves has finally sailed onto Steam, and to help you make sure your PC is in ship shape condition, I’ve put together this handy guide on how to get the best performance from Rare’s pirate adventure so you’re not left lurching from one frame to the next as you plunder the high seas. Below, you’ll find everything you need to get started with Sea Of Thieves, including the game’s PC requirements and which settings you can turn off to help keep that frame rate hoisted nice and high. After all, as one of the on PC, not to mention one of the best PC games to play in ultrawide, it would be a shame not to see this game at its very best. (more…) What to do in Sea of Thieves: How Voyages work, Tall Tales explained, and other goals to get you startedJun 5, 2020 - EurogamerSwashbuckling, open-world sandbox Sea of Thieves has changed considerably since its debut in 2018, and its release on Steam is the perfect excuse to pay it another visit. Adventures now come in all sorts of shapes and sizes in Sea of Thieves' sandbox; there are bite-sized voyages, big cinematic quests, tough optional challenges such as the Skeleton Forts and Skeleton Fleet battles found by sailing to a skull or ship cloud - and others that evolve emergently while out in the world. You can even do a spot of fishing. Your first port of call, however, should be the Maiden Voyage tutorial, which provides basic hands-on experience with the likes of sailing and ship repairs. Even then, you might have questions about what to do from there - once the entire ocean is yours for plundering. Read more Sea of Thieves Available Today on Steam!Jun 3, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/200385bd233b426c61d8df106c9f9bdb12ec40ee.png Today’s the day – Sea of Thieves is available to play on Steam! This is an amazing moment for the 10 million plus pirates who’ve already joined us on the seas, as we welcome a whole new bunch of bright-eyed buccaneers into the fold. Going live at 6PM BST/10AM PT, the game will be available for all Steam players to download and play today, allowing them to set sail alongside their Xbox One and Windows 10 counterparts for the very first time. Ever-Evolving Pirate Fantasy Through our commitment to regular free content updates, Sea of Thieves has grown and evolved at a scale that few other service-based games can match – and the best news is that we still have huge plans on the horizon. The Steam version of Sea of Thieves will arrive with everything introduced to the game since its March 2018 debut, offering full parity with the Xbox One and Windows 10 versions, while all free content updates still to come will also be brought to Steam. That means our new pirates will be able to enjoy all the original launch content, explore everything added in 2019’s huge Anniversary Update, take on the Emissary system and Reaper’s Bones Trading Company introduced by Ships of Fortune in April, and dive straight into Sea of Thieves’ latest update Lost Treasures – which introduced a whole host of regular and time-limited live events alongside checkpoints for our narrative-driven Tall Tales. In fact, anyone unfamiliar with the array of features, functions and content filling out Sea of Thieves since launch should read this handy article covering 38 (38!) of the biggest additions since our shared world pirate adventure first set sail! Steam Sailors Share Servers with All Players The Steam version of Sea of Thieves will also be included in cross play, meaning players can crew up together regardless of which platform they’re on – so if you’re an existing player, you can look forward to adventures with pirate pals on different platforms. And if you’re a returning player looking to set sail on our newest platform, the Steam version also enables cross progression, allowing you to bring your pirate and your progress along on your latest journey. For more on this and other tips on setup and compatibility, see our dedicated Steam launch FAQ! Find Out More For extensive coverage of all content updates, including full release notes, visit the Sea of Thieves website. These monthly updates are available for free to all Sea of Thieves players who have bought the game on Xbox One, Windows 10 PC and Steam, or players who have access to it with Xbox Game Pass. Simply download and install the latest Sea of Thieves update to get access. New to Sea of Thieves? Join the fun with our Maiden Voyage, a narrative-driven tutorial experience separate from Adventure and Arena modes. New Sea of Thieves players will begin their travels within this scenario, which provides guidance and information to fledgling sailors. Learn mo...Sea of Thieves gets daily bounties, Tall Tales checkpoints and more in latest updateMay 27, 2020 - EurogamerAnother month means another batch of piratical activities on the Sea of Thieves, and today's Lost Treasures update - a somewhat lower-key offering than usual - brings a number of quality-of-life improvements