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No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky now has living ships with creepy, veiny cockpitsFeb 19, 2020 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunNo Man’s Sky continues to grow and now it’s grown something properly alive. It’s an egg that hatches into a sentient ship. Sorry, am I reading that right? Yup, the spacefaring crafting simulation game now has ships that are alive and you pilot them from inside their apparently spacious cockpit heads. Where’s the brain at, though? The Living Ship update is adding some other organic stuff to the universe and NPCs that can hail you from space. (more…) No Man's Sky Living Ship UpdateFeb 19, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsHello! 2019 was an important year for No Man’s Sky. It was the year we brought the entire game into VR and much expanded multiplayer in the free BEYOND update. Everyone who owned the game was overnight able to play the entire game in virtual reality and it has been extremely cool to see VR and non-VR players joining up in the Nexus to explore, embark on missions and build bases together. We followed Beyond with two more content updates last year, SYNTHESIS and BYTEBEAT, and we are starting 2020 as we mean to go on with another free release - the LIVING SHIP update releasing today. The Living Ship update introduces the first new starship since ATLAS RISES. But this is more than just a ship - these are strange and beautiful creatures with lives of their own. A new series of missions will take players through the ancient Korvax experiments that led to the birth of these interstellar beings. Players who wish to incubate, grow and ultimately fly their own living ship should visit the Space Anomaly and follow the call of the Void Egg... {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9164327/bc55fe8b868c88ee63ca4002c4ea337baaf310b7.jpg These beautiful, organic, slightly psychedelic ships are uniquely grown (and as with everything in the No Man’s Sky universe, procedurally-generated). They can't be upgraded in the same way as a traditional ship: each one is individually hatched, with a unique set of internal organs that determines its abilities. If you want a fast hyperdrive, you’ll need to nurture the right sort of life within your ship... {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9164327/4f420f0fd4ce4d182508f464234b2ffe6cad7ecf.jpg As much attention has been given to the interior of the ships as the exterior. Living ships house you within strange, organic cockpits, requiring players to fly their ship by grasping vein-covered tendrils. It looks and feels suitably unsettling to fly in VR! The Living Ship update also brings a host of new discoverables to deep space, adding all-new space encounters to the off-planet experience. Strange new lifeforms and mysterious objects now wait between the planets, bringing more variety and unique experiences to space travel. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9164327/86ac71d49f5b99a9f1d37adf00e4b99e0fd29aa0.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9164327/75ea868d21d14a02285a0dcfb69bc38fe723e854.png You might have noticed that since Beyond launched we've been experimenting with something new. We have been releasing regular feature updates every month or so, along with community missions and new content every week. In previous years we have focused the team around one large update. We've been really proud of the work we did on these huge updates like NEXT or Beyond, but something always bothered us... there was normally 8 months or more where we were silent, and the community was left wondering if we would ever update the game again! Meanwhile there were smaller features that were ready earlier, but had to wait until all the other work they were wrapped up in was complete. Whilst we continue to work on ...The best VR games on PCFeb 12, 2020 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunVirtual reality has grown in a short few years from a wasteland of minigames to having more good games than you’ll ever have time to play. Thankfully we created this list of the best VR games so you don’t waste your time. (more…) Beyond Development Update 6Jan 22, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsHappy New Year, Everyone! We’ve released a small patch today to introduce some new items to the Space Anomaly’s Quicksilver shop. The Synthesis Bot has an exciting and diverse range of products planned for this year; we’ve enjoyed reading your requests and ideas and hope you’ll enjoy what we have lined up! You can read the full developer update here. From the Quicksilver Synthesis Bot Commencing on Monday 27th, Polo’s Robotic Companion will begin compiling community research data to unlock a new category of customisation: coloured jetpack trails! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9164327/3ba60d72c6cbf2436339a91b677551c8a6e87e49.png Over the last few weeks, explorers have also unlocked a number of new exotic heads through Polo’s ongoing Community Research request. Progress is currently underway to unlock the final exotic Traveller head: Iteration Ariadne. