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Football Manager 2021

Football Manager 2021 Hotfix 21.1.2 Out Now!Nov 26, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38803033/85408e0a3e1fc4839e637ade9b248f4eace89f47.png We’ve just released Hotfix 21.1.2 which is now available to download via Steam and Epic. The update should begin downloading immediately, however if you find you have any problem doing so, we’d recommend restarting Steam or the Epic Launcher. The fixes listed in our changelist below are save game compatible: 21.1.2 Changelist (includes but not limited to) ----------------------- - Users getting stuck before penalty shootouts - Users getting stuck post-match - Users stuck with 'waiting to go live' popup during network games - Rare crash when viewing player information panel - Rare crash for end of season review item - Ball teleports when goalkeeper taking penalty during shootouts - 'Accept and Give Ultimatum' incorrectly accepts all offers - Entire intra-squad friendly first XI ineligible - Players out on loan not getting work permit points for league banding - Dugout staying on screen during highlights - Match stats selected from scoreboard resets when entering tactics or half-time - Touchline tablet functionality improvements If you encounter any problems following this update please check our FAQ for solutions or create a support ticket. Thanks. Football Manager 2021 Hotfix 21.1.1 Out Now!Nov 25, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38803033/85408e0a3e1fc4839e637ade9b248f4eace89f47.png We've released hotfix 21.1.1. for Football Manager 2021 to address the issue mentioned in the changelist below. As always, it’s save game compatible and will automatically download via Steam. If you have difficulties in doing so, we'd recommend restarting the Steam. 20.1.1 Changelist ------------------ - Fixed a crash affecting some users running the game in Korean We want to take this opportunity to everyone who has taken the time to raise any issues with us directly and we'll be releasing further updates containing fixes and tweaks with the aim of making the Football Manager experience the best it possibly can be. Thanks.Football agents "tried to bribe" Football Manager into giving better ratingsNov 24, 2020 - EurogamerEver on-brand, it seems that professional footballers' agents, go-to villains of the sporting world, are at it again. For once it seems their antics have bled over to the non-sporting world, however - or at least the sport-adjacent one of Football Manager. Speaking on The Football Manager Show, a podcast by The Athletic, Sports Interactive studio head and long-time FM director Miles Jacobson mentioned a few of them have been in his ear, even going as far as to offer bribes to boost their representee's ratings - only to be swiftly denied. Read more Football Manager 2021 is out now, reflecting some of the pandemic's effects on footieNov 24, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Sports Interactive today released Football Manager 2021, their latest digital adaptation of your dad shouting at the telly. You too can have all the answers to lead a team to glory in leagues and competitions around the world. It’s been a strange year for football (and for everything) so FM2021 does reflect some of the pandemic’s effects on the beautiful game. However, the devs want to offer escapism so your seasons shouldn’t be interrupted by e.g. matches getting postponed after Aberdeen players break the rules to go on the lash then catch the virus, the chuffing idiots. (more…) Football Manager 2021 review - a world-beating sim, better than everNov 24, 2020 - EurogamerI'm writing this after losing my first game of the season. I'm managing United, as always - I'm an 'always manage the team you support' kind of FM player, as opposed to your Bundesliga hipsters or local club saviours, whom I have infinite admiration for but not a shred of envy - and of all teams to finally collapse against, I've lost away to Liverpool. The first two goals were an injustice. Two penalties, both awarded by VAR, neither - and I mean this, neither - were anything close to a pen, and yes I'm aware of the irony and yes that does make it worse. The first was a clean tackle, a Wan-Bissaka classic, the second about a yard outside the box. After that the lads collapsed, as they have been alarmingly wont to do in the real world, and that was that. A good 20 games unbeaten and the one match I care about we lose 4-0, all thanks to some VAR nonsense and United bottling it. Once again, Manchester United brings me only pain. But that's football! And that's Football Manager. With FM21 the two are closer than ever and, Klopp-inflicted drubbings aside, the result is pretty special. The team at Sports Interactive has had to weather an especially turbulent year, what with football itself being as disrupted as the studio trying to simulate it, but nonetheless they've excelled with FM21. It's a wonderful effort. Much of it down to that incredible closeness to the real thing. Read more FM21 Out Now!Nov 23, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38803033/ed0deb8aa1ea850ebff6f63cdbde1567fbb353fe.png The time has arrived… Football Manager 2021 is out now. PC and Mac users can download and play FM21 now from the Epic Games Store and Steam. Those who have been enjoying the FM21 Beta can find details below on how to update their game and continue their progress. We’re also delighted to say that FM21 Mobile can now