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Devblog 165Jun 22, 2017 - Community Announcements The Rocket Factory nears lift-off, Hapis island's future, skin and network optimizations, and more. Fixed bright code lock lights even when off and inside Optimized entity query when leaving a network group Optimized GC allocations from client side entity group switching Lowered maxtickspersecond to 300 (from 1000) Increased maxpacketspersecond to 1500 (from 1000) Added updatebatchspawn convar (faster receiving data on spawn and respawn) Added fully asynchronous texture loading for skins Added more details to combat log when rejecting attacks Community Update 141Jun 20, 2017 - Community Announcements An island mega-base, lots of let's plays, Vertiigo tries to git gud, and more.Devblog 164Jun 15, 2017 - Community Announcements The first info on the new human NPCs, optimizations, and more. New sound for the dropbox and mailbox Added skinwarmup convar (toggles skin steps in loading screen) Added skin download and processing step to loading screen Added instancing to foliage displacement pass Added contact shadows option to graphics quality menu Consider pitch randomization when calculating sound length Fixed import settings on airdrop flight sound Fixed animals spawning a bunch of invisible footprints Fixed some decals having instancing disabled Tree colliders count as grounded in the server side player movement checks Barefoot footstep polish Misc sound level and mix tweaks More metal melee impact polish Updated EAC Reduced maxrpcspersecond default value to 200 Consumable items try to go straight to belt when picked up Stackable items prefer item containers that already contain other items of their type when picked up Added back far terrain mixing on highest shader quality level (600) Rust: still a game of singular brutality, even 4 years onJun 13, 2017 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunThunk. Thunk. Thunk. I cannot see the source of the dull, relentless sound, but my ears tell me is that it is close by. My chest anxiously thumps its own tattoo in reply, and I have to stamp down an illogical fear that the beating of my hideous heart is a telltale to my own location. Birds do not thunk. Boars do not thunk. Deer do not thunk. Even educated fleas do not thunk. Only people thunk. Somewhere nearby, another human being is grimly and mechanically hitting a tree with a rock, over and over again, and I’ve never been more terrified in my life. Rust , old man – you’ve still got it. … Community Update 140Jun 13, 2017 - Community Announcements Life of a roof camper, piles of fan art, and more.Devblog 163Jun 8, 2017 - Community Announcements Recoil fixes, buckshot changes, optimisation, and more. Polished metal melee weapon impacts Misc minor sound and mix tweaks AK47 Horizontal Recoil slightly increased AK47 Maximum Aimcone slightly reduced DBS aimcone reduced DBS recoil reduced Eoka aimcone reduced Handmade Shell does 9 damage instead of 7 Handmade Shell spread increased slightly Handmade Shell Pellet velocity decreased Shotgun Slugs are now half price Buckshot max effective distance increased to 40m Shotgun Pellet grouping weighted to the center slightly Automatic Weapons have slight center weighting for automatic shots Added server.woundingenabled ConVar. When false players always die Fixed Thompson having wrong screenshake effect Fix npcs spamming footstep effects when moved long distances in a single frame Fixed bug where aimcone was using spherical math instead of circular Fixed viewmodel flickering when spamming RMG Fixed viewmodel going crazy when ADS immediately after weapon deploy Fixed bows flooding the server with RPCs when aiming them with no arrows in the inventory Added additional DOS protection to server Added maxrpcspersecond server convar Added maxtickspersecond server convar Added maxcommandspersecond server convar Added P2P flooding protection to client Added maxpeerspersecond client convar Optimized several client side commands related to entity lookups Tweaked scale of small clutter rocks Optimized anisotropic filtering on textures and skins Optimized and trilinear filtering on skins Optimized deferred decals using instancing Silenced TrackID error when DLL was not found Fixed item info showing up as null when destroying world items Added transform caching to deferred decals Eliminated garbage allocations on several dictionary keys Deleted unused third party assets (download size) Fixed broken reflections on Hapis rivers Reduced intensities on some emissive materials Fixed hurt effect looking too bright Fixed lighting on torch, campfire and furnace Fixed deferred mesh decals; e.g. numbers on harbor cranes Fixed laser pointer emissive blobs and beam intensity Community Update 139Jun 6, 2017 - Community Announcements The evolution of a Rust player, Brunt Force Trauma's weekly update show, a solo raid that needed better planning, and more.A new Rust update promises to make the gunplay feel more like a 'traditional' FPSJun 5, 2017 - PC GamerThe latest update to the multiplayer survival goat rodeo Rust makes what sounds like a number of fairly significant changes to gameplay, particularly regarding guns, which for better or worse are an important part of the game. Facepunch's Maurino Berry explained in Devblog 162 that the changes to firearms—three of them, really—are meant to address complaints that the recoil in Rust is "screwy and unfun," and collectively make the action "feel a little bit more in line with traditional first-person shooters."  "First, you're going to notice less horizontal recoil so it'll be easier to maintain your target. Secondly, you're going to notice that, for rifles, the first shot is pretty much dead accurate and the longer you hold down the trigger the more inaccurate it gets by way of an increasing aimcone. This means you'll be able to tap at targets for high accuracy or you can risk spraying more rounds down range which are less likely to hit their targets," Berry wrote. "Lastly, I've implemented recoil compensation. This means if you're holding down the trigger and the weapon is riding up, as soon as you let go of the trigger it will correct back to the original aim position."  The cost of weapons have been adjusted slightly as well: The Thompson now costs ten HQM (high quality metal) less to craft than prior to the update, while the pump shotgun and laser sight cost five HQM less. Shotgun accuracy is also going up a bit thanks to the discovery that accuracy "cones" were actually being calculated as accuracy "pyramids." And if, for some reason, you don't like the new recoil compensation feature, it can be disabled by entering "player.recoilcomp false" at the console.  Other changes in the update include the addition of drop boxes, the return of dynamic moon phases, and the start of a "much-need overhaul" of Hapis Island. A quick rundown of everything new and changed can be pumped directly into your eyeballs via the update video below. Gleaming! Rust overhauls recoil and inaccuracyJun 5, 2017 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunSandbox survive ’em up Rust has launch a sizeable update reworking how gun recoil and inaccuracy work. It should now feel more like a traditional first-person shooter, developers Facepunch Studios say. Thursday’s early access update also fancied up parts of the map Hapis Island, making them a lot more interesting, and added a new one-way drop box for players to easily dunk items. Let’s talk pew-pew! … Devblog 162Jun 1, 2017 - Community Announcements Wipe day brings a better Hapis, reworked gunplay, drop boxes, and more. Support for global per-sound voice limiting New shotgun trap sounds Additional info on world item server logs Server side held item deploy time verification Server side cooldown verification for medical tools Player hack reports now log on server Sleeping bag now has item condition Server side violations now report to EAC Wooden ladder now has item condition Wooden logs can be harvested for wood All cacti can be harvested for cloth and cactus flesh Ore objects now support entity pooling Ores in the arid biome are slightly covered in sand (similar to snow in the arctic biome) Added moon phases back Hapis: A new high-end Radtown that can spawn some of the best loot. Hapis: A bunch of Recyclers and Repair Benches. Hapis: A few mines where you can find ore nodes and mining-specific loot. Recoil Compensation ( can be disabled with player.recoilcomp false) Standardized view shake for all bullet weapons Added DropBox - External one way depository Hapis: Numerous lonewolf/small group caves scattered around the map. Hapis: Stranded convoy with loot on the north-eastern road. Hapis: Reworked the entire west coast, and some of the inland areas. Hapis: Forest density improvements. Hapis: Reworked the rivers. Hapis: A better waterfall. Hapis: More loot overall in the various radtowns. Hapis: Various other minor improvements. Moved meshes to their own asset bundle Moved viewmodels to the main asset bundle Changed server save file extension from .map.sav to .sav Client side objects no longer have useless nav mesh obstacle components on them Tweaked clutter rock scale so they're not as easily confused with collectibles Skinned items now show their correct icons even with itemskins set to false Moved powerline poles to world layer Doubled floor spike health Pump Shotgun costs 5 less HQM Laser Sight costs 5 less HQM Laser Sight removes aim sway instead of aimcone Laser Sight slightly reduces hip aimcone Thompson costs 10 less HQM Rocket Launcher can fire 50 rockets instead of 20 before breaking Mailbox has a Submit button Can no longer right click to deposit mail items directly into mailbox storage Fixed gloss slider not working on roadsign armour in the workshop Resources now longer occasionally spawn inside of each other Fixed repair being free on some objects Aimcones are actually Conical instead of Square (20% more accurate weapons) Fixed speedhack false positives when sliding down mountains Fixed a number of monument interaction issues that only occurred after a fresh wipe Fixed some situations where you could fall through the terrain near military tunnels Removed some tiny trees from the spawn table Fixed over-bright particle effects Fixed skin tones too dark compared to previous weeks Fixed miner hat light intensity Fixed heli damage smoke effect lighting Fixed heli and cargo plane rotor lighting Fixed effect.bloom toggling effect ins...Community Update 138May 30, 2017 - Community Announcements The Rust Zone season finale, the life of a door camper, how people find themselves in Rust, and more.Devblog 161May 25, 2017 - Community Announcements Item reskinning, nicer road sign armour, a look at upcoming Hapis Island upgrades, and more. Updated Roadsign Armor Shotgun Trap requires +1 G Shotgun Trap now has arrow Shotgun Trap loses 50% he Added scrap worldmodel Can change skins at Repair New skin shader New water jug sounds Community Update 137May 23, 2017 - Community Announcements The Noob Army makes it to 100 episodes, Tower Crash, how to become a Rust Youtuber, and more. Devblog 160May 18, 2017 - Community Announcements Shotgun traps, optimisations, and more. Fixed distant see-through walls when using TSSAA or MB Fixed AI “look rotation viewing vector is zero” error Optimized building decay processing on the server Decay now applies to all twig building blocks Moved most remaining invokes to the optimized invoke handler Can place floor grills and floor frames above large furnace Floor spikes block foundation placement similar to barricades Window bars and embrasures now store item condition Window bars and embrasures lose half their health when picked up Added Shotgun Trap Fixed Planner leak (50k entities saved on large servers) Flame turrets can be placed closer to walls (viability in airlocks) Fixed some older item skins not working Community Update 136May 17, 2017 - Community Announcements A new Rust trailer, rocking out in game, an excellent Rust Zone, and more.Devblog 159May 11, 2017 - Community Announcements You've got Mailboxes, spears are buffed, crossbows tweaked, the Rocket monument is taking shape, and more. Dangerous NPC footsteps audible from a bit farther away Optimized environment volume lighting updates Fixed lighting issues inside some monument sewers Fixed lighting issues near some trees and rocks Disabled fog inside underground systems (proper darkness) Can pick up ladders inside building privilege with hammer Can pick up window bars inside building privilege with hammer Can pick up shutters inside building privilege with hammer Can pick up embrasures inside building privilege with hammer Upgrade, rotate and demolish building privilege checks work similar to placement Removed admin demolish option from hammer (bind “ent kill” to hotkey instead) Adjusted locker deploy / prevent building volumes (exploit fix) Can put code lock on tool cupboard Tool cupboard has same protection properties as wooden door Can only place tool cupboard on player constructions Fixed bucket lift issues in caves Fixed door animation issues in monuments Fixed research tables in some monuments Fixed some cave culling issues Added “skipqueue” admin console command Removed “antihack.enabled” convar (toggle protections individually instead) Added last violation type to anti hack kick messages and server log Fixed occasional rubber banding when jumping up things Fixed blurred tunnel mud texture Semi Auto weapons properly detect all mouse presses Semi Auto Weapons refire rate adjusted to compensate Spear attack rate very slightly increased Spear duration between click and attack significantly reduced Spear melee attack range increased Crossbow reload time reduced by 0.8s Fixed Crossbow Viewmodel scope being parented to the arrow HV arrows show up as having a metal tip (temp) Lowered cost of metal hanging signs by 90% Wooden sign costs reduced Flamethrower can now damage AI Mailbox implemented Rifle Body takes 250 Scrap to craft Map crafts in 5 seconds Note crafts in 5 seconds Drinking from the world is slightly less glitchy Auto Turrets have less of a server performance impact Ceiling lights can be deployed on angled surfaces Food crates spawn 3x as much food Ration boxes no longer spawn scrap Added Water Jug - large capacity container with lid found in food crates/boxes Fixed riot helmet using bucket helmet protection Heavy Plate Helmet now has slightly higher protection than facemask Community Update 135May 9, 2017 - Community Announcements Movies and pizza, hobo hotels, 3D printed furnaces, and more.Devblog 158May 4, 2017 - Community Announcements It's a game changing update this week: most components can be crafted in the Research Table using scrap, the Twig building tier and Ladders ignore Tool Cupboard restrictions to help raids, and all the servers are wiped. Have fun!Community Update 134May 2, 2017 - Community Announcements Raid cams, a movie director plays Rust, base love, and more.Devblog 157Apr 27, 2017 - Community Announcements Muzzle Break nerf, Eoka buff, AI improvements, and more. Sound mix tweaks Fixed cascade shadow blending Fixed workshop full-screen blur when using low settings Added entity pooling to various client side entities for less stuttering Made server side hack prevention a lot stricter by default Reduced false positive rate of server side hack prevention Added the last killer to the top of the cheat reporting player selection Uncluttered cheat reporting player selection Fixed camera clipping on vm crossbow anims Eoka Aimcone reduced Muzzle brake reduces projectile velocity Muzzle brake reduces projectile max effective range Muzzle brake Aimcone increased Vending Machines can be named and show a tooltip when hovered over on map Navmesh generates 4x faster Wolves/Bears are more aggressive Animal health increased Animals flee when out of stamina from attacking Animals have sight cone - can sneak up behind most
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