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Football Manager 2019

Football Manager 2019 now has a half-season demoNov 4, 2018 - PC GamerIf Joe's glowing review wasn't enough to make you pick up Football Manager 2019, which came out this week, then you can now play half a season for free in a newly-released demo. The demo will let you quick start seasons for a number of different leagues, and your save file will carry over to the full game, should you decide to purchase it.  Joe said it's the best ever in the series, with plenty of new headline features. I'm intrigued by the overhauled tactics system, which sounds like it manages to give you more control of your squad—particularly over what they do when they have the ball—while managing to be more streamlined, and easier to understand. Training has also been given a facelift, and so have player personalities. As Joe found out while managing Bayern Munich, a dressing room revolt is a real possibility.  You can grab the demo on Steam. The full game is £37.99/$49.99. Thanks, DSOGaming. Try before you buy with a Football Manager 2019 demoNov 4, 2018 - EurogamerSega has released a demo for the latest instalment of its football management sim, Football Manager 2019. While not formally announced on the game's news or updates feeds, the demo is now available via the game's Steam page. According to dsogaming (via PCGN), the demo provides you with half a season to give the sim a go and get acclimatised to the game's systems before commiting your hard-earned cash. Any progress you make will carry over should you like what you see and decide to pick up the full game. To grab the freebie, head on over to the Football Manager 19 Steam page. Read more… Football Manager 2019 is out nowNov 2, 2018 - PC GamerThe latest iteration in one of gaming's most intricate sim series' is live today on Steam. Football Manager is consistently good, but we particularly liked this year's edition, giving it a big score of 90 in our Football Manager 2019 review. This entry introduces VAR for maximum controversy, and streamlined tactical customisation options that let you set up your team's play style more easily. The new training options give you more detailed control of your players' progression while extending the dynamics systems introduced last year. As Joe says: "Whereas previous Football Manager games required Claudio Ranieri levels of tinkering to nail down personalised tactics, FM 19's system simplifies and streamlines the process, recommending on-pitch roles along the way, with the option to autofill your best-suited squad once the strategy is in place. I cannot stress how helpful that last part is.   In conclusion, this year's Football Manager is "the best at what it does, and FM 19 is the best it's ever been." It creates great stories too, like the one about a management sim fan who went on to become a football manager himself. If you're picking it up this weekend, do me a favour and rescue Aston Villa from their slump. If enough people do it we might somehow affect reality together. Wot I Think: Football Manager 2019Nov 1, 2018 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Developer: Sports Interactive Publisher: Sega Release: Out now! On: Windows and Mac OS X From: Steam For: 37.99, $49.99, 54.99 For those without much free time or a pre-existing, intimate understanding of its framework, understanding Football Manager s enormous locker room of riches has been a problem. You might be the most eager wannabe digital gaffer of all time, but if you can t digest the tools required to motivate players, scout new ones and combine their skills on the pitch, then your only legacy will be as perennial leader of the sack race. This season, developer Sports Interactive has worked hard, and come out victorious, in their quest to improve the way they present the possibilities offered by their annual franchise. It s easier than ever to be drawn into the world of Football Manager 2019, and set about becoming the next Pep Guardiola — or perhaps for the more modest and realistic amongst us, the next Steve Cotterill. (more…) Now Available on Steam - Football Manager 2019Nov 1, 2018 - Product ReleaseFootball Manager 2019 is Now Available on Steam! Simulation gaming perfected. Create your unique footballing story by taking charge of the club you love. Complete control of this stunningly realistic game world is yours - every decision in your hands, or yours to delegate. Your call, your way, your story. Everything you've ever dreamed of! Football Manager 2019 reviewOct 30, 2018 - PC GamerIf Manuel Neuer saves this I might keep my job. I mean, it was never a penalty. No one on the pitch thought so, not even the ref and his assistants. But VAR has bitten me on the backside, and now my time at Bayern Munich hangs in the balance. Football Manager 2019's latest matchday feature is ruthless. Video Assisted Referee, or VAR as the system is most commonly known, was introduced to real-world football at this summer's FIFA World Cup in Russia. Designed to aid on-pitch referees with contentious decisions, an off-pitch official watches the game remotely with access to all camera angles. Refs can consult VAR on complicated calls, and big decisions are often overturned. In FM 19, I've learned this the hard way.  