be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. Those of you who pre-ordered on iOS devices will be able to play immediately. FM21 Xbox arrives on December 1st, with FM21 Touch (PC/Mac/iOS/Android) joining the squad on the same day. We’ll also be making a return to Nintendo Switch ™ before the end of the year. FM21 Beta Players Those of you who’ve been enjoying the FM21 Beta can simply quit and restart the Epic Games Launcher or Steam and the game will update to the full release build. All single-player progress made in the Beta will automatically carry forward. HOW TO INSTALL PURCHASES FROM EPIC Quit and restart the Epic Games Launcher and you’ll see that Football Manager 2021 is available to install. PURCHASES FROM STEAM Simply quit and restart Steam and you’ll see that Football Manager 2021 is available to install. PURCHASES FROM ANY OTHER PARTICIPATING DIGITAL RETAILERS Your retailer should have sent you a confirmation email with a code, or a link to redeem your code which can be activated on Steam by following the instructions below: 1. Launch the Steam client software and log into your Steam account or create a new, free account 2. Click the Games Menu 3. Choose Activate a Product on Steam 4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation process PHYSICAL PURCHASES Physical purchases will include a DVD, activation key, and instructions for installation. What To Expect New additions and game upgrades in Football Manager 2021 deliver added levels of depth, drama and football authenticity. FM21 empowers you like never before to develop your managerial prowess and command success at your club. Experienced FM players will notice upgrades and polished mechanics straight away, making the game look cleaner, faster and fresher than ever before. For more insight on what to expect from FM21, check out our Feature Blogs. FM21 Mobile FM21 Mobile is the fastest route to footballing glory for managers in a hurry to reach the top of the game. Three brand-new playable nations make this year’s edition our best and most international offering to date. For full details on what's new in FM21 Mobile check out our headline feature list. Football Manager 2021 review - the not-unattractive gameNov 25, 2020 - PCGamesNAs I prepare for the 2021 season, I find myself surprisingly preoccupied with an Argentine's right leg. Maxi Moralez isn't present for training during the pre-season, thanks to an MCL injury and a sprain suffered in the final quarter of last year, and I'm missing his influence both on the pitch and in the dressing room. As the new, utterly clueless manager of NYCFC, I'd been counting on frasquito to help paper over the mistakes I was inevitably going to make in my first season of Football Manager 2021. I'll credit Football Manager 2021 with this: it's made a football fan out of me, which is something I think Sports Interactive can be fairly proud of. As an American, my exposure to football (and by extension football games) has been very limited. Here, the sport is still regarded with a fair degree of suspicion and called 'soccer' - this is to distinguish it from American football, which is a game about armoured men carrying and throwing a ball that takes place during the gaps between long stretches of advertisements for low-carb beer, defence contractors, and treatments for erectile dysfunction. But while my experience with football isn't naturally deep, I've made it my mission to understand the sport since we began covering Football Manager 2021. I've led medieval dynasties through simulation games like Crusader Kings III, how much harder could running a football club be? Given the opportunity to review this year's version of the premier football game, I wanted to find the answers to the following questions: first, can you learn football by playing Football Manager? Second, is that something worth doing if you've never played before? And finally, does this year's edition add anything to make that experience better? Read the rest of the story... 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If you have bought FM21 from a SEGA-approved digital retailer, you’ll be delighted to know that the game is now fully playable* and includes the online modes Create-A-Club and Online Career Mode with cross-compatibility between Epic and Steam. As always, any progress made in Career Mode can be carried forward when your game updates on full release on Tuesday 24th November. Those yet to pre-purchase can still do so any time prior to full release from a participating digital retailer to get 10% off and access to the Beta. A full list of participating retailers can be found on the SEGA website. WHAT TO EXPECT FROM FM21 We’re sure that most of you know the drill by now, but this is a Beta and not the full game, so you may encounter some bugs and glitches which our developers will be working tirelessly to fix before full release. Feedback is essential to us, so if you do find any issues, please use the Report Bug button on the sidebar in the game. Alternatively, you can log them on our community forums. If you want a little refresher on our new features, check out the video above or our Feature Blogs for a deeper dive. FM21 is our most refined title yet and experienced FM players will notice upgrades and optimisations straight away. HOW TO INSTALL PURCHASES FROM EPIC Quit and restart the Epic Games Launcher and you’ll see that Football Manager 2021 is available to install. PURCHASES FROM STEAM Simply quit and restart