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Football Manager 2021

Fighting Fatigue and Preventing Injuries in FM21Apr 16, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38803033/db57d4086deb345b3041ed06d1f988f17254007b.png “Never let a stumble be the end of your journey. Never let an injury crisis be the cause and effect of your Football Manager demise”. Injuries are often a hot topic for Football Manager players. Injuries can prevent a Wonderkid from reaching his full potential and, perhaps more worryingly, can derail an entire season if they mount up to create what is commonly dubbed ‘an injury crisis’. Visit the Byline on the Football Manager Website to see what FM Grasshopper does to prevent injury crisis from happening in the first place.Picking Players in FM21 Based On DataApr 9, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38803033/74cac60ad9b0255022399538dad11c90f1a7f3a3.png We’ve all seen it a hundred times. We have all scratched our heads. The striker who scores a hatful of goals every year despite only having a Finishing attribute of 10. The defender with a Tackling attribute of 11 who always seems to nail that last-ditch slide at your striker’s feet in the 91st minute whenever you play against his team, meaning you don’t grab that late winner. How does this happen? Is there more to it than luck or form? More importantly, if we have players in our own squads capable of ‘overperforming’ their Attributes like this, how can we identify them to get the best out of our playing squad when picking our starting line-up? Visit the Byline on the Football Manager Website to see how FM Stag looks beyond the attributes to get the best understanding of your squad in FM21.Defensive Midfielders In FM21 - All You Need To KnowApr 2, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38803033/02266b4581fe0087fe40218768653d4a3a1e0c6b.png Today, MaddFM has come to The Byline on the Football Manager Website to look at the four defensive midfield roles available in Football Manager - the Ball Winning Midfielder, the Anchor Man, the Half Back and the Defensive Midfielder. These are the unsung/unappreciated roles which, on the surface, might be considered boring or unattractive (how many kids want a DMC’s name on the back of their shirt?) but in actual fact are often the engine of a midfield and the driving force behind a team’s performance.Up to 35% off FM21 now – all versionsApr 1, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38803033/a7b3dfa554169ad7ef27f811fafb57a8fd04c352.jpg Now’s your chance to enjoy a strong finish to the season, as all versions of Football Manager 2021 are available now at up to 35% off across a wide range of digital retailers. The sale runs from now until 11am BST on April 16th, although the timings and discounts vary from game to game (see the table below for full details). Buying FM21 (PC/Mac) from the Epic Games Store or Steam also gets you a free copy of FM21 Touch (PC/Mac), the streamlined alternative to our desktop classic, focusing on the managerial essentials for faster gameplay. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38803033/e67f6d8445e411dc4b2c103f81e9ab4924cedb1a.png For a better idea on which of our games is right for you and your needs, check out our Compare Games page. Seize the moments that matter for your team today in FM21. Who will you lead to glory? XI Wonderkids You Need To Add To Your ShortlistMar 19, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38803033/134354beccf38342aedb958e90cecff363172844.png We’ve all got stories of the Wonderkids that we discovered in Football Manager long before they’d made an impact in real-life. Those players that not only lift your team to new heights on the game but let you drop that ever so slightly smug ‘oh him, yeah I signed him on FM a couple of years ago’ into the group chat. It’s even more satisfying when the player has flown completely under the radar so that you seem like some kind of Wonderkid Nostradamus. Visit the Byline on the Football Manager Website to see which 18 youngsters have made it in our Wonderkids Matchday squad.Football Manager 2021's final winter update is out nowMar 16, 2021 - PCGamesNAll editions of Football Manager 2021 should now have the final winter update available for install. The latest patch for the reigning king of digital football games addresses a few outstanding bugs and includes updates to the database and reflects transfers made during windows that closed in February. If you begin a new career now, you'll see that deals in China, Russia, Major League Soccer, and free transfers in the English Football League have been reflected in the update. Sports Interactive helpfully suggests that this means "there's never been a better time to take your managerial skills abroad," which for me means it's time to check back in on my NYCFC squad. Sports Interactive has also patched out a few bugs, although some players are frustrated that the developer hasn't yet addressed particular issues they've found. The company has been wary about making too many changes to the Match Engine in this update, telling users on the Football Manager community forums that "it'd be far too risky for us to do so for an update of this kind." The most significant Match Engine tweak this time around is a fix for throw-ins. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Football Manager 2021 mods add new tactics, leagues, skins, and much more Football Manager 2021 comes to Game Pass PC this week Football Manager sales top 33 million Football Manager Final Winter Update Now LiveMar 15, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38803033/4c16e16b455cfc9b6e6f63d266cf93b5a60a6a19.png The Final Winter Update for Football Manager 2021 is now complete, with this second part covering transfers from windows that closed during February, database updates and a few outstanding gameplay fixes. Deals that happened in China, Russia, MLS, as well as free transfers in the EFL are included in this Update. You’ll need to begin a new career for them to take effect, so there’s never been a better time to take your managerial skills abroad. A gameplay patch containing fixes and improvements across multiple areas of the game is also included in this Update which are save game compatible. The Update should download automatically but if you find that it hasn’t installed, quit and restart Steam. Gameplay fixes for Update 21.4 include (but are not limited to): • A fix for crashes that were occurring when users entered matches • General in-game stability fixes • Better tracking of the chances which should be considered as ‘clear-cut’ • Ensuring passing combinations appear correctly on chalkboards/stats menus • Most assists by a player within club records now appearing correctly Live Q&A with Martin Jol – FMFC ExclusiveMar 12, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38803033/ceb4593cd206d3a71802dd8f0d390bfb567e6d5d.jpg We’ve got another exclusive FMFC competition… On March 25th, Studio Director Miles Jacobson will be hosting the first of our FMFC Team Talks with former Tottenham Hotspur and Ajax manager Martin Jol, and we’re inviting 200 FMFC members to participate. You’ll have the chance to put your questions directly to Martin in this live Q&A session. Ever wanted to know the sort of data managers actually use in meetings? How about their approach is in the transfer market? Or how they approach big European nights? This is a brilliant opportunity to get those burning questions answered and get up close to someone who has done the job we’d all love to. We regularly run sessions like this internally, with Miles putting questions to influential people from across the world of football through our partnership with the League Managers’ Association. These are vitally important for our game development and now we’re bringing you closer to the heart of the game. You’ll have a fantastic opportunity to gain some insight that you can put to use in your FM save. The event will take place by video link on Thursday 25th March, kicking off at 6pm GMT and running for 90 minutes. To be in with a chance of being in the audience for this first ever FMFC Team Talk, all you have to do is enter this competition (details below). The competition closes at 12pm GMT on Friday 19th March. Terms and conditions apply and they can be found on the FMFC website. How to Enter If you haven’t yet joined the FMFC squad, sign up today. Once you’re a member, all you need to do to get your name in the draw is visit the competition blog in the Member Rewards section and click on the ‘Enter Now’ button. It’s that simple. All winners will be contacted within 24 hours of the competition closing. Best of luck! Football Manager 2021 mods add new tactics, leagues, skins, and much moreMar 11, 2021 - PCGamesNThere's so much to do in each year's edition of Football Manager 2021 that we've never really found ourselves looking for ways to expand on it - but that's clearly not the case for some players, because they've been busy making and sharing plenty of Football Manager mods. FMScout is a terrific resource for Football Manager mods, skins, tactics, or even challenging custom scenarios in case you're itching for a bigger challenge than this season has offered so far. Head to the FM 2021 Download Area on FMScout and you'll find around 380 entries. These cover carefully crafted skins for your client, realism updates for the game data, and even custom views that organise information on ultra widescreen monitors so you don't have to scroll anymore. There are some incredibly helpful tools available too, such as a shirt designer for creating your own kits and a minimum price tool that will let you know the lowest offer a team will accept for a player when you're looking to start transfer negotiations. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Football Manager 2021 comes to Game Pass PC this week Football Manager sales top 33 million Football Manager 2021's main winter update is out now Eight Teams To Restart Your Journey With In The Winter UpdateMar 5, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38803033/d90206ba9a4f0c6d5ef2c9d6e9e8d8e86f9750c4.png The Winter Update is where we start to plot our next FM journey, our heads turned by ideas for new saves and the chance to get stuck into updated squads and the latest player data. It can be tough to find the right club to create your story with but to help you out we’ve pulled together eight of the most interesting sides waiting for you to lead them to glory. Visit the Byline on the Football Manager Website to see what you can expect from these eight teams in your next FM journey. Football Manager sales top 33 millionFeb 26, 2021 - PCGamesNFootball Manager now regularly charts among the top games on Steam, and even if you don't fully understand the appeal of sports games, as a PC gamer you probably get the appeal of number-crunching strategy games. Either way, FM is way more successful than you might realise if you're outside the bubble, to the tune of 33 million units sold across the series. Or, rather, 33 and a third million units sold, as director Miles Jacobson has announced on Twitter. The rather specific number is a double entendre - a rare non-sexual double entendre - as the sales record is now a, er, record. Like an LP. Look, I don't want to have to explain other people's jokes to you. Suffice to say, Football Manager has sold a whole lot. To keep the music metaphor going, that's more sales than The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper or Eagles' Hotel California. In videogame terms, FM has outsold massively popular series including Kingdom Hearts, Tony Hawk, and - for my PC crowd - Half-Life. (If you want further examples of things Football Manager is more popular than, you can go browse the same Wikipedia pages I'm looking at.) Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Football Manager 2021's main winter update is out now FM21 joins the Football v Homophobia campaign with pitchside banners Football Manager 2021 is the fastest in the series to hit one million copies sold 12 Improved Players To Scout In The Winter UpdateFeb 24, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38803033/6182729158de2a9a9f36f8f7a5a3455af765712b.png If you’re anything like us, we know you love jumping into a new save as soon as the Winter Update drops so you can get your hands on the latest squads. So, this window wasn't the best for big money moves... or even average money moves. That said, there's still plenty to get excited about in the Main Winter Update though as we've tweaked several players' attributes based on their real-life performances through the first half of the season. We’ve gone through the list and picked out 12 of our favourites that YOU should be getting your scouts to track. To get your hands on those names, you’ll need to be signed up to FMFC, our exclusive members hub. If you aren’t already a member, you can join here -, and then head to the blog section. Football Manager 2021's main winter update is out nowFeb 23, 2021 - PCGamesNFootball Manager 2021's main winter update is available now, and it brings with it more than 3.7 million database changes that reflect up-to-date information on players' performance through this season so far. The update also includes some improvements and fixes to the game, addressing some of the weird little annoyances you may have encountered in the football game. The database changes cover things like real-world transfers, managerial changes, and player stats that have changed over the course of the current season. You'll have to start a new career in order to see those data changes and competition updates in your game, but the rest of the improvements in the patch are compatible with your current saves. Sports Interactive has made some changes to the logic governing Club Vision and manager appointments, and has addressed some issues with incorrect (and puzzling) questions being asked during press conferences that don't correspond with the results of the latest match. The match engine has seen some tweaks, including improvements to goalkeeper distribution and assistant advice during the pre-game build up and matches. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: FM21 joins the Football v Homophobia campaign with pitchside banners Football Manager 2021 is the fastest in the series to hit one million copies sold How an American idiot learned to love football through FM21 Football Manager 2021's big winter update has arrivedFeb 23, 2021 - EurogamerFootball Manager 2021's Main Winter Update is here, bringing the usual mid-season changes to player and staff attributes, updated squads after the main January transfer windows, and a cluster of smaller improvements under the hood. The headline of course is the squad and attributes update, which shifts any players that might have made the switch since the game launched in November 2020 to their new clubs, plus new staff, too. That means exciting youngster Amad Diallo is now in the Manchester United squad, for instance, after his January arival from Atalanta, and latest guy-to-be-sacked-in-18-months Tomas Tuchel now in charge at Chelsea, replacing "Super" Frank Lampard. Attribute updates - as in, changes to how good a player's individual attributes are - are always fairly low-key in the winter update, but Sports Interactive reckons there's been a whopping 3.7 million changes to the database this year, and there are always a few notable ones for breakout stars. Bundesliga wunderkind Youssufa Moukoko, for instance, who suddenly broke into the Borussia Dortmund first team this year when he was just 15, is now very much a wonderkid by FM 21's standards, too. Read more Football Manager Main Winter Update Now LiveFeb 22, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38803033/2fec5b97a882c503d08609d2f5783cad8bb7d76d.png The Main Winter Update for FM21 (PC/Mac) is available now, with this part including updated squads following the January transfer window. The Final Winter Update will follow in a few weeks, covering the latest deals from transfer windows that closed in February, including the Chinese and Russian leagues, MLS, free transfers in the EFL and more. More than 3.7m database changes feature in the Main Winter Update update and among them are tweaks to player data to reflect their real-world performances so far this season. This first update also includes a gameplay patch that contains fixes and improvements across a number of areas in the game. The gameplay patch will take effect in all current save games, but you will need to begin a new career for the data changes and competition updates to appear. Most updates like this should download automatically but if that isn’t the case, you’ll just need to quit and restart the Epic Games launcher or Steam. Changes in the 21.3 update include (but are not limited to): - Number of stability fixes and improvements - Further improvements to total player count and number of newgens generated in youth intakes - Re-enabled