And so my digital livelihood lies quite literally in the hands of my goalkeeper.  The ref blows his whistle. Neuer goes left. Sergio Agüero goes right. The net ripples, and my side's 2019-20 Champions League campaign is all but over. Manchester City will progress to the semi final on away goals, and, having been knocked out of the German Cup and placed fourth in the Bundesliga, I now dread my meeting with the chairman in the morning.  I'll blame this season's failures on VAR, of course, but it's more likely my unreliable tactics and unworkable training regimes behind the scenes are to blame. Both tactics and training have been overhauled in this year's Football Manager, and players now have more control over their team's play style than ever before.   A thorough but intuitive tutorial leads to the new 'tactical styles' system, which makes replicating real-world formations easier than previous series instalments. Creating your own entirely bespoke lineup is still possible, but borrowing from reality lets you mix and match tried and tested strategies with your own far-fetched plans. Doing so led me down a path of experimentation at Bayern—fully-licensed in Football Manager for the first time, alongside the entire Bundesliga—which has evidently failed the (probably not for long) champions of Germany.   Football Manager 2019 marks another impressive stride forward for the all-encompassing footie management simulator After a successful first season, I decided to step away from club's renowned strength, pace and one-touch football philosophya style masterfully refined by Pep Guardiola. I switched to an industrious 3-5-2 set up, with a focus on wingers and wide long balls. What can I say, I'm old school. And let's be honest: Tiki-Taka sounds more like a happy hour cocktail than it does a style of play characterised by short and fast passes.        Whereas previous Football Manager games required Claudio Ranieri levels of tinkering to nail down personalised tactics, FM 19's system simplifies and streamlines the process, recommending on-pitch roles along the way, with the option to auto...Football Manager 2019 review - rare blip in form for a sim with permanent classOct 30, 2018 - EurogamerSometimes - and I promise it's never for very long - I wonder why I like Football Manager. It's tempting to draw the easy comparison with football itself, to liken the highs and the lows to the perpetual undulations of your side's form out here in reality. But that's not it. Catch me at a moment of managerial despair and it'll rarely be after a loss, as much as those 40-shot, 80-per-cent-possession slumps at home can hurt. No, if I'm wondering why I do it to myself and what it's all for, it'll be because I've encountered a puzzle I cannot solve. Football Manager is a puzzle game, after all. It's a lot of games really - and that, if you were wondering, is part of why I love it - but it's a puzzle game first, I reckon. Because it's about fixing things - solving things - and getting them back up and running. It's an engineering sim as much as a management one, where it's your job to find a creaking, groaning, vintage locomotive and restore it to rightful, righteous condition. I know a lot of people are different, but that's why the cycle of despair is worth it for me: when you crack it. When you find the solution, be it a stubborn transfer negotiation or a huffing and puffing attack that just needs a goal to let the weight off. To get moving, so the old leviathan croaks and churns and rumbles into life. That too is why it's so frustrating when Football Manager 2019 teases you with a whole new way of solving your problems, a new toolbox for tinkering, only to force you away with an astonishing, extraordinarily impenetrable way of actually using it. Read more… Football Manager is an RPG 'with more NPCs than any other RPG on the planet'Oct 17, 2018 - PC GamerI like Football Manager, and I'm forever telling friends/colleagues/anyone who'll listen that, at its heart, it's a complex strategy game. If you hate football, you won't like it. But if you've even a passing interest in The Beautiful Game, I'm convinced you'll fall for its flood of stats, numbers, players and management sim mechanics. Granted, Miles Jacobson is inclined to agree, but the Sports Interactive head honcho also believes Football Manager shares core values with the RPG genre.  "I think Football Manager absolutely is a strategy game, but it's also an RPG," Jacobson tells me. "It's an RPG with more NPCs than any other RPG on the planet. It's an RPG that lets you completely create your own story, there's not a linear path in Football Manager and everyone's game is different. You are playing the role of a football manager when you're playing the game, and you're doing everything that a football manager would do in real life. So it should satisfy people in both the RPG and strategy camps.  "But, it is a football-based game, obviously. In the same way that there are some games I myself don't play because I don't like the setting—I'm personally not a big fan of elves and orcs, and never have been (give me Lego Hobbit and you're fine!), therefore a Lord of the Rings MMO probably isn't for me." Jacobson says that with this in mind, FM's yearly demo offers would-be players a taste of what to expect. Over half a season, players get up to ten to 12 hours in the dugout, and Jacobson says he and his team encourage those interested to try before they buy. Likewise saves carry over to the main game, should you choose to splash out thereafter. "We believe in the work that we do," adds Jacobson. "We strongly believe that it's important to allow people to try it before they buy. If they do end up buying it, the one thing that we can say for certainty is: it is the best value for money game available in the PC market. We're the most played singleplayer game on Steam per year. We've sold just over a million copies of FM18, that's 11 months after release. We still have half a million playing FM18 each month.  "To have that level of dedication amongst people, and a load of those will actually skip FM19 to carry on playing their FM18 saves. We have no issues with that at all. If people are enjoying one of our previous games as well, that's great. There are 300,000 people who're still playing 17, 16, 15 and 14 each month as well. In some cases it's four years after release. That's what we provide people in the PC landscape." Football Manager 2019 is due November 2, 2018. Look out for our full interview with Miles Jacobson about its new features in the coming days.  Football Manager 2019 adds mid-season training camps, smarter contractsOct 10, 2018 - PC GamerAs Tom reported last month, Football Manager 2019 shakes up its UI, overhauls its training system, adds VAR and introduces a fully-licensed 36-team German Bundesliga. The footie sim's official Twitter feed has now revealed a fresh load of incoming features—including mid-season training camps, smarter contracts and better commentary.  Starting with the latter, commentary is now linked to touchline team talks which, in theory, should better reflect incremental changes as they're made—be that at half time or during matches on the fly.   As a means of combating the huge amounts of money being spent at the highest level, youth development is more important now than ever. FM 2019 hopes to reflect this in its AI managers.  Furthering its player-management team relations—most noticeably improved by last year's Dynamics system—Football Manager 2019's assistants will now inform why certain players may not be best suited to lead your team.  It's not uncommon for European teams, mostly British teams, to take mid-season breaks to warmer countries when winter kicks in. In January this year, my own team Celtic visited Dubai—FM 2019 adds this feature.   Despite the money involved, signing foreign players is far from straight forward. This year, Football Manager gives AI players more autonomy should complications arise regarding work permits.  And when it comes to loan deals, mandatory future fees—i.e. loaning players with a view of signing permanent deals during the next transfer window—are now marked by a "pending transfer" status.  Onto scouting, and intrepid incoming managers can access their new club's previous scouting reports, should they wish to pick up where the exiting staff left off.  Moreover, player match-ups have been introduced to scouting reports ahead of match day which might in turn inform your next starting 11.  Football Manager 2019 is due November 2, 2019. Stay tuned for more on its new features in the coming weeks.  An early love of football sims became a real-life career for this football managerSep 29, 2018 - PC GamerA football coach has landed a coaching job owed, in part, to a childhood passion for management sims. Shaun Guest, originally from Lancashire, England, but now residing in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, manages Strule United after studying sports management with coaching at University.  