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Leashed Soul

Workshop is ready! Keep crafting levels!Aug 1, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsHi Guys! Nice to have you! We achieved our next huge milestone and published the Level Editor for the Leashed Soul. Download the updated version and publish your custom levels for the community! ːsteamhappyːXBOX Controller update in ONLINE!Jul 8, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsThe update became online yesterday. NOW you can play Leashed Soul with full controller compatibility! Pick your controller and play and please drop your feedbacks! ːsteamhappyːXBOX controller supportJun 30, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsHi Guys! First thanks to all of you who bought our game and send bugs and feature requests. Many of you are bought the game already! 1000x Thanks. And we saw many of you put our game on your wishlist! That's fantastic. We are working in the background to bring you more feature in Leashed Soul. So the next step in our timeline is the XBOX controller support! The controller support is in the final test phase before submitting to STEAM! Stay tuned and be the first who get the new update when it is available! - Gyorgy from Leve One GamesBeydo started His Journey!Jun 21, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsHi guys! After a lot of work and excitement we are proud to announce, that our beloved title made it to Steam. This is a whole new universe for us and a big leap forward. You can get it now and join the puzzle builder community. Further down the road we will add new features and levels that you guys ask for. You can follow us @Steam or