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9164327/dc14421f7e06657fbed04be0acb41a5a860d50cd.png Complete multiplayer missions at the Nexus to contribute to the research project, and unlock these exclusive Red, Green and Blue trails to apply to your jetpack exhaust. Community Research progress may be tracked from your Mission Log in No Man's Sky, or from the Galactic Atlas. Weekend Missions Another planet has begun presenting signs of instability, detected by Priest Entity Nada’s specialised equipment. This time, the disturbance’s epicentre is originating from somewhere deep upon a distant planet, far below the sea level. This weekend, Travellers may sign up at the Nexus to participate in the event, and earn generous Quicksilver rewards. The Iterations aboard the Anomaly are expressing increasing discomfort about these ongoing disturbances. Speak to Iteration: Mercury before venturing out on the mission for more information. Development Update A minor game update to support the upcoming shop items has been released on all platforms today. We have another, more substantial update arriving in the not-too-distant future, and much more planned for 2020 that we look forward to sharing with you! Thank you so much, SeanThe 32 best PC games that demand to be played in ultrawideDec 19, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun There’s an old saying in gaming monitor circles that once you’ve gone ultrawide, there’s no going back. Indeed, having had the vast Samsung CRG9 hogging my desk for a bit last month, I’m inclined to agree. But what do games actually look like on a screen this wide? It’s one thing looking at lovely wallpapers, but another thing entirely to have a game occupy your entire field of vision. To find out, and more importantly show you, I’ve rounded up all the very best ultrawide PC games, complete with pictures of what they actually look like in the flesh, plus oodles of lovely GIFs so you can see how it works in action. If you thought playing Red Dead Redemption 2 in 5120×1440 was impressive, you ain’t seen nothing yet. (more…) No Man's Sky's new device lets you design music for your baseDec 16, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunAccording to Hello Games, players spend a lot of time designing their bases in No Man’s Sky these days. They say a frequent player request was for the ability to add sounds or music to their planetary homes. Apparently one of the coders at Hello Games was quite into the idea and integrated a system for programatically generating music. Players can leave the algorithmic music as is or use the new ByteBeat device to edit it themselves. Now you can invite your friends over for a dance party set to spacey chip tunes and create an in-game light show to accompany it. (more…) Introducing...ByteBeat!Dec 16, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsHello Everyone! Hopefully this is a bit of a nice festive surprise for folks. We have released a neat update today, adding a full audio creation application to No Man’s Sky. We’re calling it the ByteBeat Device! We’ve made a brief trailer to demonstrate the potential of the feature, but as always, we’re sure that you the community will take it and run with it in all sorts of unexpected directions. Credit to community creators DjMonkey, G_Man_D, Nukie000, Whimblo and ActionPantsGaming for the bases featured in this trailer. Base building is a big part of what people spend their time doing in our game, and a frequent request is for the ability to add sounds and music to their construction. Our team always likes a creative challenge, and audio is one of our big passions. Over the last few weeks one of our coders got obsessed with making an audio creation tool for the community, we were so excited about it we thought it’d be a nice surprise to release it. We love playing around with music toys like Teenage Engineering Synths or FruityLoops, and we like the idea of creating something that can encourage anyone to make cool audio. Once placed in your base and powered, the ByteBeat will immediately begin to produce sound. ByteBeat formulas are made out of simple waveforms that are manipulated through maths – but by default, the device handles all of the mathematical heavy lifting, procedurally generating random presets for you to play with. Dedicated audiophiles have the option to explore deeper, manually sketching out note sequences, rhythms, and even manipulating the raw sounds. Audio enthusiasts interested in reading more about the original concept of ByteBeat music may find this article a good starting point. The ByteBeat Device Learn the module blueprints from the Space Anomaly, then construct and power your ByteBeat Device within your base. It will immediately begin to play a unique pattern of procedurally-generated music. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9164327/e7a3633f08ff4f718403d0383e0bf757b9e1d77e.png The Sequencer UI lets you customise your track, allowing you to modify the melody and drums. If enabled, the arpeggiator will fill in notes automatically, and other panels allow you to adjust the octave, key and tempo. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9164327/3824541f971a72c8dba59e056d283f9d9d32c322.png Players who want to dive deep into the maths behind the waveform can use the Advanced Waveform UI to fine tune the mathematical operators at the heart of their sound. Or simply randomise the function and generate an entirely new sound! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9164327/ecc3410d182f8652fc046d86cea317d44606c5a2.png The ByteBeat Device can be synchronised by snapping it to other ByteBeats, or connecting the devices with a new type of cable. This allows you to layer multiple tracks and create more complex arrangements. Finally, a new ByteBeat Switch allows players to power other devices, such as lights, with bursts of power that sync up to the rhythm of your track. Of course, as a bas...No Man's Sky now has an audio creation tool that lets you make cosmic beatsDec 16, 2019 - PC GamerHello Games has snuck out a pre-holiday update for No Man's Sky, letting you fill the normally fairly serene galaxy with your own loud musical creations. The ByteBeat is a synthesiser you can plonk down to turn even the dreariest desert world into the hottest festival spot in the system.   The synth lets you access the game's new audio creation suite, and frankly it looks pretty damn intimidating. I listen to music and once used to bang on some drums, and that's about as far as my technical knowledge extends when it comes to music. Luckily, the ByteBeat handles the complicated stuff, procedurally generating presets for you to fiddle with to create your own tunes.  If you're feeling bolder, you can take over from the AI and create music from scratch, starting with the maths used to create waveforms. Or you can be like me and let it generate something entirely random and hope for the best. For more complicated compositions, you can also build more devices, rows and rows of them, adding more tracks.  Your music deserves an appropriate setting, and No Man's Sky already has a base editing tool that will help you make anything from a dance club to torture chamber that blasts dubstep into your victims' ears. You can sync the music to lights, too, letting you craft a light show to accompany the track.  Along with the ByteBeat, the update includes a bunch of bug fixes and tweaks. Check out the patch notes hereNo Man's Sky's latest update adds a music and audio creation toolDec 16, 2019 - EurogamerJust in time for the holidays, Hello Games' exploratory space sim No Man's Sky has a brand-new update, this one adding a music and audio creation tool to its ever-growing list of features. Update 2.24, as No Man's Sky's latest patch is known, ushers in a "full audio creation application" that Hello Games is calling the ByteBeat Device. At a basic level, it's a machine that you can build by acquiring the appropriate blueprint from the Space Anomaly, then slap it down in your world - whereupon it will parp out a procedurally generated tune, or even specific noises that players have sequenced in. Musical tinkerers can arrange tracks, modify melody and drums, or even adjust octave, key, or tempo. That's just the basics, though. "ByteBeat formulas are made out of simple waveforms that are manipulated through maths - but by default, the device handles all of the mathematical heavy lifting, procedurally generating random presets for you to play with," explains Hello Games, "Dedicated audiophiles have the option to explore deeper, manually sketching out note sequences, rhythms, and even manipulating the raw sounds." Read more No Man's Sky Synthesis update lets you salvage ships and pack more heatNov 30, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun When Hello Games announced last week that their next update would improve nearly every part of No Man’s Sky in some way, they weren’t trading in hyperbole. The now-live Synthesis update squashes bugs and smooths out base building, sure. But the marquee additions that elevate it above mere housekeeping include the ability to salvage your ship for parts, carry a handful of multi-tools on your person, and grind ‘n’ combine elements within your handy space backpack. (more…) Take a tour of Doom's classic E1M1 map recreated in No Man's SkyNov 29, 2019 - PC GamerTriangular base building parts were recently added to the free-flying sci-fi sim No Man's Sky as part of the big Synthesis Update. Compared to other new features, like starship upgrades and a new terrain editing system and a first-person exocraft, new floor tiles don't sound like a very big deal. But those three-sided bits are actually what enabled this very cool recreation of Doom's famed E1M1 map on a distant, dusty, radioactive world. The map comes courtesy of JP LeBreton, a developer whose previous credits include BioShock, The Cave, Broken Age, and the OG Doom mod Mr. Friendly. Naturally, it's not an exact duplicate of the original: There are no explosive barrels, for instance, doors are kind of a compromise design that operate via separate switches connected to the power system, and the textures are obviously quite a bit different too, although the wall surfaces are a pretty good match overall.  There are also no demons running around, waiting to be blown into Mephistophelian paste: There are a few creatures roaming around outside that you might want to stay away from, but otherwise this is strictly a sightseeing trip. There's no mistaking where you are, though. Even the planet is right: Red, radioactive, and rocky.  