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Future Love Space Machine

Update 1.059.033Jun 3, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsA quick update to fix some things and add some things... You should see version 1.059.033 under the main logo on the starting screen, one the update is installed. Changes in this version: Added: Texture quality mode so people with lower system specs can use "Standard" size while higher spec systems can use "Ultra" Fixed: messed up color boxes and buttons in Editor Fixed: Color swatch checkbox hover no longer says "Quit Game" Fixed: Rei's penis now shoes properly Fixed: Eyes no longer close in portraits Fixed: Integrated Intel chip graphics should no longer crash the game Fixed: Settings now save properly when in game Fixed: Tails now load properly into the Editor Fixed: Other random little bugs. Thanks for your support! Update 1.059.03May 30, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsWe're back with an update, and this one is huge! Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and help. It really made a positive difference for us in getting this out there. ːsteamhappyː In this update... You can make older characters now, with a full set of shape sliders and even an "aged" slider setup to tweak it how you want. There are a bunch more penis shapes (we're currently also working on vulva shapes for an upcoming release), a "pregnant" shape slider, whiskers, two new eye styles that let you choose your own color combos, new multi layer eyeshadow and lipstick options, so you can layer different colors, freckles option (face or full body), "dirty" style, etc. Oh yeah you can give your characters nail polish now. Chipped or clean. There's also a new "bone scaling" section so you can set the character's height and head size. We'll add more bone scaling options in the future if people want it. Graphics have been updated to 4k by default, so characters have way more detail, and lighting has been improved significantly. Anyway there's a whole ton of stuff and it's hard to remember it all. Workshop? We'd hoped to include Steam Workshop support this time around, and that's almost ready (so close!), but there are so many changes to the Character system in this update that we want to make sure it all works well before filling up the Workshop with characters. So Workshop support will be coming up super soon. C U M? We're still working on the new c u m update. The graphics (c u m everywhere!) to it are finished and we're just busy adding in all of the "pulled out" versions of the animations so you can c u m that way too. So that's coming (hah) in an update very soon. We might combine the Workshop and c u m system updates into one, which is likely. Anyway, there's a long list of changes and improvements, including a slew of bug fixes. So check the list below if interested. Change log: (this is straight from my notes, so it's a little wonky, but hopefully makes sense!) Added: tool-tips to some Editor buttons Added: ALT+Left mouse button to Editor for moving up and down Added: occasional blinking in the Editor Added: breast bounce stop button to Editor Added: camera help in Editor Added: click to copy RGB value to Editor Added: closer zoom in game and in Editor! Added: eye color customization with Eyeball, Iris and Pupil colors to Editor (slots 37 and 38) Added: face and body freckles to Editor Added: head scaling to Editor Added: more makeup styles to Editor Added: more makeups to Editor Added: multi-layer eyeshadow to Editor Added: multi-layer lipstick to Editor Added: circle blush and more blushes to Editor Added: nail color to Editor Added: note to Editor that using too many sliders can (possibly) affect performance Added: older morphs and aged body section to Editor Added: pregnant shape to Editor Added: bone scale section to Editor Added: note to Editor: changing bone scale can result in animation weirdness Added: several more face and body shape s...Things on the horizon...Apr 21, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsJust wanted to drop in and let everyone know what's going on behind the scenes here. First, though, hello to you all, and thanks so much for supporting our project! We hope you're staying safe and sound during this super weird time. :) So yeah, we have an update coming soon, and we've been busy adding some cool stuff to it. For the past several days I've been programming in the "c u m" system so now there will be visible squirts, splats, cream pies, etc., plus an option to "clean up" your characters after they get all messy. We're adding Workshop support for characters, so you can share them via the Steam Workshop. That's almost done. Speaking of characters, we're adding in several new additions to the Character Editor, with new makeup options, body skins, genital shapes, etc. We're also making it so character heights work, and really trying hard to make the animations work properly regardless of the character's height (within reason). We've added in a special eye mode where you can colorize the pupil, iris, and sclera of each eye independently (thanks to users for the idea!) We're trying to find a good way to let users place colored "decals" on a character, which would really open things up for even more variety. Hopefully we can come up with something that works nicely. FLSM has some glitchy screen effects to make it look like an old computer, but it turned out some people didn't understand it was intentional and thought it was visual bugs, and some people might just not like it for whatever reason. So we've added an option to toggle that on and off. There's some bug fixes coming that should also help. Always a plus. Anyway that's about all I can think of at the moment. Working our butts off over here and as soon as the update it ready we'll get it into your hands. Thanks again so much! ~ Giselle and ViV FIXED!Apr 7, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsOops! For, uhm, reasons... custom characters weren't properly saving or loading on some people's setups. We just banged out a patch to fix that so make sure when you start the game you see the version number 1.059.02 (or above) under the 'Future Love Space Machine' logo on the main title screen. Thanks so much for your patience while we sorted this out! ~ Giselle and ViV ripened peach