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Dying Light: Bad Blood

Dying Light: Bad Blood is now free if you own the original gameJan 28, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Dying Light‘s battle royale spin-off, Bad Blood, is now available for free to anyone who owns the original game. Whether you play the original on PC, PS4 or Xbox One, you can claim a free Steam code for Bad Blood right now. This isn’t limited to current owners though, if you pick up Dying Light on any platform in the future you’ll be eligible for a free copy of Bad Blood too. (more…) Dying Light: Bad Blood is now free for all Dying Light ownersJan 27, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33456358/4aa8e1a433ef32eb23b1b423acea68908c89165f.png As a token of appreciation for our amazing community, we are pleased to offer a free copy of Dying Light: Bad Blood to every Survivor eager to expand their Dying Light experience. Everyone who owns Dying Light (regardless of platform) can head over to our docket site to claim their Steam code. Please make sure that you've played Dying Light. Banner won't show up if you used software like SAM or was idling hours using any other method. To claim the game visit our docket site, log into your account (if you don’t have one, you can register for free) and link your Steam/PS4/Microsoft account. If you own a copy of Dying Light, a banner will inform you that you’re eligible for a free Dying Light: Bad Blood Steam code. Banner can take a few minutes to appear. Click the link on the banner and follow the instructions to add the game to your Steam library.Update 0.3.3 | New Threat, Voice Chat, New Languages and moreMar 28, 2019 - Community Announcements Dying Light Bad Blood gameplay is constantly evolving. We are grateful for your support, let us know if you like the changes! How the game got bigger: New threat: armored leader of human enemies Groups of human enemies will now consist of 4 people instead of 3 Groups of enemies now panic after a mine is stuck Human enemies are more vulnerable to explosions, particularly when standing in the epicenter. They die when thrown onto spikes and receive higher fire damage. They also get higher bullet damage. Attacks by human enemies and fights with them are now less predictable How it plays better: Combat Challenge: kill other players to receive rewards. 1 player = 1 Token. You can exchange 1 Token for 1500 Scars, 5 Tokens for a Standard Stash, and 10 Tokens for 60 Blood Bucks. Voice chat: a new feature available for DUO teams. You can enable it in the game options. The game has been localized into new languages: Castilian Spanish, Latin American Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean How we squashed the bugs: We improved the deployment of items and weapons that can be acquired during gameplay Get Dying Light Bad Blood now! Follow us on our social media channels to stay up to date! Facebook Twitter Thank you all for your ongoing support!LEADERBOARDS, NEW CHALLENGES AND IMPROVEMENTSMar 18, 2019 - Community Announcements DUO mode is now available, we would like to thank you for your feedback and support. This time Dying Light Bad Blood gameplay has been enhanced with yet another large content update – Leaderboards! The game got even bigger: Leaderboards. You can now check your score in real-time for the following categories: game score, kills, wins and zombie score. Good luck! And the gameplay is even more satisfying: New challenge: collect samples from a large hive to receive rewards. 1 hard hive = 1 Token. 3 Tokens will give you 1500 Scars, 30 Tokens will give you a Standard Stash, while 80 Tokens will award you with 60 Blood Bucks Improvements: Information on the number of players and teams in the DUO lobby has been added New winning team animation in DUO NEW THREAT & CHALLENGE game updateMar 5, 2019 - Community Announcements The Duo Mode is live and kicking - and we’re so happy to see many of you enjoying our game with friends. This week we bring a new threat and a new challenge on top of a bucketful of tweaks and fixes! How the game plays better: New threat: The evac zone is full of zombies. Now you not only have to get rid of rival players to evacuate, but also hack your way to the chopper. New Daily Challenge. Get 1 token for every minute you survive in the game. 10 minutes total get you 1500 Scars, 25 minutes unlock a Common loot stash, and a full hour brings you 60 Blood bucks. Tweaked Bolter Hive. We made balance changes to Bolters and added the possibility to knock them down with two-handed weapons. When reviving your Duo partner, you can now freely look around. Opening loot containers now takes 1 second instead of 4. Opening car trunks now takes 1.5 seconds instead of 3. How it works better: Duo Mode Improvements. We made a number of tweaks that should significantly cut down the waiting time in the lobby. How we squashed the bugs: We killed a rare bug that sometimes changed your equipped outfit after a Steam update. In the Duo Mode, now reviving your partner will heal the negative effects on them. We fixed issues with avatars and player switching in Duo’s Spectator mode. We eliminated a rare bug where players spawned in a non-playable part of the map. Now if a KO’d player rage quits, they will leave loot behind them. Get Dying Light Bad Blood now! Follow us on our social media channels to stay up to date! Facebook