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A year into Early Access and Phasmophobia is still ugly, janky and dull—I love itSep 21, 2021 - PC GamerPhasmophobia, the best co-op game of 2020, is celebrating its first anniversary. Ghost hunters can wear ugly party hats, and the garage that serves as a base is now filled with balloons and awful techno music. Both the balloons and the party hats appear to be made out of sheet metal, and entering the garage you might find yourself stuck in a crouching position. It's still very wonky, looks like shit, and I'm besotted with it... Read more.Anniversary Update | Patch 21, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsChanges Removed the imgui.ini file check so you can now use Reshade again Removed the light cookie/ mask on the area light around you to make it easier to know when your flashlight is on The main menu music has now been moved to a boom box that you can click to mute the music Fixes Fixed an issue where the Jinn description was wrong Fixed a bug where the kitchen sink water wouldn't become dirty when the ghost turned it on Fixed a bug where the keybinds would reset when loading into a game Fixed a bug where your journal keybind changes wouldn't save Fixed a bug where you could hear muted players after they used the walkie talkie Fixed an issue where the ambient occlusion option was showing for VR players Fixed a bug where the connecting screen would stay after failing to connect to the server Phasmophobia gets an anniversary update with a journal overhaulSep 20, 2021 - PCGamesNCan you believe Phasmophobia is already one year old? Kinetic Games' popular ghost game has just hit its first anniversary and, to celebrate, the studio has pushed out an update bringing a bunch of new, tweaked, and overhauled features, plus a nice little batch of bug fixes. The major change launched with the Phasmophobia anniversary update is an overhaul of the horror game's journal. The feature - which stores information on key gameplay aspects such as its ghosts, equipment, evidence, and photos you've snapped - has been given a "complete redesign" to "make it easier to use and navigate". You'll now also be able to cross off evidence on the journal's page for ghost evidence. Additionally, Phasmophobia's pause menu has been integrated into the journal, which means handy new options like being able to change all of the game's settings via the journal while you're in-game. Some new features folded in with the update include the option to play offline single-player - a mode that won't link you up to the game's servers. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Phasmophobia update hotfixes photo bugs and makes temperature change Games like Phasmophobia: the best ghost games Phasmophobia just saw its best weekend on Steam since launch Phasmophobia's anniversary update takes some sting out of losingSep 19, 2021 - PC Gamern update for cooperative horror game Phasmophobia launched on September 18th, kicking out some nice changes to the indie for its very successful first year. If you forgot, we published a piece where the author called it "the best ghost game ever made." We also gave it an award as the best co-op game of 2020... Read more.Celebrate one year of being habitually terrified with Phasmophobia's Anniversary UpdateSep 19, 2021 - EurogamerPhasmophobia developer Kinetic Games has pushed out a new update to celebrate the ghost investigation game's first anniversary. The Anniversary Update - I see what you did with the name there - is out now and introduces a handful of tweaks and improvements, including a journal "overhaul" that permits you to cross off evidence, change your settings, and generally make it "easier to use and navigate". You can also play offline singleplayer without forcing you to connect to the server, and will no longer get a pity payment of $10 when you fail a contract; now you'll "get the insurance depending on the chosen difficulty". My favourite change might be that failing will also reveal what kind of ghost was terrorising you now, too. Read more Anniversary Update | Hotfix #2Sep 19, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsFixes Fixed a bug where you would always be crouching on the main menu if you had head bob enabled Fixed a bug where you couldn't navigate the last page of the journal using a controller Fixed a bug where solo VR players wouldn't get a photo reward Fixed a bug where the photo reward was doubling per player Potential fix for the audio volume spiking when loading the main menu Anniversary Update | HotfixSep 18, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsChanges - Lowered the volume of the main menu music Fixes - Fixed an issue where the Mare description was wrong - Fixed missing characters in Traditional Chinese - Fixed text formatting for Japanese - Fixed a bug where the push to talk button was setting the opposite option in the journal - Fixed a bug where toggling head bob would move the camera - Fixed a bug where pressing apply in the game