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Community Update 119Jan 17, 2017 - Community Announcements Maps as art, real-world Semi-Auto Pistols, a heli-to-heli fight, and more.Devblog 143Jan 12, 2017 - Community Announcements Nicer junk, further optimisation, loot table fixes, and more. Optimized reverb zones Optimized sound recycling Increased Ceiling Light Brightness Reduced water bucket metal cost Added purple loot box Ceiling lights no longer turned off by water Increased oil barrel yield but decreased oil barrel spawn frequency Plants grow faster in Planter Boxes Plants have an increased yield when consistently exposed to water Plants do not grow very fast in shade but much quicker in sunlight Plants grow much faster under ceiling lights Corpse Flies no longer fullbright at night Wood armor cloth cost removed Junkpiles spawns have new variants RPC optimizations Clientside menu optimizations Clientside HUD optimizations Ragdolls move more smoothly Fixed player movement issues, especially jumping Removed unused components from animals Optimized particle effect spawns using prefab pooling Optimized decal spawns using prefab pooling Fixed impact particle effects not playing Reduced client side rigidbody count by 70% Removed unused complex colliders from the local player Fixed performance hits from smoke_1 and smoke_2 warnings on explosion effects Fixed layers on the bunker room placeholder art (building exploit) Fixed -window-mode exclusive Optimized all loot prefabs Optimized some static rock rendering distances Added new truck variants Fixed player preview not working in some cases Fixed code lock lights wrong in some cases Fixed rocks changing overall tint when moving Optimized deferred mesh decals Community Update 118Jan 10, 2017 - Community Announcements 50 ways to die in Rust, an epic raid cam, highly efficient base design, and more.Devblog 142Jan 5, 2017 - Community Announcements Sorry, but the patch has been delayed to Friday. Here's devblog 142 to tide you all over until then. Our New Year's resolution is to add harbours, improve performance, wipe the servers, and more. Slowly fade in death screen instead of suddenly appearing Added renderinfo diagnostic command (windows) Fixed torch worldmodel high vert count Fixed hatchet worldmodel high vert count Fix burlap phys impact voice limiting Stricter voice limiting on bullet flybys Fix bear footsteps not playing when a bear is running and turning Sound occlusion can't be disabled via the console Ambience polish Added harbor monuments to the world generation Updated various monument assets Building optimizations Gib optimizations Fixed tree base snow piles not culling Fixed bypassing forced shadows with console Fixed bunker room building exploits Fixed god mode exploit Fixed construction creation message exploits Fixed high external wall placement exploit Added object instancing optimizations Fixed player rock LODs Added Distance Culling to Beds Added Distance Culling to Pookie Added Distance Culling to Rock Fixed ParticleSystems eating up cpu when disabled Community Update 117Jan 3, 2017 - Community Announcements Real-world Rust-based nudity and more.Devblog 140Dec 16, 2016 - Community Announcements We're still working on the official servers. Meanwhile, here's devblog 140, with planters, Santa, and more. Fixed water occasionally not visible when exiting caves Fixed billboard shadows in OSX/GL Added culling to projected cave decals (performance) Fixed some minor server side line of sight verification issues Fixed pumpkin and santa hat being invisible Fixed partially harvested ore nodes showing up as fully intact Fixed cave building exploits Reduced networking MTU size from 1430 to 1400 Added periodic position updates with server side verification to projectiles Fixed projectile ricochet verification issues Fixed parts of the bear corpse not being harvestable Tweaked weapon reload verification Fixed endless vm bandage bug Fixed vm flamethrower flickering hand bug Added clothing world models Updated santa hat art Added Large Planter All plants must be placed atleast 0.5m of eachother Plants now have a placement guide Enabled Holiday Content Garry Newman asks bored Rust players to "just stop playing"Dec 15, 2016 - PC GamerFacepunch Studios boss Garry Newman has some advice for Rust players who have grown bored with the game: Stop playing it. He acknowledged that the sentiment may come across as dismissive, but said in a message on Reddit that it's necessary to break the "ping-pong loop" that's holding the game back from full release.  "I'm noticing a pattern, and we need to address it. It's something we need to get past as a community, not only because it's getting boring but because it has wider implications," he wrote. "We're stuck in ping pong loop. We release an update, you love it for a month, you get bored, blame the system, bitch for a few months, then we release another update—and the same thing happens."  