If you'd like to see this No Man's E1M1 in action (and why wouldn't you?), enter the glyphs listed on LeBreton's NMS Bases page (he's made several) into a portal, then hop into your ship and fly to the marker—or just keep your eyes peeled for the big Doom logo carved into the hillside. Nominate No Man's Sky!Nov 29, 2019 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9164327/06697b13a4d71bbe9265c766fba55e4ba44a261d.png Phew, what a year! If you like what we've done this year with the Beyond and Synthesis updates, maybe consider taking a moment to nominate No Man's Sky in the "Labor of Love" category. It would mean a lot to us.No Man's Sky Synthesis UpdateNov 28, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsHello! Today we are pleased to release our eighth free update to No Man's Sky. The Synthesis Update introduces a number of frequently-requested features and improvements to No Man’s Sky Beyond. Alongside these new features are a large number of community-led quality of life improvements, as well as general polish. Full Patch Notes can be found here but here are some highlights. Starship Upgrades Visit the Starship Outfitting Terminal at a Space Station to add inventory slots to your favourite starship, or spend nanites to upgrade its class. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9164327/ec542e284f60c6cac43f0dcd007c47739e90c98d.png Starship Salvaging The Starship Outfitting Terminal can also be used to salvage unwanted ships for scrap, granting valuable products and technologies. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9164327/45a4fbf40e18b2bf99bf3bdd8a1463a7f978b1f1.png New Terrain Editing System The Terrain Manipulator has been improved and optimised, with new visual effects and new Restore and Flatten Modes. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9164327/759e407785697445470410ee7f2e66995585d6b2.jpg Protected Terrain Edits Terrain edits made within a base are now protected from regeneration. The protected edit system has been improved to allow more edits to be made before reaching the cap. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9164327/4c0d9397017d3b12c952a815e0cd2f911643b03e.jpg Save Custom Outfits Added the ability to save a range of custom outfits in the Customiser, allowing for quick changes between a range of appearances. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9164327/3236e5842455016930aff9af1fc7af42655e82a0.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9164327/138fa5a16e536f1dad5ec79644fb739a909c86e0.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9164327/a723d1a2d7533b5c179252da6626500a7033eede.jpg First Person Exocraft Players of all versions of the game now have access to First-Person Exocraft. Access camera settings in the Quick Menu. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9164327/d49ef3cf2d9e288c4c2a8075497daad9df3c713a.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9164327/c79e8e55be1c5d10b9458e6c7c59ba18215fe6e8.jpg New Features Enabled in VR Features have been unified across VR and non-VR. Photo Mode and Creature Riding are now available in all versions of the game. Space Map The starship Space Map has been overhauled, improving the quality and clarity of the visuals. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9164327/15b361b1899601ef4b3a8aba1c8eda0c8a6a1a5e.jpg Inventory Management Inventory management has been refined and a number of UI quality of life improvements have been added. Items can be dragged and dropped to swap positions, or directly dropped onto damaged technologies for automatic repair. Control over stack sizes has been improved in the shop, transfer and charging interfaces. Hazard protection upgrades that are not relevant to the current environment are now hidden from the Quick Menu. Quality of Life Improvements Many frequently used interactions and interfaces have been sped up, and access to many features has been streamlined. Improvements include: instant access to the Galactic Trade Terminal; purchasing Planetary Charts from ...No Man's Sky update will let players increase ship inventory and permanently edit terrainNov 27, 2019 - PC GamerA few days ago Hello Games teased a new update for No Man's Sky, called Synthesis, without revealing what was in it or when it might arrive. Today we've got a few details, and they're pretty exciting. Not only is the Synthesis update arriving this week, on November 28, but it's making some pretty big and welcome changes to No Man's Sky. Perhaps the coolest change is that players will be able to improve their starships by adding additional inventory slots. They'll even be able to upgrade their ship's class, which can increase various bonuses like maneuverability, warp distance, damage, and more, depending on what type of ship it is. These upgrades are done by spending nanites at the new starship outfitting terminals you'll find in space stations throughout the galaxy. This means if you find a ship you really love, you don't need to sideline it in the hangar just because you've found one with more cargo space. Nice! You'll also be able to salvage other ships you find for parts. There are also some exciting changes to the terrain manipulator. Players will now have the ability to "make a permanent stamp on the world with your edits," according to the email sent to PC Gamer. That's a big deal. We're used to digging holes or transforming terrain, flying away, and returning to find the planet has 'forgotten' what we've done to it. It sounds like that will change with the Synthesis Update. Yes, that massive rock penis you carefully sculpted outside your base can apparently be locked into place and preserved. (Update: The Synthesis page reads "Terrain edits made within a base are now protected from regeneration." So your rock penis will need to be inside your base's borders.) Jokes aside, being able to permanently alter terrain on a planet will be a huge boon