Twitter Thank you all for your ongoing support! MARCH ROADMAPMar 1, 2019 - Community Announcements ATTENTION COMMUNITY! What's coming this month? Just take a look! Have a good weekend! - Dying Light Bad Blood Team -HOT FIX - MatchmakingFeb 15, 2019 - Community Announcements Hey Community! We're very sorry for the connection issues. We've just released a small patch to improve the matchmaking system. Please restart your steam account, update the game and enjoy DUO mode. Good luck and have fun! We see double on Valentine’s Day - DUO MODE OUT NOWFeb 14, 2019 - Community Announcements The much awaited and even more requested DUO MODE is finally here! Add the element of cooperation to your ruthless fight for survival and shed the (bad) blood of opposing teams. But the DUO MODE is not the only thing we’ve been working on for the past weeks - let’s take a look at the full list. How the game got bigger: Duo Mode. Team up with your co-op partner, coordinate your attacks, and watch each other’s back to get rid of other teams and evacuate together. You can find the new mode in the Play menu and be paired either with your Steam friend or with a random player. Be sure to experiment with vaulting in co-op! How it plays better: New Daily Challenge. Play 10 Duo matches to grab 20 000 scars, 20 matches for two Epic Loot Stashes, and 40 matches to win 1000 Blood bucks. Samples balance. We tinkered with the the amount of samples required for levelling up and evacuating. Now it looks like this: level 2 - 100 samples, level 3 - 350, level 4 - 800, and level 5 - 1400. Evacuation starts at 1800 samples. How we squashed the bugs: We fixed a rare issue where the BACK and OK icons were not visible when using the keyboard Get Dying Light Bad Blood now! Follow us on our social media channels to stay up to date! Facebook Twitter Thank you all for your ongoing support!DUO MODE | Steam Key GiveawayFeb 13, 2019 - Community Announcements Hey Community! DUO MODE is coming to Dying Light: Bad Blood! To help you find your perfect partner, we're giving ALL FOUNDERS a FREE code for the game to share with a friend. Codes will be sent out via Steam from Thursday (14.02.2019) to Monday (18.02.2019, 7 pm CET). Have fun!#PlayWithDevs EventFeb 12, 2019 - Community Announcements Attention Community: DUO Mode is coming! To celebrate, the entire dev team will be playing this Friday (15.02.2019) between 1.30 - 4 pm CET. So grab a buddy and come test yourselves against our devs. See you there! Visit our social media channels to stay up to date! Facebook Twitter Dying Light Bad Blood | February ROADMAPFeb 8, 2019 - Community Announcements Hey Community! We'd like to thank you for your support and for your patience. As you already know, we're working on Dying Light: Bad Blood development. So what's next this month? Check it out! We hope you'll love it! Visit our social media channels to stay up to date! Facebook Twitter HARRAN WEATHER FORECAST: new content and gameplay upgradesFeb 5, 2019 - Community Announcements The Bad Blood gameplay is still evolving and this week brings another batch of upgrades. Don’t forget to let us know how you like them! How the game got bigger: Playable Tutorial. New to Dying Light? Take Bad Blood 101 in a special level that will check your parkour and combat skills. Play a mock match and grab 5 starter packs to ease you into the online rivalry. How it plays better: New Daily Challenge. Kill Biters to unlock 3 tiers of rewards. Tier 1 gets you 1500 Scars, Tier 2 unlocks a Common loot stash, and Tier 3 brings you 60 Blood bucks. Random weather. Now the weather conditions will change from match to match. Or not, we don’t know, that’s why it’s called random. How we squashed the bugs: We fixed issues with player statistics, which could be improperly calculated after host migration. Get Dying Light Bad Blood now! Follow us on our social media channels to stay up to date! Facebook Twitter Thank you all for your ongoing support!New Challenges, Potions, Throwables & more | Update 0.2.11Jan 17, 2019 - Community Announcements Howdy, Founders! What’s better way to start a new year than new game features? We’ve got quite a lot to share today, so read carefully, we shall write this only once ;) How the game got bigger: New Hive Type. You can now come across a hive that’s already harvested by the Bolter. Catch the guy to retrieve the samples, and you may even loot a new throwable. Special throwables: Slug Bomb and Healing Grenade. The bomb will splash a gluish substance that will slow your opponents, while the grenade will disperse healing mist - just step in it to recover health. Both new items can be looted from the Bolters. Boosters are in! Loot Biters and Virals to find consumable boosters that will temporarily enhance your stamina, speed or damage. Daily Challenge. You can get up to 100 tokens by harvesting hives in the game. An easy hive brings you 1 token, medium ones are worth 3 tokens each, and a hard hive gets you 5 tokens. The tokens then unlock rewards: Common loot stash at 10 tokens, Epic one at 40, and Legendary at 100. The counter resets at midnight (UTC) every day. You can expect the challenge feature to be expanded in future updates. How it plays better: You can now report a cheater straight from the spectator screen. Further improvements to the netcode. How we squashed the bugs: We eliminated problems with missing textures on certain