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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Round-Up: June 2024Jul 10, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsIt feels like barely a moment since we were last here, summing up the events of May, and yet the calendar is dutifully telling us that it is, in fact, now July. Who’d have thought? Well, on the off-chance the calendar isn’t lying, we should get around to rounding up June, shouldn’t we? Content Update First up on the content front was a call from the Pirate Emporium shopkeepers to take advantage of the Emporium Extravaganza Event. In addition to an accompanying Hidden Gems Sale (swiftly followed by a second June sale to celebrate the three-year anniversary of Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life), all players claiming the free Self High Five Emote were automatically entered into the Extravaganza Raffle, with the entire available content of the Emporium up for grabs as top prize. With that enticing setup on the line, it was time to dive straight into Season 12 Community Weekend! Filled with free items and Voyages, streaming spoils, picture-perfect poses and, of course, the all-important race to uncover Pop-Up Plunder, the weekend was a blast and a celebration of everything that makes this community what it is. Yes, even the criminals who buried treasure in the spike pits. Especially them. After that, we were back to our regularly scheduled programming and a monthly content update fresh from the developers’ desks. In addition to a bracing bounty of Emporium stock, June’s update saw the team tweaking and reworking a number of areas to better balance the player experience, including ship speeds, Double Barrel Pistol stats and a clutch of recent Commendations. Be sure to give the full release notes a read if you haven’t already to get all the details. News and Features Even with a myriad of other celebrations taking place throughout the month, we weren’t about to forget that June heralded Pride Month. That meant it was time for an updated profile picture – or not, as the case may be – and a new stylish T-shirt to get your hands on! Our streaming soundtrack, meanwhile, was expanding with the inspirational ‘Blessing of Athena’s Fortune’. As Season 12 Community Weekend rapidly approached, we spun up a dedicated article to lay out all the details of what players could expect. A while later, once the revelries had wrapped up, we returned to the scene for a detailed look back at what everyone had got up to during the Event and, as always, to question which chaos merchants among you are eating all these Burnt Grubs. June’s community spirit also extended to another two Community Spotlights! First on the list was a buccaneer famed for his barnacle-based bearing, Fishhook Cook, who walked us through everything from his early start in gaming to a real-life pirate connection. Then, to close out Pride Month, we stopped by to chat with LGBTQIA+ advocate and brilliant Boatswain Div_And_Inc to learn about their work supporting diversity across the seas. And fire breathing. It was a far-reaching conversation. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/d902d2df771cdb9384c62ad92d876b6765172...Season 12’s Style of Thieves Theme Reveal!Jul 2, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsWhether it’s Season 12, launching on PlayStation®5, a recent Community Weekend, tweaks to ship speeds or the Emporium Extravaganza, it’s been an absolute onslaught of activities on the seas of late, but we still need to put a big tick in the Style of Thieves box before Season 13 rears its fiery beard on July 25th. So let’s get it in the diary now – how does July 8th-11th sound? Well, it’s good for us, so we’re looking forward to the company of those who can join. While you’re more than welcome to select your clothes and snap your suits in advance, please note that only images submitted via social media within each theme’s 24-hour window will be accepted. On each of the aforementioned days we will create a post across Sea of Thieves social channels declaring that a theme has begun. It’s then up to you to share your screenshots of surprising fashion, including the name of the theme you’re entering and any other relevant information (a couple of the themes this time need some additional details, so check before you share)! Scroll down and read the How to Enter section for a rundown of the full rules, as well as some helpful advice. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/4093a18a40c17104c917708a0669d36235e36919.jpg Once a theme’s 24-hour entry period has ended, our crew will scroll the digital catwalks and select the pirates they feel found the most fascinating fits. That list is then whispered into the ear of a passing parrot which is then trusted to deliver the information through squawked Morse code to the most approachable member of our Art team. As long as this bird-based message is communicated effectively, this far more artistically minded individual will have the final decision on the pirates who win this Season’s Style of Thieves prizes! There will be three winners per category, meaning 12 entries total, and those lucky pirates will take home a pair of the elusive Fashionista’s Finery Gloves. The plan is to announce the winning pirates via social channels on July 18th, a week after the final theme takes place. And as always, a necessary reminder that even if you don’t win Style of Thieves, as with all of our social media contests, is intended to be about the fun first and foremost. More than anything, we hope you enjoy messing about with your pirate’s wardrobe. And speaking of clothes containers, here are your points of inspiration we’re asking you to pick some fits for this time around: The Themes Each theme will start at 10am UTC on the dates detailed below, with entries accepted via a variety of social media channels for a full 24 hours. Superhero Pick a costume and a name to match your pirate’s new justice-seeking persona! Make sure you state what your hero name would be when you share your entry. Entry date: July 8th Seven Deadly Sins Gluttony, Anger, Envy, Lust, Pride, Sloth and Greed offer a range of twisted angles for pirates happy to embrace their darker side. Remember to state your outfit’s inspiration when you share your entry. Entry date: J...A Look Back at Season 12 Community WeekendJun 26, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsHello! It’s been a while since we’ve had one of these lookbacks, so just give us a second to dust off the inkwell and make sure we didn’t leave any pineapple and Pondie sandwiches lurking under the pile of unsolved bottle maps. All clear. There’s still a bit of a smell but we can’t spot anything… oh well! Right, Season 12 Community Weekend. From 11am UTC on June 15th to the same time on June 17th, we hosted the second Sea of Thieves Community Weekend of 2024, but the first to welcome in our pirates on PlayStation®5! How did you all find it? It’s no good talking, these are words typed a few days ago at least, they don’t have ears. Judging from the responses and numbers we’ve seen, though, we’d say a lot of you had a right lovely time of it. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/2f17a3297c33f294e66de9d2395850729142c206.jpg In case you’re not sure what people were having a lovely time with, here’s a quick refresher so you can understand not to miss the next Community Weekend: pirates who set sail during the Event window earned the Season 12 Community Weekend Flag and Performing Pup Emote, while over the course of the first 15 hours (after a short hiccup getting started – apologies for that) the viewing hours of Sea of Thieves on Twitch increased the Community Emissary Grade and pushed in-game rewards of all flavours to the highest possible multiplier of all the Events we run, this then being active until the end of the Community Weekend. Plus, Raid Voyages on Skeleton Forts were open for all, regardless of your reputation levels – and all pirates, Legend or not, got access to a single-use Legend of the Veil Voyage to let newer pirates have a taste of the legendary Voyages that await! Another spot of seasoning we sprinkle on Community Weekends is the draw of Pop-Up Plunder, with Season 12 Community Weekend offering up 12 new maps shared via social media that led crews to random loot, leading to them brawling with nearby crews to claim a single, shared dig spot. This Event’s maps took pirates around some iconic locales, from the traps of Thieves’ Haven to the shores of the Coral Fortress, but it was the joy of seeing crews try to pry chests from the very middle of a spike trap on Sailors’ Bounty that proved to be our crew’s highlight. We’ve been doing this for a while, it wasn’t going to stay easy forever… A final bit of flavour comes to these Events via the Picture Walls present at every Outpost, and crucially, as detailed in our livestream on the day, not at The Reaper’s Hideout, because it is not an Outpost (they’d probably deface it anyway). Crews took a myriad of photos throughout the Event. From solo snaps to huge group shots, silly poses to highlights of rare spoils, these commemorative moments never fail to give us a grin. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/436bd072dce2c44b16c7ae910f1093d6f5e83ee3.jpg We mentioned a livestream just then and we’d definitely be remiss not to elaborate as, again, this was a fine community endeavour hosted in honour of the Event. ...Microsoft очень довольна приемом Sea of Thieves на PlayStation 5 — сообщество игры успешно расширяетсяJun 22, 2024 - Gamemag.ruMicrosoft выпустила в марте на PlayStation 5 свою многопользовательскую пиратскую адвенчуру Sea of Thieves, наряду с еще тремя другими тайтлами от внутренних студий. Sea of Thieves Release Notes - 3.0.2Jun 20, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsGameplay Improvements Ship Speed Rebalancing The Sloop, Brigantine and Galleon have all received a set of speed changes, balancing each ship type and placing more emphasis on ship direction and sail management during naval encounters. In a straight tailwind scenario, the Galleon with its three sails angled to the wind will