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Realm Royale

Smite developers Hi-Rez Studios are offering permanent remote workApr 14, 2021 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunWhen game developers started packing up last spring to work from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I suspect we all knew it was going to be a bumpy ride. Sure enough, there have been game delays galore over the past year as many studios found the adjustment to be a challenge. On the bright side, some seem to have really taken to it. Hi-Rez Studios, the folks behind Smite and Paladins, say "the pandemic has taught us new ways to work that we believe are superior to our previous way of operation." They'll be encouraging 80% of their 435 employees to work remotely if they choose to. Read more Have You Played… Realm Royale?Oct 11, 2020 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunHave You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time. Let’s travel back in time. To the distant year 2018. We’re at peak Fortnite. Ninja urges a new year’s crowd to floss with him as rain beats down on his sodden bandana. Water seeps into his suit, into every fabric of his being. The flash of his smile is the only source of light, but it’s a bit too bright. He begins flossing. The sound of awkward shuffling blurs with the music. My eyes shatter into a thousand pieces. During this was also the peak of game studios being like “Battle Royale equals money”, so along came Hi-Rez with Realm Royale. As you’d expect, players drop onto a map, there’s a ‘deadly fog’, yada yada. But you know what? This actually has a few fun twists on an overused formula, so much so, I consider it some of the most fun I’ve ever had with a Battle Royale game. (more…) OB23: Deviled Eggs Update NotesJan 31, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsOverviewNew Year, New Realm Royale Update! OB23 is coming in February, and with it comes exciting changes and new content! The Fallen Bundle features the all-new Fallen Assassin, Corrupted Crimson Mount, and Lil Devil Chicken! Striking fear into the hearts of your enemies has never looked so good! Don’t have enough Crowns to afford the Fallen Bundle? Never fear, daily quests will now grant free Crowns when you complete them! Along with daily rewards, earn even more Crowns just for playing Realm Royale, which can be spent on a variety of content in the new rotating shop! Limited Time Events have arrived in the Realm, offering new ways to play Realm Royale every week! Challenging new game modes will include restricted weapons and talents, as well as changes to how and where the circle will appear. Dive in to a new game mode every week to prove that you can earn a Crown Royale under any condition! There’s a lot more in OB23 - read on for a full list of changes, bug fixes, and more! GeneralLimited Timed Events A rotating event that mixes and Matches various rules to create entirely new ways to play Realm every week. Some events can focus the circle on specific parts of the map to create a more focused play experience or even move around the map in strange ways Events have the ability to limit weapons or abilities to a specific type, giving players a more even playing field or encourage an unusual play styleForge Upgrading: The Forge has TABS! Players can switch between Class Abilities, Neutral Abilities, and the Upgrade tab! Every player gets to upgrade one item per forge Common and Rare items upgrade to Epic and Epic items upgrade to Legendary The Shard cap has been increased from 200 > 300Two New Abilities: Fortification A magical shield that blocks incoming damage - the player can’t fire or use other abilities while Fortification is active. Grounding Shock Knock enemies into the air and then pull them back down to the ground with Ground Shock.Daily Deal and Quest Changes Players will receive Crowns every day for their Login Bonus as well as finishing their daily quests!Rotating Store The store will now customize a list of five random items each day for every playerNew to the StoreThe Fallen Bundle The Fallen Assassin Corrupted Crimson Mount Lil Devil Chicken SkinMap UpdatesOutpost This area of the map has been redesigned to provide more interesting fights for players.Fungal Jungle Players can no longer land on top of the Forge mushroom.BalanceWeapons Heirloom Rifle: Damage increased 340 > 370 (EPIC) 370 > 400 (Legendary) Post Fire : 0.4 > 0.7 Clip size decreased from 10 > 8 Sniper Rifle: Projectile Size has been reduced Longbow: Damage Changes Epic - 680 > 700 Legendary - 750 > 730 Crossbow: Damage Changes Epic - 360 > 300 Legendary - 390 > 340 Arbalest: DMG changes Legendary - 650 > 800 Ammo - 6 > 8 Stone Staff DMG Changes Epic - 225 > 250 Legendary - 250 > 280 Slug Rifle DMG