His concern is that the pattern will persist indefinitely, because the real problem isn't that the new systems are better than the old ones, but simply that they're "fresher." But Facepunch obviously can't keep overhauling the game forever, and thus Newman suggests a clean break for those unhappy with Rust. But he also asked that people who do end up quitting, or who think his attitude is unfair, give thought to "whether we have given you enough entertainment over the last three years to justify pocketing your $20" before getting angry. "If you're interested in the game, if you play regularly and still get enjoyment when you play—we're definitely interested to hear what you think. We especially love hearing your stories, watching your videos, seeing your screenshots and paintings—all things that this subreddit has been very low on," Newman wrote. "If we want to leave Early Access then breaking this loop has to be part of that plan. We have a pretty good idea on how to push forward with Rust, but none of it is going to make the game more appealing to people that have spent their last 1,000 hours hating it."  As silly as it sounds, it's actually very easy to find players with more than 1000 hours in Rust giving it negative reviews on Steam. Two of them are on the front page, along with a few 100-plus-hour negative reviews; one of them, with more than 1200 hours on record, came about at least in part in response to Newman's statement. It's an unfortunate reaction, but probably inevitable, too: Sooner or later, every game developer has to settle on what exactly they're trying to make, and no matter how good that final concept may be, somebody, somewhere, is going to be mad about it.   Community Update 116Dec 13, 2016 - Community Announcements Ending the year with some great art and videos.Devblog 139Dec 8, 2016 - Community Announcements Fixes, optimisations, the very far future of AI… and we got rid of Legacy. All in the latest blog. Fixed explosive damage through walls Added culling volumes to military tunnels Stricter high external gate terrain placement Reduced cave prevent building volumes Stricter line of sight anti hack Added server side reload time verification Added batching to various commonly placed objects Added support for doors to batching system Fixed debug camera anti hack exploit New sounds for m92 Ambient sound polish Rotated c4 in c4 viewmodel Updated supply signal viewmodel Tier2 Loot table distirbution normalized Mace is cheaper Salvaged Sword is cheaper Custom SMG is cheaper Hemp has minimum placement distance Stuck projectiles keep alignment with their attack vector rather than surface normal Shorter sprint blocking duration when using melee Sprint block happens when melee strike happens instead of windup (more responsive) Repairing items requiring components are no longer free to repair. Sheet metal recycles into more resources than before Midweek Madness - Rust, 50% OffDec 6, 2016 - Product ReleaseSave 50% on Rust during this week's Midweek Madness*! The only aim in Rust is to survive. To do this you will need to overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst and cold. Build a fire. Build a shelter. Kill animals for meat. Protect yourself from other players, and kill them for meat. Create alliances with other players and form a town. Whatever it takes to survive. *Offer ends Thursday at 4PM Pacific Time Community Update 115Dec 6, 2016 - Community Announcements Christmas skins, a real-life Beancan Grenade, hidden bases, and more. Devblog 138Dec 1, 2016 - Community Announcements Servers are wiped, caves are in. Added natural caves to the world generation Increased default world size to 3500 Optimized world generation times of bigger maps Increased prevent building zone around water treatment plant Fixed lighthouse sometimes spawning far out on the ocean Fixed some deployables being placeable partially inside constructions Fixed pillars, walls and floors reaching into prevent building volumes Fixed some foundation stacking exploits Fixed some weapon firing rate exploits Slightly stricter melee / projectile anti hack Added sounds for the bota bag Added sounds for the small water bottle Viewmodel for c4 Viewmodel for satchel charge Viewmodel for survey charge Holdtype for c4 Holdtype for satchel charge Holdtype for survey charge Worldmodel for c4 Worldmodel for satchel charge Worldmodel for survey charge Sfx setup & sounds for for c4 Sfx setup & sounds for for satchel charge Sfx setup & sounds for for survey charge Halved cost for most exotic building pieces (embarsure, prison gate, chainlink etc) Rebalanced loot tables to never have garbage in higher end loot tiers M92 implemented Codelocks no longer automatically unlock when code is entered Reduced component cost for satchel charges Reduced component cost for ladders Increased salvaged tool component costs Made most military weapons uncraftable Thrown items (satchel/c4/etc) are properly oriented to throw/land positions Spears do more melee damage Spears are easier to hit people with Spears do less throw damage Community Update 114Nov 29, 2016 - Community Announcements Incredible art, how to hide a base in plain sight, and more.Devblog 137Nov 24, 2016 - Community Announcements A smaller blog than usual this week, but we have cheaper clothes, slower airdrops, the harbour is coming together, and more. Fixed object deploy sounds not changing volume with game volume Added a bunch of new item UI sounds updated positioning of world water bottle & bota bag updated jog right anim to work better with bottles