such as Tall Tales checkpoints, plus a quivering heap of new limited-time events and recurring challenges, designed to encourage regular returns. Tall Tales checkpoints (revealed to Eurogamer last month) are probably the biggest game-changer this month, enabling players to quit a session and resume an in-progress story episode at a later time. Crucially, it means pirates won't be forced to restart, losing hours of effort as a result, if an enemy crew decides to pillage mission-critical items mid-way through an adventure. Newcomers should also find it a little easier to navigate their way through Tall Tales thanks to a few new additions to the ship's onboard map; Rare has now implemented tooltips for certain icons, guiding players in the right direction to begin their next quest. Read more Lost Treasures - Content UpdateMay 27, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsThe Sea of Thieves is a place full of tales to be told and challenges to be faced, never more so than in May’s free monthly update Lost Treasures – available now for all Sea of Thieves players on Xbox One, Windows 10 PC and Xbox Game Pass! With a brand new checkpoint system to help all pirates progress through our Tall Tales, plus Daily Bounties and events to rally the most resourceful crews on the seas, there’s a packed month of activity ahead. Take Up the Tall Tales Tall Tales in Sea of Thieves are exciting narrative-driven adventures that delve into the stories behind some of its prominent people and places. Nine of these Tales make up the Shores of Gold sequence, while another two arrived in recent monthly content updates The Seabound Soul and Heart of Fire. Tall Tales can be played at any time, and this month’s update introduces new features to make them easier than ever to seek out and enjoy: tooltips on the map now show you where to begin and help set the scene for each Tale, while newly implemented checkpoints mean you can play through at your own pace and never have to worry about starting from scratch! As a bonus, take part in our Tall Tales Retold time-limited events in June and there may be new rewards for travelers who thought they’d earned everything… Get Rich with Daily Bounties Expect something new to do on every day of the Lost Treasures update as our Daily Bounties come into effect. Check the What’s New messages when you jump into the game to see what challenge awaits you that day, and tackle it head-on to keep this new income stream of gold and Doubloons flowing. These Daily Bounties don’t just involve taking down named targets – they’re mini-objectives that cover goals as diverse as handing in specific types of treasure, finding your way to a far-flung location or disposing of enemy mobs with a particular flourish. Get ready to flex a whole range of Sea of Thieves skills! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/220993e3ebc8d74fd03fcb73eb6ec1083d61a205.png Fill Your Pirate Event Planner If daily commitments are too rich for your blood or, conversely, you want more activities to keep you on the seas, Lost Treasures backs up the Bounties with additional weekly and one-off events. Every Friday during this update, players are invited to end the working week with a boost from the Fort Night event, which increases the returns on all Stronghold treasure taken from Skeleton Forts. Meanwhile, the Reaper’s Rewards event offers prizes of new emotes to pirates who double down on their Reaper duties – all you have to do is fill quotas of Reaper’s Chests, Reaper’s Bounties and Reaper’s Bones Emissary Flags delivered to The Reaper’s Hideout. Or go darker still and give your ship an undead makeover when the Blighted Bonus breaks cover: a promotion that brings some State of Decay sensibilities to Sea of Thieves’ world, tempting pirates to take possession of the Blighted Flag, Sails, Hull and Figurehead! The Hunter’s Haul fishing event will also make a retu...Sea of Thieves Coming to Steam on June 3May 21, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/c8060678c4d245db5a0b06607b8e43ea55ad9174.png We’re delighted to announce that our ever-evolving pirate adventure Sea of Thieves will be launching on Steam on June 3, 2020. For over two years the members of our community have been sailing freely into fantastical adventure with Xbox Game Pass and on Xbox One and Windows 10, but as we go full steam ahead we look forward to onboarding a whole new community of PC players. We can’t wait to welcome these eager new pirates into the fold and watch them discover Sea of Thieves’ wide open world for themselves. With a player base of 10 million pirates and counting and a host of exciting plans for the future, the wind is now in Sea of Thieves’ sails. Since launching on Xbox One and Windows 10 in March 2018, the game has been on a hugely eventful journey. From the arrival of its first free new adventures in The Hungering Deep to the enormous Anniversary Update that introduced Tall Tales