option to ask board for Reserve/U23 team - Improvements to staff given non-playing staff appointment responsibilities - Further balancing of player ratings across both full and quick match engines - Number of improvements and fixes to match stats, including key tackles, clear-cut chances and interceptions - Improved goalkeeper distribution when set tactically via instructions - Added assist details to the goal caption in matches A more detailed changelist is available through our community forums. The Main Winter Update is also now live on FM21 Mobile (iOS/Android) and FM21 Touch (PC/Mac/iOS/Android), and will be coming to FM21 Xbox and FM21 Touch for Nintendo Switch™ in the near future. FM21 joins the Football v Homophobia campaign with pitchside bannersFeb 12, 2021 - PCGamesNIf you're in the midst of a busy season in Football Manager 2021, you'll notice some new banners alongside the pitch on game days. Developer Sports Interactive is supporting Pride in Sport's annual Football v Homophobia campaign with in-game banner ads that you can see in the 3D engine. Football Manager games have frequently featured promotional material for charities, and these have included Kick it Out, War Child, and several mental health charities as well. The FvH banners appear as pitchside hoarding ads, but they're appearing for free as the result of Sega Europe, Pride Sports, and Sports Interactive discussions - the developer says it was keen on supporting the campaign this year, and the ads will appear throughout the month of February, which LGBT History Month in the UK. "We at Sports Interactive are delighted to support Football v Homophobia and to use the pitchside advertising in Football Manager 2021 to help raise awareness of the campaign's incredibly important work," Miles Jacobson, Sports Interactive's studio director, tells us. "I'm passionate about making football more inclusive and believe that football should be a game that's welcoming to everyone. I hope that Football v Homophobia will continue to make that a reality for more LGBT+ people, whether spectators or players, and at all levels of the game." Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Football Manager 2021 is the fastest in the series to hit one million copies sold How an American idiot learned to love football through FM21 Football Manager 2021 review - the not-unattractive game Get up to 33% off Football Manager 2021 on selected platformsFeb 11, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38803033/7a50aff0b28de4da6a16745222d21ff7b7919bc0.png Start your season today with Football Manager 2021 now on sale across selected platforms. Football Manager 2021 (PC/Mac) and Football Manager 2021 Touch (PC/Mac)* are now 20% off until 6pm GMT on February 15th. Football Manager 2021 Mobile (iOS/Android) is also available at 33% off for the same period from the relevant App Stores. This promotion includes the official Southampton FC edition that features the club’s fully licensed kits, official badge, and player likenesses, which are not available in the Standard Edition. To find out more about our titles and work out which is best for you, visit our Compare Games page. *This sale period does not include FM21 Touch (iOS/Android/Nintendo Switch™) or the FM21 Xbox Edition. How To Create Simple, Winning Tactics In FM21Feb 5, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38803033/49f9eb49552ee62dfa67af1a59e4fa1944cf5542.png So you've been on a bad run of games lately...and there's a feeling that your players aren't following your instructions. Well, you're in for a treat. Visit the Byline on Football Manager Website to see how Ihor Crusadertsar uses generic player roles to achieve 'simple' but effective football.Up to 20% off Football Manager 2021 Across All PlatformsJan 25, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38803033/244d9662f757f70060e75f67a71df6421b7b4dc4.png There's still time for you to bring in a superstar signing ahead of Deadline Day with Football Manager 2021, on sale now across all platforms. You can get up to 20% off now on PC/Mac (from the Epic Games Store and Steam), iOS, Android, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Please check the relevant platform for the specific discount total. The sale ends at various times on February 1st, depending on where you are and what you're playing on, so don't leave it too late. This promotion also covers our FM21 Special Editions, including the official Southampton FC edition that features the club’s fully licensed kits, badge and player likenesses, which are not available in the Standard Edition. The ideal transfer of the window for Saints fans. To find out more about our titles and to work out which one is best for you, dive into our Compare Games page. How will you approach the Transfer Window - big name stars or the next generation wonderkids? Maybe you could take some inspiration from Kingsley Coman's story? Those decisions are just some of the #FMThings you can be doing in FM21 - start your season today. Perfecting Underdog TacticsJan 22, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38803033/b3bbeed352c231e0448dde749f517437c44d0023.png So, you’ve decided to manage an underdog... a club which has to fight tooth and claw for every point and where draws often feel like wins. That might not appeal to everyone, but for some of us there’s no better feeling than giving the league’s big hitters a run for their money. Choosing an underdog isn’t too difficult, but how are you going to defy expectations and set them up for success? Visit the Byline on Football Manager Website to see what FMSamo thinks we should take into consideration when setting up an underdog.