character outfits We fixed a rare issue where an incorrect message was displayed when trying to invite friends We squashed the bug where it was possible to perform a quick takedown against AI despite having no stamina Minor audio fixes Get Dying Light Bad Blood now! Follow us on our social media channels to stay up to date! Facebook Twitter Thank you all for your ongoing support!SLASHING ALL THE WAY event & new exclusive content | Update 0.2.10Dec 20, 2018 - Community Announcements SLASHING ALL THE WAY event & new exclusive content Christmas is here, and so are the zombie elves! Enjoy the festive decorations, look for the presents and see where they lead to… But first review the rules: Christmas baubles - Loot the elves or search the map to find them. We hear the baubles affect other players in funny ways… Hunt down the zombie elves and loot Christmas presents they carry. The more presents you pick up, then more Tokens you get! Krampus - Collect the Tokens to unlock the exclusive Krampus outfit and mask. You’ll need 100 Tokens in total to get the whole set. The Slashing All The Way event starts on December 20th, 2018 and lasts through January 7th, 2019. Have a slashing New Year! How the game got bigger: The Founder’s Pass is here! Not three but four Legendary pieces of clothing are available now for all Founders. Have fun slashing around as the Golden Veteran or the Golden Emissary (each outfit consists of the top and the pants). How it plays better: You can report cheaters! Choose the type of misbehavior, add a comment, post a screenshot or video if you want, and send the report to us. For now the report option can be found in the main menu, and will be expanded in future updates. (in comment field only latin keyboard characters are supported) The Evac Zone timer has been extended to 50 seconds You will now find more zombies roaming the streets... ...and they’ve even invaded the lobby! Which is a great opportunity to get some slashing warm-up. How we squashed the bugs: We eliminated blurred screen after you were killed in the lobby We get rid of rare cases of game freezes upon picking up an item We made sure the main menu updates correctly after purchases Music now resumes properly in the main menu after leaving the lobby/match We resolved issues with the Biter QTE (when played on a gamepad) We added previously unlocalized lines of soldier chatter New in-game event and patch 0.2.9 are hereDec 6, 2018 - Community Announcements KATANA VS. BASEBALL BAT in-game event & more The razor-sharp katana, and the unsophisticated but reliable baseball bat - two iconic weapons that no self-respecting zombie apocalypse could do without. But which is better? Take the matters in your own hands and see for yourself in the newest Bad Blood event. Event ends 12/09 00:00 UTC. These are the rules: Katanas and baseball bats are super easy to find Baseball bats are much stronger, and easily send zombies and bandits flying Katanas are stronger too, cutting through flesh as if it were butter. They can even one-hit kill bigger zombies Patch 0.2.9 notes: How the game plays better: You can switch between the FPP and TPP view in the spectator mode We removed the parry icon We made balance tweaks to the Virals: they’re now a bit less aggressive and have a slower reaction time How it works better: We took care of an exploit that allowed for faster attacks with two-handed weapons by switching to the bow We made further optimizations to the network code, which should improve the experience especially for players with slower broadband speeds Missing audio was added How we squashed the bugs We eliminated a rare issue when a player would fall under the map if hit by an arrow We fixed situations when the evac counter didn’t run properly /Bad Blood TeamGet more rewards with Stash Craze Event and see patch 0.2.8 notesNov 23, 2018 - Community Announcements STASH CRAZE - new in-game event + more bugfixing Ready, set, go - it’s event time in Bad Blood! Until Nov 27th, you have the chance to win loot stashes, including Legendary ones. Let’s review the rules: Extract the hives as you play the game. For each easy hive you will get 1 token, 3 tokens for extracting a normal hive, and 5 tokens for a hard one. Collect tokens daily to unlock rewards. You can collect up to 40 tokens a day. The token counter is reset every day at 23:59 UTC. Each day of the event, you can get the following rewards: one Normal Stash for reaching 5 tokens, one Rare Stash for 20 tokens, and one Legendary Stash for 40 tokens. Notice that you don’t have to spend the tokens to buy anything - the rewards are simply unlocked once you reach each of the daily thresholds. You can check your current number of tokens in the upper right corner of the main menu screen. On top of the event, we also squashed a few more bugs: Sometimes when you were about to pick up a modded weapon, the weapon comparison incorrectly showed that the new weapon was no stronger than the unmodded one. It’s no longer the case. We fixed a rare case when two connected players were put in different modes (private and normal). Killing Spitters and Virals messed with the Hives killed counter. It’s fixed now. When using a PS4 gamepad, the menus now show correct shoulder button icons. /Bad Blood Team Patch 0.2.7 - Bugs squashing and matchmaking improvementsNov 19, 2018 - Community Announcements Good day, Founders! After a short break