and The Arena, and then on to the introduction of more regular monthly content releases in 2019 – most recently with Ships of Fortune in April – it’s evolved into the definitive pirate adventure – growing stronger with each slew of additions and ways to play. With this in mind and to celebrate everything it means to be sailing our seas in 2020, we’ve created a brand new Sea of Thieves showcase trailer: Set to the track ‘New Legends’ by rock band Gold Coin, this new trailer is designed to take you on a tour of some of Sea of Thieves’ most unique and awe-inspiring moments. Anything can happen in a session on the seas: you can fight immense Megalodon battles, tangle with a Kraken, raid a Skeleton Fort, chase down other unsuspecting player ships to steal their loot (or fall prey to another crew with the same idea), or change gears to take on fast-paced PvP gameplay at its purest in The Arena. If you’ve got the skill and the mettle to overcome these challenges, you might even reach the heights of Pirate Legend – unlocking exclusive cosmetics, locations and quests reserved for only the best of buccaneers. When it launches on Steam with a price tag of $39.99 USD/£34.99 GBP/€39.99 EUR, Sea of Thieves will be opening up the virtual pirate life to more players than ever before by sailing into brand new territories. Sea of Thieves is the biggest new Xbox IP of this generation, and we’re proud to be forging on through uncharted territory with a wave of new Steam players incoming and even more feature-packed updates on the horizon! New to Sea of Thieves? Join the fun with our Maiden Voyage, a narrative-driven tutorial experience separate from Adventure and Arena modes. New Sea of Thieves players will begin their travels within this scenario, which provides guidance and information to fledgling sailors. Learn more about Sea of Thieves at, or join the ongoing adventure at where you can embark on an epic journey with one of gaming’s most welcoming communities!Sea of Thieves FAQMay 15, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/5d8bc3e72998b2e3cf87b1bc82f91b6d4800a71f.png Ahoy, Steam users! We wanted to address some questions that we have seen asked since we announced in April that Sea of Thieves will soon be coming to Steam. While we don’t have a locked-down release date to announce just yet, we hope you’ll find this useful in answering some of your other burning questions in the meantime! Do I need an Xbox Live account to play? To be able to play this game, users will need to sign in when prompted with an Xbox Live account. If you already play on Xbox Live or Windows 10, simply sign in with the account linked to your Xbox gamertag! If you need to set up an Xbox Live account, head over to, click ‘Create an Account’ and follow the instructions. Please note that it is free to create an Xbox Live account, and playing Sea of Thieves on Steam will not require an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Do I have to be running Windows 10 to play? Yes. For this game to work, users must be running the Windows 10 operating system. Is the Steam version included in cross play? Yes! Players will be able to crew up and play together regardless of which platform they’re on, so those already playing on Xbox One and Windows 10 will be able to play with friends on Steam. Will game progress carry over to Steam? Yes! Your ranks, cosmetics and currency will all be there after you sign into your Xbox Live account, meaning you’ll be able to pick up exactly where you left off. Previously earned achievements will automatically unlock on Steam too. Will this game be locked to 30 frames per second? No. FPS will be uncapped. Do I get the game for free on Steam if I already own it? No. Players on Xbox One and Windows 10 will not receive an entitlement to a free Steam copy. However, cross play breaks down barriers by enabling new Steam players to crew up easily with existing players on Xbox One and Windows 10. Where do I activate in-game cosmetic/item codes? To enter a code for an in-game cosmetic or other reward, go to, log in with your Microsoft account and type in the 25-digit code as instructed. Note that it’ll be unlocked on this account only, so make sure this is the same account you use to sign in to Sea of Thieves! Will Sea of Thieves be available in my country/region? This game will be purchasable in all countries where the Steam store is available, and the list of supported languages is being expanded for the Steam release. However, if your language is not supported, the game will default to English. Ships of Fortune - Content UpdateApr 22, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsAhoy Steam! Ships of Fortune is the latest Sea of Thieves monthly update, and adds an entirely new element to Trading Companies whilst allowing pirates to serve as Emissaries, collect bonus loot and receive exclusive rewards. This update also introduces The Reaper's Bones, a mysterious yet alluring company who promise spoils to those brave enough to target other Company Emissaries and steal the loot from under their noses… All the core features introduced in this update will persist when Sea of Thieves launches on Steam, so give this a read to get up to speed on content you can look forward to! Represent for Greater Rewards… and Risks! To find out about becoming an Emissary for one of the Outpost Trading Companies, speak to their representatives at the Outposts and inspect the nearby table. Emissary roles are highly prized, so you’ll need to make a significant donation to prove you appreciate the privilege! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/f0c64e5bab020dfda8c584342a36c9953d678004.png Hoist the Emissary Flag as you serve in this prestigious role, and advance through five Grades by exemplifying your chosen Company – for example, by finding and unearthing chests as a Gold Hoarder. The higher your Grade, the bigger the multiplier you’ll get when cashing in your haul! Beware, as other pirates will know that an Emissary’s ship is likely to be laden with loot. You’ll soon be able to dress your pirate and ship to suit your current Company of choice, heading out as a true ambassador to earn big rewards and prove your skills against other players in the competitive Emissary Ledger. Earn Titles for increasing your standing and compare your progress to that of your friends. Remember, however, that while sailing as an Emissary you will get noticed – especially by the rival Emissaries of a new, glory-hungry Trading Company… The Reaping Begins! A new and mysterious Company known as The Reaper’s Bones, teased throughout our previous monthly updates, has emerged! Keeping your fancy Emissary status with the Reaper’s Bones around won’t be so easy, as their own Emissaries have but one duty – to lay their rivals low and take their Emissary Flags as trophies! Of course, taking their loot is a close-running second priority. The new Company can be found at The Reaper’s Hideout, where they seem to encourage their ideals of ‘true piracy’ without the need for honour among thieves. For the Reapers, following your passion and having the will to come out on top is what being ‘a pirate for all eternity’ really means. If you choose to become an Emissary for a Company other than theirs, expect no quarter from these merciless miscreants. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/4ae140bd2bfa837b3f3052ea07a9887725ad9027.png Frantic Fighting, Rapid Recovery Players excited at the thought of some competitive action should also check out overhauled matches in our dedicated Arena mode. Old treasure maps have been replaced by a single chest marked by a Sea Dog Beacon, with just one cash-in location to en...Set sail with Sea of Thieves on Steam!Apr 2, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsFor two years, pirates across the globe have set out in their droves to uncover the mysteries of the Sea of Thieves. Brave buccaneers have taken on Megalodons, repelled the killer Kraken and looted skeleton-filled Forts, forging their names into legend. More than 10 million unique players have already embarked upon this search for adventure, treasure and glory, and soon we’ll be opening the gilded gates to welcome in Steam users! If you’re seeking the full, glorious sweep of the pirate life, you can dive head-first into Adventure mode where you’re sure to find a wealth of secrets and plunder, guarded by more enemies than you can shake a blunderbuss at. For those looking for a more PvP (Pirate versus Pirate) experience, the Sea Dogs are waiting in The Arena, where you can test your skill against other aspiring champions. So be a bold solo sailor in a Sloop, grab your full Galleon crew or set sail with anything in between, with a range of ships and crew sizes sure to suit your voyaging needs. Keen to find your sea legs first? The Maiden Voyage will get you ship-shape with a tutorial led by the Pirate Lord himself. With all these options open to you, there’s never been a better time to dive in! Sea of Thieves has always been about incredible pirate adventures where you never know who or what is just over the horizon, and we’ve continued to evolve Sea of Thieves since launch by adding more variety and content so that every new voyage feels rich and fulfilling as you make friends and foes on the seas. We’re genuinely thrilled to bring Sea of Thieves to Steam, and look forward to welcoming the Steam community to our game so we can share a grog and a shanty together and hear the tales of their adventures! We’re happy to confirm that cross play will allow Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam users to adventure together when Sea of Thieves launches on Steam, letting you assemble your perfect pirating crew, whatever their preferred platform. You can wishlist Sea of Thieves on Steam from today, with a launch date to be announced soon. We’ll see you on the seas!