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Monster Hunter Rise

Ремейк Resident Evil 4 получил приз за выдающееся качество — на Japan Game Awards 2023 назвали лучшие игры годаSep 21, 2023 - Gamemag.ruВ рамках открывшейся сегодня выставки Tokyo Game Show 2023 состоялась церемония Japan Game Awards 2022, на которой были названы лучшие игры из числа выпущенных на японском рынке в период с 1 апреля 2021 года по 31 марта 2024 года. Grab Capcom's best Monster Hunter games for half off during Steam saleSep 21, 2023 - PCGamesNMonster Hunter taught me that I could mercilessly slay behemoth beasts and harvest their bodies for better armor without feeling even a drop of regret. Just kidding, I still feel horrible every time I take one of the monsters down in-game. Nonetheless, each of Capcom's entries is downright addictive and it's a series every gamer should indulge in at least once. If you haven't yet done so or have an incomplete collection, now is the perfect time to do some Monster Hunter shopping as there is a massive Steam sale. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: The best PC Game Pass deal is back, just ahead of Starfield Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak update 4 patch notes revealed Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak update 4 will add two elder dragons 20 Years of Monster Hunter!Sep 21, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsHey hunters, How’s the hunting? We hope Kamura and Elgado are treating you well! Following on from our Capcom Online Program at Tokyo Game Show this week, we’re humbled and excited to share with you that March 2024 will mark 20 years since the release of the very first Monster Hunter game in Japan. To you, our global community of hunters, thank you! As we begin to mark the occasion, the team have created a special Monster Hunter 20th anniversary logo featuring one of the key things that defines our identities as hunters, our weapons! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/a4f7352c89d8d088f31f3a66aa6f93f9d19bcad2.jpg To coincide with the logo reveal, we’ve also got our first piece in the 20th anniversary art series to share with you, putting a spotlight on hunters! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/ee4e94038f939d01543aae11cb5773e7144e4041.jpg Can you spot any of your favourite sets in there? There will be more announcements for the 20th anniversary in the future! We’ll be sharing details on these across our official channels, including our official website and Twitter account, so make sure to stay tuned there! Whether you first become a hunter with Rise, or joined the hunt a little earlier into our 20 years of Monster Hunter, thank you, it’s great to have you on this adventure with us! If you’re yet to join the hunt, or looking for new hunting adventures, make sure to take advantage of a colossal discount on the Monster Hunter Franchise pack: This discount is part of our Capcom Tokyo Game Show Sale and is available until September 25! Monster Hunter Now Looking to keep up the hunts in-between your PC gaming sessions? Make sure to check out the newly released Monster Hunter Now mobile game from Niantic! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/68a3ab0227f5da66ef574c26e92f9b250d93a47e.jpg Hunt iconic monsters in the real world & enjoy the signature Monster Hunter experience when you're out and about! Monster Hunter Now has already surpassed 5 million downloads, so you'll be in good company! Plus, there's a special item pack being distributed to all players as a thank you! Find out more and get hunting on the go HERE. We’ll see you in the hunt! - The Monster Hunter Community TeamThe best PC Game Pass deal is back, just ahead of StarfieldJul 7, 2023 - PCGamesNMicrosoft's PC Game Pass $1 deal is back, giving you a great chance to try out some of the best PC games for next to nothing. As we prepare for the Starfield release date, with Bethesda's space epic coming to the subscription service on day one, now is a great time to catch up on all manner of great games you might otherwise have missed. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Deep Rock Galactic makes U-turn with new cosmetic DLC Deep Rock Galactic season 3 brings meteors and plague to mining game Deep Rock Galactic season 2 will add new weapons and robots Новый успех Capcom: Тираж Monster Hunter: Rise превысил 13 миллионов экземпляровJul 2, 2023 - Gamemag.ruКомпания Capcom сообщила, что продажи Monster Hunter: Rise перевалили отметку в 13 миллионов копий . При этом дополнение Sunbreak купили 6 миллионов человек . Поделившись информацией, разработчики поблагодарили игроков за поддержку, отметив, что любовь к серии очень важна для команды. 1 Year of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak!Jun 30, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsHey Hunters, We're pleased to share with you all that today marks 1 full year since the launch of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak! Since then, Sunbreak has received 5 full free Title Updates, plus the recent free Bonus Update, which wrapped up Elgado's story and introduced the mighty Primordial Malzeno! So, here's to you, our glorious Hunters! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/285eb6af0f55c9f99a19e60b7595fdb72e029c3a.jpg Looks like everyone from Kamura and Elgado are here to celebrate! Whether you've been with us since launch, or joined us more recently, it's awesome to have you with us! Thank you! What are your Sunbreak highlights? Let us know in the comments! We'll see you in the hunt! - Monster Hunter Community TeamA Message From Director Suzuki – A Thank You!Jun 15, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsHey Hunters, We hope you’re having a great week and have been having fun meeting Primordial Malzeno in the Bonus Update! We’re back today with a special message from Sunbreak’s Director Suzuki, please check it out below: This is my last regular update. I want to express my sincere gratitude for all of you that are playing MHRise: Sunbreak, as well as for following my updates. Thank you for your continued support of the Monster Hunter series, until now and beyond! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/0dca4b2200302bef5dc73592fd40b99d18ee6b9d.png - Suzuki, Sunbreak Director There it is, the last regular update from Director Suzuki for Sunbreak. We hope you’ve enjoyed the little hints, teases and info drops from the Director and thank you for checking them out. But fear not, the Bonus Update is live and we’ve still got some Event Quests on the way until the end of July! We hear there’s some rather cool layered armour to be had from some of them too, let’s have a look at a couple of these rewards below… {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/063352e08338910136743e1146d61819e9a43ea0.jpg Make sure to visit the Courier this week to pick up the "Adorned Arena" Event Quest! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/3e7a3a02a26e5d82846088dc7fed9523642aeaf2.jpg Epic gains coming soon to an Event Quest near you! Thanks for checking out today’s post! We’ll see you in the hunt! - Monster Hunter Community TeamBonus Update (Ver. 7, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsBonus Update (Ver.16) Outline Bonus Update Trailer Monster Hunter Rise Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak New Monster The final monster "Primordial Malzeno" is here. Make sure to get your gear in order! Primordial Malzeno Malzeno's original form before it was tainted by the Qurio. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/27a1c138dd3d03d695ba8629f66cf6e807c4329d.png Ordinarily, it uses its wings and tail with the elegance of a knight, but under the Qurio's influence, it uses underhanded means of cornering its prey, and in its "Bloodlust" state it wields tremendous power. Because of the explosive energy corrupting its body, it sometimes shows behavior as if its struggling against an overwhelming force. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/f963bdb8436063a183d96676438846367df99896.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/a814238330e740e50241acd3133ecb8f3de20737.jpg Event Quests {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/6437268ae317696d541730f2fb763d9a286a40f9.jpg Complete challenging Event Quests for a variety of rewards! Paid DLC {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/6a2897591c71b2ce482d87156ed2e0cad5452927.jpg Get special deals with DLC packs with a variety of themes! Roadmap {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/547286d79a98ce0a50502b68028791041e1c2f3b.jpg Update Information Title Update Ver. includes the following additional updates. Available  June 8, 2023 Required Space  About 1.4 GB Main Additions / Changes Patch Ver. includes (1) content that requires purchase of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak in order to access, and (2) content that only requires you to install the patch in order to access. Every addition or update that requires the purchase of the Sunbreak expansion will be indicated in the list below. If an item has the ★ symbol next it, that means you can only access this content with purchase of the expansion. New Story Elements A new monster has been added and will appear in Gathering Hub quests.(★) New quests have been added.(★) A wider variety of monsters now appear on Anomaly Investigations.(★) New weapons, armor, layered equipment, and skills have been added.(★) New skills have been added to the pool of potential skills available during Qurious Armor Crafting.(★) Augment: Slots+ has been added to Qurious Armor Crafting.(★) A new skill has been added to the pool of potential skills available during "Qurious Melding—Vigor".(★) A new prize has been added to the Market's lottery.(★) New trinkets and hanging scrolls have been added.(★) New items have been added for trade at the Anomaly Research Lab.(★) New dialogue added for major NPCs at Kamura Village and Elgado Outpost based on your progress.(★) New System Elements The maximum number of Anomaly Investigations you can own has been raised to 200.(★) New Guild Card titles have been added.(★) A new Badge of Heroes has been ...Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Final Digital Event | Developer RoundtableMay 31, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsTune in to the final Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event for a look at what's coming in the Bonus Update! Then, join the Monster Hunter team for a developer roundtable discussion on the development journey of Rise and Sunbreak. You also might see your screenshot from our #SunbreakTogether campaign featured! June 7, 2023 (7:00 PDT / 15:00 BST) Presented by Monster Hunter series Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, and Rise and Sunbreak Game Directors Yasunori Ichinose and Yoshitake Suzuki.Notification of Patch Ver. 31, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsAvailable  May 18, 2023 We have released patch Ver. to address the following issue: Bug Fixes Fixed a bug causing the "Guard Bash" Rampage Decoration Skill to activate in response to things other than monster attacks, such as certain locale gimmicks and endemic life. Fixed a bug preventing the "Destructive Dragon Deity" quest from showing up in the Join Request search if players in the same lobby try to join this quest through the "Join Hub Quest" option. Fixed a bug causing an incorrect explanation to be displayed for the "F Jaggi Helm X" at the Buddy Smithy in Elgado. Fixed a bug preventing progress if the player gets hit with an attack during the Quest Completed animation. Notice Monster Hunter Rise does not allow for matchmaking between different versions of the game. If you update the game, you will no longer be able to matchmake with players who haven't applied the patch yet. You can check your current version on the bottom right of the title screen. The Steam version does not support cross saves or crossplay with other platforms. For any questions, please visit our support website: We look forward to your continued support! A Message From Director Suzuki – New Armor Upgrade Option for Qurious Crafting!May 24, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsHey Hunters, We hope you’re having a great week so far! We’re back with the latest info from Sunbreak’s Director Suzuki for June’s Bonus Update! If you’ve been enjoying augmenting your sets via the Qurious Crafting system, today’s message should certainly pique your interest… Hey everyone! As part of the upcoming Bonus Update, we will add a new upgrade option for your armor via the Qurious Crafting feature. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/e267a3f808c638bd964b91c0e06af63a8eaf38e3.jpg - Suzuki, Sunbreak Director Hmmm, what could Minayle have waiting for us? Well, with June on the horizon, it looks like we won’t have to wait too long to find out! That wraps up today’s post! Thanks for taking the time to check it out! We’ll see you in the hunt! - Monster Hunter Community Team A Message From Director Suzuki – More Anomaly Investigation Capacity!May 17, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsHey Hunters, How goes the hunting? We’re here today with a new message from Sunbreak’s Director Suzuki that has a new detail that’ll be part of June’s Bonus Update! If you read last week’s post, you’ll be aware that each week starting from now until the Bonus Update’s arrival, Director Suzuki will be sharing some sneak peeks at what’s coming! If you didn’t see last week’s post, now you know too! To get things rolling, it looks like we’ve got a little something for those who are delving deep into Sunbreak’s endgame… Hey everyone! Here is a bit of new info. From the Bonus Update, you will be able to hold up to 200 Anomaly Investigations at a time. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/5dd0eab13f567869fefbada17e0df0301b48addf.jpg - Suzuki, Sunbreak Director That’s right! You’ll have 80 extra quest slots, raising the Anomaly Investigation quest capacity from 120 to 200! Get ready to stock up on even more of your favourite quest combinations! That wraps up today’s post! Thanks for taking the time to check it out! We’ll see you in the hunt! - Monster Hunter Community Team A Message From Director Suzuki – Bonus Update Details & New DecorationMay 11, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsHey Hunters, How’re you getting on with Free Title Update 5 and Amatsu? Talking of updates, we’re back today as Sunbreak’s Director Suzuki has revealed today that starting next week, he’ll be starting to share details of June’s Bonus Update! But wait, there’s more! Director Suzuki has a new decoration reveal to tide us over in the meantime, and this one should certainly catch the attention of Hunters that like to bring some DOOT to the hunt… Hey everyone! Starting next week, I will share some details about the Bonus Update. Please stay tuned! (Today's image features the new decoration, the Inspiration Jewel!) {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/157d8716b8e9b61b12f475e7f493a82c4343247b.png - Suzuki, Sunbreak Director Oh yes, starting next week you can expect some details to start flowing about Sunbreak’s Bonus Update over on the official Monster Hunter Twitter! We’ll also share them here on Steam too, so you won’t miss out on what’s coming! Looking to June If you’re new to Monster Hunter Rise or Sunbreak after joining us in the recent sale (Welcome to the hunt!!), here’s what’s happened recently, as well as a tease at the Variant monster that awaits you… {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/6e6ddf0ada69a9f194edcffa7f581c1336847b58.jpg That wraps up today’s post! Thanks for taking the time to check it out. We’ll see you in the hunt! - Monster Hunter Community Team Title