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Destiny 2

This Week in Destiny – 02/22/2024Feb 22, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsThis week in Destiny, we’ve got PvP on our minds. You all seemed to enjoy our extensive sandbox update last week, so we thought we’d offer another in-depth update. Hopefully you have your reading glasses ready because we have a lot to share. Let's get to it! Topics for this week: PvP Strike Team update. Accessibility and console UI updates. Prophecy dungeon weapons update. #NormandyCrew winners. You can read the rest of the TWID here. Sony isn't happy with Bungie: PlayStation boss wants more 'accountability' from the studio on money and deadlinesFeb 20, 2024 - PC GamerIn a Q&A session with analysts following Sony's most recent financial report, PlayStation chairman Hiroki Totoki praised the creativity of Destiny 2 studio Bungie, but also said he wants to see more "accountability" for development budgets and schedules from the studio's leadership... Read more.Helldivers 2 обошла Starfield по числу игроков в Steam - разработчики продолжают искать решение проблемы с серверамиFeb 18, 2024 - Gamemag.ruHelldivers 2 продолжает покорять новые высоты. Кооперативный шутер от Arrowhead Game Studios и PlayStation Studios установил крупнейший запуск в Steam среди игр Sony и уже обошел по одновременному числу игроков на платформе два их последних крупных релизов от Microsoft - Halo: Infinite и Starfield. This Week in Destiny – 02/15/2024Feb 15, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsThis Week in Destiny, we are sharing a lot of changes coming to the Destiny 2 sandbox in just a few weeks. Here's the list of topics for today: Destiny 2 x BioWare collaboration is live. Preview of the upcoming sandbox changes. Celebrate the Lunar New Year with us. Trials map voting results are in. Destiny 2 deal at Humble Bundle. Our latest Player Support Report. And the Art and Movie of the Week winners. Let's do this! You can pick up 5 years of Destiny 2 content at $4 per inscrutable proper noun on Humble Bundle right nowFeb 14, 2024 - PC GamerOne of these days, I'm gonna get really into Destiny 2. Trust me. That's why I constantly collect the free baubles I get for it from Twitch Prime: because I am absolutely, 100% going to figure out what the heck a Cayde-6 is any day now. Just as soon I beat Persona 3 Reload, finish this replay of KOTOR 1, and play every Final Fantasy game. I'll probably finally get into EVE Online at the same time... Read more.Destiny 2: Season of the Wish | Normandy Crew x DestinyFeb 13, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsInspired by Commander Shepard, Garrus Vakarian, Liara T'Soni and the Systems Alliance, along with accessory items available for all players at no cost. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35190912/b1cd661e9ad2e382262f27d37d1482ea27a8bcc0.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35190912/6c6c89fc9fb5146a9e1e48e1530c804c6228b9e2.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35190912/b66986e1129b82535e6f8de6e32c925124829dbe.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35190912/3a335d7b88bf9af26ca662db5726863f50dcf164.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35190912/9164453116e307b01051c025f016db22b5335b90.jpgThis Week In Destiny – 02/08/2024Feb 8, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsThis week in Destiny, we’re feeling refreshed. Maybe it’s due to the crisp morning air or getting a good night’s sleep. Or maybe it’s the Iron Banner, Trials, and Nightfall weapons refresh we have on the horizon. Yeah, probably that. So, let’s get into it. This week topics: Game2Give breaks records Iron Banner, Trials, and Nightfall weapon refresh Additional Iron Banner dates Weekly featured Bright Dust drops Armor Synthesis bounty refresh You can read the rest of the TWID here. All Destiny 2 Ascendant Chest locations for this week's Riven's Wish questFeb 7, 2024 - PC GamerFinding Ascendant Chest locations in Destiny 2 is the key step in this week's Riven's Wishes quest. If you've switched off after finishing the seasonal story, these new weekly quests are a rare opportunity to acquire Wish Tokens, which you can spend on red border weapons from the Last Wish raid, as well as a variety of exotics and pricey materials... Read more.This Week In Destiny – 02/01/2024Feb 1, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsThis Week in Destiny, we are finding fireteams in new ways. We know you are