updated water bottle vm anims Halved cost of burlap clothing Reduced cost of candle/miner hat Airdrop no longer spawns ammo Airdrop falls slower Community Update 113Nov 22, 2016 - Community Announcements Awesome art, community game modes, Finnish rap, and more. Devblog 136Nov 17, 2016 - Community Announcements A bunch of balancing and fixes, the harbour is coming together, and more. Improved bullet flyby playback Fixed occlusion weirdness on a few sounds Fixed a few weapons playing 3rd person reload sounds on deploy Tiny bit of misc sound polish Reduced stuttering near bases Added Water Bottle viewmodel Removed ability to menu-drink from bota bag/water bottle Revolver refire rate increased Revolver aimcone increased Revolver damage decreased very slightly Combat log includes timestamp Fixed some issues with pool.mode set to 2 Set pool.mode to 2 by default Shelves can no longer be placed on deployables Pumpkins can no longer be stacked Made projectile anti hack stricter Fixed rendering layers on some trees Fixed client side socket handles sometimes not being destroyed Fixed a small client side coroutine memory leak Added pooling support to client side lock entities Optimized player model and name tag scripts Made debug.ambientvolumes dev-only (potential exploit) Community Update 112Nov 15, 2016 - Community Announcements How clans get set-up post wipe, Charitable Rust, Super Mario in Rust, and more.Devblog 135Nov 10, 2016 - Community Announcements The new Hazmat Suit and food boxes are in. Plus a look at the new harbour, how to turn unwanted items into new items, and more. Fixed excess dsp usage on surround sound setups Fixed physics sound lag when destroying loot boxes Optimized reverb zone triggers River sounds come in and out more smoothly Wounded screams stop on death Viewmodel sound timing tweaks Ambient sound timing tweaks Fixed placement effects spawning at the world origin when deploying objects to sockets Misc sound polish Added placement sounds for deployable building parts Fixed decor NRE with pool.mode set to 2 Fixed chat graphics issues with pool.mode set to 2 Fixed building placement guide with pool.mode set to 2 Rewrote network group updating (less traffic, more robust) Fixed editor-only components being included in release build Fixed empty update being called on hundreds of entities (overhead) Enabled pool.player_model by default on 64bit systems Shortened prefab names in print_prefabs console command Optimized some light components Rocket launcher costs more HQM Rockets cost an additional pipe Oil Barrel HP lowered to 50 Waterpipe shotgun no longer needs pipe (lol) Flamethrower balance - Much more fuel needed to raid Flamethrower stream graphics tighter Added Semi Auto Body (SAP/SAR component) Reduced Spring and Sheet Metal HQM yield in recycler Radiation has more of an exposure gradient Reduced radpill spawns SAR buffed Added Food Box to Junk Piles Added new full body hazmat suit Reduced crafting costs of bone type armor Added protection to wolf headdress Community Update 111Nov 8, 2016 - Community Announcements A soft Salvaged Hammer, the fall of XP, a component shop opens up, and more.Latest Rust update removes XP and levellingNov 6, 2016 - PC GamerThis past week's Rust update brought some big changes to the way the first-person survival game works, including the removal of the XP and levelling system. Developer Facepunch Studios detailed why players won't level up in Rust anymore, noting that it "completely changed the feel of Rust as a sandbox." Facepunch's Maurino Berry explained how the game "was no longer about new encounters and enjoying your time in the game world, but instead about how to level up as quickly as you can." This resulted in the game becoming boring once you had levelled to the max, making for an unsustainable gameplay model. "New items we haven't even thought of yet would need to be hacked into certain levels, which would cause a never ending balance nightmare and item bloat (it was already ridiculous when you'd reach a level and have 12 things unlocked)," Berry continued. "Eventually we'd like to never have to wipe and just have decay and resource management take care of the server, XP was not compatible with this goal without all kinds of workarounds and hacks forced in like some sort of prestige system." Berry concluded with the fact that XP negated the "'making lemonade out of lemons' feel" that Rust excels at, where your loadout would be consisted of whatever you could find and use. Replacing XP is the component system, which makes everything craftable from the moment you start. This means no more locked items or blueprints. However, items beyond basics require the use of a component to craft, and these can only be discovered in the world components can't be crafted. Additionally, players will see the return of radiation, which has been remixed a bit. You can read more about the latest update on the Rust devblog here. One note that Berry makes is an issue where the game chugs and pauses periodically. He says that if players experience this, they should press F7 and send an error report to the developer, mentioning "you're experiencing the same issue highlighted in the devblog."
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