Changes Common - 430 > 380 Rare - 470 > 420 Epic - 510 > 470 Legendary ...OB22: BokOps Update NotesSep 26, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsOverview The OB22: BokOps update is coming in October! Dive into the new BokOps Battle Pass, featuring 50 levels of futuristic military content. Storm the Realm with the One Man Army Warrior, or take a stealthier approach as the Infiltrator Assassin. Plus: with Chickens like the Cluckmando and mounts like F.I.D.O., this Battle Pass has everything you need to claim victory. Leap into action with the third ability slot! Players can now hold an Offensive, Support, and Movement ability at the same time, opening up new combinations to take into battle. The Forge will now offer the ability to create Class-specific or Neutral abilities to accommodate for this exciting new feature. Fungal Jungle is also getting a rework this update, taking the point of interest to new heights. A network of bridges now connect the towering portobellos of Fungal Jungle, with a massive mushroom Forge in its center. Gain a vantage point and show you own the throne in the new Fungal Jungle. Evolve your tactics with the OB22: BokOps update with the newly added Gyro support! We’ve only touched the surface of features packed into this update.  GeneralBokOps Battle Pass levels of futuristic military cosmetics unlockable by playing Realm RoyaleUnlock the premium track of the Battle Pass for 900 Crowns, or unlock the Battle Bundle, which contains the premium track and 20 immediate levels, for 2,250 Crowns!Third Ability SlotPlayers will now be able to equip an Offensive, Support, and Movement Ability at the same timePlayers will have the option of Forging either Class-specific Abilities, or Forging from the neutral pool of Abilities available in gameForge Talents now apply to the Forge Class Ability selectionGyro Support PS4 & SwitchGyro has been added to PlayStation 4 and Switch controllersInput-Based MatchmakingPlayers can now use the Input-Based Matchmaking Preference option under GameplaySame Input Type: Players who use a controller for a crossplay match will now only be matched with other players on a controllerAny Input Type: Players will be placed into lobbies with players using controllers and mouse and keyboardIf a player on a controller joins a party with a player on a keyboard and mouse, they’ll be placed into Any Input Type matchmakingPlayers cannot change input methods during matchesCustom Game Player Requirements LoweredThe amount of required players to launch a custom game has been lowered from 24 to 12Rank Rewards Coming with OB23Reward for reaching the Master rank in at least one queue has been pushed to the OB23 update. Ranks will not be reset with the OB22 updatePS4 Cross-PlayCross-play now welcomes PlayStation 4 to cross-playAdd players as in-game friends on the Social tab, then invite them to your party to play togetherWe do not currently support cross-progression (shared Achievement / Trophy progress) and cross-commerce (shared pool of purc...Paladins, Smite, Realm Royale all finally getting cross-play support on PS4Sep 11, 2019 - EurogamerHi-Rez Studios is finally bringing Paladins, Smite, and Realm Royale players on PlayStation 4 into the cross-play fold, and those on Sony's machine will be able to team up with - or battle against - those on Switch, Xbox One, and PC starting today. Hero shooter Paladins, its battle royale spin-off Realm Royale, and MOBA Smite all received support for cross-platform play between Switch, Xbox One, and PC earlier this year. Around the same time, Hi-Rez Studios' CEO, Stewart Chisam, fired shots at Sony on Twitter, writing that "It's time to stop playing favourites and tear down the crossplay/progression wall for everyone." Chisam told Sony it had versions of its games "ready to go when you are." Now, some seven months later, the studio has announced that, following work with Sony, cross-play support is now live for Paladins on PS4, with updates for Smite due on 17th September and Realm Royale in "early October". To celebrate, Hi-Rez has release this thing: Read more OB22 PTS Forge TestingSep 5, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsOB22 is arriving in early October, ushering in a new Battle Pass and many other exciting features! Ahead of the update’s release, we wanted to announce the introduction of a third ability slot! Abilities will now be categorized into three groups: Offensive, Support, and Movement. OB22 is arriving in early October, ushering in a new Battle Pass and many other exciting features! Ahead of the update’s release, we want to announce we’ll be introducing a big community request: A third ability slot! Abilities will now be categorized into three groups: Offensive, Support, and Movement. September 6-8: Players will be able to selectively Forge Offensive and Support Abilities at the Forge. Since each Class only has one Offensive and two Support Abilities, when Forging either of these slots, the pool of Abilities will include neutral and other Class’ Abilities. Movement Ability Forging will still only provide Movement Abilities for your Class. September 13-15: Players will be able to selectively Forge Class- and Neutral-Offhand Abilities at the Forge. This means you will be able to choose to craft one of your three Class-Offhand Abilities (similar to the existing Forge Ability feature), or craft one ability that is not tied to a specific Class (Barricade, Turret, etc). In this context, “offhand” refers to Abilities that are not Movement Abilities. Please join us on the Steam PTS to help test this new system for OB22’s release in early October! Following feedback, we will work alongside the community to figure out which system works best for players. For instructions on downloading the Steam PTS, see the diagram below. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/32920656/afab5d9fcb41b2760c181f620e00e7db5ab09d2d.gifCute But Deadly PackAug 10, 2019 - Community Announcements Looks can be deceiving in Realm Royale’s newest DLC! The Cute But Deadly Pack contains the following items:Cat Nap ChickenNeck Slice Emote800 Crowns Lull your enemies into a false sense of security with the deceptively cute Cat Nap chicken! With the new Chicken Combat system, becoming a chicken is anything but a snooze. Accompanying the Cat Nap skin, you’ll also unlock the Neck Slice emote to let your opponents know you may be cute, but you’re a deadly adversary in the Realm. Plus, you’ll unlock 800 Crowns that can be used to unlock premium content or Battle Passes in the Shop! BundleAug 6, 2019 - Community Announcements New critters have emerged from the enchanted woods of the Realm! These magical creatures can now be unlocked with the Fuzzy Bundle straight from the in-game Shop. The Fuzzy Bundle contains the following items:Hilda the Huntress Hunter SkinRoyale Redd Chicken SkinSmokey Mount Your foes won’t stand a tail of a chance when Hilda the Huntress enters the battlefield atop the Smokey Mount. Among the menagerie of furry friends, you’ll find the Royale Red panda Chicken. This chicken is as cute as it is dangerous with the Realm’s newest battle feature: chicken combat! Find the Fuzzy Bundle within the in-game Shop today for 1500 Crowns! OB21: Chicken Attack! Update NotesJul 25, 2019 - Community Announcements Overview Ever wanted to fight chickens but were afraid that the long arm of the law would ruin your fun? Realm Royale has found a solution with the OB21: Chicken Attack! update! Attack your friends as chickens in public matches, or take advantage of the new custom match feature. Custom matches allow players to host private matches and test their mettle against friends! Among a number of other quality of life improvements, this update also features polish to some known issues. The OB21 update is scheduled to arrive in early August! General Chicken CombatChickens now have access to a melee peck attack and a launch abilityPeck is a close-ranged attack that deals 75 damage to enemy playersChicken Charge is a medium range movement ability with a long cooldown that deals 250 damage if you collide when an enemy playerChickens can now double jump Buff BarBuffs generated from Abilities and Talents will now be visible on your HUDEach buff has a timer that indicates how long the effect lasts Custom GamesPlayers can now create and play custom games with up to 80 other players. Custom games require 24 players minimum to launchAdded a new game type exclusive to Custom Games: Trios!Players in a Custom Game lobby will also join Lobby and Team chat channelsWhile in a Custom Game, the Map screen now shows a list of all remaining players in the custom game. After being eliminated, you can switch to spectating a specific player by clicking on their name in the list of remaining playersWe currently do not offer official support or virtual currency prizes for third party tournaments. However, players can feel free to host their own community tournaments so long as they follow all rules listed in our Community Tournament License on the Hi-Rez Studioslegal page New to the Store Bundle | 1500 CrownsHilda the Huntress HunterRoyale Redd ChickenSmokey Mount but Deadly PackCat Nap ChickenNeck Slice Emote800 Crowns Coming soon to the ShopScreamin’ Weenie ChickenEmber Emu MountAlpha 1 WarriorRobot Dance EmotePaper Trail Skydive Map Updates Lost Forge UpdateLost Forge has had a complete redesign. Battle your way through the three ziggurats that dominate the Southwest coastSmall Environmental Cleanup and Detail pass over the entire map Balance With the