enjoying this new way to connect with players, either as a New Light looking for Guardians for help or as a veteran willing to share their wisdom. No matter the situation, we are happy to implement two additional ways to use Fireteam Finder. Here’s what we have been cooking for this one: Thank you, Joe. Geth a first look at our latest partnership. Fireteam Finder on your phone and on Double rewards for Nightfall completions approaching. Relic will be back in rotation next week. Increased Wishing Glass Shard drop rates in The Coil starting Tuesday. Sword bounty: completed. Game2Give livestream today! A new batch of cinematics for our Cutscene Archive. Our final Prime Gaming drop is available today. The weekly Player Support Report. And our Art and Movie of the Week winners. You can read the rest of the TWID here.Destiny 2 game director Joe Blackburn is leaving Bungie for 'a new adventure'Jan 30, 2024 - PC GamerDestiny 2 game director Joe Blackburn, who's led development of the sci-fi shooter since 2020, is leaving Bungie... Read more.Bungie hopes Destiny 2's new Mass Effect armor sets will be your favorite cosmetics on The TowerJan 30, 2024 - PC GamerThe Destiny 2 crossover cavalcade continued today with the announcement that armor and items inspired by Mass Effect are coming in February to Bungie's long-running looter shooter... Read more.Destiny 2 players are getting Mass Effect-inspired cosmetics and in-game items this FebruaryJan 30, 2024 - VG247Bungie has announced a collaboration with BioWare which will see Mass Effect-inspired items added to Destiny 2. This will come in the form of the Normandy Crew Bundle, available at the Eververse store in-game on February 13. It will include a Commander Shepard-inspired N7 armor set for Titans, a Garrus-inspired Vakarian set for Hunters, and a Liara-inspired Shadow Broker set for Warlocks. You will be able to claim the Alliance Requisitions Bundle which comes with the Enhanced Defense Ghost Shell, Alliance Scout Frigate ship, and Alliance Drop Ship Sparrow, available at no cost. Read more Destiny's story structure 'may have become predictable,' admits Bungie as it pivots to Episodes to 'pleasantly surprise' players more oftenJan 29, 2024 - PC GamerBungie is still playing it close to the vest with its planned shift from a seasonal model to an "Episodic" one with its upcoming expansion, The Final Shape, but at a recent developer roundtable, members of the team shed some light on the reasons behind the change, as well as how the unique demands of making Destiny affect its storytelling... Read more.This Week In Destiny – 01/25/2024Jan 25, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsThis week in Destiny, we're talking about wishes! After the glimmering return of the TWID last week, we wanted to keep the good vibes rolling by giving you all the fun details and goodies you can expect from Riven's Wishes and Moments of Triumph. So, let's get into it. This week topics: Riven’s Wishes arrives on Tuesday. Moments of Triumph 2023 rewards. Community Sword challenge. Winning Wizard Festival of the Lost sets. Game2Give livestream announce, plus breaking records. New Competitive PvP weekly rewards. Iron Banner returns. You can read the rest of the TWID on bungie.netDestiny 2 will finally let you change your character's appearance, with one big limitationJan 19, 2024 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunIf you want to change your Destiny 2 wizard's appearance, the only current method is to stash your wizard's gear in your vault, create a whole new wizard with a new look (after deleting the old to free a character slot, if needed), grab your old wizard's gear, then optionally replay any story bits to catch up. The MMOFPS has no barber, no surgeon, it's new character or nothing. After six years (longer, if you count the first game), Bungie are finally planning to change this. An upcoming update will introduce the ability to change your character's look—within limits. For drastic changes, you would still need a new wizard. Read more After almost a decade, Bungie is letting Destiny 2 players fix their fugly guardians (and it won't cost anything)Jan 18, 2024 - PC GamerI've had an article in my drafts titled 'All MMOs need a barber shop' for several years now. The likelihood of that piece ever getting finished inched further away this afternoon, with Bungie announcing that—after almost a decade, and countless complaints—it's adding a system to enable players to edit the appearance of their