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Ball at Work

LiveWire #7 is here with an exciting new level and WINNERS GET STEAM GIFT CARDS!Jul 12, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsThe newest instalment of the LiveWire series is here and will run till September 08, 2021. We've taken a slightly different approach with the new level design which will require a little more patience from players looking to shave off previous seconds from their runs-- many of the jumps, though easy too pull off, will require a greater degree of precision if you want to really build up some speed. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/71bc59730149386f5fbd7e974e324f1c7b347e22.png We are sure you'd all have a great time competing with each other and shooting for the top three spots on the leaderboard. As always, players with the best 3 times on the leaderboard at the end of the competition will get Steam Gift Cards worth $5 each! Join the discussion at the community Discord server to learn and share new tricks and ideas with other players! here. Please see the full terms and conditions of the LiveWire competition here.LiveWire #6 is here! Compete now and win STEAM GIFTS WORTH $15!May 11, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsAfter a very close finish to the 5th instalment of the LiveWire where we saw plenty of overtaking action down the last few hours of the competition, we are back with the 6th iteration of your favourite competition! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/aecac503574c0dab122c52dcf22e5c5516f8f975.png The latest instalment of the LiveWire series is a slightly longer run with new traps and concepts while retaining familiarity and simplicity to still keep it very accessible for the newer users. We have focused on designing this level in a way that rewards patience and precision with a lot of jumps over narrow or unstable objects. Timing of your moves will also make a world of difference as you try to navigate the flying sheets of paper or find yourself at the last phase and are looking to perfectly time your fall into the moving goal! As with all LiveWire events, the winners of this competition who finish in the top three spots on the leaderboard will get Steam Gift cards for $5 each! Get in there and start competing-- there's lots to discover in LiveWire #6! Join the discussion at the community Discord server to learn and share new tricks and ideas with other players! here. Please see the full terms and conditions of the LiveWire competition here.LiveWire #5 is now online! Set the fastest time and WIN STEAM GIFT CARDS!Mar 24, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsThe newest instalment of the LiveWire series is now live and features some really exciting new traps and mechanisms inspired by some of the more advanced levels in the game. Don't worry, though, these have been modified and fine-tuned to make the level accessible and fun for users of all skill-levels! There's plenty of bouncing, crashing and breaking in this dramatic new LiveWire event so get in there and start competing! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/52ba7c0762a54d370cbf62ff7425dc5436670c99.png As with all past LiveWire events, the users who set the top three times will receive Steam Gift Cards of $5 each and their profiles will be featured inside the game!! On another note, Speedrunning is getting bigger by the day for Ball at Work and with the latest editions of the game featuring an in-game autosplitter, the short and fun levels of Ball at Work make for a delightfully crazy speedrunning experience. Join the discussion at the community Discord server here. Please see the full terms and conditions of the LiveWire competition here.LiveWire #4 is now online! Set the fastest time and WIN STEAM GIFT CARDS!Feb 19, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsThe 4th edition of the Livewire series is now online and the competition is already piping hot! With swinging lamps, water spouts, toppling boxes and spinning fans this LiveWire event is super fun and rewards practice and skill! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/5877870d528472fdd0ef5c661a6da5899c0b807b.png Our friends over at the Ball at Work Discord server are already jostling for the top three spots and the competition will only intensity in the coming days so get your hands on the Boss Edition DLC for Ball at work and start competing NOW! As with all past LiveWire events, the users who set the top three times will receive Steam Gift Cards of $5 each and their profiles will be featured inside the game!! On another note, Speedrunning is getting bigger by the day for Ball at Work and with the latest editions of the game featuring an in-game autosplitter, the short and fun levels of Ball at Work make for a delightfully crazy speedrunning experience. Join the discussion at the community Discord server here. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/e4c72f5a5f7bd7b24102a11155bbac01b8c7ce44.png Please see the full terms and conditions of the LiveWire competition here.LiveWire #3 is here! Play NOW for a chance to win STEAM GIFT CARDS WORTH $15!Jan 12, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsThe LiveWire series in Ball at Work is now into its third instalment with a long and flowing special level that is full of fresh tricks and challenges! We have designed this level to make it more accessible for newer users while also making it less linear to allow more possibilities for precise manoeuvres that will reward risk-taking and skill. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/6973d9668069e82405be4a4d12a4ff5414934cba.png Users can also enjoy the DLC-exclusive Holiday Special graphics inside the LiveWire till January 20, 2021. The event is already underway and will conclude on February 09, 2021 and we will be sending out STEAM GIFT CARDS OF $5 TO EACH OF THE PLAYERS THAT FINISH IN THE TOP THREE! Fire up Ball at Work and start competing NOW! For lots more chat related to the game and other crazy Speedrun shenanigans, join the community server on Discord Please see all terms and conditions for the LiveWire competition here- HOLIDAY SPECIAL graphics are now available to NON-DLC users as a FREE TRIAL!Dec 28, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsIn the spirit of the festive season and to add some warmth to the chilly winter, we have rolled out a small patch to Ball at Work whereby users who do not have the DLC can still access our special in-game packs as a FREE TRIAL for a limited number of runs! The latest graphics pack in the game is the Holiday special which will now automatically be downloaded and accessible in the game for up to two runs after which you will need to buy the Boss Edition DLC to access special graphics as well as the loads of other content and features that are exclusive to the DLC. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/67fc00677c4e3a238d4305c31e5a1a02f04eaddd.png The Boss Edition DLC is currently on SALE @ 30% OFF so you can grab a copy for ONLY $1.40!! Here's a summary of some of the smashing DLC-exclusive content: Access all the levels after level 18 without limitation or restrictions Regular in-game specials to celebrate occasions like Halloween, Christmas and New Year! Exclusive access to the LiveWire competition where users can compete to win STEAM GIFT CARDS every month! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/fb8898655fa44b6ddc33f4d85aa33af3783b1f8a.png We'd be tremendously grateful if you'd consider buying the DLC and supporting our work- this will help us bring more features to the product through future updates and continue developing more innovative, fun and unique games :) Holiday Special is now available in the DLC!! Pick up a copy NOW @ 30% OFF!Dec 27, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsIt's that special time of the year and boy what a ride it's been the last few months!! With all the ups and downs, we are grateful for what we have managed to achieve with Ball at Work and none of this will have been possible without the support of our players who have backed us right from the early days when the game was direct port from mobile. With the speedrun community growing steadily for Ball at Work, we have been constantly improving the overall quality and experience of the app and have added plenty of exclusive content to the Boss Edition DLC which is now on SALE @ 30% OFF! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/114cc1bb4f0e7e7771bd5f30fd664811fa2aa032.png The DLC gives users exclusive access to the in-game LiveWire competition where you can compete in monthly events with users from around the globe and the top three players at the end of each event WIN STEAM GIFT CARDS of $5 each! There are also over 20 exclusive levels in the DLC that are not part of the base app and much, MUCH more.. We are also super excited to announce the Holiday Special which is now a part of the Boss Edition DLC for a limited period-- this pack will unlock special graphics that will completely transform the ambience of the game into a beautiful and cozy winter wonderland! With special backgrounds, new balls and festive new in-game objects, there is lots of fun action and surprises to discover for the DLC users. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/c8c2ed39ace8d5f0ebf72013ee7e77e798ef060a.png Some of the fancy new stuff in the Holiday Special includes: Reindeer and Snowman themed balls Festive new background A new spring toy with our new friendly reindeer replacing the doggo :) Snowfall in the windows and festive wall-decorations Holiday Special is coming soon! New patch fixes performance issues and more..Dec 22, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsThe Ball at Work Holiday Special will be gradually rolled out directly into your game and will be exclusive to DLC owners! We plan to have all the festive special graphics and content ready in time for Christmas and we'll continue to add some fancy wintery assets to the game into the new year as well! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/7acbb9a791370a35ece08bd189dfa74522b80ae4.png In the meantime, we have also pushed a small patch for the game where we have fixed some small bugs and made low-level changes that will hopefully improve the performance quite significantly on low-end hardware. Here's a quick summary of the changes: The final ball was set to unlock at level 42 which does not exist in the game-- this has now been corrected. We have disabled the prompts that bring up the video guide menu when you fail a level while speedrunning. We have revised the OpenGL shader precision values for multiple shaders which will hopefully improve performance on low-end hardware. If you like the game and have not tried out the Boss Edition DLC yet, please consider supporting us by buying a copy for ONLY $1.99. The DLC gives you full access to all levels, the competitive LiveWire mode and the exclusive Holiday Special graphics that are going to be introduced very soon!SPEEDRUN update is here plus details on community DISCORD server and more!!Dec 15, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsIt might be too soon to call Ball at Work a Speedrun classic but believe us when we say that we are dedicated to making that happen! With the support from the community on Steam and Discord, we have received a lot of feedback and inputs for how the game can be made optimised and improved to make it more attractive for Speedruns. After multiple smaller updates and exclusive tester previews of the Speedrun timer features and other enhancements with some of our more experienced players, we are now finally prepared to roll out this update to all our users. Update now to v2.4 and start competing on one of the many categories on {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/c9ba0e9872da6c5c19497cdf3852ac353f1466e2.