OB21 update, we wanted to make some changes to some long-standing overperformers across the board, leading to nerfs to the Throwing Axe, Barricade, and the Ghost Walk / Ice Block combo. The introduction of Chicken Combat warranted a full pass of chicken-related Runes to ensure that these Talents contribute to the fun and allow players to take advantage of the new an...Birthday Celebration and GiveawayJul 3, 2019 - Community Announcements Happy Birthday to Realm Royale! It’s time to celebrate… And you’re getting the presents! It’s been one year since Realm Royale entered Alpha on Steam, instantly winning over millions of players with its unique mix of fantasy and battle royale. But the game was far from done, with major systemic issues that led many players to leave the Realm, awaiting a more polished version of the Realm Royale experience. Over the past year, the team has been working tirelessly to improve both the quality and the fun of Realm Royale, bringing it to its best state ever. With each successive update, the team continues to build upon some of the best aspects of Realm Royale, introducing new, fun ways to play the game. Throughout Realm Royale’s development, the most important element that has made the game the great experience it is today is our community. We are so happy that the community has stuck with us through this time, and invite those who may not have played in a while back to experience Realm Royale and see how far the game has come! To celebrate all that our players do for the game, we are giving away the Cuddles Chicken skin and 200 Crowns to all players who login now through July 19th! The Cuddles Chicken Skin is sure to spread the love within the Realm -- just as our players have spread their love in Realm Royale. Log in today and join in on the fun! Declare your Independence with the American Steel BundleJun 28, 2019 - Community Announcements The American Steel Bundle is now available on the Shop, featuring three cosmetics that will let freedom ring. For 1500 Crowns, you will obtain the following items: George Crushington WarriorFreeagle ChickenMerican Mustang Mount Ratify the constitution of Realm domination with the George Crushington Warrior atop the best mount that American Steel can make: the Merican Mustang. Should your opponents seek to take your liberty, soar the skies as the Freeagle Chicken. Triumph over your foes today with the American Steel Bundle. Keep an eye on the Shop for new content each week! Realm Royale Beginner’s Guide and FAQJun 20, 2019 - Community Announcements Welcome to Realm Royale, a class-based battle royale set in a fantasy universe. In Realm Royale, you’ll utilize both weapons and abilities to conquer the Realm and be the last player standing. When you dive into the Realm, you’ll be faced with many new and exciting gameplay elements that make the world unique. Let’s discuss some of the key factors to getting started in Realm Royale. Royale is a class-based battle royale When you start a match, you will select one of four Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Assassin, and Mage. Each Class has its own unique advantages with weapons and abilities you’ll find throughout the Realm. While players can use any of the items they find as they explore the world, each Class will have weapons and abilities that help support each Class’ role within the game. A Warrior, for instance, specializes in charging into battle wielding Axes and Hammers, where a Hunter may use its dodging prowess and mastery of the bow to gain the upper hand in combat. Mastering each class and its advantageous abilities are key to claiming the Crown Royale.’ll use weapons and abilities in combat Realm Royale offers many unique combat interactions through its inclusion of weapons and abilities. Each player may hold two weapons, ranging from standard weaponry like Assault Rifles and Shotguns, to exotic weapons like Throwing Axes and Longbows. While any class can fare well with the standard weaponry, each class will have certain advantages with specific weapons and abilities. For example, an Assassin will gain Cooldown bonuses to abilities like Hidden, which serves as a means to remain stealthy and gain an advantageous angle on your opponents. There are two types of abilities: basic abilities and movement abilities. Basic abilities will offer active offensive and defensive actions to take in combat to help defeat your foes. Movement abilities will allow you to travel, escape, or surprise your enemies. Each Class begins with a movement ability, but you are free to use whichever ability you find while looting! Realm Royale, you may be down, but you’re not out When your health reaches zero, you’re not out of the game, at least not if you know how to escape your foes as a Chicken! If