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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 cheat maker claims it hasn't harmed the game, says Bungie should work with itAug 11, 2022 - PC GamerBungie ran into a bit of a snag in its legal campaign against Destiny 2 cheat sellers in May when a Seattle judge dismissed its copyright infringement complaint against cheat maker AimJunkies. Bungie had argued that the development of cheats was an infringement of its copyright, while AimJunkies defends its software as an original creation—and the judge agreed with AimJunkies... Read more.Bungie has announced a huge nerf to a big problem in Destiny 2, plus a bunch of exotic buffsAug 11, 2022 - PC GamerBelieve it or not, one of the joys of slavishly playing a live service game is that a big patch note post is treated with the reverence of the Dead Sea Scrolls 2 being hand-delivered to your door. And let me tell you, Bungie just dropped an absolute banger. Ahead of the launch of Season 18 on August 23rd, the developer has detailed a swathe of changes coming to Destiny 2's combat sandbox. There are buffs and nerfs to some of the most used (and abused) gear, plus granular changes to specific perks, including the addition of much needed anti-Champion functionality on four exotic weapons... Read more.THIS WEEK AT BUNGIEAug 11, 2022 - Community AnnouncementsThis week at Bungie, we have Sandbox updates. Happy TWABsday, Guardians! First off, how is it already the second week in August? Secondly, how are we almost to the next Season?! Good news is you still have time to wrap up your Seasonal title (I am only missing one more triumph) and think about what you are going to wear for Arc 3.0. I can’t choose between Geomag Stabilizers and Crown of Tempests, but sound off on socials and let us know what you’re trying out first! Alright, I think we should get into the actual TWAB now, so let’s get to it, Guardians! Check out the full TWAB on Bungie.netDestiny 2 Plug One Adept god roll: The best weapon perks to getAug 10, 2022 - PC GamerFar be it from me to say that FOMO is fundamentally baked into the way Destiny 2's loot grind works, but I need to remind you that this is the last week you'll be able to get a PLUG ONE.1 fusion rifle for the foreseeable future. Next season it leaves the rotation of potential Nightfall rewards, with no return date. That matters because PLUG is a very strong Arc weapon, making it well-placed to take advantage of whatever Arc synergies arrive with season 18' s subclass rework. You want a decent PLUG in your arsenal... Read more.Destiny 2 fans jump on leak as evidence that a new 'poison' subclass comingAug 9, 2022 - PC GamerBe prepared to take this with a sizable pinch of whatever passes for salt in the Destiny 2 universe, but it appears an artist at Bungie may have inadvertently given a glimpse of the game's next subclass. The leak came in the form of a clip allegedly posted to an Artstation account, as first reported by DestinyTwoLeaks on Twitter. I can't confirm the provenance because the linked post has been pulled, but—this being the internet—the clip is still easy enough to find. I've embedded it at the top... Read more.Destiny 2 season 18: Release date, Arc 3.0, and the new raidAug 8, 2022 - PC GamerDestiny 2 season 18 is right around the corner, and it's set to be a pretty big one. Though we don't know exactly what the seasonal activities will entail, we do know that the Arc subclass is getting its sorely needed rework to be in line with Solar and Void. We're also getting a new raid, likely to be a returning favourite from the original game... Read more.Bungie временно отключила чат в Destiny 2 из-за критической ошибкиAug 1, 2022 - Gamemag.ruПару дней назад игроки обнаружили в Destiny 2 неприятную ошибку. Пользователей выбрасывало с PvP-матча после получения сообщения через встроенный текстовый чат. Проблема заключается в том, что оно имеет больше символов, чем допускает система. Destiny 2 disables text chat due to game-breaking exploitJul 31, 2022 - PC GamerSome players of Destiny 2 were in the crosshairs of a rude exploit this weekend when other players discovered the ability to use text chat to crash their game. It was apparently most common in PvP, where some were using the exploit—some form of text copy and paste—to crash their opponents' game and secure a win-by-default... Read more.This Week at Bungie - 7/28/22Jul 28, 2022 - Community AnnouncementsThis week at Bungie, we’re planning a raid date night. Happy Solstice, everyone! The bonfire is lit, there is grass in the Tower, and Guardians are donning their new armor with the stats and glows to go with it. We hope you are enjoying your time in the EAZ this year. We have been tracking your feedback on what you are liking about the event, changes that aren’t feeling good, as well as any improvements you would like to see added. Thanks for sharing your feedback and keep it coming. We’ve got a busy TWAB planned for you today. As promised, we will be going over the launch date of the next raid and then also talking over some matchmaking changes rolling out in Season 18 and Season 19. Check out the full TWAB on расскажет о будущем онлайн-шутера Destiny 2 в следующем месяцеJul 22, 2022 - Gamemag.ruУ Bungie, судя по всему, еще много планов на развитие сетевого шутера Destiny 2, особенно с учетом присоединения разработчиков к PlayStation Studios. О некоторых из них нам расскажут уже совсем скоро. Destiny 2 Showcase set for August 24 could provide us with a look at the Lightfall expansionJul 21, 2022 - VG247Bungie has announced it will host a Destiny 2 showcase on August 23. The announcement came alongside a teaser video called No Escape that dives into the history of the Light and Darkness story so far. While the studio didn't provide any additional information on the contents of the showcase, it's likely we will hear about the Lightfall expansion slated for next year. Read more Destiny 2 Showcase set for August 23 could provide us with a look at the Lightfall expansionJul 21, 2022 - VG247Bungie has announced it will host a Destiny 2 showcase on August 23. The announcement came alongside a teaser video called No Escape that dives into the history of the Light and Darkness story so far. While the studio didn't provide any additional information on the contents of the showcase, it's likely we will hear