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Season 2 Series Has ArrivedFeb 23, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsThe latest Series of items has arrived! Rocket League's Season 2 Item Series has begun appearing as Blueprints, and is led by the new and incredibly sharp car, Tygris (Hybrid hitbox). Check it out above and in the images below! The Season 2 Series includes more than a dozen new items ranging from Rare to Black Market rarity. For starters, Dominus is finally joining the Octane and Fennec in the Huntress club with a decal of its own. Plus, check out new items like W.I.P. and Exalter Decal, Medianic and Bravado Wheels, and Ambustion Boost. Then, hit your target with the all-new Air Strike Goal Explosion! Don't forget, items from the new Series can be unlocked two different ways: Blueprints or the Item Shop. If you receive a Blueprint after a match, just use Credits to build the item from the Blueprint, to add it to your inventory. These items will also begin appearing in the Item Shop, so be sure to check it out in the coming weeks. For new players, here's a some quick info on how Blueprints work: After playing Online Matches, you'll have a chance of receiving a Blueprint. Blueprints show you exactly what item you can build. Be on the lookout for Blueprints that unlock Painted or Special Edition item variants. Blueprints, and the items you get from them, are tradable to other players on the same platform. Notes V1.93Feb 15, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsCHANGES AND UPDATES Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) To learn more about Two-Factor Authentication, please read the full patch notes here: BUG FIXES Fixed a bug preventing splitscreen players from matchmaking in Competitive Playlist “Invite to party" option in Friends List now displays properly for all players Fixed lighting on Forbidden Temple Removed animations added to the Playlist Menu in the last update Fixed a bug causing the ball to turn invisible in Spectator Mode when using Fly Cam Hotfix Next Week Will Add 2FA For TradingFeb 12, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsA Rocket League hotfix is incoming next week on February 15. Along with some bug fixes and improvements, this hotfix will also add the requirement of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for all player-to-player trades. To read more about this change visit Lanterns Is Live NowFeb 11, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsCelebrate the Year of the Ox in Rocket League's Lucky Lanterns in-game event! Lucky Lanterns is LIVE right now, so start completing Event Challenges and unlocking themed items now through March 1! Check out some of the event items and the beautiful new Arena variant, Forbidden Temple (Day), in the Lucky Lanterns trailer above. Unlock items like the Lucky Cat and Ozzy Ox Toppers, Lantern Lift and Cherry Blossom Boosts, Temple Guardian Player Banner, and more! Take a look at the images below. Plus, get lucky with Golden Lanterns that unlock items from the Velocity, Triumph, and Overdrive Series. If you're looking for even more items to celebrate the occasion, stop by the Item Shop for the free Short Fuse Player Banner (available now) and Shen Avatar Border on February 22. While you're there, take a look for the Lantern Lift and the now-Painted Paper Dragon Goal Explosions, which will both make an appearance for a limited time. Lucky Lanterns will also feature two Limited Time Modes: Heatseeker and Super Cube! Heatseeker is ready for launch and is live right now. Then Super Cube bounces into the mix on February 22. Super Cube marks the return of the Cubic mode that was first featured in Rocket League back in 2015, here's what you can expect from this LTM. Super Cube is a goofy mode that messes with mutators and changes the shape of the Rocket League ball. Like the name suggests, the ball has been replaced by a cubic shape, and its maximum speed and bounciness have increased. Good luck trying to predict its bounces! Here's the full schedule for Lucky Lanterns LTMs: Heatseeker 2v2: February 11 - February 22 Super Cube 3v3: February 22 - March 1 So, jump into Lucky Lanterns starting today and enjoy all the Lunar New Year festivities! Good luck! Rocket League's quick chat mechanic is so demoralizingFeb 11, 2021 - The LoadoutThe game is tied at four-all with 30 seconds left on the clock. Your team has spent four and a half minutes chasing the ball, hitting crosses, and saving goals to make sure that it's in a position to win and move up the Rocket League ranks. After a crisp fake, you've freed some space towards the opposition's goal, and all that can possibly intervene with a sure victory is the open air. But as your car flips forward, your flick goes wide, sailing past the goal, and bouncing off of the post. Feeling downtrodden, you cut the engine on your car. You remain motionless, watching in horror as the ball floats through the air past you and your teammates and back into your half. Not a sound is made, but the roar from both sides is deafening. "Nice shot!", "Nice shot!", "Nice shot!" your teammates spam in chat, further filling you with dread. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rocket League best cars explained The best PS4 games in 2021 The best multiplayer PS4 games in 2021 Rocket League announces Freestyle Invitational and Ford partnershipFeb 10, 2021 - The LoadoutPsyonix has announced the Ford + Rocket League Freestyle Invitational. The collaboration with the iconic car company will see a new body type added to the game, and a brand new spin on Rocket League esports. The Freestyle Invitational will feature some of the best Rocket League freestylers who will flip, spin, and duke it out to be crowned the best of the best. We expect to see the likes of Brett 'FLuuMP' McGranahan displaying their most skillful talents to a panel of judges. The event kicks off on February 24 and concludes on February 28 ahead of the RLCS X North American Major Grand Finals. More details are still to be announced, but the Freestyle Invitational seems like it will be scored similarly to a gymnastics event, with judges giving scores based on the technical difficulty of tricks and how well the players perform them. This is a far cry from how freestyle Rocket League players are used to competing, but should make for an exciting tournament. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rocket League best cars explained The best PS4 games in 2021 The best multiplayer PS4 games in 2021 Ford Is Driving Into Rocket League With the Ford F-150 and Esports EventFeb 10, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsRocket League is about to get TOUGH! The iconic, most purchased brand* in the U.S. is speeding into Rocket League starting February 20. Get the Ford F-150 RLE (Rocket League Edition) for a limited time and haul your teammates to victory! *Note: Based on 2020 CY total sales BUILT FORD TOUGH® The Ford F-150 has been outfitted with Rocket Boost and is ready to hit the pitch! The Ford F-150 RLE bundle will be available in its own tab in the Item Shop from February 20 through February 28. Along with the customizable* F-150 Rocket League Edition, the bundle includes a bunch of cargo, like the Chairman Decal, Ford F-150 RLE and SE Wheels, Ford F-150 RLE Engine Audio, Ford F-150 RLE Boost, and Ford F-150 Player Banner. Check out all the items in the slideshow below! The Ford F-150 RLE bundle can be purchased for 1500 Credits. *Note: The items included in the bundle can only be equipped by the Ford F-150 RLE, and the Ford F-150 RLE cannot be customized with items from other licensed IP. FORD IS FREESTYLING WITH ROCKET LEAGUE ESPORTS Rocket League Esports is about it to get its own version of a dunk competition! Ford is the presenting sponsor for all upcoming RLCS X Winter Majors, including this weekend’s South American Regional Major on February 13-14, but that's just the beginning of the long-haul! Introducing the Ford + Rocket League Freestyle Invitational: a brand-new event featuring eight of the best Rocket League freestylers putting their skills to the test and competing for an actual 2021 Ford F-150! The two-day event will take place on February 24 and February 28 ahead of the North American Major Grand Finals live on Twitch. Each competitor will show off their best freestyle moves in hopes of impressing the judges. Stay tuned for more info on the participants who will be competing, judges, hosts, and everything else you'll need to know about the event! Ford is ready to speed into Rocket League in a big way with the Ford F-150 RLE bundle and the Ford + Rocket League Freestyle Invitational later this month. Be sure to tune into the RLCS X Winter Majors Presented by Ford and pick up the F-150 RLE in-game later this month!Rocket League Celebrates Black History MonthFeb 9, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsIn celebration of Black History Month, we're featuring three new tracks in-game from Black creators. These new songs will also be available to equip as Player Anthems for free later this month. Continuing our lineage with Monstercat and its catalog of artists who have been an essential part of Rocket League's in-game experience for years, we're thrilled to spotlight new music from talented Black artists on the label during this important month. Check out when you'll be able to hear these songs in-game: Live now: Same Mistake (feat. Josh Rubin) by Fransis Derelle February 16: Good 4 Me by Vindata February 23: Union by Vindata Each song will be featured as Rocket League's menu music on the dates above and will be available to claim as Player Anthems for free in the Item Shop on February 23. Go to the "Black Creators" Item Shop Tab to claim them. To hear more from these artists, visit Vindata's Spotify and Fransis Derelle's Spotify. We hope you enjoy hearing these new artists in Rocket League to honor Black History Month!Patch Notes V1.92Feb 1, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsScheduled Release: 2/1/2021, 4 p.m. PDT | 2/2/2021, 12 a.m. UTC THE HEADLINES New Fennec Decals have been added to the Esports Shop An ‘Effect Intensity’ drop-down has been added to Video Settings The NFL Super Bowl LV Celebration starts February 2 NEW CONTENT NFL The NFL Super Bowl LV Celebration starts February 2 at 8 a.m. PST / 4 p.m. UTC. The