Admittedly, it's not quite premiership level yet, as Strule play in Division One of the Fermanagh and Western Football League. But it's an early love of football management games that gave Guest his passion for behind-the-scenes football tactics. "Since I was very young I’ve been playing computer games like Championship Manager and Football Manager, and my dad used to buy me season tickets for Blackburn Rovers," he told the Lancashire Telegraph . "I'd always been interested in the tactical side of the game and seeing transfers of players from club to club." As a junior player himself, Guest made early links with other coaches and players, which further inspired him to pursue coaching as a career. Now he has his sights set firmly on a professional role, either nationally or internationally. "I feel that with every session I’m part of at Strule United, I’m learning more and more. I hope to one day be stood on the sidelines in a professional capacity, whether that be at Accrington Stanley or Ewood Park. As long as I keep pushing myself and continue with my coaching licences then anything is possible." So the next time your significant other / parent / pal gives you stick about games being a waste of time and money, show them this, eh? While we're on the subject of Football Manager, a recent blog has hinted at new features in Football Manager 2019. The latest iteration has secured the official Bundesliga license, which means logos, kits and player likenesses from all 36 teams in the German leagues will be present. Football Manager 2019 secures Bundesliga license, adds VARSep 28, 2018 - PC GamerThe Football Manager blog has started hinting at new features in Football Manager 2019. The latest iteration has secured the official Bundesliga license, which means logos, kits and player likenesses from all 36 teams in the German leagues will be present. In addition to freshening up the interface a little, FM19 will overhaul the training system to include "new and bespoke sessions and schedules" when preparing for fixtures. New team instruction options will supposedly allow you to craft your own footballing philosophy to "reflect the most popular tactical innovations in modern football." VAR—video assistant referees—will also feature in games, along with goal line technology. You can also expect agent feedback during transfer negotiations, better briefings before matches and a fresh interactive tutorial to guide new players in. Football Manager 2019 is due out on November 2. To tide you over, enjoy this footage of a tiny referee pretending to check a video screen to award a penalty decision. Football Manager 2019 has VARSep 28, 2018 - EurogamerFootball Manager 2019 has VAR. Sports Interactive announced the new feature for this year's game along with a video showing it off. The inclusion of VAR, or Video Assistant Referees, will see the ref sprinting to a telly after contentious decisions in games that make use of the tech in reality. Or, you may see the ref communicate with the VAR via an earpiece. Read more… New Features RevealedSep 27, 2018 - Community Announcements Football Manager 2019 brings you closer the heart of the beautiful game than ever before. New features and enhanced game mechanics enable you to control your team in fresh and authentic ways, creating an ever more emergent way of storytelling. Two core areas of the game, training and tactics, has received significant attention this season with the training module completely overhauled and the tactics creator upgraded to reflect innovations in the modern game. Training Overhaul Precisely modelled and verified on the professional game, new and bespoke sessions and schedules give you more control when preparing for your next fixture and developing your squad on the training pitch. Tactical Innovation Push the boundaries and create your own footballing philosophy with new styles that reflect the most popular tactical innovations in modern football, as well as an array of new team instruction options. New Manager Induction New to Football Manager? Get to know the game with an interactive tutorial that will introduce you to the fundamentals of football management and maps your route to the very top of the game. Official Bundesliga License All 36 teams from the Bundesliga and 2.Bundesliga are fully licensed with official logos, kits and player faces as well as trophies for the respective leagues. Fresh Look A restyled contemporary skin incorporates the Football Manager brand colours and gives FM19 a fresh, re-energised look. Further additions include match improvements including VAR & goal-line technology, agent feedback during transfer negotiations, manager environments, enhanced pre-match briefings, UI improvements, new Steam achievements and much more. Over the coming weeks as we build towards the pre-release Beta, more features will drop on our social channels – so get following if you don’t already. Football Manager Twitter Football Manager Facebook Football Manager Instagram Football Manager Youtube List of all Features Announced so