you survive long enough as a Chicken, you’ll be back in the action and ready to seek revenge. Learning to maneuver as a chicken will keep you in the game longer! up ...Triple Next Frontier Battle Pass XPJun 14, 2019 - Community Announcements The Next Frontier Battle Pass is coming to its end soon. Starting today until the OB20 update releases, players will earn triple Battle Pass XP! Complete your Battle Pass to unlock cosmetics like the Hi-Tek Warrior and HL-1700 Mount before it ends. For the full breakdown on XP gains (unmodified by Battle Pass XP multipliers), see below. Match ExperienceSurvival TimePlayers receive 20 XP for every minute they stay alive during the matchPlacement BonusPlayers receive an experience bonus for placing top 3200 XP for 1st place150 XP for 2nd place100 XP for 3rd placeElimination BonusPlayers receive an experience bonus for their first elimination, and experience for each elimination thereafter100 XP for first elimination20 XP for each subsequent elimination Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook accounts for more information regarding our next Battle Pass! The Eternal Conflict (Battle Pass 4) 2019 RoadmapJun 13, 2019 - Community Announcements The Realm Royale team has been very busy over the past few months, introducing updates containing reworked points of interests, launching new Battle Passes, and bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch! Today, we want to give you some insight into what’s coming next in the Realm. While this update won’t cover all of the things we’re working on, we want to share some of the big ticket items we are actively developing. The team is constantly working to make Realm Royale better through new features and polish / improvements. However, our current development cycle has not allowed our team to deliver an acceptable amount of polish to the game. Our rapid pace often results in the team needing to spend a substantial amount of time cleaning up issues from previous updates, rather than fixing issues before they reach the live servers. This has impacted our ability to focus on polish, and add new content. Following the OB20 update, Realm Royale will move from a 4-week update cycle to a 6-week update cycle, allowing us to include exciting content with each major update (like the examples noted below). Smaller patches and hotfixes may come out between these updates to allow us to fix bugs or to address critical balance concerns. This change will allow us to better test content and will help us to ensure a higher quality release with each update. Roughly every 12 weeks, we will continue to introduce new Battle Passes, each with its own unique theme and cosmetics. Player progression is an important part of creating a fun experience, and we’re committed to continue offering high-quality cosmetics for players to unlock throughout the year. We look forward to a great year of updates for Realm Royale and are thrilled to take this journey with you. With each update, we will work to balance player requests and community ideas with features that the development team would add to the game experience, as we want to build Realm Royale alongside our community. Below, we’ve included a number of features and updates we will be making to Realm Royale throughout the Eternal Conflict Battle Pass.  New Heavy Weapon and Weapon Balance A number of weapons are under review by the team to ensure that they are fitting their target roles and performing as well as we believe they should. Some weapons, like the Slug Rifle, are consistently powerful at all ranges, while others like the Assault Rifle are struggling to find their identity. The team is looking to review all existing weapons and introduce new weapons later this year to ensure that Realm Royale’s guns are the right power level, unique, and most importantly, fun to use.  New Abilities Throughout the year, we are looking to introduce new abilities. For starters: We’re looking forward to introducing a new ability during our next Battle Pass this Summer. The team is also reviewing many of the movement abiliti...OB20: The Eternal Conflict Update NotesJun 12, 2019 - Community Announcements Highlights Eternal Conflict Battle PassA new Battle Pass has arrived in Realm Royale! Divine and infernal beings clash in the battlefield bringing new angel and demon cosmeticsProgress through 50 levels of unlockable content, featuring skins for each Class, two Chickens, and three MountsLearn more about the Eternal Conflict Battle Pass on our websiteNew Ability: Skull of ChaosThrows a fiery skull that bounces off of enemies and the environmentNew aggressive Class-neutral damage AbilityPlay Screen UpdateThe Play screen has been entirely reworkedSelect your Class for your next matchSee your entire team’s