to base-builders and will give our homes a more persistent feeling. Importantly, along with this change, an 'undo' feature has been added to the terrain manipulator, so you won't have to live with your mistakes. And you'll no longer have to sell a beloved multitool when another one catches your eyes. "Players can own and customise multiple Multi-Tools," in Synthesis, says Hello Games. You'll also be able to "create multiple characters in the customiser to switch between," which sounds like you'll be able to save your character customization choices and quickly swap between the different looks you've created. No Man's Sky new space map There are also some interesting changes that will let VR users and desktop players share some of the same features that are currently exclusive to each. First-person driving for planetary vehicles is being added for desktop players—until now, that was only available in VR—and VR users will be able to use the photomode and creature-riding features that desktop players enjoy. There's more: a...No Man's Sky's eighth free feature update Synthesis arrives tomorrowNov 27, 2019 - EurogamerThe unstoppable force of expansion that is No Man's Sky will swell once more tomorrow, 28th November, with the arrival of developer Hello Games' Synthesis Update, which adds a range of frequently requested features to the space exploration sim. Synthesis, if you've not been keeping tabs, is No Man's Sky's eighth major update since launch in 2016, following on from Foundation, Path Finder, Atlas Rises, Next, The Abyss, Visions, and this summer's massive Beyond expansion. "It's called the Synthesis update," explains Hello Games, "because it's a collection of features that create a connected whole". The developer says to expect over 300 changes and tweaks to the core No Man's Sky experience, alongside more significant highlights. VR and non-VR experiences will now, finally, have feature parity, for instance, with VR players able to ride creatures and take screenshots, while non-VR players can pilot vehicles in first-person. Read more No Man's Sky plans a little spit shine in SynthesisNov 23, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunThe intrepid team of interstellar architects at Hello Games have already announced another update to No Man’s Sky. Anyone hoping for something the size and impact of August’s Beyond will need to ease off the hype-r drive (ugh): Synthesis, as founder Sean Murray called it, looks to be a bundle of “polish and small quality of life improvements” aimed at smoothing your experience traveling among the stars. (more…) No Man's Sky's latest update introduces story-driven weekend community eventsOct 30, 2019 - EurogamerHello Games' exploratory space sim No Man's Sky continues to evolve, and its latest update - available now on all platforms - adds a number of new elements designed to bring its community together: weekend missions and featured bases. Weekend missions, which are due to begin "very shortly", will tell a single story as they unfold over the coming months, with each event bringing explorers together on a specific planet. "Nada's spacetime loom has detected a concerning pattern resonating across the universe, and they need help from their explorer friends to investigate," teases Hello Games, "Readings indicate a disturbance in reality, where an anomalous - and possibly sinister - force has begun to leak through to this universe..." Read more BEYOND DEVELOPMENT UPDATE 3Oct 30, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsHello Everyone! There’s been a lot going on since our last development update. The team has been working hard to bring you bug fixes and quality of life improvements, with a huge number of things fixed in the three updates since our last blog post. You’ve all been hard at work too: producing amazing artwork; building spectacular bases; and unlocking the first community goal of Beyond, a brand new Vy’keen-inspired suit of armour. Even now, you’re making great progress on the second event to unlock the likenesses of Travellers Gemini, Mercury and Ares. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9164327/ed8767d6b0fbb21d917165742c43943f16716200.png Patch 2.15 releases today on all platforms. It introduces a number of new features to bring the community together and highlight the amazing work you do: a showcase for the best community bases, and brand new weekly missions. Weekend Missions Very shortly, the Space Anomaly’s first weekend mission will go live. Nada’s spacetime loom has detected a concerning pattern resonating across the universe, and they need help from their explorer friends to investigate. Readings indicate a disturbance in reality, where an anomalous – and possibly sinister – force has begun to leak through to this universe… {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9164327/165e5a1067736ee2ff57de90ffcb4a69e0e1bc8d.png These weekend missions, which bring explorers together on a specific planet, will tell a story that will unfold over the coming months. They also offer significant quicksilver rewards… Travellers who wish to participate will find a new chapter available at the Nexus each week, from Friday evenings (GMT) until early Monday morning. If you miss a weekend, don’t worry. These missions will continue to run for the foreseeable future. We are so excited to see what happens when you all start exploring a single planet together! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9164327/1982e3d9981fd32344c639b89111d33679fffe0d.png Featured Bases One of the things we like seeing most is the ingenious bases that you folks build. We watch the community closely and it’s always a joy – and a surprise! – to see the things you use the game to create. We wanted to find a way to highlight this brilliant work and bring it to the greatest number of players. From now on you will be able to visit the Space Anomaly Teleporter to see a selection of the best bases we’ve come across. We hope it will showcase all you talented builders, and bring every player an ever-changing cycle of spectacular planets and architectural creativity. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9164327/301bd89f0c350388806c0649e48f0f1928a7f360.jpg We remain on the lookout for ever-more imaginative bases which we can feature in future. If you’d like your base to be featured, please include your portal coordinates, current galaxy, username and platform when you post it. This will help us find it quickly and bring it to wider attention. We can’t wait to see what you make! Development Update Beyond brought a lot of new players into the game, as well as drawing back in a lar...Games like Minecraft 16 best games like Minecraft from the past ten yearsOct 16, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunThere have been a great many games like Minecraft over the past decade. Which is to be expected, because who wouldn’t want to capitalise on the runaway mainstream success of the decade, and the best-selling video game of all time? There are many things that are very special about Minecraft, and remain more or less unmatched even ten years later; but we’ve done our very best to condense all that specialness down into a simple list of six criteria, and from there, we’ve compiled our list of the 16 best games like Minecraft out there right now. Some of these games you might look at and think, “But Ollie, my dear fellow! You must be crazy! This game looks nothing like Minecraft!” Bear with me, and I’ll explain exactly why each game on this list has earned its place there. Each of these games are well worth a try if you enjoy Minecraft for whatever reason. And who knows? You might find your new favourite game within this very list… (more…) Steam Charts: Suspicious Mole EditionOct 14, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Everything you thought you knew to be true has been undermined by the Great Revelation. Please read on to learn about your new role in society, and how this affects the games you will be allowed to play. (more…) No Man’s Sky Had Almost Half of the Original Launch’s Player Count Return Over the Weekend on SteamJul 30, 2018 - GitHypAfter failing to deliver on numerous promises made by the developers, No Man’s Sky had one of the most controversial launches ever back in 2016. Now, No Man’s Sky is back in the news… but this time, it’s due to the game’s very well-received “NEXT” update that was just released. Last week, we reported on the NEXT update’s launch peak of 43k concurrent players on Steam – which at the time was very impressive considering the game’s player base has dropped from its original peak of 212k players to recently under 1k concurrent players. But since launching NEXT, No Man’s Sky has continued to grow, and over the weekend hit a peak of 97k concurrent players on Steam. Something nobody believed would ever happen again. No Man's Sky Peak Concurrent Players Next Update on Steam NEXT isn’t the first big update No Man’s Sky has received over the past two years. After all the backlash, Sean Murray and his small team of developers at Hello Games have been hard at work adding tons of new features each year. And while base-building, portals, vehicles, and giant freight ships were all great new features that brought back tiny fractions of the player base, it was true 4-player online multiplayer that helped No Man’s Sky return to its former glory back in Steam's top 10 most played games. The core gameplay of No Man’s Sky is still very similar to what it was at launch, so most players will likely lose interest again. But with the developers continuing to add new content for free and the game discounted by 50% on Steam, this time more players than ever are leaving with a very positive experience.No Man’s Sky is Back in Steam’s Top 10 Most Played GamesJul 25, 2018 - GitHypWith a peak of 212k concurrent players back in August 2016, No Man’s Sky had one of the biggest launches of any game over the past few years on Steam. Sadly, shallow gameplay and missing features like multiplayer resulted in the player base instantly declining. And within 1 month, there were under 1k concurrent players left playing No Man's Sky. Sean Murray and his team at Hello Games stayed silent during the games troubled launch. But surprisingly, as players requested refunds and even threatened lawsuits, the dev team kept working on adding more features, believing that their actions would eventually speak louder than words. Now, after a couple other big updates that have added new features such as base-building, ground vehicles, and extra modes, No Man’s Sky has released its biggest update yet. And with the “NEXT” update, Hello Games has finally delivered on the most requested feature since launch… multiplayer! Yep, No Man’s Sky has finally introduced real 4-player co-op multiplayer where you can actually see other players