settings would make your equipment be held in the wrong position - Fixed a bug where hands were not receiving any lightingAnniversary Update | 18, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsHey everyone, It has been an amazing year for Kinetic Games and Phasmophobia and I would like to thank everyone for their amazing support. Today, Phasmophobia is one of the highest rated games on Steam which is incredible and something I never imagined happening. It doesn't stop there either, we have many great updates planned for the future including this Halloween! To celebrate the anniversary, we have put together an anniversary update where you can party in the main menu area as well as some other additions and changes which you can read below. Thanks again! Journal Overhaul A complete redesign of the journal to make it easier to use and navigate You can now cross off evidence on the ghost evidence page The pause menu is now integrated into the journal You can now change all settings using the journal whilst in game New Added an option to play offline singleplayer which won't connect you to the server Added new fonts for several languages that had missing characters Changes The VR mute button has been changed to the pause button for all controllers. Your controller will vibrate when toggling mute You will no longer get $10 for failing a contract and will instead get the insurance depending on the chosen difficulty If you fail a contract you will now see what the ghost type was Ghost orbs will now periodically change position in the ghost room You can no longer see the D.O.T.S Projector ghost if you are dead Fixes Fixed a memory leak on the main menu when using a controller Fixed an exploit where you could glitch your head inside something to make the ghost not see you Fixed several safe spots where you could stand on something and the ghost couldn't reach you Bleasdale: Fixed a bug where the temperature would rarely drop in the attic Bleasdale: Fixed a bug where the hunting equipment effects didn't always work in the attic Fixed a bug where the ghost whisper paranormal sound was staying active on the parabolic microphone Phasmophobia update hotfixes photo bugs and makes temperature changeSep 10, 2021 - PCGamesNFollowing the recent launch of Phasmophobia's huge August update, Exposition, developer Kinetic Games has been busy squashing some pesky bugs that have crept into the ghost game's nooks and crannies. The latest patch pushed out isn't exactly huge, but does hotfix some key issues linked to one of its evidence types and makes a change that fine tunes how temperature works. The latest Phasmophobia patch notes - for Hotfix, if you want to get super technical - outline the handful of fixes and gameplay change. The devs have reduced the rate at which temperature rises when a ghost is not present in a room, which - though not enormously game-changing - does mean you'll need to stay on your toes a tad, as it'll likely make it a little less clear whether a spooky spirit is around or not. In the fixes, we've got five updates targeting Phasmophobia's photo evidence type, with one particularly handy tweak resolving performance issues when other players take photos. There are also fixes addressing hiccups where pictures taken by others might not show up in the journal or their names would be out of order. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Games like Phasmophobia: the best ghost games Phasmophobia just saw its best weekend on Steam since launch Phasmophobia's August update drops today with two new ghost types Exposition | Hotfix 8, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37002678/3b4d73cfc7cdab8a17461a9522427d85bcb864af.png Reduced the rate that temperature raises when the ghost is not in the room {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37002678/05bd697e26a0a87bed6def30016fc6feebc348b5.png Fixed a bug where you couldn't see the journal photos if your hard drive failed to save the photo as a .png file in your install folder Fixed some performance issues when another player took a photo Fixed a bug where the first photo in the journal could be blank if another player took the photo Fixed a bug where the journal photos and photo names would sometimes be in the wrong order Fixed a bug where where some ghost sounds were not giving evidence for photos Exposition | Hotfix 7, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37002678/3b4d73cfc7cdab8a17461a9522427d85bcb864af.png To help prevent trolling during hunts, you can no longer turn equipment items on or off unless they are held in your hand {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37002678/05bd697e26a0a87bed6def30016fc6feebc348b5.png Fixed a bug where the graphics settings were not applying until you joined a server Fixed a bug where photos wouldn't always be added in multiplayer Fixed a bug where the night vision wasn't always syncing between players Fixed a bug where the camera night vision would sometimes turn off Fixed a bug where the ghost would be a shadow