character skins, or switch to a ChickenUse your Emotes for you and your friends to seeCustomize your Talents and cosmetics directly from the Play screenQueue by clicking “Select Queue,” then selecting your preferred game mode. From the Play screen, you’ll then be able to click “Play” and dive in GameplayRanks have been reset for all queuesRanks will be reset with each future Battle PassBeginning with the next Battle Pass (Battle Pass 5), a rewards system will be implemented based on players’ ranksBalanceProximity TrapActivation time after deploying a mine has been reducedShredderShredders will no longer deal headshot damageTime between each shot in a 3-round burst has been slightly reducedLifesteal RuneLifesteal bonus has been reduced from 30% to 15%Passive Repair RunePassive Armor repair will deactivate for 5s after taking damageArmor PotionsIncreased the drop rate for Armor Potions from potion chestsAll players will drop at least 1 Armor Potion when they are eliminated, even if they had none in their inventory Quality of Life ImprovementsConsole players will now be able to invite other players by name on the Social tab, regardless of their platformNew Damage Number Display: CombinedAdds all damage dealt within a short period of time into one combined valueThis setting can be changed in the Gameplay Options in the new Damage Number Type setting, which has the Combined type and the pre-existing Per Hit optionWhen dealing damage to players, Armor and Health values will now be separated from one another, giving a more clear indicator of how much damage was dealt to each Bug FixesFurther improvements to issues where shadows were visible through wallsFixed an issue where players would not produce footstepsFixed an issue where Soul Gust would not go through CatapultsAddressed some issues of uneven terrain on the cliffs above Fungal JungleFixed an issue causing the Tutorial to crashFixed some animation issues with certain emotesFixed some environmental issues with foliage appearing indoorsFixed an issue where Proximity Trap would float in the air if it hit an enemy playerFixed an issue where players would occasiona...The Next Frontier Battle Pass is Coming to an EndJun 11, 2019 - Community Announcements The Realm is nearing the end of its adventure into the Next Frontier! With the arrival of the OB20 update (scheduled for next week), the Next Frontier Battle Pass will be leaving Realm Royale to make room for our next Battle Pass: The Eternal Conflict. To learn more about the Eternal Conflict, be sure to tune in to our Update Show this Wednesday at 11:00 AM ET on the official Realm Royale Twitch and Mixer channels. This is your final chance to unlock exciting sci-fi themed cosmetics like the Mekkasaur Mount, Radon Flux Mage, HL-1700 Mount, Hi-Tek Warrior and much more! To help you earn your final rewards, we will be running a triple XP event this weekend. Learn more about the Next Frontier Battle Pass here. Stay up-to-date with the OB20 release date by following the official Realm Royale Twitter account. More information on Realm Royale’s next Battle Pass will be coming soon! The Next Frontier Double Battle Pass XP WeekendsJun 4, 2019 - Community Announcements Realm Royale has ventured into the Next Frontier! Jump into overdrive during our double Battle Pass XP weekends, allowing you to unlock sci-fi content faster than ever before. Players will be able to earn double Battle Pass XP during each of the following weekends:Friday May 24th - Sunday May 26thFriday May 31st - Sunday June 2ndFriday June 7th - Sunday June 9th With under one month left for the Next Frontier Battle Pass, now is your chance to unlock skins like the Cyber Rider Hunter and HL-1700 Mount. Stay tuned on our official Twitter and Facebook accounts for more information regarding the Next Frontier Battle Pass. Realm Royale Cross-Progression FAQMay 24, 2019 - Community Announcements Linking your Accounts To link your accounts, follow the prompts you receive for account linking when initially logging in to Realm Royale, or visit and log into your preferred Hi-Rez account. Once logged in, click the “Linked Accounts” button on the left to get a snapshot of all the accounts you have linked. You can link/unlink your platform accounts by clicking on the logos on the left side of the site.  CROSS-PROGRESSION FAQWhich platforms are included in cross-progression? At the current time, Steam, Discord, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One will have cross-progression for accounts linked to the same Hi-Rez account.  What will be merged when I link my accounts? The following data from all your linked accounts will be merged when Cross-Progression is enabled: Class Experience, Battle Pass experience, Rank and statistics, and items contained in the Armory. Some items, like Founder’s Pack items, will not be eligible for cross-progression, but will remain on your account for the appropriate platform.  