in-game -- and even see yourself now in third person. As a result, more players than ever have returned to give the game another shot, and so far, the reviews have switched from mostly negative to very positive on Steam. Peaking at 43k concurrent players yesterday, No Man’s Sky has cracked Steam’s top 10 most played games once again at #8. Currently ahead of popular games such as ARK, Rocket League, and Fallout 4, this latest update is the best NMS has done since launching at #3 on Steam two years ago. Yesterday’s peak easily doubled NMS’ previous post-launch peak of 19k players last August when Hello Games released the game’s 1-year anniversary update, Atlas Rises. A promising update that still lacked a true multiplayer experience which lead to the numbers dwindling back down to an average of less than 1k players each hour as players in 2018. The hype that the NEXT update has brought back to No Man’s Sky will likely die back down just as it has already multiple times already for the game. But it’s still good to see that both gamers and the developers aren't giving up on No Man's Sky. And with multiplayer now added, the game discounted 50% off, and free weekly content on the way, players certainly have a reason to stick around a little longer than before. Update: Just a few days after this article was published, No Man's Sky's growth continued, hitting 97k concurrent players on Steam.No Man’s Sky Player Counts One Year After Launching on SteamAug 8, 2017 - GitHypThe little indie game that saw its hype grow to galactic proportions, No Man’s Sky, became the highest played new game of 2016 when it peaked at 212k concurrent players on Steam last year. But one week after the controversial launch, No Man’s Sky saw its player counts plummet by a stunning 78%. Then less than two months after launch, 94% of NMS’ playerbase was sadly gone. Things looked grim for Hello Games with all the negative feedback, refunds, and even lawsuits being thrown at the team while the game’s creator Sean Murray stayed silent. But before 2016 was over, the developers returned with NMSfirst big update that spiked the player counts by 10x to a peak of 8k players. [caption id="attachment_281873" align="aligncenter" width="747"] No Man's Sky Peak Concurrent Players on Steam via GitHyp[/caption] While the base-building update helped No Man’s Sky show signs of life after the playerbase flatlined, the numbers quickly dropped back down to under 1k concurrent players. Three months later, a second big content update was released. It too brought back a similar peak of 7k players. It too dropped back down to under 1k players per hour a month later. More recently, No Man’s Sky was discounted by 60% to $24 during the Steam Summer Sale. Yet, despite over half off the price, the player counts barely doubled during the sale. And once again, the gains were short-lived with the playerbase returning to its same core of 500-1,000 concurrent players, down over 99% from its launch day peak. With the upcoming 1-year anniversary of No Man’s Sky, an alternate reality game called “Project Walking Titan” has lead die-hard fans on a treasure hunt hoping for new races, portals, and/or multiplayer. But at this point, it’s hard to see how even the inclusion of multiplayer could ever return No Man’s Sky anywhere near its former Day 1 glory.No Man's Sky Showing Signs of Life with Players Returning After First Big Content UpdateNov 28, 2016 - GitHypWith a peak of 212k players in a single hour on its first day, No Man's Sky set the record for 2016's biggest launch on Steam. Sadly, 2016's biggest launch quickly turned into 2016's biggest bomb as the hundreds of thousands of early adopters rapidly dwindled down to only hundreds of players per hour after two months. Since then, things have only gotten worse for the developers with lawsuits, refunds, and the game losing over 96% of its playerbase. But shockingly, after months of silence, Sean Murray and his team at Hello Games have returned with the "Foundation Update" which has sparked the interest of PC gamers. And over the past two days since Patch 1.1 was released, the player counts for No Man's Sky have increased enough to bring the game back from ranking outside the top 1000 games on Steam to currently within the top 50. Getting into the precise stats, No Man's Sky was averaging around 300-500 players per hour last week on Steam. After Patch 1.1, the game is now averaging 10x that number with 3,000-5,000 players per hour and a peak of over 8k players. While it's still a small playerbase that seems light years away from its record-setting peak back in August, the surge in players is proof that there is some interest left among gamers looking for more in-game content if the team can continue to release big updates in a timely manor. [caption id="attachment_221227" align="aligncenter" width="770"]GitHyp's No Man Sky Player Count Per Hour Data GitHyp's No Man Sky Player Count Per Hour Data[/caption] As you can see when looking at GitHyp's data over the past two days, there was a huge jump in player count numbers, however, comparing yesterday to today shows the numbers are already slightly decreasing with smaller peaks during prime hours. We saw a similar revival with Evolve: Stage 2 in October when Turtle Rock switched their failing competitive shooter to the free-to-play model. Yet, it still wasn't enough to save the game and the playerbase fell back down almost