now gain the advantage, followed by the Brigantine, then Sloop. In a straight headwind, the Sloop will have less wind resistance from its single sail and will be at an advantage over the Brigantine, and then the slower Galleon. Sidewind and crosswind scenarios will also now favour the Galleon when all sails are catching the maximum amount of wind. However, Galleon crews who mismanage the wind will suffer the largest penalty.Sailing into a Headwind Ships heading into a direct headwind will now be required to angle the sails to reduce the wind resistance and maintain their speed over longer distances. Sailing with sails flat into the wind will no longer be optimal.Double Barrel Pistol Balancing The damage of standard and charged shots from the Double Barrel Pistol has been increased. A charged shot now takes less time to charge, allowing players to prepare this heavy-damage attack more quickly. Hip firing the Double Barrel Pistol is now slightly more accurate. Reload time has been reduced, allowing players to reload more quickly and get back into the action.War Chest Commendation Balancing Following the launch of Season 12, the team has adjusted a number of Commendations from the War Chest, reducing the criteria needed to unlock the various Grades. Players with progress already above the newly rebalanced levels will be required to perform one more action to refresh the Commendation progress. When using the Double Barrel Pistol to defeat enemy threats, the Blown-Away Bones, Blam of the Damned and Double Deep Trouble Commendations will now progress more quickly. Utilising throwing knives to attack Gunpowder Skeletons will now progress the Keg Knife Kaboom Commendation more quickly. Players using scattershot against enemy threats will find the Holey Wood Holes, Scatter Bones, Spooky Spread and Peppered Meg Commendations have been made easier to obtain. Using the Bone Caller to attack Skeleton Ships will now progress the Skeleton Squared Commendation more quickly. Crews cashing in the Horn of Fair Winds will now find the amount needed for the Storm Sale Commendation has been reduced. Players using harpoon tightropes to transfer treasure to their ship will now progress the Carry On Lootin’ Commendation much more quickly. The Rib Roast and Title Fight Commendations requiring players to best Skeleton Lords in combat have now been switched to provide progress to the whole crew when defeated, rather than only rewarding a single player.Hit Registration Improvements Recent improvements to hit registration for player encounters have now been brought to threats encountered within the world, providing an improved ranged combat experience again...Более половины игроков забросили Sea of ​​Thieves для PlayStation 5 в первый месяцJun 17, 2024 - Gamemag.ruПортал TrueTrophies заметил, что Sea of Thieves для PlayStation 5 лишилась 58% аудитории. Вышедшее в апреле пиратское кооперативное приключение забросила половина пользователей, купивших игру в первый месяц. Sea of Thieves от Microsoft второй месяц подряд лидирует в чартах цифровых продаж на PlayStation 5Jun 15, 2024 - Gamemag.ruSea of Thieves от Microsoft второй месяц подряд становится самой скачиваемой игрой на PlayStation 5 в Европе. Кроме того, пиратская адвенчура сместила Helldivers 2 и поднялась на первую строчку в Северной Америке . Sea of Thieves Round-Up: May 2024Jun 11, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsWe can scarcely believe that we’re already into the warm tides of June, but even as we turn our attention to the upcoming delights of the month ahead, we still have one more task to complete before we fully say farewell to May: the regular round-up. So please take a moment to join us in celebrating everything that happened last month in the world of Sea of Thieves… Content Update After the major updates in April, it was a relatively quiet monthly update this time around. Following a small hotfix at the beginning of the month, May’s main update introduced numerous tweaks and improvements to recently implemented Season 12 features, as well as a range of new stock for Outpost and Emporium stores. As always, it’s all in the release notes for exploration! Not that it stayed quiet for long, of course; halfway through May, Gilded Voyages made their triumphant return in a special week-long Event. Pirates flocked to The Ancient Isles in search of rich rewards, not least of which was the military-minded Seamark Tribute Tattoo awaiting anyone who got to the end of one of these glittering Voyages. Pirates eager for even greater rewards didn’t have long to wait for another treat either, with a Gold & Glory Weekend right around the corner. Who knew that a sea full of thieves could be so generous? News and Features Outside of gameplay, May saw the much-anticipated arrival of Sea of Thieves: The Cookbook! Packed with culinary delights – even by our punishingly high standards – these recipes demand pride of place on any kitchen bookshelf. Not convinced? Maybe Daryl’s own cooking adventures will be enough to sway your opinion… Elsewhere, it was time for another round of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks, this time offering subscribed players a chance to get their hands on the Ebon Flintlock Pistol, Obsidian Flag and an Onyx Tankard that’s perfect for the Golden Smoothie we’d just learned how to make. And as always, we couldn’t let a full month go by without taking some time to celebrate the wonderful members of our community, and this time around that meant a Community Spotlight catching up with KeepinitTwisted! From a careful selection of panda-based ship names to the admirable and exhausting climbing of fifty-three floors to raise money for charity, the interview is a whirlwind adventure worth checking out. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/c2e4d691e633ed0a3eeddc20e80207619c5701c8.jpg Videos and Streams Since we, for once, weren’t poised to deliver a series of content trailers, May seemed like the perfect opportunity for the Video team to try out something different. Enter our Sea of Thieves Explained video series, answering new players’ vital questions such as what is Sea of Thieves, how is Sea of Thieves and even why is Sea of Thieves? Even the most weathered of sea dogs might find a few new tips and tricks tucked away in these whistle-stop tours of the pirate life, so they’re definitely worth a look no matter your experience level. One tradition we weren’t about to wea...Season 12 Community Weekend Welcomes Everyone on June 15thJun 4, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsIt’s been just over a month since Sea of Thieves launched globally on PlayStation®5 – and wow, what a rollercoaster it’s been. We’ve been inspired, entertained and truly heartwarmed by the way our community has embraced the new, blue pirates who’ve set sail on our waters of late. Thank you to everyone who’s been a part of Sea of Thieves’ journey since Season 12 kicked off – it’s been such a special time here in the studio, and we can’t wait to continue this wild ride with such a spirited and united community on board. A New Dawn And unite, you all did – we can’t quite believe how many of you have come together to indulge in the camaraderie of crossplay. Since we launched on PS5®, a whopping 1,797,963 crossplay crew sessions have taken place, adding up to an outrageous amount of seafaring shenanigans – with 7,283,307 hours of playtime covered in these sessions. That’s the equivalent of 831 years – you could only just finish all of Grey’s Anatomy in that time! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/044494e5c4dedc369a1bbc8c508f30a28d9e3822.jpg If you like numbers, don’t worry, we have more for you: an incredible 49.8% of all PlayStation 5 pirates have played with someone on a different platform, with so many old salts being wonderful enough to show their new pals the ropes. It’s been a beautiful thing to watch old players and new come together like this. And if you want stats on how many of our lovely new players have been sunk? We couldn’t possibly comment, but if there were any, then we’re sure they’ve learned their lesson. We have no doubt that with the expertise of our storied and seasoned sailors, many of our brand new swabbies will make it to Pirate Legend in no time. We know that 39,431 PlayStation-based corsairs have already hit Legend status, and we’re looking forward to seeing many more join the fabled ranks of Athena’s Fortune. Of course, you know what’d help everyone grasp their goals a little more quickly, right? A big ol’ Community Weekend, with absolute stonks on offer? Well, on that note, have we got news for you. Drum roll please! Season 12 Community Weekend For those of you new here, Community Weekend is something we take super-seriously on Sea of Thieves. It’s a once-a-Season extravaganza of all things community, where we take a full 48 hours to reward and celebrate you all for being the kindest, quirkiest set of pirates to sail the gaming seas. We do this with generous multipliers, a smorgasbord of freebies, time-limited Pop-Up Plunder and tons more – all of which you can expect between 11am UTC on Saturday, June 15th and 11am UTC on Monday, June 17th. So without any further ado, let’s get into exactly what you can expect during this 48-hour frenzy of fun… {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/7692056823bd2f61ef22c6bc3d85bcca03e56561.jpg Full Stream Ahead To raise the Community Emissary Grade, players will once again be tasked with tuning in to Twitch to level up the generosity of our active multiplier, with the total watch time powering Grade progre...PlayStation 5 и эксклюзивы Sony лидируют в американском чарте за апрель, продажи Sea of Thieves и Fallout 4 взлетелиMay 29, 2024 - Gamemag.ruPlayStation 5 и эксклюзивы Sony стали лидерами продаж апреля в США, сообщила компания Circana в месячном отчете. Stellar Blade дебютировала с первой строчки игрового чарта, а кооперативный шутер Helldivers 2 остался на второй — он же является на данный момент самым кассовым релизом 2024 года . Sea of Thieves Release Notes - 3.0.1May 23, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsPirate Emporium Show off your personal style with