Steam and you’ll see that Football Manager 2021 is available to install. PURCHASES FROM ANY OTHER PARTICIPATING DIGITAL RETAILER Your retailer should have sent you a confirmation email with a code, or a link to redeem your code which can be activated on Steam by following the instructions below: 1. Launch the Steam client software and log into your Steam account or create a new, free account 2. Click the Games Menu 3. Choose Activate a Product on Steam 4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation process *Fantasy Draft, The Store, Steam Workshop and both the Pre and In-Game Editor are not available in the Beta.8 Teams You Need to Manage in FM21Nov 10, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38803033/92a5b065dbb7598a9b72450b3fbcb00d45809e2c.png With the Football Manager 2021 Beta period now having started, we’re sure many of you are contemplating which corner of the globe you’ll head for first. Picking the place where that all-important first save in the new game begins can be a tricky business though. To help you, we put our thinking caps on and picked out eight of the most exciting teams to manage in FM21.How Football Manager is tackling the strangest of seasonsNov 10, 2020 - EurogamerIt's not been an easy year for football, and that means it's not been an easy year for the people who make Football Manager. In fact at times it's been "incredibly painful," as Sports Interactive's studio head Miles Jacobson put it to me, referring to the features that had to be postponed, and the decisions that had to be made. Football Manager is a rare game that's tied very closely to real life, and real life's been a mess. Somehow, FM21 isn't - in fact, after a good few hours with the alpha, it's actually looking great. The new features are impactful and in most cases long sought-after, breathing life into some slightly dusty old systems and adding new ones that instantly seem to work. But making a sim is always going to butt up against problems, especially problems in the real world, and the way they tend to get in the way of the fun. For reasons that are self-evident, this year's pushed that tension quite a bit further. For a start, the obvious question is scouting. Football Manager's a series that relies on its superlative database of players, maintained by hundreds and hundreds of volunteer scouts, usually hardcore fans, who each look after a single club and report up to their league or region's lead researcher. The problem, obviously, is that scouting a game requires you to be able to watch it. And for there to be any games to watch. Read more Sega calls on 650 staff to take voluntary redundancy amid financial woesNov 7, 2020 - EurogamerSega is asking for 650 staff to take voluntary redundancy amid financial woes. Executives at the Japanese company have also taken a pay cut as they struggle to cope with the impact of coronavirus. This week we reported on Sega's sale of its arcade business, driven by uncertainty brought on by Covid-19. Read more Welcome to the Club - FMFCNov 4, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38803033/e3ce4d3f58939a9c3da7c0f99345ccbf6b57bdae.png FMFC is the latest club to make its mark on the modern game and gives Football Manager fans the first chance to get their eyes on game and studio news, feature drops and gameplay inspiration, before anybody else. By joining FMFC, you will also get access to members-only incentives and competitions – think of these as contract bonuses, and our way of saying thanks for your commitment to the club. Sign up now to join the club.The top 10 games coming to PC in NovemberNov 2, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Sure, you could drop a few hundo on one of those spang new consoles to play all the games coming out in November, but why would you? Every exclusive’s been delayed and all the best November releases are coming to PC anyway. What’s that? You don’t know what video games are coming out during the penultimate month of this hell year? Well, let me tell you! (more…) Football Manager 2021 - Out November 24thSep 24, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35719545/a485da54ca37a609cf28ff02f7c5f0f7aadf4566.png We’re delighted to reveal that Football Manager 2021 (PC/Mac) will launch on Steam and the Epic Games Store on November 24th. Fans who pre-order FM21 from a participating digital retailer* will receive a 10% discount and access to the pre-release Early Access version of the game, which will be available approximately two weeks before full release. As in previous years, those who buy the game through Steam (and now Epic Games) will also receive Football Manager 2021 Touch (PC/Mac) for free. Football Manager also returns to Xbox for the first time since 2007 with Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition. The game has been tailored for the best console experience and can also be played on any Windows 10 PC thanks to Microsoft’s Play Anywhere technology. Full release details for Football Manager 2021 Touch (iOS and Android) and Football Manager 2021 Mobile (iOS and Android) are coming soon, while Football Manager 2021 Touch for Nintendo Switch is expected to complete the line-up in December. Check back here for the latest news and follow our social media channels for further updates and feature information for all platforms. * Early Access is available from SEGA approved digital retailers only. Please check to see if the store you’re purchasing from is participating in the offer.