What will happen to my Crowns after I merge accounts? Crowns owned on PC will be available to use on any platform. Crowns owned on Nintendo Switch can be used on any platform. Crowns owned on Xbox One can only be used on that platform.  How do I invite players from other platforms to a party? Initially, only PC players can invite players from other platforms by typing in the player’s Gamertag or username from the Social tab on the main menu. We are looking to add the option for console players to invite others to cross-platform parties soon.  For more information on Cross-Play and Cross-Progression please visit New Bundle: Bass DropMay 21, 2019 - Community Announcements The music never stops with the Realm Royale Bass Drop Bundle! The Bass Drop Bundle is now available in the in-game shop! The Bass Drop Bundle includes:Technomancer Mage SkinNeon Booster MountBeat Boks Chicken SkinBass Drop SkydiveBoosted Animated Spray Start the party with the Bass Drop Skydive, then start dropping beats - and enemies - as the Technomancer Mage. Ride into battle on the Neon Booster hoverbike mount, which is also featured in the Boosted animed spray! And If you lose a fight but aren't quite ready to face the music, you can attempt to escape your fate as the trendy Beat Boks chicken! Get boosted today with the Bass Drop Bundle. Keep an eye out for rotational items in the Shop every week. Update NotesMay 17, 2019 - Community Announcements HighlightsNew AbilitySoul Gust“Send out a charging blast of magical energy that passes through walls and forces enemies back”The Mage is getting a new ability to replace her Ice Block abilitySoul Gust will damage enemies and apply a significant knockbackThis ability can even travel through walls, rocks, trees, and bone! This is our first ability that won’t be stopped by pesky wallsTalent: Soul Gust will now apply a 3.5 second reveal on the hit enemyBass Drop BundleA new bundle is available in the Shop containing 5 cosmetic itemsTechnomancer MageBeat Boks ChickenNeon Booster MountBass Drop SkydiveBoosted SprayCommunication WheelPressing the VGS button will now allow you to select more ways to communicate with friends and enemies while fighting your way to a Crown RoyaleThe three options are Chatter, Emote, and Tactical wheels respectivelyChatter - Filled with exclamations and general non-essential communication. Examples: Awesome!, Curses!, and Woohoo!Emote - Filled with your selected Emotes and Sprays as well as the ability to Joke and TauntIn the Armory you will be able to equip 3 Emotes and 3 Sprays to use while in a matchTactical - Filled with more objective-centered commands. Examples: Ready to Forge!, Under Fire!, and Fog is Coming!By default the C, V, and B Keys are bound to the new Communication WheelsGamepad players will be able to open the Emote Communication Wheel by pressing Left on the D-Pad, and make a selection by using the right thumb stickPlease note: All keybinds will be reset to default when this update goes livePing SystemAdded the ability to ping a point of interest, displaying a UI indicator to the player and their team for a short duration (10s)By default, this is bound to middle mouse button for PC playersGamepad players will access the ping system through the new Communication Wheel GameplayWeaponsStone StaffTime between shots has been increased slightlyBase damage has been increased slightlyAccuracy has been slightly reducedLongbowIncreased gravity drop off when bow is fully drawnEnvironmentJade Gardens Environmental UpdatesReduced some of the elevation in Jade Gardens to allow multiple paths to move around the point of interestAdded more objects and terrain to add more coverability in the regionFixed the slope of several inclines to allow players to traverse up hills Quality of Life ImprovementsThe HUD now displays when a player enters a new regionA number of improvements have been made to hit registration on all platformsAdded the ability for players to scroll through Armory items using the mouse wheelImproved Blink responsiveness and accuracy even furtherSpectationFixed issue where Runes weren't being shown properly when spectatingPlayers can now chat while spectatingKeybinds will now be hidden while spectatingDamage numbers will now consistently show up while spectatingMinimap will now update proper...Realm Royale Has Lost 93% of its Player Base After Peaking at 105k Concurrent Players 2 Months Ago on SteamAug 15, 2018 - GitHypWhen Realm Royale debuted on Steam two months ago with a peak of only 4.6k concurrent players, it seemed like the latest game from the developer of the hero shooter, Paladins, wasn’t going to