event includes: The new Gridiron LTM will be available as a Casual Playlist New Challenges will be available this week. Completing Challenges will unlock new NFL-themed items and XP bonuses The NFL Fan Pack will return to the Item Shop February 2 through February 8 Esports Shop A new Fennec Decal is now available to purchase for all 18 teams in the Esports Shop CHANGES AND UPDATES Effect Intensity Based on community feedback, an ‘Effect Intensity’ drop-down has been added to Settings > Video Default: All Arena effects operate normally Low: Flashing lights and pulsing effects are disabled Moving effects, lights, and background visuals are reduced or disabled Background light brightness/intensity reduced (where appropriate) Music visualization is disabled Effect Intensity settings only apply to the ‘Neon Fields’ Arena Rocket Pass Pro Tiers: Starting with v1.91, Pro Tiers purchase eligibility will depend on a player’s Rocket Pass Tier at the time of purchase Players at Tiers 1-40 can purchase any Tier bundle Players at Tiers 41-58 can purchase up to 12 Tiers Players at Tiers 59-64 can purchase up to 6 Tiers Players at Tiers 65-69 can purchase one Tier at a time Players at Tiers 70 or above can still unlock Pro Tiers via progression Rocket Pass Premium: Players on the free Rocket Pass track at Tier 59 or higher will be able to purchase Rocket Pass Premium, but will not be able to purchase the Premium + 12 Tiers bundle In both cases, ineligible players who try to purchase a Premium or Tier Bundle will see an error message. BUG FIXES Fixed a display error with the Free Challenges not being counted properly Tournament Rewards earned on different platforms can now be traded in together Item Shop menu correctly displays the Featured Tab when first selected Fixed several crash/freeze scenarios involving linked accounts and/or splitscreen Exhibition Matches Fixed an exploit allowing players to trade single Credits Event banners on the Main Menu will now open the Challenges Menu as intended Fixed appearance of DigiGlobe and HoloData Goal Explosions in Hoops The MVP’s Player Anthem will play even if the other team leaves or forfeits Fixed a bug with track resets in music playlists Bringing up a music playlist with a keyboard no longer skips the current song Fixed a bug with Player 2 Quick Chat in splitscreen Rocket League partners with the NFL for Super Bowl LV CelebrationJan 29, 2021 - The LoadoutHit vehicle-based soccer game Rocket League is swapping the football for the hand egg in an upcoming collaboration with the NFL. The Super Bowl LV event will see the introduction of a new limited time mode, special challenges, and the return of NFL Fan Packs from the end of last year. The event is set to run from February 2 until February 8. During the event, players will be able to check out Gridiron - a four versus four arena that has seen its field transformed into an American football pitch, "complete with hash marks and the NFL logo at the 50-yard line." The classic Rocket League ball has also been swapped out for an American football, which attaches to the roof of a player's car when contact is made with it. Like a rocket-propelled game of tag, the player with the ball will then be hounded by opponents looking for steals, although they can also hand-off the ball to teammates, or pass it to them by dodging. Although jumping is still possible in this mode, double jumping will cause the ball to drop. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rocket League Ranks: Ranking system explained, MMR, rewards, and more Rocket League adds new accessibility settings after player reports seizures Rocket League Championship Series takes its Regional Majors online Suit Up For The NFL Super Bowl LV Celebration In Rocket LeagueJan 28, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsThe NFL and Rocket League are getting ready for the big game next week with the NFL Super Bowl LV Celebration! It's a Rocket League event that's bringing the brand new game mode, Gridiron, Event Challenges, and the return of the NFL Fan Pack. It all starts February 2 and will be live until February 8. WELCOME TO THE GRIDIRON Champions Field has been transformed for this new LTM, complete with hash marks and the NFL logo at the 50-yard line. Now huddle up! It's time to learn the rules of Gridiron mode: Gridiron is 4 on 4. The standard Rocket League ball has been replaced with an American football. Touching the ball attaches it to the roof of your car. In Spike Rush, the ball would attach to wherever your car made contact, but in Gridiron it will always attach to your roof. If any player touches the ball, that player becomes the ball carrier, setting up the opportunity for hand-offs to teammates or steals by the other team. The carrier can single jump, but double jumping drops the ball. You can also pass the ball by dodging. Each goal is 3 or 7 points: 7 points are awarded if the ball is attached to a player when entering the opponent's goal, and 3 points are awarded if the ball is passed in or if the ball is loose. All own-goals are worth 3 points whether the ball is attached or it's loose. Demos require Supersonic speed just like in standard modes. Stay