Update 5 (Ver. 19, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsTitle Update 5 (Ver.15) Outline Title Update 5 (Ver.15) Trailer Monster Hunter Rise Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak New monsters {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/0aad746b51d898cc1a78442879c795d65fe89331.jpg New monsters, including a Risen elder dragon! Amatsu Elder dragons that can manipulate the weather and are able to conjure up unrelenting gales. Amatsu glide through the air on currents they create using their wing membrane, making it look as if they're dancing in the sky. The storms they summon are extremely destructive and can lay entire cities to waste, thus they are known as the "Looming Calamity." When enraged, their storms become even more violent, enveloping the area with unrelenting lighting strikes. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/d51e671d556a8121da95a10111af71319ac2679e.png Risen Shagaru Magala Risen Shagaru Magala are elder dragons that have found a way to overcome their affliction. By suppressing the Qurio virus, they have gained great strength and new abilities. They release larger quantities of the Frenzy virus, resulting in viral explosions with increased radius. Anything that gets in their way will fall prey to their powerful wingarms. When their anger reaches its peak, they'll enter into their Risen state and their body will begin to glow. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/8c12f5fe4bad31e4319df15cc4cee22634137bbc.png Anomaly Research Quests {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/fee9cc64f8ea582548d105450ad511407f0d656c.jpg New monsters, including Risen Shagaru Magala! Anomaly Investigations now go up to Lv. 300! Special Investigations {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/2a90b98d55dbbbe8429fe6d844be4d3e87cca306.jpg A new quest type for experienced hunters! Event Quests {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/9ebfa4d8acde2217b6337030693a33d6216378a5.jpg Complete Event Quests to gain special rewards! Paid DLC {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/a89d65fb74789b104dd36aa438ba52c64d29354a.jpg A variety of content, including special stickers designed by Minoto! Roadmap {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/6e6ddf0ada69a9f194edcffa7f581c1336847b58.jpg Free Title Update 5 Digital Event – April 19th!Apr 12, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsHey Hunters, How’s it going? We’ve got some exciting news for you today as we’re pleased to announce that the Monster Hunter Digital Event returns on April 19th and will be detailing everything you need to know about Free Title Update 5, including the return of a fearsome Elder Dragon… By special request of Elder Fugen, Dame Fiorayne will also be returning as our event host: You’ll be able to join us live and watch the new event over on the official Monster Hunter Twitch channel at the following times on April 19: 7am PDT 3pm BST 4pm CEST We’ll have a countdown starting 15 minutes before the above times, so feel free to come by a little early and get comfy! If YouTube is more your thing, you’ll also be able to watch live on the official Monster Hunter YouTube. A Digital Event Message from Director Suzuki Sunbreak’s Director Suzuki also took a moment to share his excitement for the upcoming Digital Event, including some Hunters simply enjoying the view… Hey everyone! We have an upcoming Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event scheduled for 19 April, 2023 (7:00 PDT / 15:00 BST)! Please look forward to it! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/ad57156894418c0823600c470f133ada4a581de3.jpg - Suzuki, #Sunbreak Director That wraps up today’s post! As always, thanks for taking the time to check it out! We’ll see you live at the Digital Event, Hunters! - Monster Hunter Community Team A Message From Director Suzuki – New Decorations & Rampage Decorations!Apr 6, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsHey Hunters, How’re the hunts going? We’re back today with another update from Sunbreak’s Director Suzuki, who this week, has a confirmation that’s sure to please those of us that appreciate their sets full of the spiciest decorations. There’s also a reminder about the free “Velkhana Costume” Palamute layered armour set, which is available now to all Rise and Sunbreak players! Before that though, let’s look at that decoration news… As part of Free Title Update 5, we'll be adding multiple new decorations and Rampage Decorations to the game. Please stay tuned for more details to come. (The image shown is a decoration related to disabling damage reactions during certain attacks.) {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/ebad2e59467845bdd02a7c46890ede69e9913d0f.jpg - Suzuki, Sunbreak Director That’s right, we’re getting both new decorations and Rampage Decorations to further augment and upgrade our weapons and armour! We even got a look at one of these new decorations, Shockproof Jewel 1, a handy one slot that disables damage reactions when you hit a friend or when a friend hits you! Fun Fact: This will be a brand-new skill for a lot of Hunters, but it first appeared in Monster Hunter Frontier under a different name! The best bit, there’s even more decorations waiting to be discovered as part of Free Title Update 5! Get Your Free Velkhana Palamute Layered Armour Oh yes, you can get your faithful Palamute buddies the coolest layered armour right now, totally free! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/8e494740dd4b9297b53d2725ac7017baa5ef2aa9.jpg Just head over to the DLC page below to download it and charge into the hunt, flagship style! That wraps up today’s post, thanks everyone! We’ll see you in the hunt! - Monster Hunter Community Team A Message From Director Suzuki – New Melding Pots Revealed!Mar 23, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsHey Hunters, We hope you’ve had a great week so far! Recently, Sunbreak’s Director Suzuki revealed that two new melding would be coming to the game as part of Free Title Update 5! Today, Director Suzuki has shared even more information on what these new additions will be… As part of Free Title Update 5, we will be adding Qurious Melding—Vigor to the Melding Pot, which will use afflicted materials. We will also add Qurious Melding—Cyclus, which allows you to make new talismans by using talismans created from afflicted materials. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/d77250c66db705205cd9cc7ce4e6f5b95799e5d8.jpg - Suzuki, Sunbreak Director That’s Qurious Melding-Vigor and Qurious Melding-Cyclus officially revealed! These will differ from existing melding options as the talismans they create require afflicted materials to craft. How exactly they’ll augment your sets and hunting prowess we’ll find out in the near future as we approach Free Title Update 5’s arrival in April! We’ll see you in the hunt! - Monster Hunter Community TeamA Message From Director Suzuki - New Decoration Features & Weapon Adjustments!Mar 20, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsHey Hunters, How’s it going? Before we get into the latest updates from Sunbreak’s Director Suzuki, we just want to say welcome to all the Hunters that have joined us during the Steam sale! Whether you’re saving Kamura from the Rampage in Monster Hunter Rise, or crossed the ocean to start your Master Rank adventures in Sunbreak’s Elgado Outpost, we hope the hunts are treating you well, it’s great to have you with us! Moving onto today’s post, we’ve got not one, but two Free Title Update 5 info drops to share with you, so let’s make like a Jyuratodus and dive in! Hey everyone! As part of Free Title Update 5, we will be making some adjustments to various weapon actions. Please wait for more info to come regarding the specific details. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/b51b9c5c337e6805a44ef8165b9d0b14a0a2e431.jpg We have an update regarding one of the in-game features. In Free Title Update 5, we will add a search by category filter option when creating decorations. Also, we are making improvements to the armour crafting and talisman management screen as well. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/ed4c97a11f389e3eb3dc832bd48de7b8a66a7bd9.jpg - Suzuki, Sunbreak Director There you have it! Free Title Update 5 will include multiple weapon adjustments, as well as further quality of life improvements when it comes to gearing up and managing your sets! Speaking of which, that decoration image is certainly worth a closer look… That wraps up today’s post! Thanks for taking the time to check it out! We’ll see you in the hunt! - Monster Hunter Community TeamMonster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak выйдет на консолях PlayStation и Xbox 28 апреля — за DLC попросят 40 долларовMar 10, 2023 - Gamemag.ruCapcom выпустила свежий трейлер Monster Hunter Rise, анонсировав выход дополнения Sunbreak на PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 и Xbox One. Релиз состоится 28 апреля, ранее указанный контент был доступен исключительно пользователям PC и Nintendo Switch. A Message From Director Suzuki - New Anomaly Investigation Search Settings!Mar 1, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsHey Hunters, We hope your hunts have been glorious and the mantles flowing for you! Starting last week, Sunbreak's Director Suzuki has begun sharing new information on what's coming to the game as part of Free Title Update 5's arrival in April. Things kicked off with news of new Melding Pots, and this week Director Suzuki is back with some more quality of life news for Anomaly Investigations... Hey everyone! We have an update regarding one of the in-game features. As part of Free Title Update 5, we are adding the ability to search by materials when using the Anomaly Investigation search function. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41286238/2fe8d2f0f44f63fd41ec22c8ae69d0d6d35107d9.jpg - Suzuki, Sunbreak Director As the team have continued to grow Sunbreak's expansive endgame, even more materials have been added to power-up and customise your gear even further. This quality of life addition will make it easier to quickly identify the right Anomaly Investigations to go for, depending on what afflicted monster parts you're looking for! This means more time in the hunt, and a little less time with your head buried in your hunting notes! That wraps up today's post! Thanks for taking the time to check it out. We'll see you in the hunt! - Monster Hunter Community Team