purchases from the Pirate Emporium! Pick up exclusive cosmetics such as ship liveries, costumes, weapons, pets and emotes using your Ancient Coins, purchasable with real money. Head to the Pirate Emporium to browse and buy the latest additions! New Items – Now in Stock! Deadlock Jailer Ship Collection Deadlock Jailer Costume Deadlock Jailer Weapon Bundle Deadlock Jailer Double Barrel Pistol and Throwing Knives Deadlock Jailer Trinket Crimson Crypt, Lodestar and Dark Warsmith Double Barrel Pistols Shark’s Bane Ship’s Crest Captain’s Head Ship’s Crest Stormfish Chaser Weapon Bundle Stormfish Chaser Ship Collection (returning from Season Ten Plunder Pass) Forest’s Blessing Costume Set (returning from Season Six Plunder Pass) Creeping Cold Costume Set (returning from Season Five Plunder Pass) Presentation Emote Bundle In for the Kill Emote (free!)Emporium Post-Purchase Recommendations Players purchasing items from the Pirate Emporium will now be shown a recommendation, suggesting similar items they may enjoy and allowing them to fast-track to the suggested offer. Outpost Cosmetics New Outpost Stock! The Outpost weapon shops now stock a further range of Heavy Swords and Rapiers from the Seared Forsaken Ashes, Scorched Forsaken Ashes, Parrot, Sunshine Parrot and Nightshine Parrot sets, locked behind their associated Commendations. The Avian Courtly Jacket is also available from the Outpost clothing shops for gold. Fixed Issues Gameplay Players joining a crew in progress near a World Event will no longer find themselves appearing on the Ferry of the Damned, and should now arrive as intended at their crew’s ship. Players are no longer able to use a fishing rod while travelling through the air to modify their trajectory. Crews retrieving treasure from on board Skeleton Ships within a Fleet encounter will no longer find those items reappear when a ship resurfaces. Crews clearing out a Siren Shrine or Treasury will now find the rewards are randomised when the location refreshes, preventing players from farming specific items. Players rolling a 20 with the Roll a D20 Emote will now unlock the Critical Roll Commendation. Burying a depleted Ashen Winds Skull will no longer replenish its power when uncovered. Crews defeated in an Hourglass battle will no longer see a low-quality scene before being sent to the Tunnels of the Damned. Captains should no longer be able to place multiple Scourge of the Sea Trinkets aboard their ship. The Captain's Logbook will now consistently appear in the wreckage of a ship defeated in an Hourglass battle. Crews raiding the Treasury Vault of an emergent Sea Fort will no longer find a suite of Order of Souls treasure, and will instead find a more balanced mix. The Eye of Reach now deals the intended amount of damage to Ocean Crawlers in vulnerable or shielded states. Players who have purchased the Parakeet Sea Dog Outfit for their parrot will now see it present in the Pet Chest. ‘Th...Sea of Thieves Spotlight Showcase #7May 20, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsWell, it’s been a while since we last sat down to put together a Spotlight Showcase! Worry not though, we haven’t forgotten anyone during the intervening months, and now we’re here to bring you a bumper crop of all the Spotlights you might have missed since we last checked in. Let’s go! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/4d859854b3fd3387f7b8a1503a522cae7a7a4513.jpg First on our list from back in the mists of July is a Community Spotlight with renowned sail scrapbooker Captain Butterfinger! Alongside his efforts to catalogue the wonderful and varied sails of the Sea of Thieves, he took the opportunity to tell us about his favourite moments from playing the game and his excursions into a certain series of simian-themed ’90s point-and-click adventures. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/734e1db4ceeb8661dcc572c1c5ecc9a7cd7a0ac2.jpg For our first Creator Spotlight of this batch, we decided it was our turn to dig into the details with notorious nitpicker and quirky content creator, TheGeeNee. He ran us through some of his crazier stories in trademark chaotic style, from pig heists to hidden images, interspersed with some genuine advice and notes on the importance of criticism. Also doonaggles, whatever they are. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/7f665cbfff9ba54b449a15575b82fe80c5508d7d.jpg In August we followed up with another Creator Spotlight, this time with lore aficionado AShinyRay! Known in the community for his story musings and unwavering love of Captain Flameheart, he guided us through his journey from playing Spyro the Dragon on the PlayStation to producing Gears 5 content, all the way to becoming a quality-focused player in the Sea of Thieves community. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/f6e4e15792f3b5f089591c3af165c85563a76bab.jpg For our next Community Spotlight, we chatted with renowned pirate Sally the Swishing Slasher – or, more accurately, the shoutcaster behind Sally, Woodrow Jenkins! It was great to hear more about his history of Rare gaming, his Hide and Seek adventures and his tremendous passion for music. We didn’t even have to bribe him with extra shark content to talk to us. How lucky we are! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/aadb4b7769944b8598533d45d70b8b20e12337c6.jpg Next on the list was a coveted Legend Spotlight as we checked back in with the subject of our first ever Community Spotlight: IOnEI_Falcon! As one of the first people to play Sea of Thieves, he had lots of stories to share about his time on the waves and how he grew into the role of a trusted Deckhand for players worldwide. Not to mention those apparently stellar Guitar Hero skills… {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/eb5c1dbae4d469350ebe9c1871b061b46a65e8a5.jpg Our next participant as we continued through September also landed a Legend Spotlight, as we caught up with crafty connoisseur Lizalaroo. One of the driving forces behind the ever-popular SoTFest convention, Liz recounted tales of her journey to Pirate Legend, her joyful discovery that the Legendary set matched her colour scheme and, of course, s...Облачный сервис Xbox Cloud Gaming получил поддержку клавиатуры и мыши на ПКMay 18, 2024 - Gamemag.ruMicrosoft выпустила майское обновление для Xbox, которое добавило поддержку мыши и клавиатуры в Xbox Cloud Gaming на ПК. Согласно анонсу, апдейт уже должен быть доступен всем игрокам и включает в себя возможность играть на клавиатуре с мышью в Xbox Cloud Gaming на ПК . В настоящий момент данная поддержка реализована только в веб-версии сервиса в браузерах Edge и Chrome, но позже до конца текущего месяца Microsoft планирует выпустить аналогичное обновление для десктопного приложения Xbox. СМИ: Microsoft хочет избавиться от ограничений по выпуску своих игр на других платформах — компания готова рисковатьMay 16, 2024 - Gamemag.ruПоследние сообщения СМИ дали понять, что Microsoft снова меняет стратегию развития Xbox: высшее руководство компании настаивает на снятии любых ограничений по выпуску игр на конкурирующих платформах, таких как PlayStation и Nintendo. Этот шаг, получивший кодовое название Latitude, направлен на увеличение прибыли за счёт распространения эксклюзивов Xbox за пределы собственных консолей . Sea of Thieves Round-Up: April 2024May 10, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsAs spring progresses ever onward outside the windows, things haven’t slowed down for a moment inside Rare HQ! April was absolutely jam-packed with news and updates, including a PlayStation®5 launch for the very first time in our studio history, so let’s not waste time with any more preamble. From the top, here’s everything you might have missed last month! Content Update Our main update wasn’t due until the very end of April, so we aimed to tide everyone over in the meantime with a Gold & Glory Weekend. What better way to make sure you all had a chance to get your hands on those last Season 11 rewards? After that, it was just a hop, skip and jump into the launch of PlayStation 5 Early Access! We’d welcomed in a few players on this new platform towards the beginning of April with our Closed Beta, with a whole host of questions answered in an accompanying PS5® FAQ, but Early Access marked the first time that these players could take to the seas alongside everyone else. It was a fine sight to see so many crews rolling out a suitable welcome by flying the New Dawn Sails. With the floodgates open, it was finally time for everyone to take the plunge into Season 12. Bringing new weapons, mechanics and the all-important owls to the seas for the first time, this update marked a major refresh for Sea of Thieves’ sandbox. Have you had a chance to dive in yet? How many times have you been sent to the brig for using the Horn of Fair Winds on your crewmates? Don’t worry, they’ll probably forgive you soon. News and Features There was another milestone awaiting Sea of Thieves in April: the announcement that the game has now welcomed 40 million players since launch! In the six years since our shared pirate haven opened its doors, the team has delivered over 100 free updates to bring you the best experience possible – and it’s been a delight to watch so many pirates find their sea legs, make connections and chase that horizon. Thank you all so much for joining us, whether you’ve been here from the beginning or you’re just setting out on your Maiden Voyage. Back in the here and now, as the team cooked up a storm of new features for Season 12, it seemed like a good time to share something else that was in the works: the Sea of Thieves cookbook! After giving everyone a little while to properly salivate over all the delightful dishes they’d be able to make, we came back with our latest From Concept to Cosmetic investigative article – this time dedicated to the mighty Frorb – offering everyone a little extra encouragement to complete Season 11 while they still could. Around then, we realised it was about time for another Community Spotlight. This month, that meant catching up with lauded loot artist Cap’n Axe and finding out how he grew from streaming his pirate-themed Animal Crossing island into a renowned digital artist within the Sea of Thieves community. Give it a read! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/2edab01dee254e9f5390a4d070fae97b69f0dfde.jpg Videos and Streams As a...Level Up Your Loadout with Sea of Thieves Season 12May 1, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsSea of Thieves’ Seasons keep on turning, and the arrival of Season 12 on April 30th is a real milestone, coinciding with a huge wave of players sailing in on PlayStation®5 for the first time. This alone would mix up the everyday interactions that take place out there on the waves, but we haven’t even begun to describe the game-changing features delivered by Season 12 itself! Go on the Attack… Every pirate’s choice of arms to carry into battle is about to be expanded, as the Double Barrel Pistol and throwing knives become available to drop into weapon slots. The Double Barrel Pistol requires a closer range and deals less damage per shot than the standard pistol, but makes up for it with rate of fire and the ability to charge and unleash both shots at once. Throwing knives, meanwhile, offer even more options: quick, light attacks in a brawl, a heavy stabbing sneak attack or, of course, a gratifying throw at a target of your choosing. If you miss, you can retrieve your knife and return it to your stash – and if someone else misses, you can grab theirs and throw it right back! Even ship-to-ship battles now offer more choice with the introduction of scattershot. This new cannonball type breaks into smaller projectiles when fired, inflicting multiple hull breaches if you’ve manoeuvred close enough to the enemy ship to make full use of its effects. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/53156d8798b569be1a31ff6967af7a8e2599a6c6.jpg …Or Cover Your Back Two new tools with multiple uses also make their debut in Season 12. The first of these is the Bone Caller, a throwable item that has the effect of summoning skeletons who’ll rally to your defence. Like many other throwables, the Bone Caller can also be fired from a cannon to cause chaos on enemy decks! Just save it until you need it, as these friendly skellies are only active for a limited time before reverting to inanimate bones. The Horn of Fair Winds, meanwhile, proves handy in a wide variety of situations. A sailor’s first instinct would be to use it to fill their ship’s sails, and it can certainly do that – but it can also put out fires, push back attacking enemies, boost your swimming speed and even break your fall. Its charge is limited, but even drained of power it’s still worth a decent pile of gold! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37295600/90c32c576f9a7fab32346f37467a1740ac041fee.jpg Stay on the Line All these things will help a crew greatly in their pursuit of gold and glory, and a further two additions will contribute to the dual aim of seizing treasure and getting it safely back to the ship. Harpoons have been helping treasure hunters fill their decks for some time now, but only with the arrival of Season 12 can pirates flex their agility and walk the lines like tightrope gymnasts. Whether you’re boarding enemy ships or just seeking an easier route to an awkward spot, a whole new world of traversal awaits! And these aren’t the only lines that will help you get around, as Season 12 sees ziplines installed at key point...Sea of Thieves Release Notes - 3.0.0Apr 30, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsThe War Chest New weapons waiting to be mastered and tools to take your tactics to the next level! Try your luck with fresh loadouts and feel the rush while riding the ziplines. To learn more about this new Season’s headline features, head over to our dedicated Season 12 page. Throwing Knives These new weapons in the pirate armoury come as a set of five, which are wielded one at a time when equipped and can be restocked from any Ammo Chest. Wielding a throwing knife allows players to stab enemies with a quick melee attack or charge for a devastating downward strike. Throwing a knife allows for a high-damage ranged attack. If a thrown knife misses its target, it becomes lodged in the environment and can be recovered to replenish stock. But be aware that another player can also retrieve your knife and use it against you!Double Barrel Pistol This new fast-firing weapon holds six bullets and can be fired twice before needing to be reloaded, or both barrels can be fired together by charging the shot. Shots fired from the Double Barrel Pistol have reduced range and damage compared to the standard pistol, but compensate with a faster firing speed.Scattershot This new type of cannonball can be found in storage barrels across the seas, providing players with an effective short-range option for devastating enemy ships in combat. Scattershot breaks apart when fired, sending four smaller projectiles in an outward spread. These have a lower trajectory than standard cannonballs, making scattershot a shorter-range option. Each projectile deals light damage to the impact area, increasing if existing damage areas are hit repeatedly. Ship