pay off for the studio. But that same week, positive word of mouth and praise from some of Twitch’s biggest streamers like Ninja quickly spiked Realm Royale’s player base to an impressive peak of 105k concurrent players. At the time, we thought Realm Royale could be PUBG's first serious competition on Steam with no other recent battle royale game coming close to 100k players. Unfortunately, Realm Royale also hasn’t come close to topping its six-figure peak since its first week on Steam. Just like all other battle royale games before it, week after week, Realm Royale’s player base has continued to decline. And over this past weekend, the game was only able to pull in a peak of 7k concurrent players -- a loss of 93% when compared to its first week. One of the reasons for Realm Royale’s successful early access debut was the positive feedback from players for being one of Hi-Rez’s most polished games. Players who liked Fortnite’s aesthetics but don’t enjoy the building mechanics were happy to have another option in the BR genre that looked and played similar to Epic's breakout hit. But a quick look at the now-Mixed reviews on Steam give more insight into why the game has failed to catch on like Fortnite and overtake PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Half of the reviews have turned negative from players citing issues with the balancing of the game’s weapons and hitscan. Most streamers on Twitch have also lost interest in playing and gone back to Fortnite. Viewer counts for Realm Royale have mirrored the player base. Originally having 50-150k concurrent viewers back in June, Realm Royale now peaks at only few thousand concurrent viewers most days on Twitch. The only thing left keeping streamer’s interest seems to be Skillshot and KEEMSTAR’s $100k weekly tournament, which is now the only time popular streamers like Ninja, Summit1g, and others still play Realm Royale live on their Twitch channels. But Realm Royale is far from dead. Similar to H1Z1 after its massive decline on Steam, Hi-Rez is planning on bringing the game to whole new audience on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And unlike other abandoned BR games like Radical Heights and The Culling 2, Hi-Rez still has Paladins in Steam’s top 25 most played games, generating revenue to help fund the continued improvement of Realm Royale’s alpha before it officially launches on Steam.Realm Royale is Looking Like PUBG’s First Serious Competition on Steam After Breaking 100k Concurrent Players Its First WeekendJun 10, 2018 - GitHypJust days after the battle royale parody, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, became the second hottest BR game on Steam behind PUBG, Hi-Rez Studios' Realm Royale has seen an even bigger explosion in its player base. Released the same day as TABG, but with far less players, Realm Royale didn't have the best first day. And it seemed as if the new free-to-play early access game from the developer of Paladins might not catch on with player counts comparable to other unsuccessful attempts at the genre. In its first day, Realm Royale only saw a peak of 4.6k concurrent players. Its second day? Much better with a peak of 11.5k players... yet, still lower than the debuts of Radical Heights and Darwin Project. But in its third day, Realm Royale saw its player base easily surpass TABG to become the new hottest BR game on Steam with an impressive peak of 27k players. [caption id="attachment_351807" align="aligncenter" width="770"] Realm Royale's Peak Concurrent Players on Steam via GitHyp[/caption] That spike in players on Day 3 can be attributed to Realm Royale getting a little help from some of Twitch's biggest streamers like Ninja, Summit1g, Lirik, and TimTheTatman. Each of whom have all been enjoying their time playing, and at times even hosting Hi-Rez's official stream of the new hero-based BR standalone that has seen its viewers spike as high as #1 on Twitch, Now reaching as high as #4 on Steam's most played games over the weekend, Realm Royale’s growth is beginning to mirror that of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite. With a peak of 100k concurrent players in its first five days, Realm Royale could very well be PUBG’s first serious competition on Steam if its growth continues. With the developers finding a middle ground between PUBG and Fornite, Realm Royale seems to be capturing a whole new BR demographic: Gamers who have played Fortnite, but who have expressed disinterest in the colorful game’s unique base/cover-building mechanics. By allowing players to experience a similar-looking fun BR game with class-based powers instead of base-building, Realm Royale is on track to be putting up numbers much closer to PUBG very soon if it can keep streamers' and players' interest.