far Playing Football Manager doesn't make you a football managerSep 27, 2018 - EurogamerThere's something about Football Manager that makes it feel more than the sum of its parts. At its core it's just a database, a list of names that are assigned numbers which are then dragged and dropped into certain areas of a pitch by those who play it. Yet there's a reason players will don a real suit in preparation for playing in a virtual cup final, scout real-life footballers for a potential in-game transfer and why Sky Sports utilise the game's stats in its Premier League coverage Premier League. For many players, these numbers and names culminate in giving them a sense of unmatched gratification. A large part of Football Manager's appeal is in how it takes you that little bit closer to the environments of masterminds like Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho. The truth, though, is that despite its ability to be used as an all-encompassing football database with an unimaginable depth of information, it's not a true reflection on what it takes to be an actual coach. Most real coaches spend their Saturday afternoons standing on the sidelines in the pouring rain taking abuse from Dave the double glazier. Football Manager can't hope of coming close to the real thing, in more ways than one. Read more… Nintendo Switch version of Football Manager 2019 Touch confirmedAug 22, 2018 - EurogamerThe new Football Manager game will come to Nintendo Switch. Sports Interactive boss Miles Jacobson confirmed the Switch version on Twitter this afternoon. Jacobson clarified it will be the Touch version of Football Manager heading to Switch, same as last year, and said it will be out "towards the end of November". Football Manager 2019 Touch lands on other touch-screen platforms 2nd November. The two other versions of Football Manager 2019 coming this year are the flagship experience for PC and Mac, and Football Manager 2019 Mobile. Both are due out 2nd November, too. Read more… 14 years later, Football Manager cover star "Manager Man" has retiredAug 6, 2018 - EurogamerUPDATE: I asked Sports Interactive to explain its decision to ditch Manager Man as the cover star of Football Manager and studio boss Miles Jacobson sent over the following statement. Strap yourself in, it's a rollercoaster! "It's a big year of change for us as a studio - we've taken the opportunity with moving to our fantastic new office in the Olympic Park to make many changes, such as bringing in our first COO, putting a better structure in place, changing some of our practises as part of what we call SI 3.0 - and a release in Germany for the first time too. "So with all that going on, it seemed the perfect opportunity for us to have a think about our branding and try and be as fresh with that as we are being with the other changes in the studio, hence the new logo and a point of view perspective for the key art and pack shot. Read more… Football Manager 2019 release date set, includes German league for first timeAug 6, 2018 - PC GamerFootball Manager 2019 is due November 2, developer Sports Interactive has announced.  Complete with the German DFL license for the first time in the series' history, FM 2019 parts ways with its iconic 'Manager Man' cover star—who's been part of the sim's marketing material since 2005. This year he's replaced by "a manager's eye view of the pitch as the gaffer and players head down the tunnel ahead of a big match," says publisher Sega.  It continues: "With redesigned logos, loads of new and improved features, and the implementation of the DFL Bundesliga license for the first time, Football Manager 2019 is set to be even more comprehensive in its realism than ever before. See the new look for the first time in this exclusive trailer." Here's that: After introducing its reworked Medical Centre, an overhauled 3D graphics engine and its new Dynamics System last year, I'm most interested to see what Football Manager 2019 brings to the dugout. All of the above suggests a shift in direction, and Sega says it'll reveal more in "late September" alongside a relaunched website.  Moreover, those who preorder are subject to a 10 percent discount through till launch. This isn't quite as appealing as last year's 'Contract Extension Bonus'—which granted players of the previous year's instalment a 25 percent discount via Steam or the Sega Store. As always, those who do preorder via Sega-approved retailers can access a fully-playable beta two weeks before release, on October 19. Ahead of FM 2019's November 2 launch, here's my Football Manager 2018 reviewPre-Purchase Now - Football Manager 2019, save 10%Aug 5, 2018 - AnnouncementFootball Manager 2019 is Now Available for Pre-Purchase on Steam and is 10% off!* Plus, pre-purchasers get access to the Beta when it’s ready. *Offer ends when the game is released.