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/115679670a5cec24a49efa38a202901e9e7f2321.png The great news is that these enhancements are available in the free and DLC versions of the game as it has never been our philosophy to deprive ANY user of the best quality that we have to offer! Here's a complete list of features: In-game Autosplitter for speedrunning the game which is fully compliant with the community rules on Ball at Work Speedruns Simple and elegant UI to configure the timer display. See your total time, best times, previous personal best split times and other relevant stats all in a neat overlay during gameplay! Full-featured and efficient databases will keep records of your past runs for any and all combinations of levels that you speedrun. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/84f7a25dfcbae6f94bdf734aa5f2a66d4a904cfd.png The most happening place to discuss the game in general and compete with other players who are speedrunning Ball at Work, catch up with live streams and much more is the dedicated Discord Server. Join the action by clicking here!LiveWire #2 is here! FIGHT your way to the top and WIN STEAM GIFT CARDS!Dec 15, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsThe LiveWire Series is back with its second instalment and this time the competition is guaranteed to be more intense as users have now begun to discover some crazy new tricks and master the game's physics and controls! As promised, we will be giving out Steam gift cards of $5 to each of the players who make it to the top three in positions of the leaderboard and they will also be featured in the game for the entire duration of the next LiveWire competition! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/7058043fe4143e6039e7e7285e2ef96aff4d1848.png The current round of the LiveWire competition is on till January 08, 2021 so there's plenty of time to explore new ways to improve your times and check out all the other new features that we are regularly adding to the DLC. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/31837ce634ed948fe844bafa9c509df6ac0d7e95.png In other news, the Speedrun community is growing at a steady pace and the dedicated Discord server for Ball at Work Speedruns is a cool place to hang out, discuss the game and compete with other users. We will be adding an in-game Autosplitter for speedrunning VERY soon!! Join the community on Discord! Please see LiveWire Terms of Service hereBall at Work Speedrun Discord is LIVE and the competition is crazy intense!Dec 5, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsWhat started as a simple mobile game back in 2019 has now come a long way and bringing this project over to PC has allowed us to fully unleash the capability of the framework that we had developed for Ball at Work. We have been pleasantly surprised to see how even the most discerning players have welcomed the prospect of a simple yet fun game based on new experimental ideas. For us, Ball at Work has always been about creating a pick-up-and-play gaming experience that is highly accessible to all gamers but takes skill and patience to master. During the recent weeks, some players have gone ahead and done Speedruns of the game and this is when we realised that Ball at Work is actually very well suited for timed competition and this can add a whole new dimension to how players experience the game. To add some form of structured competition to the game, we recently introduced the LiveWire series where new levels are introduced into the game each month and users can compete to set the fastest time on the leaderboard. The current LiveWire event is ongoing till December 07 and we are giving away $5 Steam Gift Card (each) to the top three places on the leaderboard!! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/398785899e323b7df30021f6f196a07dd2f3c15f.png Now the big news we have for you all is that some members of the community have taken the initiative to setup a dedicated Discord Channel focusing on Ball at Work Speedruns-- things are moving along swiftly and we're already making some noise on the Speedrun circuit! It's a great place to discuss the game, share tips and tricks and challenge fellow gamers so don't be shy now and JOIN US BY CLICKING HERE. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/84f7a25dfcbae6f94bdf734aa5f2a66d4a904cfd.png The Boss Edition DLC is AVAILABLE FOR ONLY $1.40! Also introducing Level 37!Nov 23, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsThe Boss Edition DLC for Ball at Work is finally here and is now available at a whopping 30% discount for a very limited period only. For ONLY $1.40 you get to access all levels that are designed and ready as well as full and unrestricted access to any and all content that we add later to Ball at Work! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/220be077e2df751e1ecbd20b048d56b613e7a175.png We are also making the LiveWire series exclusive to the DLC where you can compete with users from around the globe in exclusive monthly events and we will be giving out Steam gift Cards to the players that finish in the top three positions on the leaderboard! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/5c332655720c35fe4d186fbf4f5e3bb826054f6b.png There's a whole lot more to the Boss Edition including access to limited-time and premium graphics packages that we will be rolling out for occasions such as New Year and Halloween. It's time to get to the top of this crazy corporate ladder in the wacky workplace that is Ball at Work with all the delicious privileges of the Boss Edition! See below for a complete summary of all the treats: Unlimited and unrestricted access to all the levels in the game Access the LiveWire series and compete in limited-time events with users from around the globe Winners of each LiveWire event will be featured inside the game Exclusive access to season specials and limited-time themes and modifications The support of our users is what keeps us motivated to deliver genuinely unique and innovative content and rest assured that the revenue made from selling copies of the DLC will be channeled straight back into further development work on this project :) For terms and conditions of the LiveWire series, please see$$ Get a taste of the upcoming DLC for FREE including the LiveWire competition!Nov 13, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsWe are burning the midnight oil to get the cracking Boss Edition DLC ready for release but since we would like to do a test run for our new features, we figured it won't be a bad idea to release them into the free app for a limited period of time ;) The latest update to Ball at Work gives the users a FREE, LIMITED-TIME sampler for the delights that we are packing in the upcoming BOSS EDITION DLC! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/b3b97e0371cb6f1c4c3dc8a96a0ca7e6443a070c.png To start small, we have revised some of the backgrounds and in-game assets that are available from level 19 onwards since after the next update, the base app will only feature the first 18 levels for free. The Boss Edition content also includes a brand new music track to go with the gameplay and of course, there's the biggest new addition that we've made to Ball at Work till date-- the LiveWire Series! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/220be077e2df751e1ecbd20b048d56b613e7a175.png LiveWire is a unique new way to experience innovative levels and challenges while competing with users from around the globe! Each month, we will be dropping a new level straight into the app from our server and all you need to do is head over to the LiveWire mode inside the game and complete the special level in the fastest time possible. At the end of each LiveWire event, we will be giving out $5 Steam Gift Cards to each of the top three users on the leaderboard! After the DLC is released on November 14, we will also be moving all our seasonal specials for Halloween, New Year etc to the Boss Edition as an extra privilege and we are already working on 10 new levels for the single-player mode so we can guarantee a total of at least 45 unique levels in the game by the end of November! SUMMARY OF FEATURES: Unlimited and unrestricted access to all the levels in the game Access the LiveWire series and compete in limited-time events with users from around the globe Winners of each LiveWire event will be featured inside the game Exclusive access to season specials and limited-time themes and modifications ------------------------------------ Terms and conditions for the LiveWire Competition: - The Steam Gift Cards will be awarded to the top-three users from the leaderboard - Users participating in a non-steam version of the game are not eligible for the Gift Cards. - We reserve the right to make changes to the gameplay and/ or the competition's duration without prior notice. - For leaderboard entries of different users who have the same best time at the top of the leaderboard, we will rely on our internal data to determine which user achieved the time in fewer attempts and declare them the winner. - Gift Cards' actual value will vary for users based on their geography and other settings on Steam. The values of the rewards indicated here are approximate. - To comply with Steam's policies, we will add the winner to our friends and the gift card will be sent to them 3 days after they accept our invite. - If the winning us...Ball at Work- Boss Edition DLC Coming Very Soon!!Oct 30, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsListen up, ballers! We want to start by thanking you all for the support that you've shown for Ball at Work during the past month and all your feedback has been genuinely helpful to us for making the game more engaging, developing new content and improving the overall experience of the app. As big publishers continue to splurge on extensive marketing and promotion of content, it has become increasingly hard for small indie developers like us to continue working on new and innovative content whilst running a sustainable business at the same time. With the high level of engagement that Ball at Work is now seeing, it is imperative that we look for fair and ethical means for monetisation through this product without alienating our existing users and also ensure that we offer better and more varied content when we ask users to pay us their money. After a lot of development work and planning, we are pleased to announce an upcoming DLC to Ball at Work- THE BOSS EDITION! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/1be2949793cdd56273d3fb29a6392e87aac4bfeb.png We plan to still keep around 18 levels available to play for free in the base app while the rest will be moved to the DLC and we will also be adding future levels directly to the DLC. Further, all limited-time specials such as the recent Halloween Pack will be made available only to players on the Boss Edition and we will also be introducing fresh in-game graphics that will be exclusive to the DLC. This will be a one-time purchase that will provide lifetime access to all the new improvements and changes that we make to Ball at Work! Here's a summary of the features that we are lining up for the Boss Edition: Complete unrestricted access from level 18 onwards New graphics and backgrounds Exclusive access to limited-time events and specials! We are planning a very reasonable price for the DLC and it's our sincere hope that you will consider supporting our work by picking up a copy! Boo!! New levels & special Halloween content is here with new tricks AND treats!Oct 23, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsWe are back with yet another update to the crazy office party in Ball at Work where the tricks are aplenty and the treats are delightful! While circumstances around the world may have put a damper on the Halloween festivities for some of us, there's no reason not to kick up a fun and spooky party in your favourite free game of all time! The Ball at Work Halloween special is here and in the latest update, we have introduced a system that will allow us to push new graphics and special content into the game without forcing our users to update the app! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/748043c5c8eee675bd097a26973e97578ad1e5a4.png Thanks to our super-secure and trusty server, we are now able to put this feature to the test and will be soon pushing out special backgrounds, decorations and balls into the game which will ONLY BE AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED PERIOD! Play with some funky new ball-designs this Halloween and put your big head to work as you work your way around the new challenges and traps to uncover the path to goal in the new levels 33 and 34! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/3f4ab3ba1364cabd1a6ff38ee8ef4fa634145ae8.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/e09bfcfee422c30a1816280cc900409ef335988e.png We'd be adding more content and themed events to Ball at Work so stay tuned and get as many of your friends as possible to get a copy of the game! We will soon be removing most of the advanced levels from the game and they will only be available as a paid DLC... doggie's gotta eat, after all! Have fun and stay safe, people! Here's a summary of all the special and cool stuff we have lined up for you in the latest update: Plenty of LIMITED-TIME Halloween Themed graphics all over! Check out two special new balls only available with the Halloween Special! Levels 33 and 34 are now available in the game and they introduce fun new traps and challenges- get in there and play your way to the top of the leaderboards! Big improvements to ball-physics, higher-res video guides and two new levels!Oct 14, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsWHAT?! It's not even been a week since we treated y'all with a big update and we're back again with more? It's just how we do things at Famous Dogg-- we are constantly listening to every single one of our users and are once again ready to introduce more content and improvements to Ball at Work! In version 1.6, we have revised the forces and other physics that act on the ball with a lot of testing and experimentation to give players the "snappier" and more responsive feel that they have craved in this game from the day we released it! With dynamic adjustments being made to the ball's mass during gameplay, it will feel lighter when you need to make those quick changes in direction but never too light and airy that it gets twitchy and hard to handle in small spaces... basically, the physics are BANG ON! We have also improved the video guides and re-encoded the animations for every single level in double the resolution from last time. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/410ec92436652f4807e7f98697a5d73583b809b2.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/86d74d29ff7b24802a7fbceb296580fa4443bffb.png And, like every other update, we are stoked to announce the introduction of two brand new levels to this version! Check out the new challenges and obstacles in levels 31 and 32 and discover the quickest path to goal as you work your way up the leaderboards! We will also be introducing special live content to Ball at Work in the coming days that will be pushed directly into the game from our server so stay tuned and have a blast :) {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/903ef13b703cd3afca901762472a626fd0d52659.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/0968a91a6d1944a52456b9a4d06ef8d73b15afdc.png Summary of features in version 1.6: Revised ball-physics for more responsive behaviour Full re-encoded video guides for all levels in a higher resolution Introducing two new levels- 31 and 32 Capabilities to receive content into the game directly from our server. Stay tuned for fresh content that will be delivered straight into the app for an upcoming Halloween special! Thanks as always, for playing Ball at Work! Be a top dogg and support us by getting all your super-bright friends to check out this unique game! BIG UPDATE! Now featuring VIDEO GUIDES for all levels and TWO NEW LEVELS!Oct 9, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsWe are overwhelmed by the great response that we've received from all the players and are exvited to report that within less than 14 days from its Early Access release, around 10,000 new users have discovered and become addicted to the craziness of the this super-fun game! To deliver the most exhilarating and optimised gameplay experience to you guys, we at Famous Dogg, have been hard at work on Ball at Work :p The latest update of v1.5 is the BIGGEST UPDATE so far to the game and is set to completely change the way hints are presented to a user if they find themselves struggling with any particular level. We have dropped the path-guide system in favour of a far more helpful system through the introduction of the all new VIDEO GUIDES! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/5c71a733858ba2134aa27a2a736c8f7d1375c823.png Simply click on the video guide button on the top-left corner of the screen during any level, spend some Bonus Slips to unlock the video guide and you will be presented with a complete animated sequence that will show you exactly what your strategy needs to be to uncover the path to goal! We have also made various other improvements to the game's physics such as adding more balance to the water-stream in some levels, further improving the behaviour of the printer and fixes for other minor annoyances that some users had reported. That's not all- the latest update also introduces two new levels so prepare to leap farther, break more stuff and unleash complete chaos in the charmingly dysfunctional workplace! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/eae446641b37df3415508a6ad6deb0d68f385f5e.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/4ee8883c2c87da2301ee8857367b1f39984155e3.png Summary of all the new features of v1.5: Dedicated video guides can now be unlocked for every single level in the game! Introduction of levels 29 and 30 with bigger challenges that will test your control to the limit and push you to think more strategically! Many small optimisations and tweaks to a handful of the previous levels to make them more accessible and improve overall playability We truly appreciate the feedback and suggestions that we have received from users in the reviews and on the community hub and are always keen to hear more from you! Remember that Ball at Work will eventually be promoted as a paid game to help us pay our bills so please consider supporting us by telling more of your friends about the game-- we put a tremendous amount of effort to conceptualise and build unique experiences for our users and the only way for us to gain visibility on this crowded platform is through the support of the community :)Introducing an option to adjust the ball's speed & 2 new levels in this update!!Oct 3, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsOur small team at Famous Dogg is working day and night to deliver CONSTANT and CONSISTENT improvements to our valued players and we are back with another update for Ball at Work! It's only been around 48 hours since the last update so this might be the quickest feature update that we've ever published xD The ability to customise a game's physics is something that can have a very strong impact on user-experience-- our philosophy has always been to test our products rigorously and extensively to create a perfectly balanced game without constantly nagging and bothering the players with too many options. However, offering the right and necessary set of options and customisation features is equally important so that players with different devices, playing styles and experience can all have the best possible gameplay experience. In this latest version (v1.4) of Ball at Work, we have added the option to modify the rate at which the ball slows down when the player is not moving it left or right. You can choose between Slow, Normal and Fast settings to suit your playing style and input device! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/2a045505c94b13c52dd9364a6d59a16266d123f3.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/c4b6cec1d43a157058aa3430dba49a1c9e301019.png We've also added more content and made other improvements so here's a quick summary for this update: Added option to change the Ball Speed. Pick a slower speed for more precision or go with a faster option for a more fluid experience! First introduction of levels 27 and 28! Minor improvements and fixes to many other levels based on your feedback from the previous version. We intend to regularly add more levels to the game and make plenty of enhancements to the overall experience during the Early Access stage so keep sharing your thoughts and suggestions with us on the Community Hub and watch this space for future updates!UPDATE: Improved handling, more hints & guidance & an overall better experience!Oct 1, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsFirst, we'd like to thank everyone for playing Ball at Work and helping us test this new project. Like every new concept or idea, this too has its rough edges and those who've interacted with us in the past or tried our other games will know that there is nothing more important to us than delivering a unique and high-quality experience for the players. Ball at Work is still being developed and we assure you that issues such as the controls being too fast or too sluggish will be resolved quite soon. We are happy that most users have been patient with this game and seen past the small shortcomings to realise that it is indeed a game unlike any other! In this update, we have made numerous improvements and tweaks which are summarised here: Added a brighter red glow to objects that will fall so that users don't have to guess any more. We've also added a new tutorial to explain this feature. Added an option to disable tutorials. This feature is toggled by the on-screen "?" button. The damping of the ball has been increased which will hopefully make it easier to make smaller, more precise movements. Users had struggled with the levels that have the printer which shoots sheets of paper and another level where you are required to leverage a jumping book to gain some height. These are levels 8 and 14 respectively and we have completely revamped them. We have dramatically reduced the number of Bonus Slips that are needed to unlock the path for any level or skip a level. Forcing microtransactions is never our agenda and we believe that there should be enough virtual currency available to users without having to grind through the same levels multiple times. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/2d3e07a1938024fd8a0d4f14222dea91e7d3739b.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/38742469/812164c9acf2b516117dd243ba43f1f45b5892a9.png