for the Independence Day celebrations in Poland, we’re back in action. This week we’re bringing a range of under-the-hood improvements that will make playing Bad Blood a much smoother and seamless experience. As always, we’re looking forward to your feedback. How it plays better: Your game will now start faster. In case matchmaking takes too long, the game will begin even without the full number of players. How it works better: We fixed minor mistakes in in-game texts How we squashed the bugs: We fixed the bug that caused the game to crash when selecting certain screen resolution options We fixed the issue when sometimes skins weren’t visible on the inner side of a weapon We eliminated rare situations when Hive kills were incorrectly displayed on the stats screen We also fixed problems with incorrectly spawned Hives… ...and implemented several other bug fixes. /Bad Blood TeamPatch 0.2.6 - Celebrate 100 Years of Polish Independence, new skin and language added.Nov 6, 2018 - Community Announcements Cześć! Did you know that Techland, Bad Blood’s development studio, is based in Poland? And did you know that Poland is celebrating 100 years of independence this year? On November 11th, to be exact. As Polish developers, we would be happy to see you join our celebrations - for example by donning this commemorative outfit! How it got bigger: Winged Hussar - a new shirt designed specifically to commemorate 100 years of Polish independence You can now play the game in the Polish language version /Bad Blood Team TRICK (F)OR TREAT - the Halloween event in Dying Light: Bad BloodOct 31, 2018 - Community Announcements It’s Halloween time and we celebrate the spooky season with major changes in the game. Dive in and see how we’ve decorated the place! What’s more, you can now take part in the following festivities: Trick or Treat potion - Suspicious pumpkin juice bottles have appeared in the game. Drink and see what happens: will you get tricked or treated? Red Reaper outfit & Nightbane mask - Get these Halloween-themed customization items by playing the game during the event. Each game with a rank C or higher gives you a Pumpin Token. Collect 30 Tokens to unlock the whole set. Harvester outfit - a unique Legendary outfit appeared in the store. Make haste, though, the Harvester is available only during the event! The Trick (F)or Treat event starts on October 31st and lasts through November 5th. Have a spooky badblooding! Patch 0.2.5 Notes - Join the hellish herd and see balance changes!Oct 29, 2018 - Community Announcements Yee-haw! Did you think we horsed around last week? Don’t be filly! As always we’ve been working hard to make Bad Blood better and more fun, surely and steed-ily. So here it is: a special update before we all move on to celebrating the night of the mares: How it got bigger: 4 new “equine” masks for you to frolic around in: Creepy Horse, Real Jackass, Homicidal Zebra, and Dairy Horse How it plays better: You can find Legendary weapons on the map more often (by 100%) Arrows are harder to find (by 25%) You recover more quickly when frozen (effect duration shorter by 1 second) When frozen, the slowdown effect is less severe (now 70% of normal speed, was 60%) The kick can’t be spammed anymore as it will drain stamina /Bad Blood Team Dying Light’s ‘Bad Blood’ Battle Royale Spin-Off is Basically Already Dead on SteamSep 27, 2018 - GitHyp2015's Dying Light instantly became one of the most successful zombie games ever on Steam with an impressive peak of 45k players at launch. And since then, Techland has managed to keep Dying Light in Steam’s Top 100 most played games by constantly releasing new free content. Now, with Dying Light 2 officially announced (but still with no official release date), the devs have jumped in on the battle royale craze to try and squeeze what’s left out of the original game’s engine before the sequel. The result? A $19.99 standalone early access game with mixed reviews on Steam and very low player counts that are already at times under 100 concurrent players online. In its first week on Steam, Dying Light: Bad Blood peaked at just 455 concurrent players. Its weak launch was far lower than other recent failed battle royale games and 94% lower than Dying Light’s peak of 8k concurrent players this month. The original Dying Light still sells for $39.99 on Steam and peaked as high as 20k concurrent players during recent sales. By offering Bad Blood at $19.99, Techland must have hoped to bring back at least half the player base... if not more new players from the BR crowd. That hasn’t been the case. And by the look of the game's current population, Bad Blood is going to have to go the free-to-play in order to survive as players are already complaining about the matchmaking taking too long just to fill up the new 12-player game mode. What’s also surprising is the lack of streamers on Twitch promoting the game and the overall reception from players. Bad Blood’s debut peaked at #8 on Twitch and reviews on Steam have been mixed -- a stark contrast to Dying Light’s very positive reviews. Despite often being praised by gamers, Techland’s decision to make Bad Blood a stand-alone game isn’t winning over fans and certainly isn't paying off for the developer. Based on the player counts and feedback, it seems like most gamers are saving their money for the dev's upcoming zombie parkour sequel and/or other BR games.