as quickly as it spiked up after the update. The sheer amount of potential that No Man's Sky offers with its tech gives a glimmer of hope that Hello Games might one day deliver on their over-promised game that under-delivered, but then again, that's how the hype started and lead to the game's downfall. So it's unlikely that No Man's Sky will ever return to its high player count launch numbers unless much bigger changes are made... which, of course, the developers continue to tease. For those still interested and not willing to give up on the game just yet like the devs, the Foundation Update brings a vast amount of free improvements to No Man's Sky such as: a new survival and casual mode, base-building, alien recruits, faster transportation options, farming, item stacking, interstellar freighters, tweaks to the interface, and more... but, still no word from Sean and the developers regarding multiplayer.No Man's Sky Has Dropped to Less Than 1,000 Concurrent Players on SteamSep 23, 2016 - GitHypNo Man's Sky was supposed to be the biggest game of 2016... and in many ways, it has been. But having the biggest drop in players of not just 2016, but of the last few years, is certainly not one achievement that Sean Murray and his small team at Hello Games were hoping to unlock... and certainly not what gamers were expecting after being promised so much from a game that turned out to deliver so little among its 18 quintillion planets. At its peak the day it launched, No Man's Sky reached as high as 212k concurrent players on Steam. But within only its first week, the game lost 78% of its playerbase. And now, less than two months after its launch, things have only gotten worse for No Man's Sky with the game dropping to under 1,000 players per hour and only peaking at 2,000 players per hour. That's a 94% drop in just its first 42 days which has taken NMS from the #3 most played game on Steam to #132 today. [caption id="attachment_202947" align="aligncenter" width="800"]GitHyp’s No Man's Sky Peak Player Count per Hour Data GitHyp’s No Man's Sky Peak Player Count per Hour Data[/caption] Since the time of our first player count story a week after the game's launch back on August 18, Sean Murray has gone missing. His previously-active Twitter account hasn't been updated since that day and nobody at Hello Games has had anything to say other than releasing a few minor patches. The developers have even gone as far as closing topics they have control over on Steam that address concern and reference the falling player counts. While many fans still believe there could be hope for the game with the developers originally promising more content to come after launch, things aren't looking good for the future of No Man's Sky. Ubisoft's The Division had a similar 93% drop earlier this year on Steam and despite multiple content updates, the game never recovered. Considering that there's been far more outrage geared towards Hello Games and their game's launch, it's unlikely that we'll see No Man Sky climb back up the charts and return anywhere close to its launch day glory. Update 1/5/2017: The playerbase for NMS saw a huge increase after the game's first big update in November, however, history has repeated itself and after less than two months the game has again dropped back down to under 1,000 players per hour.No Man’s Sky Has Lost 78% of its Playerbase in its First Week on SteamAug 18, 2016 - GitHypNo Man’s Sky has been one of the most hyped up games of the past couple years... and with good reason. Hello Games' ambitious idea to create a universe on par with the size of our own known universe in a video game was both beautiful and mind-blowing when teased in previews. Last week’s launch proved that there was just as much hype among gamers as ever with No Man’s Sky bringing in an average of 212k players at its peak and becoming the biggest launch of 2016. However, reactions among gamers since the launch have been very mixed and there have been a tremendous amount of technical issues reported by players on PC that have caused gamers to abandon their short trips to space. [caption id="attachment_193179" align="aligncenter" width="800"]No-Mans-Sky-Release-Player-Count-Graph GitHyp’s No Man's Sky Player Count per Hour Data[/caption] Last Friday during the No Man Sky release, player counts peaked around 212k players on Steam. Almost doubling the prior top 3 launches of 2016: XCOM 2 - 132k peak launch players, Dark Souls III - 129k players, and The Division - 113k players. And while No Man’s Sky has continued to stay in Steam’s top 5 most played games all week, it has been quickly hemorrhaging players with a 78% decrease from its highest peak 7 days ago of 212k players to its highest peak so far today of 47k players. Hello Games' dev team just released a patch today in an effort to try and quickly remedy many PC players' problems, but at this point it might be too little too late and the other remaining issues and controversies surrounding the ambitious new title could turn 2016’s biggest launch into 2016’s biggest bomb. Update: The player count numbers have dropped further down to 93% in the past two weeks since launch and the developers are now locking threads on Steam that source player count stats. Update 2: The player count numbers have dropped even further down to 98% now a month after launch and the developers have remained silent since the original post date of this article.