too often during hunts Fixed a bug where smudge sticks and candles could be accidentally lit by other players Steam Global Top Sellers for the Week ending 5 September 2021Sep 4, 2021 - SteamDB * Battlefield V; * Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous; * NARAKA: BLADEPOINT; * Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous; * Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Deluxe + Bungie 30th Anniversary Bundle; * Valve Index VR Kit; * Aliens: Fireteam Elite; * Tales of Arise; * No Man's Sky; * Phasmophobia; View more information and data on SteamDBExposition | Hotfix 3, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37002678/3b4d73cfc7cdab8a17461a9522427d85bcb864af.png The DOTS Projector sound will now flicker randomly instead of when the ghost interacts with it The DOTS Projector interaction will no longer produce EMF Removed most house candles due to performance issues Reduced the glowsticks brightness after it's one minute use time as it was too bright VR: Your movement speed will no longer change based on the rotation of your controller and will now only be based on the joystick/ trackpad VR: You can now grab the Journal with both hands again as well as interact with UI with your left hand {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37002678/05bd697e26a0a87bed6def30016fc6feebc348b5.png Fixed an issue where the Goryos strength wasn't functioning correctly Fixed a bug where you could see the night vision light when wearing a head camera Fixed a bug where the cameras still had the jitter post processing effect Fixed an issue where the Spirit Box emission/ bloom was too bright Fixed a bug where clicking on locked store equipment would stop you from buying other equipment if you were too low level Fixed a bug where you could make the photo camera flash without taking a photo Fixed a bug where you would get very low fps on the main menu after a game if using a gamepad Fixed a bug where standing near a DOTS Projectors would stop your sanity drain Fixed a spot in the Willow bathroom where you could get stuck Fixed some missing translations on the main menu Fixed a few areas on Asylum where the ghost could get stuck behind the wall Fixed a bug where you could hold the Tripod with a camera on during a hunt and not get chased Fixed and improved the gamepad navigation on the Journal Fixed a bug where you would get teleported back to the van if you went out of bounds Fixed a bug where graphics options were not being applied to the dead processing effects Fixed a bug where sensors positions would desync in multiplayer after being grabbed from a wall Fixed a bug where walkie talkie player volumes were too loud Fixed a bug where your voice chat microphone wouldn't be set until you restarted the game Fixed a bug where other players equipment in their inventory wouldn't drop when they died VR: Fixed a bug where teleport grab wouldn't always grab objects VR: Fixed an issue where it was hard to grab objects with teleport grab VR: Fixed a bug where if you teleport grabbed a placed DOTS Projector it wouldn't turn off VR: Fixed grab rotations for the flashlights, cameras and smudge sticks VR: Fixed a bug where where you could take a photo in the truck when the camera was off VR: Fixed an issue where the Thermometer text was hard to read VR: Fixed a bug where you couldn't hear parabolic sounds if you held the parabolic microphone in your left hand Phasmophobia just saw its best weekend on Steam since launchAug 31, 2021 - PCGamesNPhasmophobia is back in the Steam charts now that the August update is out. The ghost game added two new ghost types last week, and players seem eager to check them out. More than 62,000 concurrent players were investigating reports of the new Myling and Goryo spirits Sunday evening. Sunday's peak concurrent player count in Phasmophobia was 62,448, to be exact, making it the game's best day since its Early Access launch last September. But each day since the update arrived has seen an influx in players, and as of this writing, Phasmophobia is just beneath the threshold of Steam's top 15 most-played games of the moment with over 41,000 players logged in. We've actually gotten a set of patch notes to look at now, and update v.0.3.0 adds a lot more than a couple of poltergeists. All ghost-hunting gear has been improved, and there's the new piece of equipment, the DOTS projector. That means you've got a new evidence type, of course - but it also means that all the ghosts have had their evidence adjusted to account for the new detection method. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Phasmophobia's August update drops today with two new ghost types Phasmophobia devs are teasing new ghosts and fans already have theories Phasmophobia devs tease "big things ahead" for the horror game Phasmophobia Creeps Back into Steam's Top 10 Most Played Games with Its “Exposition” UpdateAug 30, 2021 - GitHypWith just one month until Phasmophobia's 1-year anniversary, the 4-player co-op horror game has released its biggest update yet and creeped back into Steam's Top 10 most played games. Offering gamers a unique first-person/VR haunted house experience from the “comfort” of their own homes during last year's Covid-19 lockdowns on Halloween, the only thing more shocking than Phasmophobia's ghosts was learning that the game was created by a single developer. Now, after bringing on a few more devs and releasing some minor updates over the past year, the team at Kinetic Games have released the game's biggest update yet, Exposition, that introduces two new ghost types, new equipment, and many more changes/fixes. As a result, Phasmophobia's player base tripled over the weekend with a peak of 62k concurrent players. The highest player count the game has seen since its peak of 112k players during its record-breaking first month on Steam.Exposition | Hotfix 29, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37002678/3b4d73cfc7cdab8a17461a9522427d85bcb864af.png The ghost will now move through the DOTS Projector at different speeds each time {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37002678/05bd697e26a0a87bed6def30016fc6feebc348b5.png Fixed a bug where video cameras would turn off in your hand if the CCTV monitor changed camera Fixed a bug where the CCTV monitor would freeze if you walked out of the truck with a tripod Fixed a bug where the DOTS Projector interaction would only work if the host placed it Fixed an issue where the DOTS Projector interaction was happening twice as often if you placed two down Fixed a spot where you could get stuck in the Ridgeview bedroom Fixed several performance issues with the video cameras VR: Fixed grab rotations for the tripod and flashlights VR: Fixed a bug where video cameras weren't opening after being grabbed VR: Fixed a bug where video cameras weren't staying open when placed on a tripod Fixed a bug where you couldn't see VR players head mounted cameras Exposition | Hotfix 27, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWe're super glad you're enjoying the first day of Exposition. However we also know there's been some real issues, so we've been smashing our keyboards to get them fixed as quickly as possible! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37002678/52fa8ca354692dcf52433e00e453a08e7810c5dd.png Added options to toggle Film Grain and Chromatic Aberration post processing effects {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37002678/3b4d73cfc7cdab8a17461a9522427d85bcb864af.png DOTS projector evidence will now activate much more frequently and will now work in large rooms The ghost hunting delay has been increased from 3 to 4 seconds Glowstick's light now lasts 1 minute and fades to half intensity over 10 seconds (no longer turns off) Replaced ghost writing with more legible visuals Removed blur from video cameras Removed subtle glitch effect from all cameras that was causing motion sickness Updated hair shaders to stop UI showing through them Updated several lights in the game to improve performance Significantly lowered the light range for the Lighter {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37002678/05bd697e26a0a87bed6def30016fc6feebc348b5.png Fixed a bug where the parabolic microphone wouldnt allow you to hear paranormal sounds Fixed a bug where the CCTV system would break if a player died with a head mounted camera Fixed several performance issues with the video and cctv cameras LIV VR: Potential fix for the character model showing over yourself in the spectator view Fixed a bug where screen space reflections were not working Fixed VR equipment grab rotations for some equipment Fixed a bug where the Smudge Stick had two right hands for VR Fixed a bug where your FOV would reset on the main menu after sprinting if you changed your FOV Fixed a bug where you could place a Motion Sensors on the floor Fixed a bug where you could place a DOTS Projector on certain objects Hotfix - 0.3.0Aug 26, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsFixes Fixed a bug where you could click on the ghost writing book to activate it Fixed a bug where Hungarian and Danish languages were swapped in the settings Fixed an issue where the Celcius text didn't change to fahrenheit on the Thermometer Changes Chromatic Aberration has been temporarily removed until we add an option to disable it Lowered the volume of the DOTS Projector soundNew Phasmophobia ghosts are available todayAug 26, 2021 - PC Gamermajor new Phasmophobia update is coming today—probably by the time you read this—at 11 am PT/7 pm BST. On the menu this time is two new ghosts, a new tool, and a visual overhaul for your entire library of ghost-hunting tools... Read more.Exposition | Update v0.3.0Aug 26, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWelcome back, we've got some news for you. While you've been gone, we've taken the time to upgrade all of your gear. It's been improved in every aspect and some of it has recieved new functionality. We've also had several reports of new paranormal entities emerging from haunted locations. We need you to check them out as soon as possible. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37002678/ebff44b82a3932244e45d7f41193d9409629850a.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37002678/90eb24b7839c6397c1ad5725125dbce567a7d68f.png You can now Sprint for 3 seconds at increased speed with a 5 second recharge Player walking speed has been increased to the old sprint speed VR Teleporting: To replicate sprinting we've added an inner and outer UI circle to represent teleport range (walking/sprinting), these will adjust in size depending on how far the player has chosen to teleport Increased the acceleration of ghosts during a hunt when they can see you Lowered the ghost's hunt delay before it moves, from 5 to 3 seconds {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37002678/52fa8ca354692dcf52433e00e453a08e7810c5dd.png Added two ghost types; The Goryo and Myling. Added new equipment to find a new evidence type: The DOTS Projector Electronic equipment will now alert the ghost of your position during a hunt (similar to voice). Turn them off before hiding! Hunts now affect all electronic equipment with new sounds and visuals The parabolic microphone now allows you to hear "paranormal sounds" when aimed towards the ghost You can now enable Head Bob in the settings All equipment (minus Sound Sensor) has new visuals and effects New post processing effects for players and CCTV {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37002678/3b4d73cfc7cdab8a17461a9522427d85bcb864af.png All ghost types have had their evidence changed to make room for the 2 new ghosts and DOTS projector During a hunt, equipment and lights will only be affected when in range of the ghost Random ghost footsteps can now only be heard with a Parabolic Microphone Glowsticks glow for 30 seconds then fade over next 30 seconds The spirit box text has been replaced with icons to show if the ghost is responding Several sounds have been replaced The Infrared Sensor functionality has been merged into the Motion Sensor Lighting has been improved in most maps The 'placement helper object' has new visuals Volumetric lighting has been improved in all maps to reduce fogginess When playing solo, you no longer have to use Push To Talk for the Spirit Box (if turned off in settings) The Ghost will no longer be visible at the start of the hunt until it starts moving Player hand skin colour will now change based on the character you're playing as The tutorial has been updated with the new evidence type and new visuals VR: The journal will now always be held in the left hand The Parabolic Microphone can now only be used when inside Several visual adjustments Several UI adjustments {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37002678/05bd697e26a0a87bed6def30016fc6feebc348b5.png "Show us" phrase no longer makes the ghost interact twice Fixed ...Phasmophobia ghost types: Your guide to all 16 scary spiritsAug 26, 2021 - PC GamerTrying to figure out all the Phasmophobia ghost types to help in your hunting? Each type of ghost has three pieces of evidence that will give away its identity, so you'll need all your tools at your disposal to narrow your search. Pay close attention to which kinds of evidence each ghost will exhibit, as well as the strengths and weaknesses for each one that may help point you in the right direction even if you can't gather all the evidence you need... Read more.Phasmophobia, a Co-Op VR Horror Game Made by 1 Person, Just Cracked Steam's Top 5 Most Played ListOct 12, 2020 - GitHypOver the summer, we saw the meteoric rise of indie games like Fall Guys and Among Us while gamers searched for new ways to socialize during the Covid-19 lockdown. Now, with Halloween just a few weeks away and gamers still stuck indoors, a new 4-player co-op horror game called “Phasmophobia” is seeing similar explosive growth on Steam. During its second weekend on Steam, Phasmophobia's player counts peaked at 61k concurrent players – placing the game as high as #6 on Steam's list of most played games. And in its third weekend, the game saw a new peak of 86k concurrent players that placed it at #5 on Steam. Although Phasmophobia doesn't require VR to play on PC, such high player counts for a game with a VR-focus is extremely rare on Steam. And despite its janky mechanics and numerous bugs, players seem to be loving the PT-esque experience with Overwhelmingly Positive reviews from 13k owners who paid $13.99 for Early Access. Similar to Fall Guys and Among Us, another huge factor in Phasmophobia's success has been its popularity on streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Over the weekend, Phasmophobia easily topped other popular new releases like Crash Bandicoot 4 and Star Wars: Squadrons, hitting #1 on Twitch with a peak of 247k concurrent viewers. But what's most impressive is that the new ghost-hunting game's developer, Kinetic Games, consists of only a single developer - something that probably won't last long now that the scary game is a huge success.