guardians. Here's what the developer had to say in the latest This Week in Destiny blog post:.. Read more.This Week in Destiny - 1/18/2024Jan 18, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsThis week in Destiny, we are back! Missed us much? Did you get some fancy holiday gifts, maybe accompanied by some treats while spending quality time with friends and family? We hope your start of the year was special and you are ready for the first TWID of 2024 because we have some highly anticipated updates to share: New Season of the Wish content incoming. Glimmer capacity increase. Character customization, too! Vote for the next Festival of the Lost sets. Did you play the newest Exotic mission yet? We made Riven into a plushie. Game2Give turns 5! New Prime Gaming drop. The weekly Player Support Report. And the Art of the Week and Movie of the Week winners. You can read the rest of the TWID on bungie.netExplore Starfield as your Exo Destiny 2 Guardian thanks to this new modJan 5, 2024 - VG247If you think the one big thing missing from Starfield is a touch of Bungie shooter magic (ok, you probably don’t, but bear with me), a new mod that adds Destiny 2’s Exos to it as a playable race is definitely worth checking out. Yes, that’s right, someone’s decided to give you the means to have a pop at re-creating your Guardian in a fresh universe and taking them on a new adventure that’s a bit less likely to end with you cursing the fact you can’t shoot quite as accurately as your mates. If nothing else, your unquenchable thirst for loot will definitely come in handy in the Settled Systems. The mod in question is the fittingly-named ExoWarlock313’s ‘Exo Playable Race’, which, as you might have gleaned from the name, adds Exos to the game as a new default character race, with help from Expired6978’s ‘CharGenMenu’. You won’t just be stuck with a generic semi-humanoid robot bloke either, with the modder having striven to offer you a number of ways to customise your Exo that you might find in Destiny 2’s own character creator. Read more How to get Wish-Keeper and its catalysts in Destiny 2Dec 20, 2023 - PC GamerThe new Wish-Keeper exotic bow in Destiny 2 is a pretty cool weapon concept wise. Just like Verglas Curve from the Season of Defiance, Wish-Keeper continues the trend of bows that tie heavily into elemental subclasses. It builds energy on precision hits and final blows before unleashing a Snareweaver arrow that can suspend enemies... Read more.This Week In Destiny – 12/14/2023Dec 14, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsThis week in Destiny, we celebrate the Dawning. The decorations are up in the Tower and the smell of cookies is in the air as Guardians span out across the galaxy to deconstruct their enemies for baking materials. This is our last TWID for the year, so let's get to it. Topics for this week: The Dawning is live The Great Dawning Bake Off winners Fireteam Finder Beta launch A year of giving End-of-year stats New Prime Gaming drop To read the full TWID, please visit 2 Had a Peak of Over 200k Concurrent Players During its First Day on SteamOct 2, 2019 - GitHypWith Bungie and Activision officially parting ways, yesterday marked Destiny 2's first day on Steam after leaving the Blizzard launcher. Now free-to-play on Steam with a brand new $34.99 "Shadowkeep" expansion, Destiny 2 peaked with 219k concurrent players on Tuesday. That number might have been even higher if not for technical issues that prevented many users from logging in and Bungie taking the game down for “emergency maintenance. However, with Mostly Positive reviews right now on Steam, it doesn't seem like said issues being fixed tomorrow will have a drastic impact on the player counts. Destiny 2's player count hitting 200k was enough to help the game rank in as the #3 most played game on Steam for a couple hours yesterday. But D2's numbers were far behind yesterday's peaks for Steam's top 3 games: Dota 2 (606k players), CS:GO (605k players), and PUBG (566k players). Destiny's biggest competition over the years has been the growing popularity of Warframe -- a similar free-to-play loot shooter -- which is still in Steam's top 10 averaging around 50k concurrent players and peaking at 132k players back in November 2018. Yesterday also marked the first time we've ever been able to see Destiny's actual player counts. So, it'll be interesting to see if Destiny 2 is able to grow any more to compete with PUBG or if its player base will decline closer to Warframe's numbers.