about the Lightfall expansion slated for next year. Read more This Week at Bungie - 7/21/2022Jul 21, 2022 - Community AnnouncementsThis week at Bungie, we’re talking Solstice loot, Gunsmith reputation changes, and—finally—we'd like to invite you to save a special date. Before we go all-in on the latest TWAB, we want to share a small statement following recent events, particularly regarding instances of harassment within our community. Our aim is to foster a healthy, inclusive, and kind community. While there is a lot of conversation happening about online harassment, we want to take this opportunity to remind folks as we have done in the past, do not attempt to harass, attack, or pile onto anyone that Bungie is engaged in litigation with. The best way to support this community is by being a positive example of that kindness and inclusivity that is at the heart of what it means to be a Guardian. For this week’s TWAB, we’re sharing some details about a specific August date that you will want to pay attention to. We’re also checking out some awesome Solstice rewards for players to earn in the real world, opening up Trials of Osiris voting once more, and seeing what’s up with our good pal Banshee-44. But first, let’s kick things off with a special event we’re hosting next month because we're honestly just too giddy to hold off any longer. With that being said, let’s just get right into it, shall we? Read more here.Bungie, please let Destiny 2's seasonal grandma retire alreadyJul 20, 2022 - PC GamerWho is Eva Levante? Genuinely, I have no idea. I've been playing Destiny 2 for around four years now, since before Shadowkeep arrived, and in those years the soft-spoken grandma has dominated the game's seasonal events as their host. It's not even a question of someone else doing the job anymore; if there's an event, we all know we're going to be listening to Eva saying "I could use some more coffee" or "Carlos and Maria" or "Have you grown bigger or have I grown shorter?" on repeat for a month... Read more.How to upgrade armor in the Destiny 2 Solstice eventJul 20, 2022 - PC GamerCandescent armor is set to be one of Destiny 2's best pieces of event loot, especially now that Bungie has ditched the grindier Solstice of Heroes from previous years in favour of a more streamlined version of the event. This time around you can use currencies gained from activities to upgrade your Solstice armor stats, effectively letting you tailor part of your stat spread... Read more.Bungie levels multimillion lawsuit against cheating pest who threatened developers to 'keep your doors locked'Jul 19, 2022 - PC GamerBungie's general counsel certainly keeps busy, and recent years has seen the studio take an increasingly aggressive approach towards would-be cheaters, hackers, and malicious jerks. It's perhaps no surprise that a studio which is one of the pioneers of a truly live service approach to game development should also take point on dealing with some of the inevitable problems around bad actors, and this particular target is a doozy... Read more.Sony's purchase of Bungie is now completeJul 16, 2022 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunSony have completed their purchase of Destiny developers Bungie. The $3.6 billion acquisition was first announced back in January, and Bungie tweeted yesterday that they were "proud to officially join the icnredible team at PlayStation." Read more This Week At Bungie – 7/14/2022 Jul 14, 2022 - Community AnnouncementsHello everyone and welcome back to another edition of This Week at Bungie. Right now, Iron Banner is going strong as teams battle to grab the Rift and quite literally dunk on their opponents. If you haven’t heard yet, this Season’s Iron Banner has been shaken up with not only a new mode but several other updates to the event from earning reputation and pinnacle rewards to even a new Iron Lord title. Check out this previous TWAB for the full details. Speaking of Iron Lord, this is the last Iron Banner of the Season, so go get that title this week or you will have to wait until next Season for your next shot. Go make Lord Saladin... errr Valus Forge proud! Check out the full TWAB on Engineering wizard builds astonishing rotating Halo rocket launcher that plays the themeJul 14, 2022 - PC GamerWhere to start with this one. Okay: all other videogame weapon builders can give up. This guy's done it, cracked the case so to speak, and made probably the most unbelievable game-inspired item I've ever seen. This is Halo's SPNKR (geddit) rocket launcher somehow constructed as a real and working 'weapon', with rotating barrels like in the game. And it plays the Halo theme... Read more.Great moments in PC gaming: Finally getting Gjallarhorn to drop in DestinyJul 9, 2022 - PC GamerGreat moments in PC gaming are bite-sized celebrations of some of our favorite gaming memories... Read more.Destiny 2 Had a Peak of Over 200k Concurrent Players During its First Day on SteamOct 2, 2019 - GitHypWith Bungie and Activision officially parting ways, yesterday marked Destiny 2's first day on Steam after leaving the Blizzard launcher. Now free-to-play on Steam with a brand new $34.99 "Shadowkeep" expansion, Destiny 2 peaked with 219k concurrent players on Tuesday. That number might have been even higher if not for technical issues that prevented many users from logging in and Bungie taking the game down for “emergency maintenance. However, with Mostly Positive reviews right now on Steam, it doesn't seem like said issues being fixed tomorrow will have a drastic impact on the player counts. Destiny 2's player count hitting 200k was enough to help the game rank in as the #3 most played game on Steam for a couple hours yesterday. But D2's numbers were far behind yesterday's peaks for Steam's top 3 games: Dota 2 (606k players), CS:GO (605k players), and PUBG (566k players). Destiny's biggest competition over the years has been the growing popularity of Warframe -- a similar free-to-play loot shooter -- which is still in Steam's top 10 averaging around 50k concurrent players and peaking at 132k players back in November 2018. Yesterday also marked the first time we've ever been able to see Destiny's actual player counts. So, it'll be interesting to see if Destiny 2 is able to grow any more to compete with PUBG or if its player base will decline closer to Warframe's numbers.