interaction points such as the wheel, mast and capstan can also be damaged by the blast, and players caught in the spread will receive light damage without knockback.Bone Caller This mystical throwable item possesses the power to summon a loyal skeleton crew who will attack nearby enemies. After a time, these skeletons will expire in a cloud of bones. Bone Callers can also be fired from a cannon, giving players the ability to send a targeted package of disruption to rival ships at sea. Bone Callers can be recovered from crates left behind by defeated Skeleton Fleets, or found in barrels at Skeleton Forts.Horn of Fair Winds This Siren shell is a treasure artefact that harnesses the power of the wind, and is discoverable in shipwrecks and other locations throughout the Sunken Kingdom. Crews can use it to get ahead by filling their sails to full billow, giving a boost to a Rowboat or propelling themselves through the water. Players can also harness the Horn’s powerful effects to knock back enemies, cushion a potentially fatal fall or even extinguish a blazing ship.Harpoon Tightropes Players firing a harpoon line into a rock, beach, tree or even another ship can now climb onto the line and perform a tightrope walk, maintaining their balance as they go. Stepping onto a steeply descending harpoon line will allow players to slide effort..."Лидируем по количеству игр в чарте PS Store": Глава Microsoft Сатья Наделла отметил мультиплатформенный успех XboxApr 28, 2024 - Gamemag.ruМультиплатформенная стратегия Microsoft дает плоды — игры корпорации успешно конкурируют с предложениями других производителей даже на консолях конкурентов Xbox. Об этом Сатья Наделла рассказал инвесторам в ходе презентации отчета за третий квартал 2024 финансового года. Sea of Thieves Release Notes - 2.10.3Apr 25, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsThis 2.10.3 update lays the groundwork for the full Season 12 launch coming up on April 30th, while also introducing the first pirates on PlayStation®5 to the world of Sea of Thieves during an Early Access period. Be sure to extend a warm welcome if you meet them on the seas! Fates of Fortune Chest of Fortune The Chest of Fortune has been returned to the locked Vault of the formidable Fort of Fortune. Keep a keen eye on the horizon for the ominous red skull cloud in the sky when it becomes active. Crews who retrieve Chests of Fortune can now earn the next Grade of the Fortune’s Favour Commendation, unlocking access to the Fates of Fortune Lantern, Spyglass, Compass and Bucket.Reaper’s Chests Crews chasing down the tell-tale beacon of the Reaper’s Chest or Reaper’s Bounty can earn the next Grade of the Reaper’s Riches Commendation, and start unlocking access to the Fates of Fortune Banjo and Drum. Gameplay Improvements Hit Registration Improvements Further improvements have been made to calculate the location of player shots more accurately across the client and server, providing a sizeable improvement to hit registration for ranged weapons across a range of combat scenarios.Skeleton Ship and Megalodon Encounters The frequency of emergent Skeleton Ship and Megalodon encounters has been reduced to match the frequency of encounters prior to Season 11.Animation Quality Settings Players now have improved control over the character animation quality within the Graphics Settings. This will provide a smoother experience; however, higher settings may impact CPU performance. Outpost Cosmetics New Outpost Stock! The Outpost shops have received a new shipment of items from the Seared Forsaken Ashes set, with the ship set and clothing now available to purchase with gold after unlocking the Warsmith of the Flame Commendation. The Outpost weapon shops now have the Forsaken Ashes Heavy Sword and Rapier available for Doubloons after unlocking the Devil’s Cartographer Commendation.Legacy Event Cosmetics Previous rewards from the Wish You Were Here Event have now been added to the Outpost shops. The Cartographer Tattoo and the Refined Gold Cutlass, Spyglass and Speaking Trumpet are now available for Doubloons.Season Five Legacy Cosmetics Cosmetics previously available during Season Five have arrived in Outpost shops and can now be yours in exchange for Doubloons! Players can purchase the Bell Brigade clothing set, along with a range of unique one-off items that were available during this Season. Pirate Legends can also pick up Merrick’s Tankard and Grimm’s Jacket. The time-limited Ancient Gold items, however, remain exclusive to players who participated in Season Five. Updates Report a Player The in-game Report a Player tool has now been extended, providing the ability to report players for Movement Exploits, Aiming Exploits and Toxic Behaviour. As with all player reports, these will be referred to the Sea of Thieves Support team for investigation and follow-up act...Sea of Thieves для PlayStation 5 выглядит лучше, чем на Xbox Series XApr 22, 2024 - Gamemag.ruАнализ бета-версии Sea of Thieves для PlayStation 5, проведенный Digital Foundry, выявил визуальное превосходство порта над версией для Xbox Series X.