in bounds! You'll fumble the ball if you cross the line marked on the Arena wall. Now throw on your pads, get out there, and have some fun! Plus, we're adding three Event Challenges that can be completed to unlock the Gridiron Guru Player Title, NFL Wheels, and 20,000 XP! These Challenges and the Gridiron LTM Playlist are live from February 2 through February 8. Don't worry if you missed out on the NFL Fan Pack the first time it was available. It will return to the Item Shop during the NFL Super Bowl LV Celebration from February 2 through February 8. Be sure to check it out in-game! Equip your favorite team's Decal, hit the Gridiron, and be sure to share some of your wild highlights! Mention @RocketLeague on Twitter using the hashtag #RLGridiron. HUT HUT HIKE!Rocket League player suffers seizure after playing the new Neon Fields arenaJan 27, 2021 - The Loadout27/01/2021 Psyonix is adding an 'Effect Intensity' toggle in Rocket League's next update Rocket League's newest arena, Neon Fields, has come under fire for reportedly causing a player to have seizures. The player in question posted about their plight on Reddit, after making a throwaway account named u/psyonixistrynakillme to emphasise their point. Their post says that "the new map is giving seizures," and that any previous attempts to contact Psyonix support on social media were met with limp apologies. The player says that they have played an astonishing 3,500 hours of Rocket League, but the new map renders their favourite game unplayable. The Loadout has reached out to the player for further clarification of their circumstances. The Neon Fields arena was released at the beginning of Season Two, and the match is seemingly played in the middle of a luminescent rave. A subwoofer pumps above the pitch, a huge stage lies to one side, and neon lights coalesce across the walls, creating patterns of crowds and equalisers. It's an exciting concept, but potentially dangerous for players at risk of seizures. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rocket League partners with the NFL for Super Bowl LV Celebration Rocket League Ranks: Ranking system explained, MMR, rewards, and more Rocket League adds new accessibility settings after player reports seizures Rocket League adds new accessibility settings after player reports seizuresJan 26, 2021 - The LoadoutPsyonix has put out a statement regarding Rocket League's Neon Fields arena, which we reported earlier this month gave players epileptic seizures and made others feel nauseous. Their post in the Rocket League subreddit gathered a lot of attention, including nearly 2,000 upvotes, as players tried to draw Psyonix's attention to the problem. Reddit user u/psyonixistrynakillme created an account to lodge the complaint after failing to reach Psyonix by other means, saying "I am epileptic and the new map is giving me seizures." A Psyonix dev sent them a DM a couple of days later, but did not respond to The Loadout's request for comment on the matter at the time. They even offered their own suggestions at the time, due to the fact that disliking the arena didn't remove it from their Rocket League playlist. Their suggestions were as follows: "I think the map should be removed or make some sort of setting to make the map different I guess lol. Or at the very least slap a big epilepsy warning when opening the game." Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rocket League partners with the NFL for Super Bowl LV Celebration Rocket League Ranks: Ranking system explained, MMR, rewards, and more Rocket League Championship Series takes its Regional Majors online Next Rocket League Update Arrives February 1Jan 26, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsThe next game update for Rocket League is set to arrive on all platforms on February 1 (pending first-party certification). It's bringing some new content and a few QOL improvements. First up, we're happy to announce the arrival of an item that's been requested for a long time: Fennec Decals in the Esports Shop! ESPORTS SHOP FENNEC DECALS INCOMING! Once the update goes live, players will be able to get Fennec Decals for all teams featured in the Esports Shop! Each Fennec Decal will be available for 300 Esports Tokens. Check them out in all their glory in the images below. Don't forget, the Esports Shop no longer rotates, so you can browse and buy all items for all available teams. NEW EFFECTS SETTING FOR NEON FIELDS Based on recent player feedback, we've become aware that the effects and lighting in Neon Fields can negatively impact the game experience for some players. To ensure that Rocket League remains enjoyable for all players, we're adding a new settings option called "Effect Intensity" that adjusts the intensity and motion of visuals for this Arena. Following the update, players will be able to change this setting to "Default" or "Low." The "Low" setting makes the following changes: Disables all pulsing effects Disables all flashing lights Reduces or disables moving FX/lights/background visuals Reduces brightness or intensity of background lights Be on the lookout for the next game update on February 1 at 4 p.m. PST (February 2 at 12 