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In the age of cartridge games a review could be trusted to last a lifetime, but with the introduction of DLC and patching, games can now change drastically over time.  These days review scores can’t keep up with the constantly evolving technology available to developers. Luckily, that same technology is also making the data around game communities more transparent than ever before.

GitHyp was created to collect and compile that data, allowing gamers to make well-informed choices before investing their time and money into games.

Every hour, GitHyp collects player data from Steam and viewer data from Twitch. We then make this data available in easy-to-read graphs so that anyone can see the performance of a game over time. Empowered with this information, a gamer can now know for certain the size of a game’s player and viewerbase before jumping right into the community.

We hope that you will use GitHyp to come to your own conclusions on which games you want to play and watch online after analyzing our up-to-date data on gamers and viewers.

** Player count data is currently limited to games on Steam, but as other game platforms make their data public, we plan to incorporate it on our site.

GitHyp was created by HypTrain Technology, LLC in January 2015 with the site’s official public beta launched in June 2016. For questions, comments, bugs, or any other general remarks, please don’t hesitate to contact us or email

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