a.m. UTC). League Championship Series takes its Regional Majors onlineJan 22, 2021 - The LoadoutThe Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Winter Split has finished, and the Regional Majors are going online for the first time. Due to the inability to host safe LAN tournaments during the coronavirus pandemic, four online tournaments will replace the regular in-person competitions. The top 12 teams from North American and European regions will fight it out for $100,000 prize pools respectively, whereas Oceania and South America have $25,000 on the line. All Regional Majors will happen over two days each in February, meaning every weekend in the month will have a Rocket League Major tournament livestreamed on Twitch. What's more, for the first day of each event, there will also be a B-stream running, meaning you can watch every single match. Finally, that dual-monitor setup is paying dividends, right? Due to the fact that the Winter Split Regional Majors will feature half the usual number of teams, we're in for the very best gameplay and seeing some of the Rocket League's best cars in action. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rocket League partners with the NFL for Super Bowl LV Celebration Rocket League Ranks: Ranking system explained, MMR, rewards, and more Rocket League adds new accessibility settings after player reports seizures You can now play Mario Kart in Rocket LeagueJan 21, 2021 - The LoadoutIf you're a fan of tyre-screeching car-ball action, then there's only one game for you: Rocket League. But fans of arcade racing games can get a bit bored waiting in those Rocket League ranked queues, and the standard practice maps are hardly inspiring. Therefore, one player took it upon themself to make these awkward waiting periods a little more exciting. The mod they built recreates a classic Mario Kart race, Yoshi Circuit, and players are loving jumping in for a couple of laps while their matchmaking occurs. Everyone knows this is the best Mario Kart course - purely because it is shaped like everyone's favourite Nintendo dinosaur, Yoshi. It's also the perfect place to test your turning and check out how your latest vehicle upgrades look. After all, it's cooler driving around an iconic circuit than hitting a ball around a neon square like a moody teenager in a cyberpunk future. In Rocket League, best cars are a hotly contested subject, but it's safe to say that all of them are better than a humble kart racer - right? Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rocket League partners with the NFL for Super Bowl LV Celebration Rocket League Ranks: Ranking system explained, MMR, rewards, and more Rocket League adds new accessibility settings after player reports seizures Rocket League Is Teaming Up With X GamesJan 19, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsThe biggest event in action sports begins this month: X Games Aspen! Rocket League is ready to celebrate the start of the high-flying, adrenaline-pumping festivities on January 21 with a collaboration that includes new in-game items, and an RLCS X event featuring special Fan Rewards! GET THE NEW X GAMES ITEMS It all starts on January 21 in Rocket League when X Games-inspired items arrive in the Item Shop. The X Games Tab will be available in the Item Shop on January 21-24 and again on January 28-31. Get the X Games Octane Decal, X Games Wheels, and Snowblind Topper. Plus, claim the free X-Skis Player Banner and X-Board Player Banner both weekends. Check out all the items in the images below. INTRODUCING THE RLCS X GAMES: NORTH AMERICAN REGIONAL Rocket League Esports will be an official X Games event this year with the RLCS X Games: North American Regional! Catch all the action January 23-24 and January 30-31. This online tournament will also be an official part of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) X circuit and will feature the best teams in North America competing in this special RLCS X Regional. The winning team will even earn their own RLCS X Games medals! New X Games Fan Rewards are being added to the mix for RLCS X Games only! Tune in for your chance at receiving the Knuckle Huck Player Banner, and X-Boards and X-Skis Toppers. Check out all the action on the ESPN App and live on Twitch and YouTube starting at 10 a.m. PT (6 p.m. UTC), and watch the best teams in North American face off! We can't wait for Rocket League to be a part of the world's premier action sports competition with the 2021 X Games. Be sure to watch the X Games Aspen on on ESPN, ABC, ESPN2, and ESPN App on January 29-31, and the RLCS X Games North American Regional beginning on January 23. Rocket League introduces "experimental" Galleon arena in Rocket Labs LTMJan 15, 2021 - The LoadoutVeteran Rocket League players will no doubt be having some kind of flashback when they hear the name Rocket Labs. Yes, years ago, Rocket Labs was an experimental game mode that allowed players to try out different strategies or developers to test new arenas. And now, it returns to the game as a Limited Time Mode (LTM). However, developer Psyonix is throwing it back even further for the return of the game mode. Rocket Labs returns for the first time this weekend, and players can experience a new arena based on Galleon - an arena from Rocket League prequel Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. The new version is completely reimagined in Rocket League's signature sci-fi style, but if you try to imagine Pirates of the Caribbean meeting Tron: Legacy, then you've got a good idea. The biggest change from a standard arena are the raised decks above and behind each goal. These will allow players to attack the ball from new angles, play in teammates with unexpected passes, or defend their goal with more verticality than ever before. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rocket League Championship Series takes its Regional Majors online You can now play Mario Kart in Rocket League G2 Esports announces new partnership with Adidas New Rocket Labs LTM Live This WeekendJan 14, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsIntroducing Rocket Labs, the latest series of Limited Time Modes that's available to check out right now! Veterans of Rocket League may remember Rocket Lab Arenas from years past. Now, it's back as an LTM playlist. For new players, Rocket Labs are experimental Arenas that can drastically change the playing field by adding obstacles or changing the shape of the field entirely. The Rocket Labs playlist will come and go as an LTM in the future, bringing new types of Arenas and modes. First up this weekend is Soccar on Galleon—a throwback to an Arena originally found in Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. The original Galleon, which resembled a pirate ship, has been reimagined for Rocket League. The mast from the original has been removed, but players can still hit the raised decks behind both goals. Be sure to check it out in the LTM playlist all weekend long! The Galleon Rocket Labs LTM Playlist will be available until Monday, January 18 at 6 p.m. PST (2 a.m UTC January 19). You can expect Rocket Labs to return as an LTM in the future with new twists on arenas, even throwing mutators into the mix. Enjoy rocking the boat on Galleon this weekend!Rocket League Championship Series X to be aired on BBC SportJan 8, 2021 - The LoadoutThe BBC has recently increased its efforts to broadcast more top-tier esports coverage through BBC Sport and BBC iPlayer, diving into League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Rocket League. Its latest esports commitment will see the latter receive even more coverage from the broadcasting giant, as action from the European division of the Rocket League Championship Series X will now be shown on BBC Sport. According to a press release, this weekend's RLCS X Winter Split EU action will be available on BBC Sport streaming services, and that there are plans to also show next weekend's action too. With the tail end of 2020 acting as something of a trial period for esports coverage on the BBC, it seems as if it is happy with the returns and will continue adding more esports competitions as 2021 rolls on. With Rocket League often dubbed as the perfect entry-level esport for new viewers, the BBC's decision to pick up more car-football action is not surprising. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rocket League introduces "experimental" Galleon arena in Rocket Labs LTM G2 Esports announces new partnership with Adidas Rocket League Ranks: Ranking system explained, MMR, rewards, and more Rocket League's Playerbase is Now 20X Bigger Than 2 Years Ago at Launch on SteamJul 12, 2017 - GitHypRocket League didn’t have much of a following when it launched on July 7, 2015 with a modest 2k players per hour on Steam. But positive word-of-mouth resulted in the game quickly exploding in popularity. And by the end of its first month on Steam, Rocket League saw its playerbase spike up to an average of 12.8k players per hour. Since then, Rocket League has shown no signs of slowing down with the playerbase continuing to increase. And now, Rocket League is celebrating its second year on Steam with a current average of 39k players per hour – a number that’s twenty times the game’s debut playerbase and that keeps it in Steam’s daily top 10 most played list. [caption id="attachment_276892" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Rocket League's Average Players per Hour via GitHyp[/caption] Most recently, the developers at Psyonix discounted Rocket League by 40% during the Steam Summer Sale -- reducing the price from $19.99 to $11.99 -- which they've done multiple times since the game's release. However, it was actually the dev’s big Year 2 update featuring a new map, Rick and Morty content, and the first-ever double drop-rate weekend that resulted in a 28% increase in players right after the sale. Rocket League’s constant updates and lack of competition are two of the biggest factors attributed to its player gains. Aside from Psyonix’s own previous game on PlayStation 3, 2008’s Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, there’s nothing quite like Rocket League to challenge it and steal away players. And until there is, Rocket League’s playerbase is on track to continue increasing on Steam with the devs already announcing tons of new content on the way.